Subject: “A Bright Future” Gay Adult/Youth The story below is a work of pure fiction, and not intended to resemble anyone past or present. The story is merely a creation from the author’s mind, and if material such as this is offensive, or unlawful in your area, then please stop right here. “A Bright Future” Everybody in the small southern town knew Mark. Back in the day, Mark was a high school standout in football. He gave quarterbacks and running backs all the hell they could take, and then some. In college, he was the same bruiser as he was in high school, and played in the NFL for eight years before having to retire due to an injury. For some of the locals, Mark was a hero who in his eight years of pro football, won 3 Superbowls, and for seven straight years, voted All Pro. At the height of his NFL career, and still present day, Mark stands 6’6″ and weighs 355 pounds with not an ounce of fat on him. Now, Mark is 37 years of age, and owns 3600 acres of pristine farmland. His wife, Donna, who was his girlfriend from the seventh grade until they got married, passed away two years ago from cancer. They never had children, and so now, Mark works his land all by himself, which is exactly the way he prefers it. His wife had always been the social butterfly, whereas Mark always preferred to be the loner type. Ten years prior to his wife’s passing, up at the head of their driveway, Mark built a huge produce stand, and had it wired for coolers and freezers. With the help of his wife’s best friend’s, who live just down the road, they sold fruits and vegetables, and chicken eggs every other weekend. After his wife passed away, her friend’s still run the stand, and they have agreed to a 60 – 40 split with Mark earning 60% of the sales. The stand was very popular, and Mark’s average bring home earning often exceeded $4,000.00 per weekend it’s open. Mark never cared for the electric company, so his home, outbuildings, barns, and stand all run off of solar and wind power. Mark is one of those who you would call a jack of all trades, but a master of none. He built his own wells, and installed his own septic system for their home, and barns. Everything he owns is paid for, and owes nobody nothing. The work on the farm is hard work and long hours, especially for one person, but Mark loves it, and has no problem with hard work. Since his wife’s passing, he became even more of a recluse, very seldom going into town. At nights, he would often sit on his front porch and dream about his beloved wife, and wish she were still with him. By any and all rights, in the eyes of many, Mark is very good looking. He has thick brown hair, combed straight back, and has a neatly trimmed goatee. Just by his size alone, Mark is very intimidating. He is powerfully built, and per his deceased wife, a gentle giant. From his many years of playing football, lifting weights, and now working on his farm, he is still strong as an ox. It’s winter, and the last time Mark checked, it was 22 degrees outside. He had a roaring fire in his fireplace, and was sitting in his chair reading a book, waiting for his spaghetti to get done when he heard some noise coming from one of his chicken coups. Mark put on his coat, grabbed his rifle, and went outside to inspect. It was going on 8:00pm, so it was already dark out as he walked around to see what was going on. He walked around for a good twenty or so minutes, and then went into one of his barns to take a look. At first, everything seemed normal, but off in the corner where he had the hay stacked, he saw an egg shell on the ground. Cautiously, he walked over to where the egg shell lay, and peered all around. At the rear of the hay, up against the wall, Mark saw some hay pulled forward. It was then that he came to the conclusion that somebody was trespassing. With his rifle at the ready, Mark yelled, “You best get your ass up in front of me before I riddle this mother fucker full of holes. You hear me, get you ass out here right the fuck now!” Mark’s heart was thumping hard as he saw the hay moving, and then out came a small boy. The boy standing in front of him looked as though he had been beaten to a bloody pulp, and his clothes, what little he had on, were heavily soiled and worn out. Seeing that it was a young boy, Mark lowered his rifle, as the boy nervously cried out, “Please mister, I didn’t mean no harm sir, honestly I didn’t sir.” The boy was shivering from the cold since all he had on was a dirty light blue pullover t-shirt, worn out blue jeans, and was bare footed. The boy looked hungry so Mark said, “C’mon, let’s get you inside the house so you can get warm, and then get you something to eat.” The boy followed Mark, but from a good distance. To him, Mark looked like the incredible hulk. Once inside Mark’s house, Mark pointed to the fireplace, and said, “Stand in front of that so you can warm up a bit.” The boy nervously walked up and stood in front of the fireplace, and the heat sure did feel mighty good. Mark put up his rifle, sat in his chair, and while looking at the raggedy boy, asked, “What in tarnations were you doing in my barn this time of night, and not wearing any winter clothes?” With his teeth still chattering, the boy answered, “I was just looking for someplace warm, sir, and I’ll pay you back for the egg I took, I swear I will.” Mark eyed the boy up and down, and then said, “You must be running from something, and I reckon that’s your business, but if you’re gonna spend the night, you go to get yourself cleaned up. I know I won’t have any clothes that’ll fit you, but I’ll come up with something. I’m gonna go run the bathwater, so when you get warm, you can go and get cleaned up before supper.” Mark started the bath water, and added in some of his wife’s sweet smelling coconut oil, and then went to his bedroom to search for something the boy could wear. He found one of his wife’s old gym shorts, and placed it on top of the counter in the bathroom while opening up a new toothbrush for the boy to use. Mark could tell the boy has jet black hair, but it hadn’t been tended to in days. Also, Mark noticed the boy had the greenest eyes he had ever seen, and if he had to guess the boy’s age, he figured him to be somewhere close to 11 or 12. Mark went back out to the living room, and saw the boy wasn’t shivering any longer, so he said, “Tell you what, you go on into the bathroom and toss those clothes into the hall, and I’ll put them in the washer. All I could find was old gym shorts that belonged to my wife, and I put a new toothbrush on the counter for you. When you’re done, I’ll have supper ready for you. I hope you like spaghetti, cause that’s what I made.” Mark showed him to the bathroom, and left the boy to himself. When Mark heard the clothes hit the floor, he walked up and grabbed them. They smelled, and not good, so Mark put them in the washing machine and added a little more soap than he should have. The odd thing that struck Mark was the fact that the boy didn’t have any underwear. It was almost an hour later when the boy emerged from the bathroom, and walked into the kitchen. Mark had just placed the bowl of spaghetti on the table when he turned around and saw him. From what Mark could see, the boy’s chest was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and his abdominal muscles were well defined. Mark even made a mental note of the boy’s tiny innie belly button. As soon as they started eating, Mark could easily tell it had been awhile since the boy had eaten something. He was shoveling the spaghetti into his mouth before he finished chewing the food that was already in his mouth. Mark looked at the boy, and asked, “So, my name’s Mark, what’s yours?” With a mouthful of food, the boy glanced up, and replied, “Colt sir.” Mark said, “Well Colt, you can sleep here tonight, and then we’ll figure out something tomorrow. So, eat plenty!” As they ate, Mark came to realize that Colt was just downright pretty, and in fact, almost too damn pretty to be a boy. When they finished eating, and Colt helped himself to two large platefuls, they cleaned up the kitchen. Colt was starting to feel somewhat relaxed in Mark’s company, since the giant of a man hadn’t done anything except be kind to him. Mark showed Colt to one of the spare bedrooms, and Mark bid Colt a good night, and then closed the bedroom door. Colt lay in his bed, crying as to the events that brought him here. Even though the bed felt great, his young heart was hurting, and hurting something awful. Mark heard Colt crying, so he stepped into Colt’s bedroom, and then sat on the edge of the bed. Looking down into the boy’s emerald green eyes, Mark spoke, “I can see you have something weighing heavily on you, and it’s up to you if you wanna talk about it. I ain’t gonna pressure you none, but just so you know, you’re safe here, and I won’t let anything, or anybody, hurt you. So, you get yourself some sleep, and when you’re ready to talk, I’m right here for ya.” Colt looked into the big man’s eyes, and softly replied, “Thank you sir, but I’ll be okay.” Mark got up and went to his bedroom. As he lay in his bed, he couldn’t help not to think about Colt. The boy was too young to have so much heart felt pain, not to mention, just who in the hell beat the boy so badly. From what all Mark could see, the boy had bruises all over his body. Something else Mark thought of was Colt’s body. The boy barely stood 5’2″ and couldn’t weigh no more than 100 pounds, if that. Mark got up early the following morning, and after doing some chores, he started making them some breakfast. Just as Mark put the last of the food on the table, Colt came stumbling in, yawning and stretching. While they ate, Mark asked, “Do you wanna tell me who did that to you? Whoever did that to you sure went out of their way to put a hell of a beating on you. (A slight pause) Colt, you don’t have to tell me, but I’ve got to call the sheriff, and let him know you’re here.” Colt piped up by quickly saying, “Please, please don’t call the sheriff sir, please don’t! I’ll leave so you don’t have to.” Mark responded, “Look, ain’t nobody gonna hurt you as long