16 loads a day for 2 weeks


16 loads a day for 2 weeksi dont know where to start here i am kneeling on all fours on a specially made table which has cushioning for my knees there are 4 foot platforms on it that are raised at different levels, my arse and pussy are naturally raised for easy access with my head at cock level this is the 3rd straight day i have been ordered to get myself comfortable on this table which is in the middle of my living room ,they took my sofa and coffee table away and gave me this along with all the slut wear i am ordered to wear i have to wear either pantyhose or stockings and suspender belt always high heels i never wear knickers even though they have this strange ritual whereby i was given 28 pairs of see thru sheer knickers in a variety of colours they are made of sheer pantyhose material i have been instructed to place both pairs in a bowl for the 3rd day running so i know whats coming .Let me rewind to last week my husband jack and me (tracy) were in our local bar with another couple dan and suzy when the doors were flung open and about 20 black guys all 6 ft plus and all very fit came in ,with them was this blond lady about 35 years old dressed like a complete slut she had on sheer white pantyhose and a similar top which did nothing to cover up her pierced nipples she turned to look at suzy and me and winked as i looked her up and down gobsmacked at what she was wearing i noticed she had a totally shaved pussy with a black ace of spades tattoo above her pussy as she turned around i noticed on her arse she had some words written and on closer looking it read black cock slut . “like what you see “she said glancing around and looking at us both suzy and i blushed very clearly for her to see.Jack and Dan were in the other bar playing pool so they were oblivious to all this comotion ,people were leaving the bar and we were about to go and join the guys and get them to leave with us when one of the black guys blocked our path and said where are you going sluts ,”to see our husbands they are next door playing pool” hoping this might be enough for them to let us past instead he went into the bar next door with 2 other guys and dragged our husbands into the main bar” sit over there with your sluts or youll get hurt “he said .the blond girl came over and she bent down and looked into my eyes and said ” you 2 are lucky girls i think my guys like you “with that she went back to the group of 20 guys and said something to them the next thing that happenned is that the guys all surrounded our table and all got their cocks out ” look and learn and dont take your eyes off whats going to happen “Jack shouted “please just let us go “by this time i was actually quite excited by what id seen so i said “shut up jack or he will hurt you just watch ” Suzy smiled at me obviously she was quite turned on too .the blond then got in the middle of all 20 guys and started going from one to the next sucking there cocks and with her spare hands was wanking off another 2 cocks as she went everyone of these guys cocks was a minimum of 10 inches long some looked much bigger in fact one guy looked like he had a 14 inch cock this went on for about 20 minutes non stop they were callling her all the slut names you could think of ,then she came over to us and lay on her back on the table in front of us “you ok sluts youll be begging for this later “she said ,then all the guys started to fuck her in a very forceful way they ripped the crotch right out of her pantyhose which id noticed was absolutely soaked and absolutely ploughed her pussy with tremendous force ,i could feel my pussy getting very wet i was wearing boots short skirt and a jumper , subconsciously i let my legs fall open a bit then one of the guys said “i think we have found ourselves a slut look at her flashing her knicker at us “he said to the others they all laughed ,i tried to cover my self up suzy smiled at me i noticed she had done the same she was wearing a similar outfit but she had pantyhose on and her skirt had rucked up like mine .”Open your legs you sluts so we can see how wet your pussies are ” one of the guys said .”Dan said look youve had your fun let us go know “,with that one of the guys punched him straight in the face ,”do as he says” said Jack i was horrified i glanced at Jack and im sure i detected he had a hard on under his trousers ,I was absolutely seething inside but also very turned on that he found this exciting too “ok jack ll show him up my skirt if thats what you want and with that got between 2 tables and put one leg up on either side of the tables so that they could all look at my by now sodden white panties i looked down and they were absolutely soaked then suzy did the same in between another 2 tables and i could see her pantyhose were absolutely drenched as well ,the blond by this time had left the table and was now bent over a chair right in front of me staring between my legs ” they are going to fuck my arse and pussy now at the same time and im going to watch your pussy in your panties juice up cos you will jealous and want the same thing to happen to you slut ” i