1st GH suck


1st GH suckWhen I was in college in the 90’s I use to go to an ABS by campus, first to buy some porn and then eventually to get my cock sucked whenever I got horny. I went into the store one night and purchased my coins and headed to the back for another quickie blow job. I went to a booth I knew had a GH and soon had a video playing and my cock out in my hand, hoping someone would enter the booth next door. I saw a light in the other booth through the GH in the wall and soon saw an open mouth with a tongue sticking out. I needed no urging or invitation and stuck my hard cock through like always and he took me into his mouth. He made love to my cock with his mouth and soon enough I started to get close to shooting my cum into his mouth. I couldn’t hold back any longer and soon I was filling his greedy mouth with my cum. Damn, it felt so good as he swallowed and kept my cock in his mouth. He slowly sucked and licked me clean and released my now soft cock from his mouth.I was totally satisfied and of course still horny too. As I was bending down to pull my pants and underwear up his hard cock poked through the GH. I was now at eye level face to face with a hard cock, and I was staring at it as it was staring at me. He slowly shook it and as if in a trance I moved my hand to his cock and wrapped my fingers around it. Damn, did his hard warm cock feel good in my hand and I suddenly felt a warmth and electricity in me that I hadn’t felt before. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and that I was enjoying it so much too. Soon I got down onto my knees and started to stroke the cock. I soon smelled that musky and sexy odor of cock as I stroked him. Soon his pre cum was oozing out and I wiped it all around the head of his cock, çankaya escort making it glisten and shine. I was really getting into this and my cock was rock hard again when I heard him ask me to suck his cock. Without hesitation I just put my mouth right over him; taking his warm and smooth cock into my mouth. I started to move my mouth up and down his shaft, I licked and flicked the head of his cock; getting big gobs of his pre cum into my mouth. I thought to myself this tastes good!! I stroked him as the head of his cock was in my mouth and did everything I had ever liked done to me, I did to his cock. The sight of his cock slick with my saliva and the sounds it was making in my hand and mouth was just making me hotter and hotter. Soon I was really whoreishly working his cock. I wanted his cum. I wanted it as validation that I had done a good job. Soon I felt him thrusting into my mouth and moaning softly and I knew he would be shooting soon. I readied myself for this reward and rewarded I was. I felt the first one forcefully splash into the back and roof of my mouth, I was like whoa, yes! He continued to shoot filling my mouth up until I had to swallow. I was doing what some of my girlfriends wouldn’t do and it wasn’t that bad, it’s a unique “acquired” taste. I let him finish cumming and then I slowly and softly licked and sucked him like he did to me. I soon cleaned him up and he pulled his now soft cock from my mouth and through the GH. I saw him tuck it away, zip up and leave. Alone and on my knees it hit me, WOW I had just touched and sucked another man’s cock and I let him cum in my mouth and even swallowed his load. It all just seemed so natural and the thing to do, like it balgat escort was no big deal and the thing to do. I was happy and proud of what I did and that I enjoyed it so much too. During myself congratulation and introspective thoughts I failed to notice that someone had entered the booth and soon a new hard cock was coming through the GH almost poking me in the face. I was like, oh well. I reached out and grabbed it with my hand stroked it a few times, feeling his warmth and hard silkiness in my hand. I then leaned forward took his cock into my mouth. I was soon working his cock like I had been at it for years, it came so naturally ?. It wasn’t long before I tasted his precum which brought a smile to my face knowing the next taste would be his man seed shooting into my mouth. I didn’t have to wait long either, soon he was up against the GH thrusting into my mouth. I knew I would soon be receiving my reward for services rendered. I felt him grunt and soon I felt his warm tasty seed shooting into my mouth, I moaned in pleasure to and started swallowing. I was soon cleaning his cock off when he abruptly pulled it from my mouth, packed it up and left. I jokingly thought to myself, what did I do. Later I learned that some guys do this, but that was to be learned later, for now I was a bit taken aback and new to the cock sucking side of things. My movies had run out in my booth, my pants and under wear were at my ankles and I still had tokens to use. I reached down and pulled out the remaining tokens and put them in. I then grabbed my excessively leaking cock and stroked it while sitting on the bench. Soon the door opened next door and I didn’t pay attention until a cock was thrust through elvankent escort the GH. I wasn’t anywhere near the hole and this guys cock just thrust through it into my booth. Talk about pushy, well I could tell this man had to be in his 60 or 70’s from the grey hair around his cock, the other men I figured were in their 30 or 40’s. I figured oh what the heck is one more, he is older, so let’s give him a taste test too. He wasn’t as hard as the others when I took him into my hand, but he quickly became hard after I leaned in and took him into my mouth. I sucked and jerked his cock well, even taking out of my mouth and slapping it onto my tongue and my cheeks. He wasn’t as big as the others so I could put him all the way into my mouth without gagging. I tasted his precum to and that motivated me to make him shoot his man seed into my mouth. I worked his cock and worked it and soon he moaned and shot his load into my mouth. It wasn’t as powerful as the others but it was still good. I soon swallowed and cleaned his cock as it softened. When he was done he slowly withdrew from my mouth, bent down and said “thanks” and I replied “your welcome”. I sat back up on the bench and started to jerk my slick cock. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load all over the floor. Damn, it felt good. I pulled up my pants and under wear quickly, packed up my cock, grabbed my Voluptuous magazine of BBW’s and left the booth and store. As I exited the booth I kept my head down and headed for the parking lot. I got into my car and left, only to return again multiple times during time at college.During the ride back to campus I thought about what had happened and how easily I just did those things and how I enjoyed it too. How I went there to get my dick sucked again, and ended up sucking 3 dicks and swallowing their loads too. I realized I couldn’t let anyone at school or the team find out and that this was a new awakening for me. I realized I liked and enjoyed what I did, but that I still liked and enjoyed sex with girls too.

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