50P PART .3. …I WEAR TIGHTS WITH MY ELDERLY LADYAfter a request that part .2. was too much tease and something sexual should have happened between alan (16) & Dotty (57) i`m giving in but there`s a twist.HERE IS PART .3. OF…50P I HELP AN ELDERLY LADY WITH HER STOCKINGS/TIGHTS…THIS TIME I WEAR TIGHTS WITH DOTTY.After the last disastrous helping session with “dotty’s” tights, I abandoned my 50p bob a job style Saturday afternoons, as i didn’t want to give in to temptation of knocking on her door, which i would of, it certainly wasn’t “dotty’s” fault that she fell foul to an adolescent with a nylon fetish, and anyway I’d saved up enough for my spending money for my holiday so really had no need to do it as I still had my paper rounds for pocket money to buy my top 40 seven inch singles each week, which along with football was my main interest.I also still had the pair of nylon stockings and tights that I had took in payment on my last visit and was enjoying wearing them and perfecting my new found hobby of masturbating which with the nylon enhanced my orgasm 100%.I went on my holiday and had a great time and secretly thanked “dotty” for helping me have plenty of spending money.When I got back it was a few months before I saw “dotty” again, when she was walking to the shops, she looked as well dressed as ever in smart blazer, blouse, skirt, nylons and court shoes and to be honest it was quite embarrassing, but we both said “hello” and she asked did I enjoy my holiday, which broke the ice, she also congratulated me on my recent 16th birthday which my mother must have told her about ,I thanked her for that, thankfully she didn’t mention the “poke in the back, tights session” and to be honest it was as if it didn’t happen, so much so I started to think it didn’t, it was all very pleasant chatting with her again, so much so that I found deep down that I’d missed her …ME A TEENAGE BOY, WITH THE PICK OF GIRLS MY AGE, WANTING TO BE IN THE COMPANY OF A 57 YEAR OLD WOMAN.???…sounds so very wrong doesn’t it.As it happens fate would throw us together again and as I said before, my mother was a carer and used to pop into “dotty’s” flat to clean and do basic care for her, things her arthritis wouldn’t let her do.Mum said to me that i may need to pick up some washing from one of her old dears as her washing machine had broke down and she had to wait 2 weeks for a repair …and i knew straight away as the words came out of her mouth that it was going to be “dotty”,… oh! no this is not going to help my nylon fetish and distancing myself from my ageing nylon queen and her underwear whatsoever.I couldn’t make an excuse as it would have brought attention to what had happened, so i just said “yes o.k. mum” that’s when she said “good be a love and just pop over to “dottys” and pick up her wash basket for me please”, I replied with a little too much excitement in my voice “o.k. mum” and left to pick it up. I knocked on the door and “dotty” let me in and i told her what I was there for,straight away she smiled, and made a remark ” that you just can’t keep away from my underwear, can you young man”, this made me laugh, she then surprised me by asking, was I enjoying her nylons (the pair of tights and stockings she gave me from part .2.).I stuttered a yes and then she shocked me again by asking did I wear them, I shyly nodded, this brought another smile to her face and she asked did they fit nice and did I like the look and feel of them as they were very sheer and silky, again all I could do was nod.She told me not to be so shy as we’re friends and then she let me into a secret, she knew her husband used to like wearing her tights as they were never in the same place in her undies drawer where she put them and that one evening she came back early from bingo not fancying the evening session and caught him walking around in a pair of her tights and as it was cold he told her he’d put them on for warmth.This made me go bright red, and uşak escort want to run for the door, but i stood fast as the change in “dotty’s” demeanour put a spell on me, it made her more attractive and knocked years off of her old womanly statue and all I could see before me was a lady of sexual maturity that I’d very much like to spend more time with in a physical way.She asked me why I enjoyed wearing nylon so much as it’s not very manly, i told her the feel of the material around my legs and also the way the material moved with my body and caressed my private parts, and also the fact that boys are not supposed to wear tights…and err! I ….and then i stopped myself talking, straight away she picked up on this.Dotty, forced a reply, You said “AND…AND WHAT?”