as you’re with me, and you have my word on that, but I still got to protect myself. The sheriff is a friend of mine, and it’ll be okay. I can see you are afraid of something, or somebody, but I’ve gotta cover my ass here.” Mark called the sheriff, and asked him to stop by. Thirty minutes later, the sheriff pulled up, and went inside. Mark was sitting in his recliner, and Colt was sitting on the sofa. After Mark filled the sheriff in as to what all he knew, Sheriff Avery looked at Colt for a few seconds, and then asked, “Ain’t you Buster’s step boy?” Colt nodded, and then the sheriff took off his hat, leaned back onto the sofa, and while looking at Mark, said, “Shit, that’s what I figured! Damn Mark, Buster is one badass hombre, and ain’t nothing but trouble! As far as I’m concerned, he ain’t nothing but a pile of useless shit! (Looking at Colt) Was it Buster who put a beating on ya?” Colt nodded, and Sheriff Avery agitatedly said, “Alright, I’m gonna call Sheriff Williams, and let him know. Just between us, I don’t reckon a damn thing will come of it. Buster’s got them all scared, and chances are, they won’t even go and talk to him about it. (Looking at Colt once more) Son, I ain’t gonna take you back, but I gotta ask. Are you comfortable here with Mark, and Mark, is it okay for the boy to stay with you for a while till we sort this shit out?” Mark was the first to respond, “As long as you know he’s here, I’m okay with him being here. I am gonna have to take him into town and get him some clothes.” Colt followed up by saying, “Thank you sir, and I’ll earn my keep here sir, but I honestly don’t wanna go into town sir. Please, I’m good with what I have, please sir, please don’t make me go into town sir.” Both Mark and Sheriff Avery could see the fear in the boy’s eyes, and it was Mark who answered, “Okay, but I’ve got to get your size and I’ll go and get you some clothes. You can’t walk around here half ass naked.” Just as Sheriff Avery was about to leave, he turned to face Mark, and then said, “Mark, it’s only a matter of time before Buster comes a calling.” Mark looked at Colt, and then back at the Sheriff, and said, “If trouble comes my way, you can take it to the bank that I’ll deal with it! He’s already shown me he can beat up on a young boy, but I’ll give him a shot at trying that shit with a grown ass man!” The Sheriff asked Mark to walk with him outside, and when they got to his patrol vehicle, Sheriff Avery turned to face Mark, and said, “Just so you know, that boy’s been gone for over a week now. Rumor has it, Buster walked in and saw an older boy fucking the hell out of Colt’s ass. Seeing his stepson willingly taking it up the ass, well uh, they say Buster damn near beat the boy to death. From what I hear, even his mom don’t want a damn thing to do with him, but Mark, that Buster ain’t nothing but pure fucking evil I’m telling ya! Even though they don’t want anything to do with the boy, Buster will come looking for whoever has him, and shits gonna hit the fan.” Mark shook his hand, and replied, “If he comes, then he’ll find trouble!” When Mark went back into his house, he was a bit confused after hearing what the sheriff had told him why Colt had been beaten so badly. When he looked at Colt, he simply couldn’t imagine the boy doing anything like that, so with Colt’s help, Mark jotted down his clothes and shoe sizes, and headed into town. Mark thought he was doing pretty darn good picking out some pants, shirts, shoes, and boots for Colt, but when he got to the boys underwear section, he seemed rather lost. Mark tossed a package of three Fruit-Of-The-Looms into his buggy, and then put six more that were different colors into the buggy. The last item he picked out was a heavy coat since it’s winter, and then went to the cashier and paid for them, and headed back home. Once he got home, he handed Colt some of the packages, and they went to Colt’s bedroom and placed the bags on top of the bed. On the third day of Colt’s stay with Mark, Colt was feeling more comfortable, and more at ease being around Mark. He helped Mark with the chores, and that evening while eating supper, Colt decided to open up by saying, “Mark, I can’t thank you enough for everything, and um, just so you know, the reason I ran away is um, uh, you see I was uh, um, it’s um, it’s like um, um, this. Me and a friend of mine, well we were um, sort of um, uh, messing around a bit when Buster came walking in. Well, when he saw us, he went stark crazy, and beat me up, and when I got somewhat dressed, he beat some more, and threw me out the door. He told me if ever saw me again, he’d kill me!” Mark asked, “Where was your mom at during all of this?” Colt answered, “Oh, she hit me too, and told me she ain’t having no faggot in her house! She ain’t never loved me, and I’m just so tired of them beating up on me. You know, the Sheriff was right about one thing, and that’s Buster is pure evil. He’s as mean as a rattlesnake, and goes out of his way to look for a fight.” Mark took a couple of deep breaths, and then asked, “When you say faggot, are you telling me that you’re gay?” Colt looked down at the table, and the replied, “Yes sir, I’m gay!” Mark didn’t say anything at first, but then said, “That’s fine, but don’t you go worry yourself none about Buster. If he comes calling, I’ll deal with it!” Colt picked up a picture of Mark and a lady, and asked, “Who is the lady you’re with?” Mark smiled, and then answered, “She’s my wife, but she passed away two years ago from cancer.” Colt felt bad for asking the question, but softly spoke, “Oh, I’m so sorry for asking that, and I’m sorry she passed away. (A pause) Mark, does it bother you at all knowing that I’m gay?” In response, Mark replied, “No, not really. I always figured you got to live your life that makes you the happiest. If being with a guy is your thing, then so be it. I’m in no position to judge you, or anyone else for that matter. But, as pretty as you are, I reckon you can get anyone you want, or at least, that’s the way I see it.” Colt fired back, “So, you think I’m pretty huh?” Mark snapped back, “Yeah, but don’t you go and get no fool notions in your head! So what if I think you’re pretty. It is what it is, and besides, you already know you’re pretty! If you don’t know that, then you need to take a longer look in the mirror, cause from where I’m sitting, you sure as hell are as pretty as all get out.” After hearing that come from Mark’s own mouth, Colt started looking at Mark a little bit differently. The man was gargantuan in size, and not fat either, and he was definitely good looking. Taking somewhat of a risk, Colt asked, “You must get rather lonely being out here all by yourself. Do you have someone special who visits um, you know, to give you some sexual relief?” Mark was fast in his response, “Oh hell no, ain’t nobody comes here for none of that. I’m happy just the way things are!” Colt had an idea, and after excusing himself, he went to his bedroom, stripped naked, and then put on one of the underwear Mark purchased for him. When Colt first saw them, he was a little shocked that Mark would pick out something like this, so now he wanted to show Mark firsthand what they looked like on him. Colt put the skimpy, skin tight, underwear on, and went to where Mark was sitting. With Mark’s back to him, Colt said, “These are the underwear you bought me.” Mark turned around, and damn near fell out of his chair. He didn’t realize that Colt was now parading around like this wearing nothing but his new underwear. They were French low cut bikini thongs, and were bright green that matches the boy’s eyes. Colt knew exactly what he was doing, but it was Mark who was now more confused than ever. His eyes went straight to the little bump in the boy’s crotch, and for whatever the reason, wasn’t able to rip his eyes off of it. With his eyes fastened onto Colt’s near naked crotch, Mark asked, “Um, how old are you Colt?” Standing still so Mark could get all the eyeing he so desired, Colt answered, “I turned 11 a week ago.” As hard as Mark’s eyes could strain, he couldn’t see any hairlife whatsoever anywhere on the boy’s body. Another disturbing fact, or at least for Mark, was his cock was hard, and throbbing like crazy. To make matters better, or worse, depending on how one looks at it, Colt spun around, and was now showing off his tantalizing shapely butt. Mark could feel his mouth water as he eyed the boy’s perfectly shaped butt. What Colt didn’t know was that Mark is a diehard butt man if there ever was one. And, the butt he was now staring at was more shaplier than his wife’s butt ever was. Colt teasingly began gyrating his butt all over, causing Mark’s mouth to fall open. Mark simply could not grasp why his cock was as hard as it was, especially knowing the reason behind it was the young boy standing almost naked in front of him. Colt had turned his head in such a way that he could see exactly where Mark’s eyes were, and they were zeroed in on his butt. So, taking another step forward, so to speak, Colt bent over so that his hands were now around each of his ankles, and now Mark was getting a wide angle view of his spread butt. As Mark peered into Colt’s spread crack, he saw no hairs, and the inner portion was the same creamy color as the rest of his miraculously shaped butt. Had it not been for the thin fabric concealing the boy’s asshole, Mark would have been able to see that too. However, the portion of flesh he did see, especially close to the boy’s concealed butthole, showed no signs of a brownish tint whatsoever. Colt stood up, and turned to face Mark, and in doing so, Colt watched Mark’s eyes go straight to his crotch, which at this point, was semi erect. Colt broke the air of silence by asking, “Sooooooooo, what do you think?” Mark stuttered as he spoke, “It’s uh, um, yeah, it um, um, uh huh um, looks um, um, good on you.” Colt excitedly spoke, “Hey, I got an idea. How about me and you get in the jacuzzi. I ain’t never been in one before, so this’ll be my first. Please, pretty please with sugar on top. C’mon Mark, let’s do it!” Mark often sits in the jacuzzi to