40 Year Memories


The box had sat there for years. I knew what was in it, lots of negatives and a few old transparencies. I always meant to do something about them, but of course I never had. I still had the old enlarger, but I doubted it I still had the skill after over 40 years to print up pictures. Then technology took a hand. My new scanner could handle negatives. I hadn’t bothered to label the strips of negative, looking at them was pot luck. What luck it was. There was nothing much on the strip until I came to the picture of the Girl, well woman actually. How I remembered her. I remembered the small moles on her face, her long hair piled on her head in a bun, in the photograph, her lobe less ears peeping out, and her mouths showing her neat, white teeth in her grin. The black and white print doesn’t show her green brown eyes, but as I look I can remember them with fondness which even now causes at least the beginning of a bulge in my pants.

The community which I lived in did not experience the swinging or any other kind of 60s. The old gibe that as your aircraft arrived in Belfast they made the announcement “You are arriving in Northern Ireland, put your clocks back 300 years” was true. These were the final years before “the Troubles” changed the community totally. This was the time when a particular kind of Puritanism reigned. There was no part of life more puritan than relationships between the sexes. It seems strange, only 40 years ago that there was a community in Western Europe where there was virtually no cohabitation, and where the power of the Church on both sides meant that there was really very little juvenile sexual activity. “My Mother would kill me” was the constant cry. Life for a girl who “fell” was very hard and nasty. The ones who did quite literally disappeared

Growing up in that society was perpetually frustrating. Boys and girls basically ran around in large groups, and rarely the two met, certainly not individually. Dancing was discouraged. If you did get off with a girl, the great moral debate was whether it was acceptable to hold hands on the first date. No matter how well you got to know a girl, the best you could hope for was a quick squeeze of their tits. It was very much, “Nothing below the belt.” It wasn’t that I had never had girl friends, it was just that I had never got anywhere, and wasn’t likely to.

It was in this state of innocence that I went to Scotland. I really never understood how I got the chance which I did. I wanted to go off to Lincolnshire to do pea picking. According to my friends there was a different kind of life there. You worked hard, but the social life with the other workers made it worth while. One of my friends could even prove that something had happened as he had to go off to the VD Clinic as a result of one of his experiences. My parents – at 18 years old, parents ruled then, organised a job for me with a hotel on a Hebridean Island. I think that it was through some Holy Friends who they had met at a Convention. I wasn’t very keen, but anything was better than hanging around Belfast for the summer. If I wasn’t getting to Lincolnshire and I noticed that a lot of the kids from our church weren’t being allowed, this year, perhaps the word had got round, a trip to Scotland might be the next best thing.

Scotland was different. I began washing the dishes, but as people were coming and going all the time eventually, after two weeks, I ended up running the Coffee Shop. I slowly got to know the staff. I was busy chatting up some of the waitresses one day when the Chef drew me aside.

“Never screw a colleague you’ll only have her baleful eyes looking at you across the hotplate in the morning. There are plenty of women on the island, staying here for a week. Try your luck with them.” He then handed me a packed to three condoms. “You’ll need these, no bare back riding. It only gives you trouble.” Oh I knew all about Condoms, just I’d never actually handled one. You got them in Belfast in Blake’s Surgical stores, but no one would ever have gone in there, we’d have been scared to be seen going in or out. Barbers sold them with a “Something for the weekend sir,” but our village barber who was an elder in the Church never made the offer. On the Island, I discovered Drink; respectable people drank in the Hebrides. This was an education coming from a strict Temperance background. The hotel where I worked was unlicensed, I’m sure that if it had been a licensed hotel my parents would never have let me go and work there, but the other one on the Island, far posher had two bars and. One of my jobs when I had been the “Plongeur” had been to go down to the Island shop and buy carry outs mainly of Whisky for the members of staff. Oh wasn’t life wicked. Even more wicked were the twice weekly dances in the village hall. It was actually a record hop. There was all kinds of dancing, and as one who had been brought up to believe that dancing was the devil’s pastime, it took me some time to learn the Scottish dances, and ho have the nerve to ask a girl up for the slow ones.