couldnt see exactly what was happening because i could only see her face but 2 at a time these guys were coming up behind her and one was sliding his cock up her arse while the other guy seemed to manouvre his cock underneath him i presumed in her pussy ,she was narrating what was happening to her and at the same time callling me a black cock slut with a soaking wet pussy , she wasnt lying my legs were splayed apart even wider now and my panties were absolutely swimming in pussy juice now im a bit of a squirter anyway so i wasnt shocked this was really turning me on the guys all toook turns for about 20 minutes fucking her arse and pussy then the blond said to me right get up slut and called suzy over now lets see what youve got hiding down there so suzy came over and stuck her leggs on the table so the blond could look up her skirt i noticed she was the same as me totally drenched ,the same thing happened for her they kept fucking the blonds arse and pussy then i noticed suzy had started to rub her pussy up and down with her hand the blond told her to stop or she wont let her boys ruin her pussy ,suzy stopped immediately i glanced over at dan with his nose bleeding and jack and they were looking just shocked and looked like little boys compared to these black guys at that moment i knew what i wanted to do i wanted to be their slut i cant tell you how i felt i just wanted those cocks in me and im sure suzy was thinking the same suddenly the blond started to get off the chair “ok boys you know what to do with these sluts ” with that suzy and me were lifted by 2 guys each and carried into the pool room with our legs held wide open suzy was laid at one end and i was laid at the other end our heads were at the end of the table and then were forced into a position where our arsees were raised so they supported each other and our legs were d****d over by our shoulders a few of the guys had looped their belts together and hooked one end of the loop round each of my ankles then raised my head and placed the belt behind my head when my head was lowere i was literrally staring at my soaking pantie clad pussy with my legs trapped behind my shoulders i could feel my pussy squirting into my knickers i presumed hey were doing the same to suzy but couldnt see all i could feel was our arses resting against each other i think we thought we were going to be fucked nd by now i was desperate to feel a cock in my pussy but i was wrong what happened then was something neither of us expected all the guys stripped off naked and then 2 at a time they climbed erzurum escort onto the table so basically i was staring straight up between the legs of this black guy with his arse facing towards me then i noticed the other guy with his cock facing towards me ,i was wondering why i still had my pantys on but all was to be revealed suddenly the blonds head appeared she was standing on the floor she then pulled my knickers to one side exposing my pussy “next time i see that pussy it better be bald she said or no cock for you ” with that i squirted and my pussy juice hit me straight in the face ,then i heard a rip and presumed that was suzys pantyhose being ripped “thats better a shaved pussy ” she said ,i squirted again this time it hit me in the mouth i swallowed my own pussy juice it tasted good thinking about suzy and her shaved pussy thinking shes going to get some cock and im not “please shave my pussy i cried i need some cock “”shut up slut said the blond neither of you deserve black cock yet this is just a trial pass this and we will see “but ive got a shaved pussy “cried suzy ” i shave it every day please fuck me ” they all laughed i squirted pussy juice again this time i knew i would so i caught most of it in my mouth ” look at this slut she is squirting pussy juice into her own mouth and drinking it get her husband to get up here with a pint glass ” she asked one of the black guys “lets have some fun “next thing i knew there was jack standing opposite the blond with a pint glass in his hand “ok you have to catch all her pussy juice in that glass if you dont youll get hurt understand ” with that i couldnt believe my ears and just squirted like a fountain this time it was so high it hit the black guy standing above my all over his cock and balls ” this sluts unreal she has soaked me “he said ,someone smacked jack around the head “you missed loser “the black guy said “ok starting now “said the blond ,i looked at jack he was crying “dont be a wimp catch that pussy juice ” i said the blond started talking dirty to me “you dirty pussy squirting slut ” ” your pussy is so wet it would take 3 black cocks to fill you up “”when we have stretched your pussy we are going to stretch your arse ” this went on for about 5 minutes each time she said something i squirted jack caught it all each time until the pint glass was full “get another glass “said the blond another pint glass was produced and the same thing again “your a nigger cock slut who hasnt even fucked a niggger yet “”look even your friend is squirting now”this went on for another few minutes until id filled up another glass i was quite