relax, so in response to Colt’s begging, Mark said, “Um, okay.” The jacuzzi was outside under the covered porch, so when Mark stood up, that’s when Colt saw the massive erection tenting down the right side of Mark’s pants. It was long, and super thick. Mark went outside and cut it on, and upon entering his house, he looked at Colt and said, “I reckon I need to go and get some swimming trunks on.” Colt was quick to ask, “Well, when it’s just you, what do you wear?” Mark shot back, “Oh hell, I just get in buck ass naked!” Colt shot back, “Okay then, it’s naked for the both of us!” When Colt walked by Mark, Mark unconsciously followed. The air was cold and crisp as they walked up to the jacuzzi. Colt smiled while saying, “Last one in is a rotten egg!” In the blink of an eye, Colt stood before Mark bare bones naked, and now Mark clearly saw the boy’s half inch cut cock resting on top of twin rounded balls, each being about the size of a ping pong ball. Colt’s entire pubic region, including nutsac was void of any hairlife. Mark’s eyes widened as Colt turned and placed his left foot inside the jacuzzi, and as he was raising his right foot, Mark witnessed Colt’s asshole for the very first time. Just as he thought, there wasn’t a hint of brownish coloration anywhere to be seen, and even more unbelievable was the fact that the boy’s asshole was nothing more than a tiny speck. Once inside, Colt lowered his body all the way down in the hot water while his eyes were now transfixed on Mark, and his hulk like body. Colt raised his voice while saying, “I’m in, and now it’s your turn Mark!” When Mark peeled out of his shirt, Colt swallowed hard at all of the bulging muscles and jet black chest and stomach hair. Mark dropped his pants, and upon doing so, Colt saw the man’s thick muscular hairy legs, but more so, the bulging package protruding outwards inside his white underwear. Mark yanked down his underwear, and now it was Colt’s turn to have his mouth pop open in awe, and some fear. He was looking at a good six inches of man beef, and the head alone was way thicker than the already thick shaft. Below his meaty cock were two bull sized balls swinging a good five inches below his cock. Mark wasted no time in hopping into the jacuzzi, and now the two were sitting across from one another. Mark’s legs were spread, and then his body jumped as soon as he felt one of Colt’s feet strike his dangling balls. Colt grinned as he asked, “Mark, I gotta ask, but how big is that thing when it gets hard?” Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Mark answered, “I reckon it’s a little over 9.7 inches the last time my wife measured it.” Colt followed that question up with another, “Have you ever put that horse cock of yours up an ass before?” denizli escort Mark cleared his throat, and then replied, “We tried a couple of times, but my wife said it hurt too bad.” Colt could definitely understand the part of hurting too bad, but the more he thought about it, the more he craved to feel that mammoth cock blistering his ass. He had only been fucked three times, and all three by the same guy, but he did love the way it made him feel. His friend, a guy who is 16, had almost a full six inches, but it wasn’t anywhere as long as Mark’s, and it sure as hell wasn’t anywhere as thick either. But, that didn’t stop Colt from wanting Mark, and his gargantuan sized cock. Colt knew he had to play his cards just right, just like he did to his friend in order to bed him down. At first his 16 year old friend wasn’t up for gay sex, but then Colt poured the seduction on, and one thing led to another, and Colt was successful in getting his friend to be a willing participant to gay sex. Now, here he is, naked as the day he was born along with a man, a real man, a man’s kind of man, and he too is naked. Colt got on his knees, and gingerly walked the short distance in between Mark’s spread legs. Mark’s eyes got wider as Colt got closer and closer. He could feel his body shaking as to what the unknown may bring. Colt, on his knees, was now directly in front of Mark, and there was about eight inches separating their faces. Colt’s soft angelic boyish voice sounded, “Mark, you’ve been lonely for such a long, long time. Please, close your eyes for me. (Mark did) And, just go with the flow and do what comes naturally. It’s just the two of us out here, so nobody will ever know, just go with it, go with the flow!” Colt leaned forwards and planted his lips directly on Mark’s. Mark’s body was shaking harder now as he felt Colt’s tongue slide into his mouth as the boy’s hands held the sides of his face. At first, Mark’s initial instinct was to shove the boy away from him, but the feeling of Colt’s tongue inside his mouth brought back a familiar feeling he hadn’t felt in many years. Out of pure instinct, Mark’s tongue dove into Colt’s mouth, and now their tongues embarked on one hell of a intertwining embrace. Mark’s hands reached around Colt, and was now caressing the boy’s silky smooth back, and gingerly caressed their way all the way down to Colt’s butt. The boy’s butt cheeks were firm and solid, yet felt so amazingly silky soft. With his tongue roaming Mark’s mouth, Colt eased his right leg over Mark’s left thigh, and then slung his left leg over the man’s hairy right thigh. Now, Colt was basically in Mark’s lap, but more so, the man’s thick hammer of a cock was now pressing heavily into his spread butt crack. With their bodies now a little closer, Mark could feel the boy’s erection as it poked him into his stomach, sliding up and down with every breath the boy took. Their faces twisted and turned, but their tongues stayed glued in each other’s mouth. Colt’s little fingers ran through Mark’s thick hair as he humped his ass back and forth, basking in the pleasures of feeling the man’s enormous cock. Mark could feel the interior of Colt’s butt crack with his cock, and the feeling alone was nothing short of being electrifying. To accompany his cock, Mark slipped his fingers inside Colt’s ass crack, and slowly explored the silky soft area until his middle fingertips struck gold as they took turns rubbing the tiny speck. Feeling Mark’s fingers on his asshole caused Colt to whimper and grunt from sheer pleasure. He wanted so desperately to tell Mark to shove them inside, but held true to roaming the man’s mouth with his tongue. After an extended amount of time, both needed to catch their breath, and as their lips parted ways, Colt looked deeply into Mark’s eyes, and softly whispered, “Sit on the side please.” Mark did what Colt asked, and was now sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi. All 9.7 inches of thick bull meat was jutting straight out, and now Colt finally saw what the man was really packing. The shaft alone was about as thick as a 20 ounce soda can, and the huge mushroom shaped cockhead was even thicker than that. Just by looking at it, Colt knew he wouldn’t be able to get the head into his mouth, much less anything else. It was too thick! Colt latched onto Mark’s cock with both hands while he began using his tongue to swab the entire massive cockhead, leaving no spot untouched. Feeling the boy’s fingers dance on his cock, as well as feeling his tongue dance all across his cockhead, all Mark could do was reach out and gently place his hands behind Colt’s head. Colt’s fingers slowly jerked the shaft while his tongue whipped Mark’s cockhead into a precum dribbling frenzy. To Colt, this was a dream come true. He fantasized about big cocks, and now he has one in his hands, and wished he could get some of it in his mouth, but it was just too thick. Colt whimpered as he dined on Mark’s dribbling precum. The taste alone was driving Colt insane with a lust he had never felt before. It had been years since Mark’s cock felt any attention like this, and he could feel his cum start boiling, seemingly working its way up from his curling toes. Mark, panting heavily, said, “You’d best stop, cause I’m getting really close!” Colt wasn’t about to stop, and ever since he tasted his friend’s cum, and even though it was on the salty side and slightly bitter, Colt wasn’t about to pass up this golden opportunity to taste a real man’s load, and Mark was definitely a real stud of a man at that! Colt jerked Mark’s cock with his right hand while his left hand began softly caressing Mark’s bull balls. Mark was beside himself with pleasure, and his body jerked and twisted as he grunted and whimpered as to what was fixing to happen. Mark cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, oh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m, oh fuck, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!” Colt had his lips sealed around Mark’s piss lips when he felt the first bullet of cock snot smack the roof of his mouth. It struck his mouth with such force that it damn near knocked Colt’s mouth right off of the massive cockhead, but somehow or another, Colt was able to seal his lips back over the man’s piss lips as rockets of thick cum ropes rapidly burst into his mouth. Colt didn’t hesitate to swallow, and as soon as his taste buds kicked into overdrive, Colt could only describe Mark’s cum as delicious. Unlike his friend’s salty bitter tasting cum, Mark’s thick man cream had very little salt taste, and it certainly wasn’t any way bitter either. As fast as Mark’s cum shot into his mouth, Colt whimpered and swallowed to match pace. Like all good things do, Mark’s cum diminished to a few droplets, and then the man’s cock had been completely drained. Mark hissed and grunted as he felt the boy’s tongue stab at his sensitive piss slit while the boy’s fingers still massaged his heavy balls. A short time later, Mark just couldn’t take any further tongue action on his sensitive cockhead, so he gently pushed Colt’s face away from his cock. Colt bounced off of his knees, and took a seat opposite Mark, carefully eyeing the muscular stud as the man was still in a state of obvious euphoria. While Colt eyed Mark, he couldn’t stop smiling as he relished the after taste of the man’s soothingly delicious cum. Colt also felt a little victorious in how his