A Birthday Surprise


Slade and Nicky had been friends since childhood, the relationship had always been platonic and all in fun. They simply enjoyed each other’s company. Slade was 23, and very fit. He was about average height, with the usual brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Slade enjoyed working out, he was one of those “Let’s-go-to-the-gym-all-day- and-work-out-till-it-hurts” people. Nicky was very close behind Slade, being 22, and she too was fit, just trying to keep up with Slade kept her in shape. She had slightly darker brown hair and set of eyes to match. Her tanned body was because of Slade again…he had dragged her to yet another tanning session the other day…but she liked it, even if she had put up a little bit of a fight. Nicky had perfect breasts too, In all, her body was almost perfectly proportioned…all except for her ears, or so she thought.

Everyone who saw this couple assumed they were dating or married, to the amusement of the pair, and would tell them on how each complimented the other..a match made in heaven they would say….Slade and Nicky would laugh. Sure, they hung out together. They were friends. The truth, even if they did not realize it themselves was that they went everywhere together….the movies, the gym…hell, they even worked at the same fitness center. Slade being the fitness instructor, and Nicky being a masseuse.

Slade was sort of dumb sometimes, Nicky truly did like him more than a friend, but kept it to herself. Maybe one day he would realize she was not letting him drag her everywhere because they were “just friends”. Maybe one day he would just take her home, throw her on the bed and take her, like she wanted him to. Sometimes she would steal glances at the gym where they worked just to be able to look at him.

“Damn, he has such a nice ass.” Nicky would think. Then, sneak back to her room, and massage the next customer, imagining that it was not this person she didn’t know, but Slade underneath the towel…and that she could rip that towel off at any moment. Feeling his muscles under her expert fingers, relaxing him before rolling him…..”Ok, this isn’t Slade.” She thought again, bringing her back to reality, and to another customer.

From Slade’s perspective they were both truly only friends. Very close friends…but that was it. Slade wanted to surprise Nicky though, as her birthday was coming up, with a trip to a ski lodge that they had never been before. They had taken many trips together….biking ones, skydiving ones, you name it, they probably went there. He had a nice 2 bedroom cabin picked out, and everything. What a surprise this would be!

It was now, just a few days before Nicky’s birthday, and Slade gave her her gift. A set of tickets to the ski lodge, with a note inside, explaining about the reservations for the cabin, and everything. Nicky, of course said yes. Why wouldn’t she? A weekend alone with him, in a cabin… maybe he would do something then….something to make their relationship more than just a friendship. The weekend included the day before her birthday, her birthday, and they day after they would have to return home in the evening. Slade had gotten his fingers into her work schedule again. A 3 day weekend. Good thing this lodge was close.

On the ride up, the conversation was as usual. Chitchat about work, who was better looking, what they were going to do on this trip, which places they should ski at…. Nothing at all hinted that Slade was going to take advantage of the situation. “This is just like him.” Nicky thought. “It was a nice idea, but he isn’t giving me what I truly want.”

They arrived at the cabin, and unpacked their things, then as usual, Slade went to check everything out. Nicky sat there, waiting canlı bahis for him to return, sipping some hot coa-coa, and watching the real wood fire in the fireplace. Many ideas went through her mind, but none that she felt she should act on. After all, she did not want Slade to be uncomfortable. He was her friend, but if her feelings got in the way of what they had…..just then Slade returned.

He had his conquering face on, showing that everything was just the way he wanted it to be, and he was ready for some fun. That whole day, they ski’d. This hill, that slope. True, Nicky had enjoyed herself, staying behind Slade to watch his cute ass move on each track. She let her mind wander as she followed him. “What would his bare ass feel like when I grab it? How would he feel on top of me?” All these questions wandered through her mind. Nicky finally had a plan.

That night, when they returned to the cabin, they sat and talked. They usually stayed up late to talk, and since there was a fire to be made, Slade jumped on the chance. They both talked late into the night and before they knew it, the fire was starting to go out. Slade would be walking down to the main lodge for more wood, and this would be her chance. As the fires dimmed, Slade got up to check them, and sure enough..there was not enough wood. He went outside, but there was no wood there. Slade kept commenting on how he was sure he put some there, but Nicky just smiled. She had moved those logs on purpose. Slade started the 5 minute walk to the main lodge, and Nicky ran to her room.