proud of myself ” 2 pints of pussy juice what are they going to do with it “ok lets finish these sluts off then “said the blond she then placed a pair of sheer almost stocking like pantys over my pussy they were totally see through my pussy was so wet that they were sodden immediately “im going to use 2 pairs on her ill stuff a pair up her pussy to stop her squirting “she stuffed the pair she had d placed on my pussy up inside of me with just a little bit poking out i saw her take another pair and presumed she had done the same to suzy then she dropped another pair over my pussy ,I was more than curious then the blond started wanking the 2 cocks getting them hard she guided them so that one was pointing at my pussy and the other was pointing at suzys pussy after about 2 mins the cock aimed at my pussy started to cum thick blobs of cum hit the panties and a bit went on my pussy not long after i saw the other cock cum i presumed all over suzys panty covered pussy the 2 guys got down being replaced by another 2 black cocks the same thing happened the blond wanked them off guiding the cum over the panties over our pussies this went on until i had had 10 loads expertly guided on to me, the blond then reached over to suzy and some movement occured suzy was squealing in pleasure” yeah stuff those panties up my cunt mop up that come stuff them up my pussy ” this went on for about 2 minutes then it was my turn i could see the sheer panties covered in come and also my pussy covered as well she picked the panties up and started mopping all the excess come off my pussy there was at least a cup full she kept mopping and then she opened them out so they were panty shaped and the material had soaked all the cum in to them she waved them across my face i actuallly tried to lick them ” no thats not for you you dirty slut “and with that she pulled them away ” what do you want me to do with this ” and with that she squeezed them like a sponge all over my pussy and my pussy was covered in cum again she repeated the process again wafting them over my face then squeezing out the cum again all over my pussy she did this 8 times in total then just lay the panties over my pussy again then she went back to suzy and then seemed to tug her cum filled panties out of her pussy and do the same to her as she did to me this went on a while then she was back to me this time she had suzys knickers covered in cum and drenched in pussy juice and let me smell it her hands were also covered in cum i noticed it looked like she had had her hand in a bucket of paste she then mopped my pussy with my panties and then went over to suzy whilst resting suzies on my pussy then she removed the panties that were stopping me from squirting and stuffed the cum covered ones into my pussy then she scooped all the excess cum up on her fingers and also stuffed that in my pussy she was very thorough then she covered my pussy with my own panties that were still pulled to one side making them all neat and tidy” your done slut “she said ” please dont stop let me shave my pussy i need to get fucked ” she laughed and then went back to suzy and did the same Suzy demanded to be fucked what had we turned into where are our husbands are they dead did i care .the belts were loosened we were prised apart and turned round to face each other we both had had 10 loads of black come stuffed into our pussies by these knickers and were wearing our own panties over the top what now i thought then i looked up and there was dan and jack looking at us i started to laugh nervously so did suzy ,the blond said ” look at there trousers they came about 3 times watching you 2 black cock sluts that havnt even been fucked by a nigger yet , and they loved it “”now wheres those 2 pints of pussy juice i think these 2 guys deserve a drink dont you ” 2 pints of what looked like cloudy water was produced by one of the black guys and one given to dan and one given to jack ” ok your going to have a race first one finished gets a fresh meal last one gets a stale meal . The 2 guys downed a pint of my pussy juice each dan was awesome and won i wondered what this fresh meal was i didnt have long to wait ” ok dan your the winner said the blond so now its time to eat with that i was helped off the pool table and dan was told to lie down on it Suzy was then lifted by 2 of the black guys her skirt was removed i saw her ripped pantyhose and her absolutely soaked panties then another one of the guys punched the seat out of a chair then placed the chair with no seat over dans head and then suzy was lifted up and placed straddling the chair with her arms on the back she was made to arch forward the blond said to me “come here slut and get a front row seat ” with that she put a chair at a level where i could see dans face and and also see suzys bulging sopping wet pussy straddling about 8 inches above dans face ,one of the black guys then placed the seat part of the chair under dans head which raised his head about 3 inches then he broke another eskişehir escort chair and placed that under his head so now he was about 2 inches away “right slut now you got to push