205 A young Soldier returns


205 A young Soldier returns205 A young Soldier returns Just back from a posting that he had had for 6 months, in Cyprus, un peacekeeping, a British army soldier, attached to the UN. 6ft6inches of tall good looking, well-toned muscular, sunburnt, blonde young maleness, that had been deprived of female company for all that time. They had landed at Gatwick, and surprisingly immediately dismissed to leave and for a whole month, no drill`s, no duties, no uniforms, just the sun of a 1967 August and the south coast of Kent to contend with.He had stepped from the train at the same old Southern railway station he had worked at before joining, looking around he noticed the run down state of the old place, he was the only alighting passenger and the porter, old ted, still clipping tickets and who till he spoke, hardly recognised him, but the penny suddenly dropped and like a light coming on, he grinned and said “ hi John, nearly didn’t recognise you…my you look fit and you have filled out” they chatted for a while, and he found like a lot of stations this one was to close, one of the last, a chap called Beeching having decreed it unviable, that saddened him a little as he had grown fond of the old place in the time he had worked there before enlisting. They soon parted, eager to get home, hefting his army suitcase and the kitbag with an ease of youth and strength, musing that when he came home next time he would need a taxi from the main station in town. He was soon home at the door, a terraced house in a cul-de-sac, nothing special two up two down, as always, tidy paintwork, dad would never let that go, the window glass frosted with tiny sailing boats embossed in the glass, just as it always had been, familiar, home.He hesitated just a millisecond then grasping the handle, thrust himself into the tiny passageway, dumping case and bag and calling “I`m home.” From the tiny add on kitchen he heard the clatter as she dropped the pot she was washing, his mother spinning round and almost running at him, in seconds they were in one another`s arms, lips entwined as he lifted her short light frame up into his grasp. Mother and son united, in a loving embrace. Like all youngsters he had had a crush on his mother for years, more-so since he had found out about that magical sex stuff when he had been about ten he had, like most youths fantasised about her. She who had taught him to walk, to read, to appreciate books, helped him develop, taught him to swim, so in his young mind why should she not have been the one to teach him about sex? It had never happened of course, oh he had stolen a touch or two of her breasts when they had swum together, or when they had been in need of learning the waltz he had run his hand over her pert backside and while acting as her look-out, he had even seen her pee when they were on holiday out in the wilds while roughing it camping but it had gone no further, he was so sexually shy and unsophisticated that he had never realised that she knew, either that she understood his raging hormones, realised he was a rampant teenager, or of his touches and that with a little coaxing she may have gone further, lowered her guard, given in to his curiosity! She knew for instance he had been into her clothing drawer, that he had learnt to masturbate, the evidence was there at every wash, and in quantity. Of-course there was also the looks he had stolen as a youth, ever trying to glimpse her body at every opportunity, while changing on the beach to swim, or at the various campsites each year on the family holidays when privacy was hard to maintain. She was a little flattered, that he wanted her, but, well, she had wondered realistically in her heart if it was her he wanted or may it have been just, anyone female, just to learn on so to speak, after all he had spied on her sister, his aunt too. She reasoned that perhaps he wanted someone, anyone, as long as she was female and she had shelved the whole idea, after all she had her husband Sam, and he should have been enough, shouldn’t he?She had on occasions been really randy and had nearly crumbled but luckily the lad joined up before her resolve was really tested. But since then she had had the odd day-dream about him, especially since her Sam had slowed down this last year, probably feeling his age! Since joining up the boy had learnt a lot, met women in the service who had somewhat broadened his horizons, they had revelled in his naivety, some even allowed him liberties, and finally one had taken his cherry in a mad half-drunken moment at the back of the cook-house. So, it was a wiser son that had returned this time, he had realised that he had not understood the subtle signs of his mother before he had left, the perhaps missed opportunities of his adolescent years, but now… now he had made up his mind that he was going to fulfil his c***dhood fantasies if she would let him, he wanted both his mother and if the chance presented itself her younger sister, his aunt too!Laughing now she bade him put her down, and reluctantly he did so, she re-gathered her composure and blushing said he wasn’t due till the morrow. He explaining they had been dismissed from the airport and he had come home as quickly as he could, and that he had missed her, which she said; “as he looked so fit and healthy, it was un-likely and as no doubt he would have enough girls his own age to keep him occupied!” he grinned and said güvenilir