4 Little Words – Story A: The Hotwife


I wrote a story a while back called ‘Avoiding those 4 little words,’ it wasn’t very popular and scored low; I expected that as it didn’t involve an obvious BTB for the wife. However there was interest enough to try a few more stories on the same theme. I have used the same introduction for the couple and diverged from there. They are stand-alone stories and do not have to be read together or in order. Please be warned this group of stories explores hotwife and cuckold themes but with different consequences. I appreciate that’s a major turn off for many and reading something else might be a better a choice for you. Still, I hope some folk enjoy them.

Matt was nearing 50, at 5ft 10inches and 180lbs; he seemed to be in a never ending battle not to put on too much weight and just about managed it, at least most of the time. His original dark hair had increasing flecks of grey, which he laughed off as a distinguishing feature. Still working as an engineer, the job took up a lot of time but as he enjoyed it so much, he didn’t mind the extra hours. Thankfully as the children had begun their own adult lives, this meant Matt had more time to pick up on the hobbies of his youth including golf, fishing and anything relating to the outdoors, he was at last able to go on the extended trips with his long standing friends.

As for me, ‘Susan’, I was 46, 5ft 7 with green eyes and blonde collar length hair cut into waves. Regular gym sessions helped me stay in shape but age had still impacted leaving a curvier figure. I worked part time as a teacher and had a passion for reading, theatre, film and the arts. I loved classic films from the 50’s and favoured classic fitted skirts, dresses and jackets.

I missed the children terribly, there was a huge void when they left home and I felt lonely, this seemed to be compounded by Matt being endlessly busy at work or away on another trip. My self-confidence was completely eroded, I was so uncertain of myself. At first I was sure it must just be a phase that many empty nester mums had to get used to. We had talked about it endlessly but he seemed oblivious, whilst repeated attempts to do things together as a couple were relegated behind both his work and hobbies. Given how hard he worked I was happy he had time to do the things he enjoyed, I just wished more of them involved me.

Months later and nothing had improved; in fact they were significantly worse. I went to my GP and he diagnosed depression, I was horrified and embarrassed.

I tried talking to Matt who seemed to think the tablets would fix it, he didn’t really offer any support. I also talked to friends and family, especially my best friend Helen who was really concerned about me.


Helen eventually managed to drag me on a rare night out.

I couldn’t understand it, that was the third absolute hunk that had approached me within the last hour. Don’t get me wrong I was enjoying their company; it felt so thrilling especially after the years of neglect from Matt. The guys were young, handsome, professionals and flirty. I had never been the centre of some much attention.

This whole party had been Helen’s idea, all she had said was put on a nice dress, with heels and stockings and we’d go out and have some fun. I thought the stockings request was bit odd but complied… I really needed a good night out.

I saw Helen laughing at my bemusement and went to get some answers.

Before I got a word out, she said “Just relax and enjoy it.”

“Have you set me up?”

“Ok, it’s an invite only event hosted by Marsha over there who is a good friend. Marsha’s soirées allow women and couples to explore their desires, usually with young fit guys as you have just seen. Your stockings indicate you are interested in future liaisons, although an anklet would indicate you were up for something today.”

“Jesus Helen, I am being advertised as available for sex, what are you thinking?”

“I am thinking my best friend is depressed and needs something to get her out of her slump. Relax; look around, nearly all the women here have stockings on, including me. And you my girl… are attracting a lot of attention, don’t tell me that doesn’t feel good.”

“Hmmm maybe, but it’s all a bit much isn’t it.”

“It’s based on many women our age discovering an increased sex drive, whilst guys are generally slowing down at that age.”

I looked around noticing the strange mix of middle aged women, couples and younger guys.

“I can see why the women enjoy the attention but aren’t some of their husbands here?”

“They certainly are, it’s a common male fantasy to see their wives desired. Many wives are surprised that their husbands want them to dress sexually and be admired by other men. Others want that to go further, maybe just flirting maybe more, people can do that here and discover more of their sexuality. Women who have shown little interest in sex for years often become responsive and sometimes controlling. These ‘socials’ allow everyone to explore whatever kinks they have.”

