10 Items Or Less


Robyn thought about sex a lot. She craved sex. Robyn wanted to feel a man’s strong masculine hands all over her naked body, to hear him whisper dirty words in her ear and make her pussy sopping wet.She imagined his hands pulling her hair back and his tongue in her ear as his thick hard cock penetrated her wet cunt. She wanted to feel his bulging biceps caress her sides and the feel of his sweat mixing with hers on their warm wet bodies.Just then Robyn looked up and saw bright red brake lights on the car in front of her. She slammed her foot onto the brake in a hard panic and her minivan came to a halt screeching slightly sideways just inches shy of the bumper of the other car in front. Suddenly Robyn could feel the eyes of all the other drivers stopped in the intersection looking at her as smoke from the burnt rubber of her tires drifted upwards. She turned her head to the backseat and desperately yelled, “Are you boys okay?”“Whoa, Mom!” answered Timmy loudly, “what was that?”“Are you boys okay?”“Yea, Mom,” answered her older son, Chucky, excitedly, “we’re okay.”“What happened?”“Oh the car in front of me stopped suddenly.”“Well I saw them stopped already waaaay back,” Chucky exclaimed.Robyn felt momentary relief that the boys were still in their football pads and helmets, just in case they had actually wrecked.“Dad says you’re not a good driver,” laughed Timmy.“He does, does he?” she exasperated, “he doesn’t know everything you know!”Just then the traffic light turned green and Robyn slowly and carefully accelerated the minivan forward. She was annoyed that the contents of her purse had spilled out onto the seat and floor board. She was very angry at herself for daydreaming about sex as she could have had a wreck and her boys could have been hurt. Chucky was 11 and Timmy 8, and they loved to play sports, especially football. They were very bright but almost more than a single mom could handle alone. They were definitely ‘all boy,’ being very rambunctious much of the time. She blamed their dad for her tough situation, leaving them a little more than a year before for his young bimbo blonde graduate assistant.“Fifty Shades of Grey?” quizzed Chucky.“WHAT?” yelled Robyn as she desperately looked around her scattered possessions for the book that had been in her purse. She glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Chucky with the opened book in his hands perusing the pages.“You give that to me now!” She ordered as she reached her hand backward to the seat behind her. “NOW I said!”Chucky reluctantly placed the book in her hand and looked all disappointed.“Gee Mom, it’s just a book,” he shrugged. “I just wanted to see what it’s about.”She stuffed the book tightly in her lap. “It’s not a book for little boys.”“Fifty Shades of Grey – Fifty Shades of Grey – Fifty Shades of Grey!” piped up 8-year-old Timmy singing in an amused voice.‘Oh God!’ Robyn thought to herself, ‘this mess is all my fault, now the boys are going to tell their father tomorrow evening all about the near accident and my having this sex book.’She knew she had to think of something quick to get the boys to forget about seeing that book.“It’s an ART BOOK, an art book, about flowers,” she desperately lied to the boys. She knew that if it was not a book about sports or army heroes then they would not be very interested in it.“Why does it say grey then?” asked Chucky.“It’s a creative facade,” she explained. “What’s a facade?” inquired Timmy eagerly.“It means when something isn’t what it really is,” she answered.“Oh!” said Timmy, seemingly satisfied with the answer.“So grey means colors in this instance,” she lied again and prayed that the boys would forget about seeing that book as she placed it on the front seat. “Why would someone want a book about flowers?” complained little Timmy looking at his older brother.Chucky just shrugged his shoulder, “Not me.”Robyn viewing that in her rear view mirror felt satisfied that she had quelled the situation.She could not wait to get home and let the boys loose in the yard but she knew she had to make a quick stop by the grocery store to pick up some items to cook for supper.As she pulled the minivan into the grocery store parking lot she said, “I don’t want you guys running nilly willy through the store in those football outfits because last time you knocked over that display, so you guys are staying in the car.”“Awww mom!” they both cried out.“No!” she demanded, “sit here in your seats and keep the door locked.”“If you guys want spaghetti and meatballs tonight you have to behave while I run and get the stuff to cook, okay?”“Spaghetti and meatballs! Yaay! Yaay! Yaay!”“Yes, yay, yay.” she said matter-of-factly, “so you better be good and stay in those seats.” Robyn quickly gathered up the book and scattered possessions and stuffed them into her purse before getting out of the minivan. As she closed the door behind her she said aloud to herself, “Lord, Lord, why didn’t you give me girls?”She made her way into the store while thinking about how angry she still was at her ex-husband for leaving them. She was angry that every other weekend when he had the boys, he just threw a big party for them, pizza, ice cream, ball games, and theme parks. They came home so pumped up it took them 3 days to calm down. Meanwhile she was the one that had to be the disciplinarian, make them do their homework, and be their nurse when they were sick.She had just turned 40-years-old and she had not planned to be a divorced mom at this stage in her life. She shuddered with anger as she grabbed a shopping cart and started down the food aisles.