A Big Breast Fantasy Comes True


Over the years I’ve gotten more obsessed with big breasts and the bras that hold them. The sight and feeling of full bra cups is amazing. I’m a straight male, but I always wanted to have breasts of my own and fill the bra cups with my own flesh. I eventually did, reaching a 34C cup and realizing that not only were wearing bras natural, they were very comfortable, and I loved the support they provided. I would amass a small collection of push-up and soft cup full coverage bras. I also incorporated panties shortly after, with satin string bikinis being my absolute favorite. I always presented as a male with boobs, and I was happy with it. I was single and had a fantasy I wanted to fulfill for quite some time. Little did I know that it would soon happen.

It’s been 6 months since I went to this particular restaurant from a large national chain. Every time I went there in the past I would be served by a waitress named Katrina. Her body shape was of one that carried a few extra pounds, but her breasts were absolutely massive. They appeared to be a 38M. I grabbed a couple of bras with me just in case and went to the restaurant late in the evening, about an hour before closing for a late dinner.

As I arrived, Katrina saw me and led me to a table. I would look at the menu and order my dinner. As I told Katrina what I wanted, I couldn’t help but stare at those massive breasts of hers. She would simply smile at me as she took down the order. I would give Katrina’s massive breasts another good stare when she came back with my food. She went to tend to other matters, and noticed that her nipples were getting hard. Me staring at those breasts must have really aroused Katrina. Shortly after finishing my meal, Katrina would come back with the check which I would promptly pay. Then she said something that blew my mind: “I know that you have been staring and admiring my massive breasts. I’ve always wanted someone to share my love for breasts and bras.”

I was in shock bahis şirketleri at what she said and said “Of course! I love them too! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play with big breasts and bras on women and I would love to play with yours!” Katrina’s nipples hardened in approval and her and I would meet up at her house shortly thereafter.

Katrina and I would end up in the bedroom where two of her dresser drawers would be opened, full of bras. First I would take her clothes off, revealing a white massive industrial-strength bra with very wide padded straps, a 5-hook back closure, and the biggest (and most full) cups I’ve ever seen on a bra. Katrina said it was a 38N and it fit her perfectly. Matching her massive bra was a satin string bikini. I then undressed myself, revealing a matching purple set of a 36C push-up bra and satin string bikini. The bra gave me very good cleavage, something that surprised Katrina. She mentioned that she really liked seeing guys wear bras and that this was her chance to play with a guy who shared the same love for them as her. When Katrina looked down, she saw that my cock was very hard and that my panties struggled to contain it. This is where the fantasy begins.

Katrina came towards me as I laid on the bed. Just her brushing my cock made it raging. A few seconds later she slowly pulled down my panties enough to reveal my raging hard-on, part of them covering my balls. In fact it was so raging that three slow strokes was all it took for me to release my first load of cum on her. It was at this point Katrina told me that she loved cum on her massive breasts and face. That’s where my first load went. A minute later my cock becomes a raging hard-on again and I ask Katrina to bring out a bra. I mentioned I wanted to fill the bra cups with my cum and for her to put it on for me after. She mentioned that’s one of her fantasies and brings out a black industrial-strength bullet bra, sized 42L. The sight alone made bahis firmaları me want to cum so hard in that bra. I starting jerking off but Katrina wanted to take control of my cock and for me to cum in that bra. I cummed even harder than before, unloading into those massive bra cups.

That really turned on Katrina and she couldn’t wait to put on that cum-filled bra. She slowly unhooked her bra and grabbed the black bullet bra. I finally saw her massive breasts in full and my jaw dropped. She would wrap the bra around her body with the hooks at the front, holding up her breasts a little with her arms. She slowly hooked all 5 hooks from bottom to top, slowly turned the bra clockwise until the cum-covered cups were just under her breasts. Katrina then pulled up the cups and her big breasts fell into the cum-covered cups. She leaned down to pull as much breast as possible into the cups. She then finally put her arms through the straps, first the left arm while holding up her left breast with her right hand, then the same for the right side. What an amazing sight to behold as my hard-on returned yet again and an amazing feeling for Katrina with my cum against Katrina’s massive breasts. At this point, it was her turn for me to do as she says.

First, she wanted me to play with her massive breasts. I would knead, caress, squeeze, massage, and grab from behind those heavenly juggs. Katrina got even more turned on by this and wanted to see me cum all over her bra. She grabbed my cock and no more than 8 slow strokes later I blew another massive load all over her massive breasts and bra. At that time, Katrina decides she wants a bra tit fuck and places my still hard cock under her huge bra and bury it in her huge breasts. The cum from moments ago acts as lubricant as she bounces those massive breasts up and down my cock. She did this for about 10 minutes, moaning in ecstasy pretty much the entire time. At the 10 minute mark, I unloaded on Katrina’s massive breasts kaçak bahis siteleri for the fourth time.

After cleaning up the cum, Katrina and I laid next to each other and started talking about bras as I started to play with my cock through my panties again. When Katrina mentioned what I liked so much about bras, I mentioned that filling the cups and feeling the support were the best parts. I love being able to fill bra cups and having a bra-loving busty goddess of a lady play with my boobs through the bra really felt good. She got so turned on by me playing with and stroking cock that she started playing with herself. With every stroke of my cock, Katrina’s massive breasts jiggled a little, intensifying her pleasure. A few minutes later, Katrina reached an orgasmic state and I was ready to cum on her for a fifth time. So I did, and as my cum landed all over her bra, breasts, and face, her orgasm intensified so much as to be the greatest one Katrina has ever had.

After another cleanup it was time to change bras. I would grab one for Katrina and she would grab one of mine. They both turned out to be red push-up bras, mine 34C and hers 38L. I would show very good cleavage and Katrina’s cleavage would be mind-blowing. Katrina and I would go into a deep embrace for a good 5 minutes then I would start squeezing those massive breasts from behind, turning each other on in the process. Katrina soon felt my raging cock push against her panty-covered butt and decided to take control of my cock. She threw me on the bed and gave me a mix of a very sensual handjob and bra tit fuck. This would cause me to shoot more cum than I ever had in my entire life. What seemed like gallons of cum ended up all over Katrina. She loved every moment of it. With that incredible orgasm I was spent. Katrina massaged all the cum into her breasts. Her and I would end up cuddling ourselves to sleep and dream of what happened that night. My ultimate fantasy would finally come true. Katrina and I would eventually have many more nights like this. Her and I would ultimately get married two years later, and things would only get better from there. The love for big bras, massive breasts, and loads of cum would never stop growing.

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