She only had 5 minutes to get ready….wishing she had more, she quickly gathered the clothes she had set out, and ran to the bathroom, stripping herself in a fluid motion, she jumped into the steaming shower, and bathed herself as quickly as possible, making sure not to let her long hair go under the water, or she would have to blow dry it, and that would take too long. She dried herself off with a towel, then dressed quickly, put some perfume on, and she was ready to go. “Makeup would be a bit much, I think for the first time, and besides, I do not have the time if I want this planned right.” Nicky kept thinking.

She pulled her bathrobe on, her naked feet moving over the floor as she went and got a blanket and some pillows to put in front of the fire. Then she waited. Sat in the chair she had been in, and waited for Slade to return. The clock was moving closer to midnight, and she knew that was her signal to act. It was 10 till, when Slade walked in. He put some wood in the fire, stoked it, complimented her on the perfume, then went to wash his hands and returned to his chair. Nicky made small chitchat, with him, knowing that when the clock tolled midnight, and it was her birthday that her entire plan would have been in place.

The bell finally tolled 12, midnight, and Nicky jumped into action. She stopped with the chitchat, and sat there quiet for a moment…looking at Slade’s muscular body.

“Slade, today is my birthday, and I really like the gift you gave me….”

Slade nodded, in his typical way of saying “That’s good to hear.” He knew when to say nothing, and she liked that.

“But there is something I want more.” Nicky gazed into Slade’s eyes.

He looked at her, taking her hand in his. “Nicky, there is just about nothing I would not do for you. You know that.”

“Don’t you get it?” Nicky pulled her hand away quickly and stood up. “I want you. Today is my birthday, and I wanted you.”

She again looked at Slade, who was indeed taken aback, then turned around and started to walk away. Without thinking, Slade jumped out of his chair, making it fall backwards onto the floor and grabbed her around the waist. “All this bahis siteleri time, all you had to do was ask me. I have been waiting for you to ask for years..”

At that Nicky spun around, then tripped Slade, right where she had planned…..onto the blanket and pillows, ones he had not noticed…then began to kiss him franticly, pulling off his clothes. She had seen his bare chest many times, but this time, in the firelight, and in her state of mind it somehow looked different. Nicky then stood to her feet, allowing Slade to sit up long enough to throw his shirt off that she had undone, and for her bathrobe to drop to the floor, revealing her red panties and matching bra. Nicky threw herself at him again, kissing his bare chest, as Slade began to undo her bra….the wait had paid off.

Nicky sat atop of Slade, grinding herself against him. She could feel him getting harder through his pants, and it was soaking her panties fast. Slade moved his hands along her body, then began to caress her boobs, Nicky’s nipples now hard due to the coolness of the room. Pulling her down to kiss him again, Slade felt his tongue against hers, then explored her teeth and lips as he moved his mouth to her ear, gently nibbling on Nicky’s earlobe, then kissing her neck.

Nicky closed her eyes as she felt him, moving down her chest, then licking each tit, making circles with his tongue. She stood up again, and undid Slade’s pants, yanking them all off, in one jerk and tossed them across the room. Slade was larger than she had thought! Oh, how she wanted him inside her, but it had to wait. Nicky wanted to enjoy this moment.

Gently, she wrapped her fingers around Slade’s cock for the first time, stroking up and down while looking up at him watching the pleasure on his face…moving her tongue along the shaft, then back to jacking him off, and listening to him occasionally moan. She was good at sucking his cock, it felt like it belonged there.

Nicky let her spit make Slade’s cock slide in and out of her mouth, as if it were her pussy, then stroked him off again with her hand, the now wet cock lubricated by precum and saliva. Slade sat up, and grabbed Nicky’s legs, almost making her fall over. She giggled as he pulled her stomach closer to his face.

Nicky watched between her legs, as she stroked Slade’s manhood, watched her panties being pulled off by Slade’s teeth. Oh, that turned her on so much. Slade pulled his lover on top of him, looking at her moist slit, then letting his tongue slide across the entrance. She tasted so good, and he needed more. Closing his eyes, he let his tongue slide further into her, and grabbed her ass, so she wouldn’t pull away. He slid his tongue deeper inside her slit, his nose rubbing against her.