your pussy down on his face and you got to push your face up to her pussy and you have to try and get her panties aside using no hands and then you got to get those cum covered panties with 10 loads of cum on them out of her pussy and suck them clean and then clean up this sluts pussy its all about team work youll find a way and then if your succesful im going to send starting from monday 16 of my black gang all different guys each day for 2 weeks round to your house to fill your wifes pussy and arse with cum and judging by the hard on in your pants i think we found ourselves another cuckold “Suzy said “you better do a good job dan i need those black cocks so get to it “dan raised his head and got his tongue on to the gusset of suzys panties and was trying to flick it to one side but after about 2 minutes this was frustrating suzy “come on you cuckold wimp get those panties off use your teeth “she was grinding her pussy as low as she could go all of a sudden dan got a part of the gusset in his teeth and he started chewing i could see her mashed up bald pussy with the end of the pair of panties that were stuffed up her pussy drenched in come “eat you faggot “shouted suzy dan was chewing her panties for about 2 minutes finally he had a hole in them her pussy ws dripping in his mouth it was like a broken tap he kept chewing then after 5 minutes he had chewed the gusset completely off so he could now try and get the panties out of her pussy he reached with his mouth he missed he tried agian this time he got the end of the knickers and rested his head on the seat he now gently tugged at the panties with his mouth and each tug i saw a little more of the panties come out of her pussy cum was dripping from them into his mouth i had a ring side seat it was amazing inch by inch he swallowed the panties fuck dan was good globs of cum were falling from her pussy his face was covered in cum i wanted to help him but knew i couldnt finally with one last tug the last of the panties came out and he gobbled them all up and started to suck more cum just fell out of suzys pussy it looked a mess and she hadnt even been fucked im not lesbian in any way but i would have loved to have been where dan was now about 5 minutes elapsed and dan tapped the table and said a muffled ” done with these panties stuffed in his mouth ,the blond took them out of his mouth wiped all the come off his face with them and then stuffed them straight back in his mouth 5 minutes later he was done agian this time she took the panties out of his mouth and laid them on the pool table and said to him “now eat ” dan started to eat suzys pussy like it was the last meal on earth she was callling him alll sorts of names he was lapping away for about 10 minutes like this when the blond said “i think thats enough” and she grabbed suzy and made her get down handed her the pair of panties drenched with saliva cum and pussy juice mixture and said “put these on slut and when you get home dont wash them your going to wear them until next monday undersand ” suzy nodded and put them on dan got up and went over to suzy and kissed her on the lips she looked at him like he was a piece of dirt My turn i thought i was so excited i couldnt wait to get up on that chair then the blond said “no your husband lost he isnt going to get to eat your pussy in fact suzys done so well i might let her clean you up” suzys face lit up “can i “”i think we will do something else with this little squirter get on the pool table ” and open your legs “i got up there opened my legs and the blond pulled my knickers to one side and gently pulled the panties from out of my pussy they were sodden with cum and pussy juice ” she placed them in the empty pint glass and then said to her 20 guys ” right guys fill this glass up this slut needs more cum ” she ordered jack to get over and sit on a chair so he was looking straight at my pussy “ok slut i want you to beg every one of those guys to cum in that glass over those panties and tell them what a big black cock slut you are and if you get selected every one of your holes is theres to fuck double fuck and triple fuck how you want to be fucked in the shopping mall the street on a park bench and have all your holes stuffed with cock and cum have you got that ” yes oh yes ” i nearly cried as my pussy sprayed juice all over my husband as i listened to every word ” and you jack are going to sit there and catch every bit of her pussy juice in this glass ok”so i had my panties pulled to one side and legs wide open i still had my skirt on and jumper can i remove these i asked the blond said “i removed all my clothing except my panties and spread my legs as wide as i could ” dont miss any jack ” i said i was handed the pint glass with my sodden panties in them to hold and then 4 guys got on chairs either side of me and started to jerk their cocks i did as i was told i degraded myself verbally “im your black cock slut i want to eat your cum i want to lick your arse i need al your cocks everyday in my arse pussy and mouth 2 at a time 3 at a time ill dress like a slut ill shave my pussy every day ” one by one all 