I Anadolu Yakası Escort stood there open mouthed in shock, “Their husbands actually approve!”

“For most it’s just fantasy and it won’t go further than a little flirting, don’t tell me Matt doesn’t like to see you in a little black dress and stockings; but for others they can really get off on it. See Marsha over there and how her husband is looking at her. She looks alive and clearly wants Marcus; she is almost giddy with it. Her husband Bill is more smitten with her than ever. Bill is a great guy, not a wimp, he is a top executive and is devoted to Marsha. And he will be just as devoted to her after Marcus gives her a good seeing to this afternoon.”

“Jesus Helen!”

“Don’t be so quick to judge, it’s not for everyone but many ‘normal’ men like this and from what I hear, Marcus has got a lot to like.”

“I looked around the room and noticed how many mature women were flirting in front of their husbands. The women looked confident and in control, something I longed to be.”

Helen brought me back to the moment, “Don’t over think it, enjoy the flirting, I’m hoping all the attention you get, will build up your confidence and self-esteem.”

“Well yeah, I suppose it might, but I wouldn’t do anything more than that.”

Helen smiled, “That’s fine then, listen Matt is a nice guy, but he isn’t showing you very much attention, you are a very attractive woman and if he can’t see that… well there are plenty of others who will.”

We stayed and I did find myself enjoying the night. It was tempting in some ways, I wanted to explore things but I didn’t think that type of arrangement was for me. It did have one important impact though: for the first time since I got married the idea of being with someone other than Matt crossed my mind.


It was a couple of months later when I realised my feelings toward Matt were changing, that was when I became attracted to a new client from work: James Ashurst. There was an instant connection; he was so dashing, confident and charming, like a throwback to the heroes in old films I loved. I had been hit on before by dozens of handsome men, but this was the first time I thought about anyone other than Matt in that way. It made me question our relationship and how we felt about each other.

James was full out flirting, constantly complimenting and asking me to go out with him. It was so tempting; the odd touches in the office were electrifying. I was determined not to cheat and needed to sort out my relationship with Matt, before considering anyone else. I wasn’t stupid, James was ten years younger than me, and any relationship was likely to be fleeting. It made me consider what I actually wanted to achieve with my life now my family were raised.

I couldn’t put it off any longer; I needed to have ‘the talk’ with Matt. It certainly wasn’t our first talk; we had been drifting apart for years. I wasn’t sure if he still loved me, he did say the words but it sounded hollow, like a habit and held little emotion these days. And I was far from certain about my own feelings. I thought there was a good chance he was having an affair with his secretary, but I really didn’t want to find out for sure. It would be better to end things amicably after 25 years of what was in the main a good marriage.

I sat Matt down in the living room and took a deep breath, “Matt, there’s something important I need to discuss with you, can we talk?”

“Of course” Matt said, shifting to face me on the couch.

“Sorry Matt this is really difficult, I know we have talked about this endlessly but I think we need to come to some conclusions about our relationship.

“Yeah ok, what do you mean by conclusions exactly?”

Panicking slightly I carried on, “We’ve been struggling for some time and I feel so… lonely, we aren’t the same as we used to be. We’re friends and I love that, but we pretty much lead separate lives, we only come back together for family events and we are rarely intimate.”

“I know you have been struggling, but you’ll get better soon and we can do more things together.”

“I have been trying that for quite a while, years in fact. I don’t think we noticed all those years running around after the kids but we seem to have drifted apart.”

“Well yeah I guess that’s true to some extent but I still love you Susan.”

“I know and I love you, but I wonder if you are still ‘in love’ with me and if you still desire me. You remember that feeling where you can’t bear to be apart and you’re immersed in everything you do as a couple. We haven’t been like that for a long long time.”

Matt hesitated; I wondered if he recognised the truth of what I was saying, “I realise we aren’t as close as we once were, but I thought we would be together forever. We can’t expect to be ‘loves young dream’ at our age and bringing up a family takes a toll. We know each other so well, we support, respect and care for each other, some people would be desperate to have Kartal Escort those things and we’re still good together.”