plan of seduction worked on Mark. While he waited on Mark to come back to reality, Colt began thinking of Mark’s horse cock blistering his ass. Colt had to admit, even he didn’t think he would be able to get Mark’s overly thick cock inside his butt. He remembered the pain he felt the first time his friend had penetrated his ass. But, Colt smiled as he recalled the pain drifting away, and being replaced with a pleasure he simply couldn’t find the words to explain. When Mark finally came back around, Colt looked at him, and then asked, “So, how was it? Did I do alright?” Mark was still shaking as he replied, “I can’t believe I did that. I ain’t never had a notion to fool around with another guy before, especially a boy your age. But, to answer your question, I’d have to say you did pretty damn good!” Colt fired back, “Thanks, and you sure do shoot a pretty big load, and a mighty tasty one too at that! I don’t know about you, but I thought it was fun, and I for one sure as heck wouldn’t mind doing it again.” Mark grinned, and then said, “Well, only time will tell. I just ain’t never gave the gay stuff any thought up until now, so it’s gonna take a bit getting used to it. I know since you sucked my dick, the respectful thing to do is for me to suck yours. It sure as hell sounds easier than actually doing it, but fair is fair I suppose.” Colt quickly said, “C’mon Mark, just because I sucked you off doesn’t mean you gotta return the favor. I know you ain’t gay, but I do thank you for letting me do that. And just so you know, my dick ain’t nowhere near the size of yours is, and that’s a fact, but I can shoot some cum, but not much though, and it’s still kind of watery.” Mark took in what Colt had just said, and then spoke, “I don’t know about you, but I reckon I’ve had my fill of this hot ass jacuzzi.” Colt nodded, and said, “I’m with you on that, and when we get inside, let’s stand in front of the fireplace, you know, naked.” Once they stepped out of the jacuzzi, the night’s cold air showed no mercy as it pounced upon their cold, wet bodies. Both literally ran inside the house, and were now standing in front of the fireplace, facing it. Colt looked to his left, and Mark’s hulking frame towered over him like a giant. As Colt looked to his left, he couldn’t help not to notice Mark’s six thick inches of man meat dangling over his large hairy balls. While Colt was eyeing Mark’s cock, Mark was now straining his eyes to his right to take a look at Colt’s erect boyhood. At best guess, Mark figured Colt’s hairless cock to be about four inches long, and about as thick as the bottom portion of a carrot. Once again, and with his eyes peeled on Colt’s straighter than arrow cock, Mark began thinking of what it would be like to suck it. Never had he ever thought about sucking another guy’s cock before, but now, it was all he could focus on. As he stared at the young boy’s hard cock, Mark began thinking what Colt’s cum would actually taste like. Mark tried like hell to shake these thoughts out of his head, but it was apparently pointless. Looking behind Colt, now Mark was eyeballing the boy’s magnificently shaped ass. The only person he had ever had sex with was his wife, but this boy’s butt looks as though it had been sculptured by God’s very own hands. It was perfect, flawlessly perfect, and the more Mark stared at it, the hungrier he seemed to be getting. Back when he and his wife were dating, and early on in their marriage, she would let Mark eat her ass out, but as time moved on, she eventually tagged her asshole as off limits. Mark truly enjoyed dining on her butthole, and that’s when he recalled seeing Colt’s hairless, creamy colored, speck of a pooper. Just recalling seeing it caused his cock to regain full strength, and now it was Colt eyeballing the hell out of it. Just by looking at the flared enormous head sent shivers racing up and down Colt’s spine. He licked his lips wondering if he could get something so frightening thick inside his ass. The more he thought about Mark’s big cock inside of him, the harder his own four inch preteen cock throbbed. Mark peered at Colt’s butt, and then to the boy’s cock, going back and forth, contemplating what he should do. Mark was so nervous that he could feel his legs buckling. The longer he stood there, the more nervous he was getting. He knew doing anything sexual with a young boy was wrong on so many levels, but there was something about Colt that kept egging him on. Now, Mark began questioning himself as to whether or not he could actually go through with the act of sucking the young boy’s cock, and if so, could he fight through his own mental drama and swallow the boy’s watery cum. He kept telling himself he wasn’t gay, but the fact of the matter is that he has already kissed the boy, not to mention, the boy had sucked and jerked him off, and swallowed his load too. Mark turned to face Colt, and when Colt saw Mark turn towards him, he turned as well, and now they were facing one another. Colt was looking up while Mark was looking down, and both were peering passionately into the other’s onlooking eyes. Clearing his throat, Mark’s voice cracked as he spoke, “I honest to God don’t know what I’m doing, but I uh, I um, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, spit it out Mark! You see Colt, I um, would uh, I’d like to um, you know, try um, uh…” Colt didn’t know exactly what Mark was trying to spit out, but after seeing the difficulties Mark was having talking, Colt decided to spring into action. Colt walked over to the middle of the sofa, flopped down while scooting his ass closer to the edge and had both feet spread wide resting on top of the sitting portion of the sofa. He looked at Mark, licked his cherry colored lips, and then softly said while pointing at his erect cock with his right index finger, “Right here Mark, it’s right here! Come and get it if you want it!” With each step he took, Mark could feel himself getting light headed. His legs felt like rubber, but all he could focus on was the boy’s majestic cock at full attention for his utmost pleasure. Standing before the seated boy, Mark dropped to his knees. He placed the palm of his hands on top of each of Colt’s silky soft thighs, and as if in slow motion, began leaning his face closer and closer to the boy’s erect missile. Mark’s lips touched Colt’s cockhead, and then sealed his own fate as his mouth slid all the way down until his nose was pressing into the boy’s hairless pubic area. Mark was fully aware that this was his first time ever having a cock in his mouth, but as he started working his mouth up and down, it began to feel as natural as drinking a glass of water. Soon, he incorporated his tongue into the action, and while his mouth bobbed up and down, his tongue went ballistic, slashing and slithering all over the sweet tasting chunk of boy meat. Colt’s angelic voice sliced through the air, “Oh fuck yes, yes Mark, oh fuck yessssssssssssssssss!” It didn’t take Mark long to start working on Colt’s four inches of hardened pride like a real cock sucking pro. Not only did the boy’s cock taste good, but the feeling of it sliding in between his lips literally set Mark’s soul on fire. Mark’s left hand cupped Colt’s hairless balls, and his fingers danced over them with the utmost tenderness his fingers could muster. The hairless sac felt like pure satin as Mark’s thumb circled over each one. It didn’t take too long before Mark released the boy’s cock, and in one stealth swoop, managed to suck in both of his balls. Colt hiked his ass up off of the cushion as the heat from Mark’s mouth felt as though it was literally baking his highly sensitive jewels. Mark was eating Colt’s balls like a starving hyena who had just come across a meaty carcass. He spent a solid 15 minutes or better dining on Colt’s balls, but then went back to work ravishing the boy’s throbbing cock. Colt was whimpering and moaning up a storm while Colt was steadily grunting. He simply couldn’t get enough of the boy’s cock, and the thought of dining on Colt’s cum not once crossed his mind. A little over a minute later, the moment of truth was now at hand as Colt screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK, I’m, I’m, oh God, I’m, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Mark felt Colt’s cock expand, and then felt the watery gush as it struck the back of his throat. At first, Mark gagged as the boy’s first serving dove down his throat. He gagged again as more spurts of watery boy juice shot into his mouth, and then he swallowed some more, but this time around, Mark didn’t gag as soon as he realized the taste of Colt’s cum. It was warm, kind of gooey, and had a light salty taste, but in all reality, it didn’t taste bad at all. Now, Mark was the one who was whimpering as he chugged down Colt’s highly addictive preteen boy honey. Even after Colt had shot his load, Mark was still working overtime sucking the boy’s spent, yet still hard, cock. As he sucked away, Mark slid his left middle finger up the boy’s taint, and didn’t stop until it was flush up against Colt’s tiny bunghole. As soon as his fingertip touched Colt’s speck of an asshole, Mark felt the little thing instantly snap at his finger, drawing even more excitement for Mark. Colt was thrashing about, and now feeling Mark’s finger on his butthole, it really set his emotions racing to orbit. Mark had enough whereabouts with himself to withdraw his asshole gracing finger just long enough to saturate it with his spit, and then quickly put it right back on Colt’s puckering little pucker hole. Colt was reeling from so much pleasure that as he rocked his ass up and down, and back and forth, Mark’s middle finger slipped right on in, and as soon as it did, Colt yelled, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddddd yessssssssssssssss!” Mark’s anal invading finger was immediately greeted with a scorching heat that he couldn’t recall ever feeling when he fingered his wife’s ass. This heat was like it came straight from the flames of hell. Not only was the boy’s anal canal fiery hot, but Mark could also feel the awesome tightness of it