Both of them longed for each other, and this position was not giving the pleasure both of them desired Slade pulled Nicky off of him, and stood up, putting her into doggy style, she waited on all fours, waiting for his hot cock to be put inside her, but instead he grabbed her legs, and lifted her up, her pussy was now against his face and she wrapped her long legs around his neck, then began to stroke Slade’s cock again. Giving head from this angle was thrilling and the feel of his hot tongue inside of her was bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

Nicky let Slade’s cock slide out of her mouth, and next thing she knew, she was upright. She wrapped her legs around his waste, and reached between her legs, stroking his cock again. He was still rock hard, and she slid down onto him. Nicky began to thrust her hips up and down, and they both fell to the floor, her on top, with her riding Slade’s cock all the way down. What a thrill!

Over they rolled, till he was on bahis şirketleri top of her. She spread her legs wide, and let him fill her, thrusting slowly inside her. Slade looked at Nicky’s face, her eyes connected with his, and he knew she was close. Slade began to thrust hard, letting her moan. Not a word was said, because both knew what the other was thinking. Nicky began to moan louder, her body shivering as she reached her first orgasm. Slade thrust slower, letting her come back down from the high she just had, then withdrew, and began to kiss her stomach. He licked her slit, the taste of feminine cum entered his lips, and he dove deeper.

Nicky lay back and closed her eyes. She was about to cum again. Slade used his fingers and tongue just the right way, bringing her to orgasm and back down. Nicky lay there, her body shaking almost siezure-like from each one he gave her.

“I want…uh..you..uh..inside me…uh…Slade” were the only words Nicky could get out. Slade stood up and began to jack his now limp cock back to it’s formerly hard self. She looked up at him, then got on her hands and knees, wanting the one position she thought she was going to receive earlier, but didn’t. Reaching behind her, she took Slade’s hands and put them on her swollen breasts, grabbing his cock, then stroking it, feeling it get harder in her hand.

Nicky arched her back, and slid Slade’s cock into her awaiting slit, then grabbed his ass. “Oh, he has such a tight ass!” Nicky thought.

She squeezed it as he thrust inside her, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Both of them moaned as Slade reached climax, his large cock pulsating as he came. Nicky took Slade’s hand as he came back down, and began to suck his finger. “MmmMMmm” she moaned.

She felt him cumming inside of her, but still knew she wanted more. As Slade withdrew, Nicky moved him to a chair and had him sit down. She looked at his now limp cock, and began to kiss his thighs.

A shiver went through Slade’s body with each kiss…and his cock got harder. Nicky moved her fingers along his shaft, letting them slide over him. Then she began to lick him, sucking him, then licking him again. Slade lay back and closed his eyes, moaning every time she kissed his cock. Nicky moved her chest closer, her perfect tits on either side of his cock, then she let some of her spit escape onto her breasts and Slade’s cock, lubing it up. Nicky held her breasts together, watching the head of Slade’s cock come up between them, and giving a kiss or a lick with each stroke from her swollen breasts.Soon, she knew he would cum, and she wanted to get every mouthful of it.

Nicky put her fingers around Slade’s cock, stroking it faster and looking up at him as he moaned. Slade was soon thrusting into her hand, and she knew it was time. Nicky put Slade’s cock into her mouth, and let him fuck her face, she felt his cock go deeper into her throat, and soon it was frantic thrusting. She pretended it was her swollen pussy, now dripping wet again, and moved her head as if she were thrusting it on him. Slade moaned louder, and she could taste the precum again. She knew now was the time. She pulled her mouth back so the head of his cock was on her tongue, and began to lick fast, using her lips like she would have her wet pussy, fast, deliberate thrusts. As Slade came into her mouth, she moaned. She loved the way he tasted, and knew in the near future she would have to get more.

Nicky slid Slade to the floor, and positioned herself atop his face, her wet slit waiting. She began to touch herself, moaning softly, as Slade used his fingers and tongue on her. It felt like she had two men at once, and both of them were Slade! Nicky closed her eyes, and as she came again, falling back. Slade moved in next to her, put a pillow behind her head. He looked at her beautiful body, then held her close.

“Happy birthday, Nicky.” Slade whispered.

“Yes, it is a very happy birthday.” Nicky replied.

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