I frowned, “Are we? this is going to sound shocking to you, but I want to explore other things, live the rest of my life fully not just go through the motions. It’s a cliché, but I feel completely lost and need some time to work myself out, I’ve never really thought about my hopes and aspirations after raising a family, I don’t want to let the rest of my life to just fizzle out.”

“So what, you want a divorce?

“It might be for the best, for both of us.”

“Wait, you said explore things, are you having an affair?”

“No Matt, I’ve always been faithful but there is someone I am attracted to, we haven’t kissed, dated or anything like that but there is an attraction between us. I have to admit, I am curious about a relationship with someone else for the first time in my life.”

“I don’t want us to split, we should stay living together and try and sort this out, there are lots of things about us that work well and we shouldn’t throw away all those years.”

“I can’t see how we can do that without hurting each other. How can you explore something without cheating or doing something dishonest? We keep putting this off… but I’m just not happy anymore.”

I could see the hurt and confusion in Matt, he grabbed his coat and left without saying another word as the first tears escaped my eyes. There was no way to avoid hurting him and I was worried about what he might do. Shouting and screaming would have been better, but I knew he needed time to work things through logically. I thought about my own questions to Matt and didn’t have many answers. Could we still be happy together? Was I throwing away good thing with a good man? What did I really want? The only thing I was sure about was I couldn’t continue on as we had been, it was suffocating me and compounding my illness.

Matt didn’t return until after 11pm, I guessed that he’d been to our local pub; he didn’t say anything as he got into bed and turned his back on me. I knew better than to start another conversation until he was ready, there was very little sleep and I suspected it was the same for Matt. I kept asking myself if I was doing the right thing and remained restless and full of self-doubt.

It was Matt who started the conversation at breakfast on Saturday morning:

“I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

I looked up, unsure of what was to follow.

“I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but accept some of what you said made sense.”

He hesitated before continuing, “I don’t want to lose the life we have built, I love the times we have together as a family. I guess I share some of your feelings and wonder if it would be different with someone else. Having said that I don’t want to give up on us.

I was totally bewildered now, but suspected the engineer in Matt had been working out some form of solution, so prompted:

“Where does that leave us?”

“In principle we explore things with other people, but we stay together as a couple.”

“I’m not sure how that could work Matt; wouldn’t a clean break be better?”

“But what if we don’t like what we find or it’s not everything we need from a relationship, or we regret losing what we had.”

“Well yeah, I can see the logic in that. So what then? We stay together, but pursue things on our own; what if that involves other people?”

Matt nodded, “We’d have to be honest and tell the other person, even for a plutonic lunch or dinner. Anything would have to be discreet and if it’s progressing into something more, then we have to let each know.”

I was utterly stunned by Matt’s suggestion, “What about us?”

“We don’t give up on each other yet, we try and rediscover that attraction and love that we had. We’re still married; still sleep together with a full relationship. I want us both to stay in the house whilst we try and work this out. I accept that you want to explore things and I’ll do the same.”

I knew it was a last throw of the dice in terms of staying together, with divorce as the most likely result, it felt like there was little to lose; my mind was still whirring though.

“I’m not sure how it will work but I’m willing to try, I’m not in a hurry to give up on us.”


I couldn’t quite bring myself to try dating James; it felt alien to consider it after so many years of marriage. It didn’t seem like Matt had done anything either and we were back in the same routines as before, and I was still feeling low.

Our works Christmas party changed everything. I found myself spending a lot of time with James, we chatted easily and enjoyed each other’s company. He was charming and I found myself confessing my new marital arrangements, James wasted no time in asking me out to dinner on the following Friday. He spent the rest of the night in close proximity, the attraction between both of us was palpable, we danced closely and he shared a goodnight kiss just before my taxi arrived. Maltepe Escort My body tingled in reaction to a simple kiss; I was breathless with my heart thumping during the taxi ride home.

As Matt was rushing out for yet another game of golf, I casually mentioned that I was thinking about going out with someone on Friday, he stopped dead in his tracks!

“Thank you for letting me know, who is it with?”