20 of them came in the glass it was nearly full to the brim a pint of cum soaking with these knickers floating in them what now id squirted 3/4 of a pint of pussy juice into jacks glass the blond slut took the glass off me and the pint glass of jack “get down slut she said” i got off the table .now i want you and jack to go home jack i want you to shave her pussy no fucking her then i i want you back here in 1 hour wearing nothing but see thru pantyhose and see thru blouse and high heels you understand i want every one to see what a slut you are and walk back here ” am i going to get fucked please ” no just do as i say you dont deserve it yet Suzy you as well one hours rest then back here your with your cum slut knickers and see thru crotchless pantyhose and see through top dan no touching you are turning into a good cuckold i think your going to enjoy munching on suzys cum drenched pantys from now on and you can walk here too .i Got home we only live 5 minutes away jack said you looked like you loved being treated like a slut ,”i was doing it to save you from a beating so we better do as they say get the razor out and shave my pussy and make sure you do a good job dan is already well thought of why cant you step up to the plate a bit more.” jack shaved my pussy and i made him do my arse too my pussy was still absolutely sopping wet with cum and pussy juice i dried myself as best i could and then did some make up more slutty than i would ever have done then selected a see through pair of white pantyhose black see through blouse high heels i loved the way it looked the crotch of the pantyhose was wet already my bald freshly shaved pussy glistening it was time to go we left the house the weather was mild so it was ok to walk it was now 10.30 so there wernt many people on the streets but i didnt care anyway now i think i have fallen in love with black cock and the blond who treats me so bad what was she going to do with that cup full of cum i couldnt wait to find out i saw suzy as we were near the pub i took her arm and walked with her are you as excited as me she said “yes i cant wait can you believe what we have done im never going to be the same again as we walked into the bar it was absolutely packed with black guys all 6 ft tall there must have been 60 of them and nooone i had recognised escort bayan earlier Alright sluts said one of them “yes “i answered the guys looked shaken by the presence of so many of them ,then the blond appeared dressed in crotchless tights with a pair of these special flimsy sheer panties on “well done girls so now for another initiation suzy your going to have a 60 man gangbang in all of your holes and dan you can watch and you tracy are going to drink a pint of chilled pussy juice and then we are going to remove your pantyhose and stuff the crotch up your spurting pussy and all these guys are going to to come in your pantyhose crotch plus im going to start you off with the 20 loads we finished off with earlier ” why cant i fuck some of these guys i need some cock ive shved my pussy look ” ” do as your told and you might be selected we need jack to step up to the plate a bit he needs to know his place drinking some pussy juice is one thing we need you to be more like dan “you jack do as your told look interested i need some black cock “ok sluts lets get started ” 2 platforms was wheeled out in the centre of the pub with a swing in the centre of one and a revolving platform on the other with arm and leg straps suzy looked at me and smiled she kissed dan and was led away to the swing i was led to the platform they removed my pantyhose and blouse and strapped my legs in elevated and placed a large cushion under my back so my pussy was in a raised position similar to the position i was in earlier but much more comfortable i could see the other platform and i started to see all these guys getting undressed i was jealous so badly so these guys started attacking suzy i presumed in her arse and pussy and mouth meanwhile the blonde slut had brought the pint glass of come over and was now bunching up the crotch of the pantyhose over her hand and then she stuffed the crotch into my slipperry pussy which was now juicing up again my raised pussy literrally took her whole fist”ok jack lets see what your made of basicallly your going to make sure none of these guys cum escapes ” she then got one of those gynacoelogists speculum that opens up a womens pussy so they can examine it and placed it in my raised pantyhose stuffed pussy the legs were hanging out either side of this contraption she opened it up as wide as she could stretching my sopping wet pussy to its limit then she wrapped the legs around the outside of the contraption then she got the pint glass of cum from earlier and asked jack to slowly pour the mixture into my gaping hole he poured it really slowly i could feel it seeping into my pussy i guess the pantyhose acting like some kind of net letting some through into my pussy i had forgotten that there was a pair of those sheer panties in the mixture so when we got to them jack asked what he should do dump them in as well said the