**********************************************Colin, bahçesehir escort snoring on the sofa, suddenly jerked awake from his nap. His Business Ethics text book was laying across his crotch. He groggily sat up, sending the book falling onto the floor. He stroked his fingers through his slightly long hair in order to tame the unruly mess. A quick glance at his cell phone showed two calls from his fraternity house but no messages.He sniffed under each arm to see if he needed to change shirts. “Naaaaa,” he said aloud, thinking he smelled okay.“Off to the the grocery store, “ he snarled to himself.He knew he would have to keep to his rather tight budget. He only had a two more semesters left until graduation and then he looked forward to getting a good job and finally making some real money.*********************************************************Robyn was trying to hurry so she could get back to her minivan before her boys became too anxious. She had the noodles, ground beef and Ragu sauce but thought she might grab just a few other things then hurry over to the express check out counter. As she reached down to a lower shelf she felt cold air as her tight yoga pants exposed her backside, so as soon as she straightened up, she yanked them back into place. Once she had everything she pushed her cart over to the express check out and noticed the sign above the cash register that said ‘10 Items Or Less.’ A quick scan of her cart revealed 12 items. Robyn thought that it would not be a problem and she would pretend she did not realize she was two items over the limit.***********************************************************Colin carried a shopping basket in one hand and a 12-pack of cheap canned beer in the other hand. Just then he noticed a lady’s sexy butt in black yoga pants stooped reaching for an item low on the shelf. He stopped, smiled as he got a quick glimpse of the top of her butt crack, and thought to himself, ‘Now that’s a nice ass.’The lady stood up and grabbed her pants to adjust them. Colin stood mesmerized. He whispered under his breath, “That’s one hot MILF.”Just then the lady turned in his direction so Colin quickly looked away and moved on, pretending he hadn’t just been staring at her ass.************************************************************Robyn quickly started to unload her grocery items onto the check out counter conveyer belt. She was somewhat nervous that the teenage girl working the register might say that she was two items over the limit. But she then thought that there is no way that girl would care about that.“Ma’am, I believe you’re over the 10 item limit.”The deep male voice behind Robyn startled her. It felt like her heart had stopped. She snapped around in horror and then thought, ‘This can’t be the manager he is way too young, his hair is a mess and he’s wearing shorts.’Colin broke into a big smile and exclaimed, “I’m just teasing!”Robyn felt mortified and looked over at the teenage girl running the cash register for her reaction. The girl was chewing gum a mile-a-minute and had a silly half grin expression on her face.“I thought there were just 10 items!” she exclaimed in her defense.“I was just teasing,” Colin said emphatically, “just teasing.”“I just thought you look like such a nice lady I wanted to say something to you.”“Oh,” she abruptly replied not knowing what else to say.“You’re really a great looking lady,” Colin said, “super attractive and a great body.”‘Damn!’ he thought to himself, ‘now I just sound like a pervert and she’s going to demand the manager ban me from the store.’“Oh,” she said again shortly.She thought, ‘Oh my this young guy is hitting on me.’ She definitely liked it.As soon as Robyn placed all the items on the counter she realized that the young man was still gawking at her and half smiling. She caught herself playing with her hair and stopped. She had not felt flattered like this in such a long time and she did not know how to respond.“Well you might do better flirting with some girls your own age,” Robyn blurted out before she thought and immediately thought, ‘why did I say that?’“I do that too, but I just couldn’t help myself,” answered Colin. ‘I am making an even bigger fool of myself,’ thought Colin.“That will be $65.28,” said the check out girl.”You’re awful sweet,” Robyn stated as she fumbled through her jumbled up pocket book for her small money purse.She glanced at the guy and thought to herself that he was surely cute despite needing to shave and his messy hair. She definitely thought his young firm body with thick shoulders and a small stomach looked just delicious to her. By then she was getting change back from the cashier. She stuffed it in the money purse, turned and smiled at the young man.“You have a nice day.”“You too ma’am,” he answered. Then he immediately was mad at himself for saying ‘ma’am’ thinking it made him look like a kid.She felt his eyes watch her as she walked out the door, two grocery bags in hand, but realizing that she was doing her sexy little twist walk that she had not done in years. It felt fun, she thought.She walked toward her minivan as a football rolled on the pavement right up to her feet. She stopped and saw her 8-year-old son, Timmy, obviously chasing the ball. He froze with a horrified look on his face, his eyes open wide.“What did I tell you, young man?” she yelled at him.Timmy just stood there unable to answer, his mouth wide open at the shock of being caught red-handed.“Get your football and get back in the car, immediately!”‘Why couldn’t beylikdüzü bayan escort I have had girls?’ she was thinking to herself. Timmy crawled sheepishly back into the back seat of the minivan. She opened the passenger side front door and placed the bags on the floor board. As she straightened up and turned she almost screamed in fright as the young man from the store was standing there.“Oh, I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed when he saw the startled look on her face.“I just wanted to introduce myself,” he said, “I noticed you weren’t wearing a wedding ring and thought I’d give you my name and number.”“That’s awfully forward and presumptuous don’t you think,” she answered.“Yea probably,” he said shaking his head, “but sometimes a guy just has to take a chance, especially when it’s someone as gorgeous as you.”‘Did he say gorgeous?’ she asked herself.“Uhmm,” she stammered.“Look,” he said nervously, handing her a small piece of paper, “my name is Colin and I’ve written my phone number down. I’m really a nice guy and I don’t have a girlfriend right now, and I’m a senior and in the Alpha Tau Beta fraternity at the college.”Robyn took the piece of paper and put it in her pocket book. She gathered herself together and looked at him seriously.“Okay Colin, I’ll think about it.”She noticed how his expression immediately changed to a look of optimism. He sported a big sexy masculine smile and his shoulders straightened with confidence.“Thanks!” he said.Just as she was getting into her minivan she shouted to him, “Just one more thing, Colin.”“Yes,” he answered.“I work for the college.”“You do?”“Yes, I am the executive personal assistant to President Thompson.”Colin’s look of confidence immediately changed to confused dismay.He stood in the parking lot, his bag of groceries at his feet and still holding a 12-pack of beer in one arm and sheepishly waved as Robyn drove off.“Who was that, mommy?” asked little Timmy.“Oh that was just a nice boy from the college.”************************************************************Later that evening after putting the boys to bed when Robyn finally had a few minutes to herself she thought about the cute young college guy who had hit on her at the grocery store. She smiled to herself and thought he would be a nice diversion, but then she convinced herself that meeting him again could only lead to trouble.She grabbed her book Fifty Shades of Grey so she could finish the last chapter. As soon as she finished reading, her mind began to wonder and fantasize.She was glad that it was Thursday night because her ex-husband was picking the boys up for the weekend the next day and she would have two days to herself. She could have a nice hot bubble bath and then get in bed with her laptop and read some stories on her favorite erotica website, while eating some chocolates.************************************************************Colin went home from the store and made himself three peanut butter sandwiches and was eating them with barbecue potato chips when he got the grand idea that a cold beer would go good with all of that. He popped the top and took big gulp and something just wasn’t right. “Yuck!” he said.He then realized that the taste of beer and peanut butter do not go together. He thought he’d share that intelligent piece of information with his fraternity brothers later that evening so they would not make the same mistake.He got a glass of water to help finish off the peanut butter sandwiches and thought about what a fool he had made of himself at the grocery store earlier that afternoon.“I actually am such an idiot, I hit on the assistant to the president of the college,” he said out loud to himself. “I bet my ass is grass!” he said to himself again, imagining he could be called to the president’s office. But then he thought that it probably isn’t illegal so maybe nothing would be said. He thought that there was no way that he could be so lucky that the great looking lady would actually give him a call.“Naaaaaa,” he said aloud, “ain’t gonna happen.”He planned to study for an hour before going over to the fraternity house to hang out with his buddies, but after only 15 minutes he felt too distracted to study. He pulled up one of his favorite websites, and read a MILF story.**************************************************************Robyn stood on the front porch and waved to her boys as they ran to their dad’s car carrying duffel bags filled with their clothes and toys. The boys both stopped before they got in and waved to her.“I love you, mommy!” yelled Timmy the youngest and he blew her a kiss.‘They are such sweet adorable boys,’ she thought to herself, with no thoughts at all of having girls instead.She knew she would miss them that weekend but she also eagerly looked forward to the time alone. She stepped back in the house and closed the door behind her. She thought she would get some Chinese take out food and watch a little TV before having a nice bubble bath and getting onto she thought about the cute sexy guy from the grocery store. Robyn took a seat at the kitchen dinette table and her heart began to race as she struggled to convince herself to call that boy’s number. She picked up her cell phone and could not believe what she was doing. She actually pressed the numbers. She heard the ringtone and was just about to hang up when she heard a husky male voice answer the phone.“Hello.”“Oh hi,” she said, “Colin?”“Yea this is Colin,” he answered.“Colin, this is Robyn,” she said in her best sexy voice, though unpracticed in such a long time. “I’m the lady escort beylikdüzü from the grocery store yesterday.”She heard a loud thump of some sort come over the phone.As Colin heard her say, “I’m the lady from the grocery store yesterday,” he dropped the just opened can of beer he was holding in his other hand and it landed right on his big toe.