I’d been there about a month. I’d got into the easy routine of the twice weekly dances, and exploring the Island in my free esat escort time. One evening I had to work overtime as the Coffee shop was being used for a party and I had to mind things and clear up at the end. Then the rest of the staff had come in, eaten what was left over, and finish the drink which had been brought in. We then all headed down to the mid week dance. The dance was well going by the time that we arrived, and I was just a wee bit drunk. I was only learning to drink. A Strip the Willow was called. There was the usual running backwards and foreword trying to get sets together, and someone turned to me and told me to take this English lady and teach her the steps.

I vaguely recognised her. She had been in the Coffee Shop with obviously her friend, a kind of washed out blond. We had exchanged pleasantries, and when some one came in and asked me to take their photograph, I had also taken Penny’s photograph. She had been sitting on the benches outside and as I had wanted to finish the strip of film in the camera, I had asked her if I could take her photograph. She had a face that was strong in character, not that I had told her that. She was rather older than me. Neither attractive nor unattractive, she was about 5 feet 6, and medium build, her mousey hair was done up in a bun, perhaps the only thing noticeable about her was that her arms were a bit hairy. At the dance she was wearing a little back sleeveless dress with a high neckline. As you would expect, the Strip the Willow was its usual mess. The locals and the people who were regular dancers danced with great gusto. Those of us in the lesser sets spent our time trying to sort out the people who hadn’t a clue. As often happened we were only getting our act together when the dance stopped.

It seemed a bit ungallant to say “Thank you very much” to Penny and walk away especially as it was a slowish dance coming up, and I was still very shy about asking ladies to dance with me. At least I’d broken the ice with Penny. We propelled ourselves slowly round the floor. Oh we did it properly one hand firmly around her waist, the other and decorously holding hers up, and at least an inch between our selves. I did notice that perhaps Penny moved in closer during the dance and that she was resting her head upon my shoulder. I wondered.

After the dance was over a Highland Schottische was called.

“I wonder if you’d mind sitting this one out,” Penny asked me, assuming that I was going to ask her up.

“Ye Sure, it’s a bit energetic, and you really have to know what you are doing in it, perhaps we’ll try the Gay Gordon’s later.” (Gay didn’t mean then what it means now). So we sat and we talked, and then because it genuinely was very hot we went out for a breather and joined in with the people who were out for a breather, or something else, mainly a drink from a half bottle of Whisky, though of course off in the darkness there were the courting couples. As we went back into the hall Penny said to me

“I’ve never seen it so dark, I’m so used to street lights.” I promised that’d see her home in the dark. She seemed to relax. So we danced the next set of Strip the Willow far better this time and perhaps we were not as decorous as we had been earlier as the danced closed with the last dance being to “Carolina Moon.”

The croft where Penny was staying was at the opposite end of the Island from the Hotel. As soon as we got away from the lights of the hall, it seemed dark. It wasn’t. Penny had a firm grasp of my hand and was picking her way carefully over the unmade road.

“If I’d know that it was this dark I’d have brought a torch.” The truth was that as Hebridean nights went, it wasn’t that dark. As your eyes adjusted, you could see the clear sky was a mass of stars. As it was August, the Perseids Meteor Swarm were flashing across the sky.

“Don’t worry, once your eyes get used to the dark you’ll do fine. Let’s sit on the wall until you can see.” So we sat beside each other up against the wall, but she kept a firm grasp on my hand.

“Can you see now?” I said.

“Well In can just about make out the road”

“Right lets go.”

She pulled me closer to her.

“Aren’t the stars wonderful? Look there’s a shooting star” I said as a meteor briefly flashed across the sky.

“I’ve never seen so many stars in real life”

“We’ll there’s the Plough, what the Americans call the Big Dipper.”

“Sorry, I’m not sure which ones you are talking about.”

I put my arm round her and with my other arm pointed to the stars in Question. “That one there is the North Star if you can find that one; you can always tell where North is.”