…oh! My god I couldn’t think of anything to say, so i had to tell her the truth…so I just came out with it with the same force she asked me… “AND… I LIKE THE THOUGHT A LADY’S PRIVATE PARTS HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE TIGHTS I’M WEARING!” This made her smile again, she answered me by backing up my statement ” YES, I ALWAYS FEEL SEXY WEARING NYLON”!She then asked me to retrieve the wash basket from the kitchen and when I did I knew what would be waiting for me and I was right, amongst a few skirts and cardigans, pairs of worn panties and hosiery, tights and stockings …oh! my god, my eyes lit up but my conscience, and morals were wrestling with me. I thought to myself I can’t take her underwear home I know I won’t be able to stop myself wearing them and as I know they’ve been worn I’m going to want to smell “dottys” womanliness and that’s going to make me want to masturbate into them.I asked was she joking?, i told her “I can’t take your underwear home”!, and then she asked straight out “why”! With a big smile on her face then said “are you going to do naughty things with them”…”are you going to wear them” “or even sniff and masturbate with them”, I nearly chocked, as she said those wordsAgain she told me, “oh! Don’t be silly, I know what you men are like”, i know from the tell tale stains that used to be in my undies as my husband was far to clumsy and careless with my lingerie, and semen is one of the worse stains to clean.This was the first time I’d ever been called a man, and it made me feel ten feet tall, ‘Dotty”, then just came straight out with it ” ive missed your visits Alan” I nodded back, but wasn’t going to let on that I felt the same, then she added it was nice having a man to talk to, (she said it again, the man word) the folks round here are nice but a bit too old and set in their ways, and the way you talked to me and looked at me in my underwear made me feel young again, and sexy again.And then she surprised me by bringing up the tights incident, and Alan after you poking me in the bottom with your erection I knew I weren’t exactly ready for the old folks home yet,…she was now in full flow, sounding a bit embarrassed but needing to get her point across, she continued ” Alan I have a proposition for you, now you are of age, how would you like to do more jobs around here and I’ll pay you, and if you like while your here you could wear some nylon while doing the jobs, you’ll have the freedom of being able to wear without feeling bad or embarrassed, either tights or stockings, whatever takes your fancy.She then added….also as a reward for your work I could also teach you how to please a woman, it could be our little secret, and we’ll both get something out of it, I’ll get some male company and some physical contact, it may surprise you but I like to masturbate but have trouble doing it with my arthritis and that means I will probably only be able to use my hands slowly on you but my mouth, vagina and bum all work fine.I nearly died she was talking about blowjobs, and pussy and anal sex my god I’d hardly kissed a girl and only ever touched one breast and slipped a girl a finger and here I was on the verge van escort of a sexual lottery. Alan I’ll show you everything and I mean …”EVERYTHING ” that you’ll need to know to please your future lady`s…I really didn’t know whether to run out or grab her and kiss her, I had to say something and eventually I said ” i-i-i’d like that very much, “Dotty””o.k.” she said , then take my laundry back to your mum, and tell your mum I’ve got a few bits for you to do, then come back with your nylon on, don’t be shy , just relax, you can even keep your trousers on if you like at first, and then we’ll have a bit of fun.I raced back to mum and handed her ‘Dottys” laundry and didn’t even look through it, that’s how excited I was, I then told her that “Dotty” had a few chores for me to do for a few quid, my mum answered “that’s it, run off and help your girlfriend, don’t worry about me” and then started laughing ‘”oh! Mum” I said “not funny, she’s old enough to be my nan” …” I’m only teasing Alan go on go and help her”.So I went to my room and took out from under my mattress “Dotty’s” black lacy brief sheer black tights” (the ones she gave me after the tights poke in the bottom fiasco) and pulled them on slowly making sure I didn’t ladder them, they were a bit stained from my masturbating sessions, but we’re the only pair of tights I had, hopefully she won’t notice, then i put some tracksuit bottoms on and even some socks in case I didn’t feel comfortable wearing nylon in ‘Dotty’s” presence, i already had a semi boner from the thought of wearing nylon with “Dotty”.I then made my way over to “‘Dotty’s” flat and she let me in, she then asked would I like a cup of tea and to take my trackies off …I said I’d like to leave them for a while, so she said ” we’ll just walk around in your stockinged feet, I told her I was wearing socks, and she told me not to be daft my feet will sweat terribly, so I took off my trainers and then my socks and presented my nylon feet to “Dotty”, mmm! nice feet i bet that feels nice, again in my shy way i nodded.I felt a bit daft at first, but she made me feel at ease, she made two cups of tea and brought in a slice of cake and we sat down together she asked ” how do you feel” and i said “free” “liberated” and it’s a nice feeling being in female company in my tights, and it not feeling wrong, and i feel quite …Horny….she laughed and then…She then surprised me by standing up and gently pulling her skirt down and stepping out of it, revealing her full nylon legs and bottom in another pair of those lacy black brief tights, they looked fantastic on her, I couldn’t see any pantie line and wondered if she was wearing any as on her top half she was wearing a classic white blouse that was just see through enough to see her lacy bra, there was no girdle or bodysuit this time, the sheer 7 denier nylon clung to her like a