“Are you okay?”“Oh yea,” he answered in a somewhat strained voice, “I’m good.” Actually a sharp pain was shooting through his toe and spilled beer was all over the floor.“Wow!” he finally said, “I’m so glad you called.” Colin was in shock!“Do you think you might like to come over to my place tonight?”“Yes!” blurted out Colin.‘He surely is eager,’ thought Robyn.“I could have Chinese delivered and we could have some white wine with that,” she said.“That sounds great.”“How about 8 o’clock?” she suggested.“Absolutely,” Colin eagerly answered.“Write this down,” Robyn said.“Okay,” Colin answered as he grabbed a Sharpie pen.“1075 Black Walnut Lane, turn right at the Kroger on Main Street, second street on the left, it’s the 4th house on the left. Red brick ranch with large magnolia tree in the corner of the yard.”Colin quickly wrote the address and directions down on the kitchen counter with the permanent ink Sharpie.“I got it,” he said, “8 o’clock.”“Oh,” Robyn added, “I don’t have any white wine here, would you be a sweetie and pick up a bottle of Chardonnay at the Kroger on the way?”“Yea, I’ll get two bottles!” Colin answered.Robyn looked at her phone and nodded as she said, “Okay.”“See you then Colin.”“I’ll be on time,” answered Colin. Then he thought, ‘why did I say that?’“Bye.”“Bye.”Colin looked down at his bare throbbing toe and the beer all over the floor. The he shouted, “Alright!” and danced across the room down the hall to the bathroom. He threw off his gym shorts and tightie whities and turned on the shower.************************************************************Robyn sat in her living room in anticipation of Colin’s arrival. Her house was all straightened up and a scented candle was burning in the kitchen. Chinese food would be arriving within 30 minutes. She had forgotten to ask him what he liked so she ordered four different types of their most popular common entrees. She could always eat the leftovers later. She was wearing a neatly pressed short tan skirt and a black lycra blouse. She hoped she did not have too much perfume on. Under her skirt she wore a sexy pair of black sheer lace boyshort panties and a pair of natural colored lace top thigh stockings. She had found a pair of gold loop earrings to wear that she last wore to a banquet where her ex-husband was being honored.This was her first date since her divorce.At 8:07 pm she heard a motorcycle pull into her driveway.She peeked though the front window and saw Colin getting off an older looking sportbike that had some dents in it and a well worn raveled seat. He was wearing a pair of long khaki pants and a navy blue polo style shirt about half tucked in. He unhooked his backpack and took out two bottles of wine. She watched as he attempted to straighten out his slightly curly hair while he looked at himself in the mirror of his left handlebar.She ran into the kitchen so that it would take her a minute to get to the door when the doorbell rang. She heard it ring and she waited a few seconds before going to the door. She opened the door and said, “Hello Colin.”“Hi Robyn,” he smiled and held out the two wine bottles, one in each hand.“Come in.”Colin stepped inside her home and immediately thought it looked nice, reminding him of his parent’s house and how neat his mother kept their home. All of the college girls he had dated the last four years were just as messy as he was.Robyn asked him if he would like to sit on the sofa and she offered to put the wine in the refrigerator. He handed her both bottles and sat on the sofa.“Your place smells really nice and it sure is clean,” said Colin.‘What am I doing with this young college guy,’ Robyn thought to herself.“Thanks,” she answered. “Should I go ahead and open a bottle and pour us a glass of wine?”“Yea, why not?”“The Chinese food will be delivered any minute now.”Then she said, “You know I forgot to ask what you liked.”“I’ll eat anything,” answered Colin very honestly. He meant it as he was already beginning to starve.Robyn stepped back into the living room holding two wine goblets of the Chardonnay. “Put two of those coasters out for us,” she said.Colin took 2 coasters from their holder on the coffee table and laid them out and Robyn sat each glass on one. Then she sat next to Colin on the sofa.“You look great!” he said and smiled his big boyish but masculine smile at her.She felt things stir within her seeing his smile and looking into his dark brown eyes. She thought that he seemed way too cute not to have a girlfriend.“So why don’t you have a regular girlfriend?” she asked.“I’ve had girlfriends but it has been awhile since the last one. She kept pushing me to spend lots of money on her and when I ran out, she dumped me for a rich guy with a Porsche.”“So you don’t have a car,“ she asked.“Just my motorcycle,” Colin answered, “the transmission fell out of my old Ford Ranger truck onto the highway about 6 months ago while I was driving it and I can’t afford a new one. Me and some guys in the frat tried to fix it but we couldn’t get it working again.”Robyn looked at this slightly rugged college boy, very cute with slightly long wavy unruly hair. He was tall, boyish and manly all at the same time. He was not pretentious and she found something about him to be so very sexy.“Well that sucks,” she said smiling at him.He laughed a little and said, “It does suck.” Then he smiled.She lifted her wine glass and said, “Here’s to your motorcycle.”He raised his glass and clinked it to hers, “To my motorcycle.” The doorbell rang just as they emptied their wine glasses.

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