Our heads were touching, her cheek was very close to mine, we slowly walked along, looking up at the sky, she kissed me, first of all on the cheek, and then as we stopped and faced each other very gently on the mouth, and then as I responded with greater passion she kissed me with passion and enthusiasm. We had moved on from one of the immature kisses which I had experienced in the past. This was a kiss with promise. Here was someone who knew her business. Her tongue etimesgut escort flicked out and in of my mouth, her hips pressed against me with urgency, and I began to respond so much so that I had to disengage my hand to rearrange my self, as the bulge in my trousers was actually quite uncomfortable. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. We clung there expressing our mutual attraction. I don’t know how long we stood together in the middle of the road, but then firmly Penny took change and led me on up the road. We came to the gate of the farm where she was staying. We disengaged, I, opened the gate. With a gentle kiss and again, with our arms round each other we walked up the lane and into the farmyard. Quietly Penny whispered in my ear, “Over here,” and led me to the barn door, standing dark against the whitewashed wall of the barn. It was a sliding door, but it would not slide. “Damn” said Penny you’d have thought that the door would have opened.” She again placed her lips upon mine and pulled me forward so that her back was against the door, and as she held me her thighs pressed against my crutch with urgency. Her hands moved down my back until she had had a grip of my buttocks. Taking the hint, I slipped my hands down and needed at her ass, and discovered her love shelf as I grabbed it and helped her with her thrusts. She began to moan gently. Greatly daring I let go of her ass and moved one of my hands to her breast, and gently stroked her nipples through the material of her dress and bra. She didn’t tell me to stop it.

I began to have problems, what would I do? This was into an area far beyond anywhere I’d ever been before. I discovered that the buttons on her dress didn’t do anything as I tried to open them. Penny disengaged her mouth “Unzip me.” I reached round behind her neck and slowly pulled down her sipper. Quickly, almost practiced Penny took her arms from around my buttocks and pulled her dress off exposing her bra. I reached behind her and began to fumble with her bra strap. I’d never been there before. A note of irritation entered Penny’s voice, “Ah come on you’ve undone a bra before.”

“Well actually no” I confessed, “This is the first time I’ve even seen a bra with a tit inside it”

“You’re not a virgin, are you?”

“Well actually yes.”

“My God, that is a turn-up for the book. Well if it’s your first time I’m not going to make you do with a knee trembler against the barn door, and I can’t bring you into the house. I’m sharing with my girl friend and I don’t think that she would approve”

Penny guided my hands behind her back where with care I disengaged the hooks on her bra. I lifted to cup, and as it seemed the right thing to do, I began to gently stroke the left breast, coming along to touch the nipple which was standing hard and erect. The breast fitted neatly in my hand, and the nipple nestled against my thumb.

“Suck.” I bent down and very slowly began to comply. I sucked the breast in and out of my mouth and every time I could reach it, licked the nipple with my tongue.

“The other one.” I complied

In the meantime Penny placed her hand upon my cock and massaged my erection through my trousers. My balls filled up with cum.

I reached down and began to pull up the hem of her dress and then ran my hand up her legs, I came to the top of her stockings and reached what my friend Paul use to describe as the promised land,

“Once you are there, you’re home he would remark.”

I moved my hand until I felt the shape of her pussy through her panties. I began to run my figure up and down the shape of her crack,

“Forward.” I moved my fingers to the front of the crack and felt her clitoris which I rubbed back and forward. Finding the elastic on her leg I pushed my hand along the bare skin, finding her pubic hair and her wetness. Quietly, at first, but with increasing noise she began to groan.

“In deeper, hand fuck me.” There was urgency in her voice as I felt her hand guide my fingers into her hole where they were trapped by the pressure of her thighs until with a convulsive shudder Penny had her organism.

All during this experience, Penny was messaging my cock through my trousers.

“We’ll have to do something about this” she said, and deftly undid first of all my belt and then the buttons on my fly. She pulled down my trousers and y-fronts. Then squatting down on her hunkers she began to lick the shaft on my prick. Light touches along the glans and then nibbling with her teeth into the circumcision, she rhythmically sucked my full length into her and blew it out again, and while I was at full extension she did something indescribably wonderful with her tongue and the back of her throat.

“I’m coming.” I warned her. The reaction was for her to suck even harder. I came in a jarring rush. Penny very gently chewed my now deflating prick.

“Not bad for a beginning.” She said after we had arranged our cloths and had some more kissing.

“What time do you finish work?” I told her.

“Well you collect me here at half seven and we’ll see what we can do about continuing your education.”

She etlik escort took me over to the door, gave me a good night kiss, and then with a squeeze at my cock and balls, which were beginning to recover from their previous treatment went in, and closed me out. It was in a dream that I made my way back to the Hotel, I had to keep on smelling my hand which was covered with the fragrance of her juices to assure me that I hadn’t just had a very wet dream.