bahis that she “was his no1 girl and always would be! To which she blushed and rushed off to make tea, while he fetched and then dug into his case. She put his own old familiar mug on the table, and sat down, while he fetched from the case a parcel, which he had had to wrap again after the customs had been nosy!He explained the rough wrapping and presented the package to her and with fevoured hands she ripped the thin paper. The green diaphanous nightdress and matching gown, thin silky and too her mind extravagant, slithered into her lap, her eyes like saucers, as they had never been what could be called rich and she was looking at probably the most expensive present she had ever been bought in her whole life-time.Tears filled her eyes, and she said; “he shouldn’t have!” and say that she was “overcome,” and that it “was easily the finest thing in her wardrobe.” He smiled at her and said that “he hoped she would wear it for him soon, especially as it was so thin and see-through!” that caused her to blush, that “he did not want to see an old bird like her” and with a glance at the mantle clock that “dad was due home any time!”Just then dad did arrive, over joyed to see his only son home they shook hands, as men do and the older man accepted the bottle of ‘Kio’ brandy from the case with a grin from ear to ear, overcome that his son had remembered him. Mother showed him the silk set and he grinned again saying it was “fine” and that she “would look like a queen in it, and he couldn’t wait to see her in it!” The younger man then told them to wash up and that he was taking them out for a meal on him, unusual for them eating out, but they did as they were bid, and soon a brilliant meal was enjoyed by all three, at a restaurant overlooking the sea, the photos he had taken being passed around after the meal, as the dusk wrapped itself around the town and the lights at sea picked out the tiny ships in the distance like fire-fly`s in the gathering gloom. The taxi returning them home just in time for bed, it had been memorable and for the lad a very long day. The familiar room and the journey had him sleeping late, he was home, relaxed, and happy. Dragging on a pair of shorts and slippers he wandered to the toilet and then into the living room, breakfast in the shape of serial, juice and the hot tea pot, awaited him on the table, but there was no sign of mother, she had slipped upstairs while he was in the toilet. He put milk on the flakes, then sat munching, mind in neutral, when quietly the door opened and a vision in green silk appeared, his jaw dropped open and his mother shyly blushing spun herself round the gown held tight to her body masking the thin nightdress.He exclaimed “wow…” Mum you look a thousand dollars…” she quickly sat at the table end, her usual place, muttering “it was all down to the gown it makes me feel so special, thank you son its wonderful”Our hero lifted her wrist, from the table, held the work worn hand to his lips and said “nonsense, I have thought you beautiful since I was tall enough to walk, and since I have been old enough to fantasise I have wanted to see your lovely body dressed in fine silks!” by now she was as red as a turkey cock, her drudgery forgotten as the words tumbled from his lips. He had started to blurt out his frustration, so he decided no sense in holding back now, it was now or it would be never, nine years of fantasies and dreams resounded like a waterfall round the little room he would finish, as he looked deep in her eyes, and explained that “he had wanted her” and had “always been jealous of his dad as long as he could remember.” He drew breath, then before she could speak, he began again, apologising for spying on her as a lad, checking out her under-clothing, intruding on her privacy time and again…Slightly coloured up now, and unable to believe he had told her after all this time, as he paused, she placed her finger on his lips to signify she had wanted him to shut up, then she quietly whispered; “I know, I always have!” Stunned he sat wondering what to say or do, when she said, “A woman would have had to be blind to not have known, and I took it at first that it was just sexual infatuation and with your aunt too, and we even talked it over, both being flattered really. I don’t and never did want your dad hurt, so I never let it go further and I hope, neither did she?” he nodded and muttered that” it was not from want of trying, but like you she ignored my best shots!”His mother gently smiled, “well now your uncles died perhaps you will be luckier, it`s been over a year now!”He grinned, especially when he heard that she had arranged for them both to visit next week, and her suggestion that perhaps he could offer to do some odd jobs for Ellie, her sister and stay over seemed like an open invitation. He still grasped her hand and said that, that was fine but though his aunt was a lovely woman, his boyhood dreams had been wanting her as his first conquest, and that he still did, did she not realise that? Shocked she exclaimed “OH…John, what a compliment, but are you really still a virgin?” This in little more than a whisper. He said that “it had been a near thing, but apart from a drunken fumble or two, no he had saved himself for her! it was a white lie, but as he remembered little of the woman behind the cookhouse, even her türkçe bahis name, so he felt it justified.There was a moment of silent contemplation, each knowing what happened