as well. Seconds later, as Colt activated his anal muscles, Mark now felt the raw power of the boy’s anal muscles as they coiled around his finger like one very pissed off anaconda. With his finger now trapped inside Colt’s ass, Mark managed to locate the boy’s prostate at which time he started massaging it. Colt damn near slung his ass up to the ceiling as soon as Mark started seducing his prostate. This too was another new experience for young Colt. Whatever Mark’s finger was hitting was driving Colt absolutely insane. About three minutes later, Colt screamed, “Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt, I’m ummmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmm, oh FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mark could feel Colt’s anal muscles go into a wild convulsion, and then felt the first of four watery spurts enter his mouth. Colt was thrashing all over the place as his cock spit out its delicious love nectar, and Mark was just humming away as he dined on the slightly saltier second helping. As Mark slurped the last tidbit of cum from Colt’s deflating cock, he eased his finger out of the boy’s clutching anal canal. Colt’s limp noodle slipped free out of Mark’s mouth, so Mark quickly engulfed both of Colt’s balls back into his mouth. As he did, and for what reason even Mark couldn’t explain, but he brought his middle finger, the same one that just departed Colt’s ass, up to his nose, and started breathing in the most intoxicating scent he had ever smelled. The aroma shooting into Mark’s lungs was not one that you would think would come from a butthole. It certainly didn’t stink, and in fact, in Mark’s mind, it smelled like a faint spray of coconut. He also visually inspected his finger, and made mental note that it looked just as clean as it did prior to going inside the boy’s piping hot anal oven. While Mark’s tongue bathed Colt’s balls, Colt’s entire body was shaking violently, and it was clear to Mark that the boy was somewhere off in la la land with his eyes partially closed, and he was still making soft little humming sounds. After several minutes of working on Colt’s balls, Mark could no longer contain himself as he slung Colt’s legs high into the air, and then locked the boy’s ankles behind his head. Now, Mark was looking dead center at the tiny speck that his finger had once been inside of. Mark stuck his nose right on Colt’s exposed asshole, and wasted no time in breathing in the fresh, and rewarding, coconut scent. Mark inhaled numerous times, and then recalled back in the day when his tongue whipped his wife’s asshole into an overheated frenzy. Without having to give it a second thought, Mark’s tongue lashed out, and began slithering and slashing all over the tiny speck of a rosebud. Colt immediately began whimpering, and for him, this was the very first time a tongue had ever introduced itself to his asshole, and the pleasure now shooting throughout every square inch of his body was nothing short of mind boggling. Like a bear lapping at some fresh honey, Mark used his tongue like a battering ram and a probe, twisting and turning, doing everything he could think of to persuade Colt’s tightly sealed anal fortress to crack open the door. Mark’s persistence finally paid off, and now his tongue was sliding into Colt’s piping hot anal canal. Colt, feeling the man’s tongue traveling further and further into his rectum, cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddddd, yesssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Feeling the intense heat slapping at his diving tongue, Mark began grunting and moaning as the overall deliciousness of Colt’s ass set his taste buds on fire. His tongue went stark raving wild, probing and lapping everywhere it could reach. Colt’s balled up body exploded from pleasures he never knew existed as the man’s meaty tongue was now performing one hell of a magic act inside his upturned ass. Colt’s head was jam packed with erupting fireworks, and he could feel himself actually leaving his shaking body. Never had he felt this much pleasure, and the place his mind was now taking him was a place he had never been to. To say the least, but Colt was now in sheer ecstasy, and he for one certainly didn’t want this activity to stop any time too soon. And, if Mark had anything to do with it, it wasn’t about to end any time shortly. With each and every thrust of his tongue, Mark’s taste buds sent a coconut flavor to his bewildered mind. The more he tasted, the more he craved! Forty ass eating minutes later, Colt screamed, “Oh fuck, fuck Mark, I’m uhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!” With his tongue whipping Colt’s bowels into a body quaking frenzy, Mark watched as Colt’s flaccid cock began firing a steady stream of clear fluid all over the boy’s chest and stomach area. At first, Mark thought it might have been some more of the boy’s watery cum, but after seeing that it was one constant stream, he figured it must be the boy’s bladder juice. The one thing Mark did note was that the clear liquid didn’t smell like piss, but either way, from the way Colt was reacting, this sure was one hell of a prolonged orgasmic ride he was now venturing in. For the next 25 plus minutes, Colt’s balled up body constantly thrashed about as best it could while Colt was still enduring the longest orgasm he had ever endured, and Mark was still tongue fucking the boy’s ass as if this were going to be his last meal. By now, Mark’s tongue was dikimevi escort hurting something awful, but seeing just how much pleasure Colt was getting, he couldn’t bring himself to stop, or at least, not just yet. Mark had eaten Colt’s ass for so long now that his own meaty cock had once again throbbed itself to one rock hard erection. Twenty minutes later, Mark’s tongue was hurting too bad, so he had no choice but to remove it from the boy’s tasty anal corridor. Mark looked at Colt, who had his eyes closed, and he was steadily making soft humming sounds while his body thrashed, jerked, and twisted. Seeing how hard his cock was, Mark went into his bathroom and grabbed a bottle of lube and a clean towel. Standing at the side of the bed, Mark’s eyes peered onto Colt’s already sealed asshole as began smearing the baby oil all over his hard cock. At this point in time, Mark never once considered whether Colt would be able to take his cock inside his little ass, but he was now back on the bed, and lining his overly thick cockhead against Colt’s saliva drenched asshole. Holding tight onto his thick pole, Mark began applying some pressure, doing all he could to stuff his monstrous cockhead inside the boy’s ass. Colt was still very much in la la land even though he could faintly feel something pushing onto his asshole. Seconds later, and several attempts later, Mark’s giant cockhead forced itseld inside Colt’s anal chamber, and in doing so, Colt’s vocal chords bounced off the walls, “Ow, owwwwwwwwwww, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Fuck, shit, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, ow, owwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWW!” Mark heard the boy, but his cock was pressing deeper and deeper into Colt’s pain riddled bowels. Just like his finger, and tongue, Mark’s cock felt the fiery heat from within the boy’s anal kingdom. With more cock diving deeper, Mark slung his head straight back while grunting like a wild hog. Colt was in agonizing pain while Mark was experiencing pure pleasure. Colt could feel every massive inch forcing its way deeper and deeper into his bowels. At one point, in Colt’s mind, it felt like Mark’s gargantuan cock had long departed his anal canal, and was now in the process of destroying his ribcage, and all the organs in its path. Colt screamed at the top of his lungs, “OHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUCCCKKK! OWWWWWWWWWWW, OWWWWWWWWW, FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK, IT FUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKIIIIIINNNNNGGGG HUUUURRRRRRRTTTTTTSSSSSSSS!” It was then that Mark stopped pushing his cock, and asked, “Do you want me to pull it out?” Colt was flinging his head from side to side as he screamed, “NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOO! UHHHHHHHHHHH, FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” With one last thrust, Mark buried all 9.7 inches of ass packing meat inside Colt’s little ass. As soon as Mark’s cock bottomed out, Colt had his mouth wide open, and was now gasping for every breath. Mark fought to hold himself still, doing the best he could to give Colt some needed time to adjust having his meat wagon stuffed inside his anal trail. About a minute later, and not being able to control himself any longer, Mark started withdrawing his cock out of Colt’s ass all the way up to the point the crown of his thick cockhead broached the boy’s anal seal, and then slowly drove it all the way back home. Each time Mark’s cock made its withdrawal, Colt felt like his insides were being vacuumed out of his asshole, and then with each inward thrust, it felt like his insides were being pulverized. A couple of minutes later, Mark went from a slow and steady pace to somewhat of a hammering pace. It was while Mark’s cock was shooting in and out of his ass when something inside Colt’s body snapped, and in doing so, the mind searing pain suddenly vanished, and now Colt was being flooded with euphoric pleasures he had never felt before. Colt screamed, “Fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee! Oh fuuuucccckkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee, yessssssssssss, oh gaaaaawwwwddddd yesssssssssssssssss!” Even as he started slamming his cock in and out of Colt’s ass, Mark realized that the tunnel his cock was now pile driving was the absolute most hottest, and definitely the tightest his cock had ever been in before. Mark watched as Colt’s eyes, once again, rolled into the back of his head, and the boy was mumbling softly while making hissing sounds. Up to now, the only cock that had ever fucked his ass belonged to his 16 year old friend, but the mammoth cock