The next day went in a dream of remembrance. I had to nip into the toilet a couple of times to rearrange my clothing when the memory got too much. At seven I set out from the hotel and at seven thirty I was knocking on the farm door. Penny answered my knock. She was wearing a light, green coloured flowery summer dress and an Anorak. She was carrying a medium sized holdall.

“I thought that we’d have a picnic” she said, having greeted me with little more than a peck on the cheek. Then, handing me the holdall and taking my hand she led me down the farm lane, through the gate and down the road towards the Machar, the sandy flower covered west coast which are a feature of Hebridean Islands.

“And how was work?” She asked, and then told me about her working life, and dropped her age casually into the conversation, 28, nine years older than me, but then I remembered that there was many a good tune plated on an old fiddle. She led me along the Machar until we cane to an outcrop of rock stretching into the sea. Then letting go of my hand, she led the way across the outcrop until we found ourselves in a mini bay, not much wider than a double bed but, by the wrack which lay about half way down the bay, above normal high time mark. Above us were mini cliffs, stretching up perhaps 10 feet. The bay faced south west, it was warm, it was private. The sand was dry, and warm, a white mixture of sand and broken shell. Penny took off her shoes. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any stockings. I took off my shoes and socks, and felt the sand, grainy between my toes.

“Give me the bag.” I was told. I gave her the bag. She unzipped it, and brought out a rug which she spread on the sand then she brought out two bottles of White wine and handed one of them to me.

“Go and put this in the tide to cool them, It’s all right the tide is going out, I checked.” I walked down the beech to where the sea was gently lapping on the shore, and pushed the two bottles of wine into the sand. I tuned round and walked up the Beech. Penny had divested herself of her anorak and was sitting on the rug with her legs tucked in under her skirts. She was leaning over and I could vaguely see the shape of her cleavage between the collars of her dress. I came over, took off my sports coat and set it down on her anorak. I then sat down beside her on the rug. Penny handed me a cork screw, clearly expecting me to open the bottle of wine. This was the first time that I’d ever even had the opportunity of opening a bottle of wine, but I managed not to make a mess of it. The cork came out of the bottle with a satisfactory pop, and didn’t leave any bits of cork behind. Penny produced two plastic cups.

“Your very good health.”

“Slàinte.” And I tasted what could only have been the second or third drink of wine which I had ever had in my life.

“Well that’s everything ready.” And Penny gently placed her hand on my chin, and slowly, controllably kissed me, first of all an ordinary kiss, and then with more passion her tongue eventually making its circuit of my mouth an action which I joyfully reciprocated.

“Finish your drink there’s plenty to come.” We sat, actually very decorously drinking our wine, admiring the gentle heat of the evening sun which was being reflected by the walls of our little bay. We kissed occasionally, gently, for we knew that we had as long as we wanted.

Finally, we had finished the first bottle. Penny stirred her self and unwound her legs from underneath her. She stretched her arms behind her. Her breasts stretching tight across the chest of her dress. Then she held out her arms for me. In an instant we were entwined. My left hand slid down the back of her dress, past her waist to her buttocks. We lay down together, I on my left side, she on her right. I felt her hands plummeting my buttock as her tongue eagerly explored my mouth. With my right hand I began to explore her breasts.

“Hold on a minute,” she exclaimed, and undid the red leather belt which had been around her waist. She then lay down again, and with her left hand began to undo my shirt buttons. Taking the hint, I began to undo the buttons on her dress. The fabric fell away, and I saw her bra. Slowly she stripped off my shirt, so I equally slowly removed the dress from her arms. We lay there gently stroking each other’s bodies. Then I decided that I’d put the lesson of last night into use, and slowly, and quit clumsily, I undid her bra strap with one hand. Then I peeled the bra strap off her left arm, leaving her breasts exposed to view. I had never seen breasts before. They lay there ending in pink nipples, surrounded with some hairs. Penny turned slightly to lie on her back and pulled her bra off her other arm. I took off my shirt and with my right hand fondling her left breast, began to kiss her, first of all on the mouth and then transferred my attention to her breasts. Alternatively, I kissed and nibbled one, while rubbing the other one between my figure and thumb.

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