over the next moment or two would be special, and as important as the declaration of war or the end of the world.Then slowly she stood, took her hand back from his clammy grasp and slowly, very slowly she opened her gown.Her silken nightdress showed her body outline perfect breasts still fairly pert, nipples dark but beginning to droop a tad and stiffening rapidly under his gaze, a small swell of a belly, hips that added shape to her fine mature body, not a young woman now at all and with her lifestyle not the nubile maid she once was. Long hours of laundry, cooking and cleaning had seen to that, forever scrimping on the pittance Sam fetched home. He sat silently scanning the body he had tried so long to see, his hand automatically reaching to caress the soft curves of her body, her shoulders braced back thrusting her chest out to meet his eager fingers, slithering over the silken skin sheathing the body he had so long craved.He had no recollection of getting up but he found he was standing, towering over her, as he bent to her lips, soft and cool at first but warming rapidly to his tender touch, her arms raised and wrapped themselves around his neck, stretching herself to tip-toe.They stayed wrapped together for long lip bruising moments, neither wishing to be first, to release the other.Surprisingly it was his mother that now took the lead, pushing them apart she said in almost a whisper that she wished to see him naked, a little stunned she stepped back as he undid the shorts and let them drop, while wrestling off his vest in record speed. Kicking the shorts and the slippers into a heap and standing himself before her his penis semi erect, her eyes fixed on it as if it was nelsons column, which it was not by any standards, at 6 ½ inches long, he always described it as ‘just average but adequate’.Her right hand slowly raised as she knelt and she took it in hand, caressing it gently, stroking it with her left, like a c***d with a kitten, softly, blowing on the thing till it became fully stiff the foreskin slowly parting as the pink helmet appeared. She kissed it her tongue-tip seeking his taste, then she slid her fingers to his sac testing the weight of his balls the wrinkled skin tightening to her tender touch. He reached to his side for the chair back for balance, opening his legs a little to allow her access, he could feel her hot breath on his skin, so close was she to his body, her hand sliding between his legs following the seam of skin till it slid to his brown star, he had never before been touched around there and he found the effect erotic, stimulating and strange all at once. He became aware of her speaking, saying that his father had always “gently used her, but that she was never allowed to return the favour, as he believed only whores took the lead in sexual things, so if she was to be his, she must be allowed to use him in return for there were things she always had wanted to try before it was too late and she was too old to care anymore. He caught her chin and tilted her head up to face him, then in a most serious voice he said “Mother, I have wanted to have your body since I hit puberty, in my fantasies it has always been you, I have done some of the most bizarre things with you, to you, played with your body at home and outdoors, hard and soft, gently and painfully, explored your every crevice in my mind, and allowed you to use me in the same way, to be allowed to do even some of those things would be the privilege of a lifetime and it would be sad if I did not allow you in return to enjoy me in any way and I mean anyway, you wished!”They kissed once more, then she stood facing him and she said “wow that is some confession, since you were small I have always wanted you, but convention and my conscience would not allow it, before you were old enough to understand, when bathing you, I would take some liberties and later I allowed you to glimpse my body on occasions, to see if you would react. It excited me to think of you up in your room stiff at the thought of me. It took all my will power to resist the temptation of having you for all those long years… And now here you are, a full-grown man, fit strong begging me to share my body with you, and buying me the lovely silks and this time I can`t resist you, you know that, don’t you?” He looked serious, “mum, I don’t want you to do anything your conscience would regret, or would cause your marriage ta problem, to know you have even thought about using me is a fantastic turn on, but I don’t want to lose you, cause a rift or whatever….!”She regarded him with a long hard stare then said “son, I am touched, you think like that and as my life sexually is half over and I didn’t want to have secrets with your dad I talked it out with him confessed my feelings and he said he appreciated my honesty. Sexually your dad doesn’t bother much now, and he knew that I would be tempted if I don’t soon do some of the things I have always wanted to enjoy, he`d rather it was with you and it`s his form of showing his love for us both as long as cause him any embarrassment but its ok with him as long as we never mention it!” His mouth fell open as she then said, “After he goes to work till he`s home again I am yours, but while he`s güvenilir bahis siteleri here I am his and only his…ok?” Shocked he nodded, this was not going as he had expected, thoughts of him as casenover, taking her by charm and character…gone…she had got there first! His