whipping in and out of his ass at the present moment was giving him more pleasures than words could ever hope to express. Colt never wanted to feel Mark’s big ass horse cock depart his ass! Fifteen ass banging minutes later, Colt screamed, and then his flaccid cock began shooting the clear liquid once more. Mark not only saw it, but felt it as the warm spray shot in between their stomachs. While Colt was screaming while in pure ecstasy, Mark’s swinging balls slapped the starch out of Colt’s ass with each and every hammering thrust. During the next 20 minutes, Mark varied his pace, but in the end, he simply could not avoid the inevitable, and now was shooting thick globs of man goo even deeper into Colt’s bowels. By now, Colt was so far out of it that he didn’t even know what planet he was on, much less realize his bowels were being flooded. As for Mark, feeling his cum blast out of his cock was even more pleasurable than even he thought possible. He literally beat his cock into the boy’s ass as hard as he could, and didn’t let up until his now flaccid meat slipped completely out. With very little sense left, Mark unhooked Colt’s ankles from behind the boy’s head, and held onto Colt’s legs as he placed them on top of the bed. Mark was completely exhausted, and as he sat on the edge of the bed eyeing Colt, it was then that he came to the realization of what he had just done. He had just had sex with an eleven year old boy, and the more he thought about it, the more he found himself liking it. In fact, in Mark’s mind, he told himself that he had just had the best sex he had ever had, and if Colt wanted more, he damn sure would be more than happy to oblige him. While Colt was still way out of it, Mark stripped the bed, and replaced the dirty sheets with clean ones. He rolled Colt’s body from one side to the next so he could replace the dirty sheets. With the new sheets in place, Mark covered Colt’s naked body with the fresh sheets and blankets, and then went to go take a shower. Since Colt was already in his bed, Mark slipped in, and then rolled Colt close to him, on his left side, and it wasn’t long after that before Mark was fast asleep. Mark woke up around 3am, and after taking a long piss, he went back to bed. Somewhere in his sleep, Mark dreamed he was on his back, and Colt was on top of him, and was in the process of impaling his little ass on Mark’s anal weapon of mass destruction. He could even hear Colt’s hissing sounds and whimpers, and then he actually felt the familiar fiery heat greet his cock as it began plowing its way deeper and deeper into the boy’s piping hot ass. In his dream, Colt had managed to sit down on a good five inches, and was making all sorts of sounds as he braved through the pain to swallow more of Mark’s meaty cock. The dream was so real that Mark’s eyes shuttered open, and it was then when he realized that he wasn’t dreaming. As soon as his eyes met Colt’s, Colt pantingly said, “I couldn’t help it, honestly I couldn’t. I woke up, and saw your pecker all boned up, and just had to have it back inside of me. God Mark, your cock is soooooooooooo fucking big! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’ve got to have it, have it all up in meeeeeeeeeeeee!” With his knees impaling into the mattress on either side of Mark’s body, Colt sat back, and let the remainder of the thick beef shoot all the way up his ass. Mark cried out while he slammed both of his hands onto Mark’s stomach. Colt was slinging his head all over the place while his body began shaking wildly. Seconds later, Colt managed to raise himself off of his knees, and was now sitting on Mark’s cock with his feet on top of the bed. Colt was hissing and mumbling like crazy as he started bouncing up and down, and with each downwards thrust of his ass, he would gyrate it back and forth, and then lift up all the way until the crown of Mark’s cockhead was close to his love entrance, and then slam his ass back down on the overly thick pole. Over and over again, Colt used his ass to fuck Mark’s throbbing cock. Mark reached out with his right hand, and began softly jerking on Colt’s four inches of hardened pride while his left hand cupped, and caressed Colt’s hairless round jewels. Colt screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaawwwwdddddd, this feels sooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooodddddd!” Two minutes into it, Colt was flopping up and down like a fish out of water, and Mark was jerking the boy’s cock while caressing his precious silky smooth balls. Colt was thrashing wildly when his cock shot out a long watery rope of pure boy gold which struck Mark’s upper lip. Mark held his mouth open as he captured the rope of cum as more rapid spurts came rocketing out of Colt’s cock. Mark moaned loudly as he dined on the boy’s delicious morning offering. Mark smeared some of Colt’s own cum on his cock, and was now using the boy’s cum to stroke his hard vessel while the boy wildly rode Mark’s cock. It was going on four minutes later, and Mark knew he wouldn’t last too much longer when Colt’s cock erupted once more, firing short rockets of boy cream onto Mark’s stomach. With Colt’s cock now shooting short spurts of cum, the boy’s anal muscles snatched a firm hold on Mark’s thrusting cock, and that was all the extra attention needed for Mark’s cock to erupt, and was now shooting thick ropes of man cream up the boy’s fiery hot rectum. Now, both were screaming as their orgasms tore through their body like the winds from a category 5 hurricane. Mark’s hand beat Colt’s cock into total submission, and with the boy’s cock now completely limp, it just slid out of Mark’s grasp as Colt wildly bounced a few more times before rolling to his right, landing squarely on the bedding, panting as if he had just ran a marathon. Mark was breathing heavily as well, and he just lay there, basking in the vast pleasures as to what had just transpired. A short time later, Colt scooted off the bed, and while gripping his butt cheeks together, scampered off to the other bathroom. Mark knew his recently deposited load of thick man cream was just itching to be set free, so with that in mind, Mark went into his own bathroom and took a shower. When Mark was done in the bathroom, he remained nude as he walked into the kitchen, and was making them some breakfast. When Colt walked into the kitchen, he smiled as he noticed the stud of a man still bare ass naked. Colt had already decided he wasn’t going to wear any clothes while inside with Mark. Colt’s asshole was on fire from the recent pounding, but it hurt so damn good! Even now, looking at Mark’s floppy soft cock, it was all Colt could do to not jump up and start sucking it. Colt also came to the conclusion that he was done messing around with boys close to his age. After having sex with Mark, a real man’s man, boys his age was just a waste of time. Boys his age is nothing more than a quick suck and fuck, and that’s it. With Mark, it was a hell of a lot more, not to mention, Colt felt things he never could have ever possibly imagined. Since there was no school on account of the pandemic, Mark and Colt spent each and every day in each other’s arms. Colt helped with the farm work, and after two months, his asshole was always welcoming to Mark’s big cock. During this timeframe, there wasn’t a day that went by that they did not have sex at least twice a day, and more times than not, four or five times. To say the least, neight could get enough of the other! Into the third month, Colt was more relaxed than ever, and felt right at home with Mark. They had been to town a few times, and without any altercations, so Colt was just about to forget about his stepdad, Buster, and his stripper of a mom. It was Thursday, and Colt and Mark were in town to gather some supplies. Since it was going on lunchtime, it was decided they would stop in at the local diner to get some lunch. While in the diner, which already has several customers, Sheriff Avery walked in and sat down at their table. Colt remained silent as Mark and the Sheriff did most of the talking. Their conversation was just normal talk, mainly about the farm and its produce. One of the Sheriff’s deputy’s came in, and also sat down at their table. Colt didn’t know who this deputy was, but from the conversation, he gathered that Mark knew him, or at least, somewhat knew him. The waitress had just put their meals down in front of them when a man rushed in, and ran up to the Sheriff, and said, “Sheriff, it’s Buster and his boys, and I can tell from the look on his face, he ain’t up to no good! I thought I’d give you a heads up, cause he ain’t nothing but trouble!” The Sheriff looked at Mark, and said, “You and Colt go on and get out the backdoor, and I’ll do my best to hold him off for a while.” Mark had just taken a bite out of his burger, washed it down with some sweet tea, and then calmly said, “You know Sheriff, when it comes to bullies, they only pick on those they know they can scare. They feed off of fear! But, when they run across someone who stands up to them, then that throws them off of their game. I ain’t gonna run, and it’s high time I meet this Buster. Sheriff, I know you got to do your job, but I’m planning on taking the one thing that means the most to this bully, Buster!” Sheriff Avery asked, “I know what you’re saying, but what on earth can you take from that evil son-of-a-bitch?” Mark stood up, and while looking down, smiled, and calmly said, “His reputation! Seems to me that everybody is afraid of this guy, so when I whip his ass, his tough guy reputation will be shot to shit! Do me a favor, and just look after Colt. You can do whatever you gotta do once this shit is all over, but today, the bully meets the bull!” Colt was already crying, and jumped up and hugged Mark while pleading, “Please Mark, please don’t go. Buster is a fighter, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Please, please, I’m begging you, please don’t go!” Mark was rubbing Colt’s hair with his right hand, and replied, “It’ll be alright, I promise you! You see Colt, sometimes in life, a man’s gotta take a stand. We