“A client from work… James.”

“Is he the one you had feelings for?”

“Yes, it was him but we haven’t been out or done anything and it is more of an attraction than real feelings.”

“But you plan to…?”

“I think it’s a possible if we go out, are you sure you still want to do it this way.”

Matt nodded, “You’ll need to text me, let me know your safe.”

I was so touched, I almost cried. I had expected anger and resentment and instead got concern, “Of course, or anything else that would make it easier for you.”

On Friday, I enjoyed some morning shopping picking out a new purple flared dress and sling back high heels for my date with James. In the afternoon I went to the hair dressers and also had my nails done. At 6pm I put on my make-up and underwear, choosing a matching red satin bustier and knickers. After much indecision I chose a suspender belt and black nylons then waivered, wondering if it was too much; but decided it was time to start going for things and take risks that the old Susan wouldn’t have considered.

I felt strange, knowing I was potentially preparing myself for someone who was not my husband. Despite this I liked what I saw in the mirror, the dress did its best to contain my large breasts and cover an expansive sweep of nylon covered thigh. Perfume and jewellery finished the preparations.

I had forgotten all about Matt; that changed suddenly as I descended the stairs and saw his stunned expression before he said.

“I’m sorry, I know we agreed and you told me, it’s just such a shock seeing you, looking like that.”

I looked down self-consciously, suddenly very aware of my lingerie and the dress feeling too low, too short and too tight.

Matt continued, “You look stunning by the way.”

Again he surprised me; I thought he was going to say I looked slutty or cheap. I smiled, thanked him and kissed his cheek goodbye.

The date started really well, James was a total gentleman and so engaging, he focused keenly on everything I said, listening intently. He readily agreed when I asked him if he minded me texting Matt to let him know I was ok.

Then James launched a charm offensive, “You know I’ve always liked you.”

I smiled, “I think I realised that, you were very persistent.”

“I’ve thought about you constantly, just look at you! You are so attractive, your body is awesome and your smile lights up a room, you make it look so effortless, it’s just you… being you.”

I was lost for words; it was so long since I’d heard anything like that, I was both flattered and enamoured. Obviously James was a hunk, and for him to be thinking about me in that way was a little over whelming.

As we moved from the hotel restaurant to the bar, James rested a hand on my back, his touch felt almost electric and I shivered. Our easy conversation continued over drinks, finally James asked if I would like a coffee back at his flat. It seemed such a natural request, my face flushed as I nodded in agreement.

As we went to my car James’s hand again touched my back, but then slid down to my hip. His eyes checked mine for signs of concern, only to be greeted in a silent smile. He leaned in and kissed me. This was no soft introduction, his tongue immediately entering my mouth and exploring. It was a kiss full of passion, sending sensations all over my body. The kiss continued until we finally had to break for air, we both uttered ‘wow’ at the same time and began laughing.

I saw his look at my legs as I stepped into the car, my dress riding higher as I drove to James’s flat. It was difficult to tell who was keenest to get into the flat first. We burst through the door and restarted the desperate kissing. As we were kissing James’s hand touched my bum, and he found the outline of a suspender clasp under my dress? I felt his cock twitch against my stomach.

It was the moment of truth, if I had any doubts now was the time. I was lost in the moment. I felt desirable and wanton; this was a passion I hadn’t experienced in years. I stepped backed, unzipped my dress, standing in my lingerie and stockings. I saw James’s eyes widened and was delighted with his reaction.

He stammered, “You’re like a Goddess, those tits are magnificent.”

I cupped my breasts and gave them a playful jiggle, “What these little things?”

James stepped toward me, kissing again whilst cupping my breasts; his hands began to explore my body. Breaking the kiss James hurried to undress; I glimpsed a strong and fit torso, flashes of abs and muscles and then a rather large and erect cock.

I continued to check James out, “Mmm, that’s a great package!”

I undid my bustier, knelt down and placed James’s cock in my cleavage, squeezing my breasts around it. Some adept movement had James groaning, he looked down as I teased relentlessly, I then engulfed his now ragingly hard cock into my mouth.

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