#1 – Nikki’s First Experience

#1 – Nikki’s First ExperienceI had recently started my transformation and was just past 18. I was at the stage where I was just starting to dress as a female in public and friends convinced me to go out. At the local pub over the course of the night my friends all found someone and I had resigned to the fact that I probably wouldnt find anyone until a young guy in his mid 20’s approached me. He said my friends has told him about my change and he was very complementary saying I looked pretty convincing. Over the next hour or so we spoke in the pub about everything from jobs, hobbies and eventually if we were both single which we both were. He hinted that he would love to edremit escort bayan have a night with a transgender/sexual but didnt want anyone to find out. I leaned over and whispered into his ear that his secrets safe. We arranged that I would leave first and he would follow around 10 minutes later to avoid suspition although im sure our friends would have noticed.Once we met up we went to his place and were comfortable on the sofa having a little kiss when he suggested we move to the bedroom and take things further. I was a little nervous with this being my first time as Nikki but went with him to the bedroom. It didnt take long before I was on my knees and escort edremit unzipping his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxer shorts to reveal his 7 inch cock. I took hold of it and nervously started playing slowly with it as he gradually got hard before after a deep breath I put it into my mouth, feeling it grow and harden inside my mouth. I sucked him fairly slow and gentle until he pushed his cock further in making me gag a little. I stopped for a moment and went a little rougher as I continued feeling that was what he wanted. Trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. After a good few minutes he picked me up and we kissed as I continued to edremit escort stroke his hard cock until he told me to strip.I stripped down to my underwear when he threw me onto the bed and got on top of me kissing away at my neck and shoulder. I could feel his hard cock press up against me until he allowed me to go on top and take off my bra. We kept kissing until my panties came off and I thought I was about to pop my cherry as Nikki however when I asked if he had protection he said he had none. I felt deflated at this point as I really wanted to fuck. I talked him into rimming me so it wouldnt be a complete wasted night however after a few short minutes it stopped and the magic had gone. I could tell he was embarressed by what had happened but gave him my number and told him once he had condoms then he would get all of me if he still wanted. He seemed keen as I got changed and left him hoping we would meet again.

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