all knew this day would come, so it’s time to put this to rest. Colt, I give you my word, I’ll be back, and then we can head on home.” About that time, Buster and four of his buddies walked into the diner.. For the first time, Buster and Mark got a good look at one another. Buster stood a good 6’6″ and weighed right around 300 pounds. From the scars on his face, Mark knew the man had been in plenty of fights, but that didn’t intimidate him not one bit. Buster on the other hand, eyed Mark up and down, and realized that he was about to square off with one big, burly, man. Buster swallowed hard, and looked by Mark, and saw Colt hugging the man for dear life. Buster forced an evil sounding chuckle, pointed at Colt, and then said, “Well, well, well if it ain’t the little cock sucking, piece of shit, faggot! I told ya boy, if I ever laid eyes on you again, I’d fucking kill ya! Well, let me…” Mark cut him off by saying, “You talk mighty big talking that shit to a young boy, so how about trying that shit with me! I know how bad you are, and I’ve seen just how bad you whipped up on a young boy, but I’m itching to find out if you can do the same thing with a man!” Buster eyed him through squinted eyes, and grinned while saying, “Ok boys, we got ourselves one tough mother fucker here! He obviously don’t know who the fuck I am! Look mother fucker, the way I see it, there’s five against one, so you might as well get the fuck out of here if you know what’s good for you!” The Sheriff was about to speak when Mark interjected, “Five huh? Well, do you need more time to call some more friends, cause right now, it just don’t seem like much of a fair fight to me. I tell you what, how about we knock off all this jaw jacking, and get down to business. Buster, that’s your name ain’t it? I can either whip your ass in here, or we can take it outside, those are your only two choices, so which one will it be?” Buster was off his game having never been spoken to like this before. The man in front of him was a mountain of a man, but knowing he has his friends with him, he figured they could take him. Buster already had his hands balled up into a tight fist, and also knowing there were several customers in the diner watching, he knew he had to do something, and do it fast. Mark was no stranger to fighting, and he already knew that Buster was the kind of bully, who now being called out, would go out of his way to throw a sucker punch. Mark had already guided Colt back to his chair, and was standing, facing Buster with the left side of his body bladed in such a way that once Buster threw a punch, he would be able to dodge it, and retaliate. The Sheriff was just about to stand up when Buster yelled, “Sit your ass down old man before you get fucking hurt!” Mark saw Buster rear back with his right hand to fire a shot, and as Buster swung a wild right hook, Mark stepped back and watched Buster’s fist fly by his face, and then he hammered Buster with a hard right straight jab right in between the bully’s eyes causing Buster’s head to snap backwards, and then Mark delivered a crushing left hook to the right side of Buster’s face. Like lightning, Mark delivered his third blistering punch by hammering his right fist right on the bridge of Buster’s nose. Now, both of Buster’s eyebrows were laid wide open, and bleeding profusely. His nose was plainly broken, probably in several different places, and blood was free falling from it. The gut wrenching sound of Mark’s punishing blows sounded like a heavy pipe striking brittle bone. Buster took a couple of steps backwards before dropping to both knees. Blood was pouring from his face, but it was Mark who stepped to his right, and struck one of Mark’s friend’s in the face with a hard overhand right that sent the guy reeling backwards, and then made a loud thud sound as he hit the floor. Another of Buster’s friend’s tried to kick Mark, but he missed badly, but Mark didn’t as he sent the man flying with a powerful uppercut. Both of Buster’s friends were unconscious before they ever hit the hard tiled floor. The two remaining friends had seen enough, and they were literally fighting one another to see who could get out of the door first. Mark turned his attention back to Buster, who was sitting on his knees, in a daze, bleeding very badly. Mark looked at Buster, and then cordially said, “So, you like beating up young boys huh!” Mark delivered a thunderous blow from his right fist that hit Buster square into his mouth. Before Buster could fall back, Mark peppered Buster’s face with several left and right hooks. Buster was now flat on his back, and he was in a state of semi consciousness. Mark stood to the right of Buster, looking down at the bully he had just beaten to a bloody pulp. On the floor, some of Buster’s teeth were scattered about. Mark reached down, and snatched a handful of Buster’s shirt, and slung the man to his feet, and then slammed him hard up against the counter. With his left hand filled with the front of Buster’s bloody shirt, Mark looked him dead in his bloody eyes, and calmly stated, “If I ever hear you threaten Colt again, I’ll come a calling, and when I do, I’ll be bringing death with me! Do you hear me? (Buster nodded his head) And another thing, I’m gonna go and see the judge to get custody of Colt, and if his mom refuses to sign, then each and every day that there is a delay, I’m gonna hunt you down, and beat the living shit out of you! Understand? (Buster nodded his head) If you ever touch Colt again, you won’t be able to hide under a grain of sand that I won’t find you, and when I do, I will kill you! Do you understand? (Once again, Buster nodded his head) Two of your friends decided they didn’t want any of this, and the other three are on the floor. I don’t wanna hear a sound from any of ya. Leave this place, and don’t ever come back, cause if you do, I’ll be waiting!” Mark just released Buster’s shirt, when out of nowhere, Colt ran up, and kicked Buster square in his nuts, causing the beaten man to crash loudly onto the floor. Colt looked at Buster, and said, “From where I’m standing, you don’t look so tough at all! Oh yeah, here’s one more for the road you lowlife piece of shit!” Colt reared his right foot back, and kicked the man once more dead center in his nuts. Sheriff Avery stood up, and was reaching back for his handcuffs when Mark said, “I’d be much obliged if you would let them go. What he’s going back to will be a hundred times worse than jail. You see Sheriff, his pride has been stripped, and his reputation shot all to hell. He’s beaten, and now he’s gonna have to live with that. I’d say, that’s good enough!” The Sheriff sat down, and Mark went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Upon returning from the bathroom, he sat back at his table, and went back to eating his burger as if nothing had ever happened. Buster and his two friends were stirring around, but Buster fell every time he tried to get to his feet. Eventually, his two friends, both bleeding heavily, struggled to help Buster out of the diner. At first, the diner was silent, and everyone in there was basically stunned at seeing Mark, a man they all knew as being a gentle giant, handling business in the manner he had just done. Some of the patrons grabbed their cell phones, and made calls as to what had just happened. Even Sheriff Avery was somewhat taken back having just witnessed Mark beat the living hell out of a man he knew could fight, not to mention, two of his friends as well. While they were eating, Sheriff Avery’s cell phone rang, and it was the Sheriff of the county in which Buster lives. He had already heard the news about Buster being manhandled, and beat to a bloody pulp. Sheriff Avery confirmed it, but didn’t want to say too much since Mark was sitting right across from him. One of the patron’s inside the diner who witnessed the beat down walked up to Mark, and said, “I will be more than happy to assist you with the documents needed in order for you to obtain custody of this young man. My name is Cheryl, and I specialize in areas such as this. (She handed Mark her business card) If the two of you stop by my office tomorrow, I can get things started.” When Mark and Colt were leaving, everyone stood up, and started clapping. As soon as they left, everyone was chattering about the fight. Sheriff Avery loudly said, “When Buster told Mark there was five against one, I damn near shit my pants when Mark calmly told him that it doesn’t seem fair, dikmen escort and if he wants, he can call some more of his friends. Now, that’s some shit right there! I know I’m the Sheriff, and I ain’t supposed to condone shit like this, but I have to admit that it sure as hell felt pretty damn good watching ole Buster get the tar beat out of his sorry ass. And, oh what about when young Colt kicked Buster square in the nuts, not once, but twice! I pert near fell out of my chair! Yeah, Mark was spot on when he said Buster would be leaving without his pride, and his reputation is now shot to shit!” When Mark and Colt got into Mark’s truck, all Colt wanted to talk about was the fight. The drive to Mark’s house was about twenty minutes away, and it was Colt who did all the talking. Mark finally spoke, “It does nobody any good to talk about things like that back at the diner. What’s done is done!” Mark’s words may have been true, but that certainly didn’t stop some folks from spreading what had transpired at the diner. Within a couple of hours, everyone in Buster’s town knew about his getting his ass whipped, and whipped good. Heck, the news spread out to roughly 12 counties, and there wasn’t a single person who felt sorry for Buster at all. Some of the folks at the diner had taken pictures of a busted up Buster, and a couple of people had used their cell phones to tape the entire fight. By now, most everyone heard, and or had seen, the badass bully getting his sorry ass stomped. When they got back home, Mark and Colt went to work doing their daily farm work, and feeding the animals. By late afternoon, they had finished their work, and were both standing at the sink brushing their