A Balsamic Dressing


The salad bar glistened under the intense lights of the deserted restaurant as Cherry made her way across the floor. It had been a hard shift, and now she was looking forward to making her way home to her flat above the restaurant for a long hot bubble bath and a crispy salad. Of the many succulent dishes spread out across the bar the stuffed cucumber and racy tomato risotto was her favourite. As she reached out a slender hand towards the dish she was met by a masculine hand also stretching towards the bar to grab the last luscious green stuffed cucumber. She glanced over and her eyes fell into the deep pools of Caesar, the new waiter and salad connoisseur’s eyes. She had watched him in the last week expertly slicing and stuffing the huge, mouthwatering marrows and washing and dressing his rocket in a tangy delicious sauce; never had she seen a man with such salad tossing abilities. As he grasped the shaft of the firm ripe cucumber she desired she let out a whimper of disappointment at being denied its tantalizing flavour. Noticing her crestfallen face he turned, looked deeply into her eyes, and asked if she would like to ‘take his cucumber’, and to share its sizeable mass for their mutual pleasure. Excited by his proposition her mouth began to water, and her lips moistened with anticipation, as the long turgid body of the cucumber was stuffed with an eclectic blend of finely chopped tomatoes and exotic herbs. The chef urged them to leave so she turned to him and breathlessly suggested they take it upstairs to share.

Cherry reached her cramped güvenilir bahis poorly lit kitchen and realised with a start that all but one fork was inaccessible within the steamy confines of the dishwasher’s intensive cycle; they would have to share. Spreading their scavengings across a large wide rimmed serving dish she instructed Caesar to sit across from her on the small rickety dining table. Grasping a tall slender bottle of balsamic vinegar Cherry slowly poured the delicious dressing along the body of the cucumber, licking her lips with thoughts of the pleasures to come. He ran the fork through the salad relishing its crisp tones as he lifted a mighty mouthful and offered it to her to nibble on. Delighted to accept it she parted her lips as he slid it sensually in to her mouth, whilst she rubbed the side of her foot firmly up his calf. She reciprocated the action, delighting in sliding a particularly moist section across his tongue as she slid her foot further up the inside of his thigh. As she picked up a large, firm, juicy tomato she seductively rolled it between her lips running her tongue around its circumference, before sucking it against her tongue, feeling its moist sweetness erupt into her mouth. He reached over to grab the celery salt from the kitchen worktop, he brushed past her pert rounded breasts, her nipples hardening at the proximity to his dextrous fingers. Her foot gently fondling his throbbing crotch through the taught thin material of his waiters trousers, she gasped at the size of his member, as she noticed his gaze staring türkçe bahis wantingly at her heaving bosom. Smiling invitingly she reached over, grabbed his chiseled jaw, and pulled him in for a long passionate kiss, as he slowly undid the top button of her tight blouse. As their tongues tangled he slipped his hand into her blouse, gravitating towards her hard, hot nipples teasing them with his thumbs as he caressed the fullness of her breasts. Gasping she reached down, under the table, unzipping his trousers and seizing hungrily the turgid penis from within his boxers. Pressing herself against his massaging hands, she gripped its shaft and started to slowly run her grip up and down his significant length.

Taken with passion Caesar stood and lifted her in one swift motion onto the table, rapidly removing her blouse and skirt from her voluptuous figure, revealing her delicately laced fig leaf underwear. His kisses rapidly migrated down her neck, to take each nipple in turn in his mouth, whilst reaching towards the balsamic dressing. Uncorking it with a soft pop he drizzled it between her flushed breasts, down across her navel and over her lower stomach. His tongue eagerly following across every inch of her body to devour the tangy liquid. Cherry, in the grip of a passionate lust grabbed his head pushing it down towards her engorged lips. Sliding off her knickers, his fingers began to work between the full swollen lips of her pussy, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from Cherry, as she arched her back across the table. Spreading slowly the lips güvenilir bahis siteleri he lent over to take the firm clit under his mustachioed upper lip, and run his tongue around it in slowly wavering circles. Feeling her excitement build he slid a finger into her dripping opening, rubbing around her inner lips with his knuckles. As she neared the point of climax he stood up and thrust the full length of his hard member into her longing pussy in one long smooth motion. She gripped the edges of the table in delight as she braced herself for each pounding thrust deep into her chasm. Feeling an orgasm rapidly building she began to moan and writhe on his phallus, as he admired the bounce of her breasts with each thrust. He lent over and ran his tongue from the bottom of each breast up and across each nipple, pushing her over the edge she pulled him deeper into her as she reached her squealing ecstasy.

Finishing her orgasm she stood and led him to the sitting room where she commanded him to sit on the sofa, and then sat astride his throbbing cock eliciting a gasp as she slid onto him deliciously. With each movement she felt the familiar waves of pleasure embrace her, building towards another intense orgasm. Sensing his difficulty in controlling himself as she pressed her nipples into his mouth, she rose and turned to face away from him, allowing him to grasp her luscious rounded bum in his manly hands as she rode him towards his no return. As he felt his self control leave he reached round to rub her clit as she fondled his throbbing testicles as they brought each other to another earth shattering climax.

Gasping for breath after an intense orgasm she turned, looked him in the eyes, and asked if she should get the salad tosser. He grinned cheekily and replied ‘kinky bitch!’.

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