second skin, I was now starting to get an erection, her legs looked very long although she wasn`t the tallest of women .Then a nightmare …”Dotty” turned to me and said “o.k. it’s your turn” you’re not going to let me sit here alone in my tights while you just show me your feet are you Alan?, I want to see how sexy your legs look in those tights I gave you, the ones I wore at least half a dozen times, like i am now, with no panties, enjoying the nylon caress my pussy and bottom as I walked feeling the cool sheer nylon rub on my fleshy thighs.That did it, her description of her wearing her the tights that i had on was too much and it made my erection head north pointing into the sky like a rocket about to take off, and now she wants me to take off my trackies and show her my lower half in my tights, they’d be no way of hiding my protrusion, so i politely declined. But “Dotty” insisted and then asked “have you an erection Alan”? I nodded, “o.k don’t be embarrassed” she then got up out of her seat and came towards me, and ushered me to stand up and as I stood up she stood escort bayan in front of me and put her hands around the waistband of my trackies and slowly pulled them down, my erection just sprung out in front of her, but to save my embarrassment and put me at ease she didn’t look down.My young penis was bursting to break out of it’s nylon prison, “i bet that feels better now”?, and told me to step out of my trackies, now pull your t-shirt over your erection if you don`t want me to see it, i really did want her to see it but things were going quite fast i then did as she said and then she stood back, “WOW”! you have great legs, quite muscular but shapely you really do fill the nylon perfectly.The compliments went straight to my cock head and a dribble of pre-cum moistened the front of my tights, I thought if this carries on I’m going to cum without being touched, she then asked me to turn around, when I did this she wolf whistled, mmm! Perfect peaches Alan.She told me to hold that pose then without warning stepped behind me and started rubbing my nylon clad bottom and then the back of my thighs before reaching round and moving her hands down my thighs before rubbing up the insides of them, my god! my cock was leaking what felt like pints of pre-cum I wasn’t going to last long before I cameat this rate.She then brought herself closer into me cuddling me from behind and grinding her nylon pussy into my nylon ass, whilst she did this her hands moved up the front of my thighs, and rubbing the nylon into the creasesat the top of my legs, millimetres from my balls and then her hands were moving up from thigh to waist and back down to my thighs, following along the length of but still not touching my cock but getting as close as you could get to it.She was now breathing very deeply now and pushing her pussy hard into my ass, she then started moving her hands up and down my thighs creating a lovely swishing noise, the feeling and friction of her hands on my nylon thighs and cock area rubbing into me was too much and I told “Dotty” ” I’m going to cum” she replied “alan, so am i” and with that she quickly turned me around and kissed me on the lips passionately.I responded as if it was a girl my own age. both of us were thrusting our sex at each other we couldn`t get closer if we tried, my 16 year old rock hard young 7″ cock was prodding and stabbing at her, right into my 57 year olds lovers nyloned pussy area, i had hold of her nylon clad bottom and rubbed and ground my cock into her nylon covered pussy and the kissing and friction of the tights made me Cum in a torrent of ecstasy I shot a stream of jizm into the brief parts of my tights, my orgasm made me shudder and pant, my cock let out at least 5 good solid spurts before subsiding and it was still pulsing and throbbing, it wanted to be let loose and thrust into the sexy lady in front of me, but i knew that would have to wait until next time.”Dotty” held onto me as her own orgasm subsided, she was shaking and breathing heavily and took a few moments to recover, this is when i noticed even though I had expected my tights to be wet and sticky, they were soaking, then I realised that the front of Dotty’s tights were soaking and I was so naive that i thought she had pee’d, i looked puzzled but she put me at ease with a smile she then took her hand placed it between her legs which were soaking then lifted her fingers to my mouth, the scent and taste certainly wasn’t pee but smelt womanly, she then told me “thank you Alan you have just made an old lady cum”…”I THINK WE`RE GOING TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN TOGETHER”!I stayed for another cup of tea and then helped “Dotty” do some washing up, before leaving for home, i didnt really want to leave but had been two hours already…before i went “Dotty” handed me £10, not to raise suspicion, i didn`t want to take it but she insisted …FOR A JOB WELL DONE!, we both laughed together then i made my way home.When i got home mum asked did i help “Dotty” out, “yes i did mum”! …she replied ” you’re a good lad helping the old girl out” …AND D`YA KNOW,I SUPPOSE I AM! (WINKY FACE)FANTASTIC! …WHAT A WOMAN I’VE STILL NOT TOUCHED HER PUSSY, AND SHE’S NOT TOUCHED MY COCK BUT I’VE HAD SEX WITH HER! .

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