blond slut so they went into my pussy as well i felt really stuffed i had 20 loads of cum a sodden pair of panties all in my spread pantyhosed stuffed pussy i was constantly squirting as well but it was hitting the pantyhose i guessed and just making my pussy even more sodden then the blonde slut got out a wooden pestal about 12 inches long that you crush herbs with and got the end of it and started smashing it into this mixture every now and again just shoving it in a little deeper ” ok jack you can see what im doing the idea is we are going to use the pantyhose like a sieve and we can keep smashing it into the material so all the cum seeps through into the depths of her pussy this is going to be your job as soon as when all you can see is the panties then you know its all seeped through like some kind of a float i could feel this cum seeping deeper into my womb and although i wasnt getting fucked the pestal was like a giant wooden dildo bouncing up and down in my gaping pussy i loved it and felt such a slut jack was really taking this seriously he even pulled out the floating knickers and squeezed every last drop of cum into my hole and then mashed it all through my pantyhose “get it all in i have another 60 loads to go “i said ” i was so in ecstacy id forgotten about suzy getting smashed to bits next to me she was howling with joy i couldnt see her because she was surrounded by naked black bodys “its all gone said jack we need some more ” just then the blond slut came back with another pint glass “dont panic good job jack ” she said jack then poured the whole glass in as because the pantyhose had stretched nearly 10 inchees into my pussy he reckoned it could take the lot which it did i could feel the weight of it now as he continued with the pestal 20 minutes later he said its gone again as he squeezed the cum from the pantys again into my hole ” we need more ” he said “wait” said the blonde slut let me see those pantys i said i want to sniff them jack held the panties too my nose and i inhaled they looked disgusting but i could have stuffed them into my mouth right there but then the blonde slut came back with another pint glass jack just poured it straight in and this time left the pantys d****d over the speculum to tease me and continued to do his job about half hour later he said he was done which was good timing as another pint came over “shes pretty full “he said ” ok i reckon only another pint so get on with it and lets see what we can do dont forget this group havnt come yet today so there loads are bigger ” i felt bloated but loved it in it went and jack did the same he was certainly doing better i thought as my cuckold maybe i could get fucked soon too ,about 20 minutes later the slut bought the final glass over jack was still busy with the last lot but he just started to work faster about 45 minutes later he was done “good said blonde slut ” and she came over and asked me how i felt ” full of cum but loving every minute of it ” i replied ” good your going to like this next bit and you too jack ” she then reached in and pulled the panties out then released the speculum after untying the pantyhose legs then she bit by bit pulled the pantyhose crotch out of my pussy as the last bit of material came out globs of cum fell on my open pussy she basically squeezed it all out back into my pussy like someone would ice a cake she then stuffed my sodden cum soaked panties into my pussy and then she helped me put the pantyhose back on the legs were fine but the crotch was absolutely dripping with cum and covered the whole crotch and arse of the pantyhose then jack was led away and then i was carried up side down into the swing jack was placed beneath me and when i was secure the 2 guys who carried me swang me upright and my crotch went around 4 inches from jacks face and then it happened suddenly my pussy flooded and all this cum 80 loads flushed out and into my pantyhose and then straight onto jacks face i looked down it looked like he had rabies he was trying to catch it in his mouth but he couldnt blonde slut was laughing there were about 30 guys watching as well this went on for about 5 minutes stream after stream landed on jack i might not have beeen fucked but i had the cum from the fucking and felt very special , “ok you all did well said blonde slut as i turned round i saw suzy she looked like she had been well and truly fucked “that was awesome she said but i want to do what you did as well they just used me to produce cum for you ” blonde slut said “ok suzy get down there and eat her hole if you want some cum theres enough to go round suzy didnt need to ask twice she lappped at my pussy for about 45 minutes drinking at least a pint of jizz all this while jack was cleaning the platform with his tongue ” wheres dan ” “oh he is such a good cuckold i sent him home to do the house work as im going to lie in bed all day tomorrow ok sluts said blondie next week your both going to get fucked 16 times a day for 14 straight days and if the guys like you then maybe we can talk about getting you in the gang

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