mouth agape he stood speechless as she kissed his neck once more.In a flurry, his hands began slithering over the silk clad body, hips backside and then those pendulous breasts he had waited so long to caress, the nipples stiffened to his touch and he knew at last this was what she really wanted. He knelt, slid the nightdress up her legs and kissed the triangle of pubic hair. She groaned and crumpled to the floor, both knew they needed to fuck and fuck here and now, urgently, massively, hard telling thrusts of lust stored over all this wasted time, here on this living room floor, in this room the centre of the small family’s lifetime. He landed on her body still clad half in soft rumpled silk, his eager tongue searching for her mouth, his tool stiffer than he could ever remember searching for its own entrance to this body in the way it had so long wanted, needed even. Once in the hot tunnel instinct took charge, she was his and she knew it, nothing she could do, ever would, or could. stop this now, his teeth nipping at her neck hands on her shoulders, hips pistoning his stiffness deep into her body her own hips rising to meet his thrusts, holding her breath as he attempted to reach into her very core…They knew it could not last,20 strokes, 25 perhaps there was no counting this first brave charge, the dam broke as his hot seed spilled deep inside her body, as with a groan he filled her, triggering her own massive climax, gasping for breath eyes rolling her fingers gripping his shoulders in spasm, nails digging into his flesh…The silence loud as they lay, still entwined, broken only by their breathing, hearts beating wildly his body heavy on hers.She began to realise that his embedded youthful stiffness was still erect, knew he would soon start his movements again, mused how long it had been since her body had been filled like this, though never twice in a session, her mind flitting to the few partners she had ever had, the youthful fumbling’s of her puberty like all youth, in that Surrey village, all those years ago, the squires son taking her by force when she was a housemaid and discard her after his use, like it was his right, The years of emptiness, bitter resentment and self-inflicted celibacy until she had met Sam, her gentle husband who these past years, had taught her love, respect, patience and gentleness and who was now sacrificing his marital rights to their randy son for love.The lad began to stir, his heart and breathing having returned to a respectful rhythm he began once more, she smiled as he began the old motion, her belly feeling him deep inside her body, that link she had so long wanted, perhaps, making up for those lost years before Sam, her hands cupped under his pert backside as she urged him deeper, her own virile young man, her knight in shining armour, her personal stud, her sexual saviour. The pace increased as they rutted like a****ls, neither in charge of their emotions or their bodies, grunting with each thrust, groaning with each retreat, longer this time harder perhaps, urgent, more intense, climax after climax filled her world till that final huge pulsating collapse as his seed, hot and huge filled her guts once again and she with a shriek blacked out for an instant, with the overload of her senses. She slowly became aware of the hardness of the floor, his weight on her body, his stopper having flopped itself from her full cavity, her leaking body. Eager to breath she pushed him aside, her housewifely instinct kicking in and not wishing to stain the thin carpet or her silken clothing she grabbed at his underpants from the pile of discarded clothing and held them between her legs to stem the flow. Rising and heading for the toilet, there to drain both bladder and womb.He lay as he was, happy that he had at last achieved his long-awaited aim, tired from his exercise, bemused how far he had got on this the first morning of his leave, wondering if she would now have second thoughts. He heard the toilet flush, then timidly she reappeared, the silk like a curtain once more hiding her body, blushing as she approached him, but he need not have worried, soundlessly she extended her hand, helping him to his feet and leading him upstairs to her marital bed.The day was long though it to him felt much too short, like Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, it was a day they would never forget they had made love, gently, slowly, tenderly, then they had slept together, made love once more and the hours had past. All too soon it was over, Sam would be home soon, so together they tidied, removing all trace of their love she started on tea, by the time Sam appeared it was like they had never been lovers, except perhaps in the sparkle in her eye and the breeze in her step.Sam grinning, asked over the meal what they had been up to during the day, and in all innocence the lad said he “had slept a lot, perhaps the flight…” Sam nodded wisely, and the moment passed.The evening crept past, family things, the tv, chatter catching up, it had been 6 long months in Cyprus and four before that in training, he lay in bed, his own bed, in his old room, unable to sleep musing at his mother`s sudden sexual freedom, her hint that she wanted to “soon do some of the things she had always wanted to enjoy,” his mind boggled as to what that may be, and slowly the exertions of the day took over and he drifted off to sleep.

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