teeth naked. Looking at the mirror, Colt watched Mark’s flaccid hammer swing as the hulk of a stud brushed his teeth. It was at this very moment in time, Colt had never felt safer. While looking at Mark’s six inch soft cock swing all over the place, Colt’s mind recalled the fight at the diner, and how easily Mark had dealt with not only just Buster, but his two friends as well. They had pre planned their evening meal to be steaks and loaded baked potatoes, and the steaks had been marinating since yesterday in Mark’s special marinating sauce. Both were in the shower together, and while Mark was facing the wall closest to the showerhead, Colt was behind him lathering up Mark’s back area. Mark moaned as Colt’s little fingers slid across his flesh, sending a chorus of lightning bolts rippling throughout his entire body. Colt’s soapy hands slid all over Mark’s muscular, and very shapely butt, and then his fingers dove in between those chiseled mounds of pure muscle, and only stopped once they struck Mark’s butthole. Feeling Colt’s fingers chime onto his asshole caused Mark to lurch upwards on his toes while placing both hands on the wall in front of him. Colt’s fingers deliberately toyed with Mark’s butthole for a couple of minutes before he slid his right soapy middle finger straight up Mark’s shocked anal canal. Mark’s body began shaking as the finger inside his rectum danced its way to utter perfection. Then, Colt inserted another finger, and then another. In less than four minutes, Colt had all of his fingers inside Mark’s ass except his thumbs, and with his hands open, he was sliding his palms back and forth. When four fingers of his right hand shot inside Mark’s butt, the four fingers of his left hand made their partial withdrawal. Mark didn’t know whether to hiss from the pain, or grunt from the agonizing pleasures now racing throughout every square inch of his massive body. Colt took his right hand away from Mark’s ass just long enough to cut off the water, and then went back to work using his fingers to fuck the man’s scorching hot anal canal. Mark’s cock was hard as a rock, and he caught himself thrusting his ass backwards onto Colt’s thrusting fingers. Colt used the fingers of his left hand to soap up his aching boner, and then used his right hand to guide Mark to bend over. Colt’s young cock had never been inside anything before, and Mark’s ass had never had a cock inside it either, but all that was fixing to change. Colt used his right hand to guide his four inch missile onto Mark’s soapy asshole, and in one quick thrust, shoved his cock straight up Mark’s ass which caused Mark to howl from the sharp, and sudden, pain. With his hands now locked onto each of Mark’s hips, Colt showed no mercy whatsoever as he hammered Mark’s ass with forceful pile driving thrusts. Mark felt the burning pain of being fucked, but he was also starting to feel a sense of pleasure, and now with his mind reeling from a wild mixture of pain and pleasure, he was more than just a bit confused at having his ass deflowered. With Colt banging away at Mark’s ass, it didn’t take long at all for his orgasm to rip through his body, and now his cock was spitting glorious ropes of boy milk into Mark’s bewildered bowels. Colt was thrashing and slamming his cock as fast and as hard into Mark’s ass as hard as he could while moaning, and grunting, ever so loud. With no more cum to sling out, that didn’t stop Colt from fiercely fucking Mark’s ass with nonstop power slamming thrusts. Mark did discover that when he clamped down with his anal muscles, his entire body was being fueled by pleasures he never knew existed. Now, with Mark’s bone crushing anal muscles violently attacking his thrusting cock, Colt was now steadily whimpering while slinging his head all over the place. Three minutes later, Colt was now dumping his second load inside Mark’s ass, and continued to wildly fuck the man until his cock simply gave out, and slipped completely out. Colt was holding onto the side of the shower wall as Mark slowly raised his upper body upwards. Mark’s cock was as hard as stone, and was dripping globs of precum. Mark used the same soap and lathered up his cock, and when he turned around, he leaned over and locked his lips onto Colt’s, and their tongues instantly embarked on a loving journey. While they kissed, Mark used his right middle finger to pry into, and dive deep, into Colt’s anal oven.Mark picked Colt up so that their upper bodies were touching one another, and Colt had wrapped his legs around Mark’s lower back area. With Colt’s legs locked onto his body, Mark maneuvered Colt in such a way that their tongue sucking was not interrupted, but now his hard cock was lined up perfectly for what was fixing to happen next. Colt’s long grunt vibrated down Mark’s throat as he fed the boy’s asshole his entire cock. By now, Colt was used to Mark’s cock, and had no problem taking every thick inch in one steady jolt. Using Colt’s own body against him, Mark began pounding the hell out of Colt’s ass, and as he did, Colt’s watery cum came ripping out of Mark’s ass like a volcano exploding, but at this point in time, Mark certainly didn’t care. For ten ass shredding minutes, Mark whipped his meaty cock in and out of Colt’s hungry ass, and continued to assault Colt’s ass while his manly thick cum shot one gooey strand after another deep into the boy’s magical rectum. Mark didn’t stop after he shot his load, and in fact, as if it were even possible, he increased his fast paced, flesh hammering, anal assault to a much higher level. Colt was already in la la land, and Mark felt the warmth of the watery liquid shoot in between their bodies. Even as he fucked the starch out of Colt’s ass, he couldn’t help not to wonder what the liquid was. It was coming out like piss, but it didn’t smell like it at all. Nevertheless, Mark whipped his cock in and out of Colt’s ass while slinging the boy’s light body onto his hammering meat. Fifteen heart pounding, ass packing, tongue sucking, minutes later, Mark was feeding Colt’s ass another round of thick cock snot. Mark never let up his hammering thrusts until his flaccid cock plopped out of Colt’s cum filled ass. Colt’s body was shaking badly as Mark gently sat Colt down onto the hump inside the shower. While Colt was sitting on the hump, that didn’t stop Mark’s recent deposit from blowing itself out of the boy’s speck of a pooper. Colt was so far out of it that he didn’t even know he was now shitting out Mark’s cum. Mark cut the water back on, and once it was warm, he began hosing down Colt, stopping just under Colt’s neck, and washed all of his thick man cream into the drain. Each time Mark washed his cum down the drain, more of his cum came rocketing out of Colt’s ass. Mark steadily hosed the area down, and in doing so, some more of Colt’s cum came ripping out of his ass, spitting pure boy gold all over the shower wall behind him. All Mark could do was smile as he spent the next few minutes washing their cum down the drain before turning the showerhead on himself, and finished up taking his shower. Colt was still on the hump, and seemingly very much out of it, so Mark started giving Colt a shower. When he was done cleaning Colt up, Mark stepped out of the shower and toweled himself dry. Colt was just now starting to come to, so Mark handed him a towel, and then went into the kitchen to prepare their meal. A little while later, Colt came stumbling in, and as soon as they saw one another, Colt smiled, and softly said, “Dang Mark, you fucked me senseless, but I ain’t about to complain any!” Mark snickered, and then shot back, “Yeah, well my ass used to be a virgin, but thanks to you, I can’t say that anymore!” Outside, Mark was tending to the steaks on the grill while Colt sat in one of the lounge chairs looking on. They both had their coats on, but other than that, they were both naked. Once again, Colt’s mind took him back to earlier that day when Mark whipped Buster’s ass. Mark stood up for him, and nobody had ever done that for Colt before, not even his own mom. The more Colt thought about things, the more he was coming to the conclusion that he was madly in love with Mark. It wasn’t just the great sex they shared, but it was everything about the hulking stud that warmed Colt’s young heart. Mark was also thinking along the same lines as Colt was. It’s wasn’t just sex with Colt, but he realized that he loves the boy more than life itself. He just couldn’t imagine living life without Colt in it. He had made up his mind that he would do everything he could to obtain custody of Colt. Early the following morning, Mark woke up to Colt sucking his cock. Colt didn’t stop until he had swallowed every tasty drop of Mark’s thick man cream. They then brushed their teeth and took a shower. Since they were going to meet Cheryl at her office in town, they decided to grab some breakfast at the diner. As soon as they walked in the diner, everyone greeted them as if they were the local heroes. After they were seated, and gave their order, they just sat and talked about life in general. When their meal arrived, they ate while talking about their upcoming meeting with Cheryl. Neither knew what to expect, and both were excited and nervous in regards to what will happen next in regards to Colt being legally placed in the custody of Mark. After paying for their breakfast, Mark and Colt walked inside Cheryl’s office. Cheryl greeted them and took them into her office where there was already Sheriff Avery, a well dressed lady, a man wearing a three piece suit, and the Sheriff of the county where Colt’s mom lives seated inside Cheryl’s office. When they walked in, everyone stood up, and Sheriff Avery shook Mark’s hand, and as if almost bragging, said, “After you whipped Buster’s ass yesterday, they took him straight to the hospital. Well, that boy’s got a shit load of stitches on each of his eyebrows, and his right eye socket was damn near crushed. Per the report, his nose was broken in four different spots, and his jaw is wired shut on account of it being broken in several spots. They say his eyes are so swollen, that they’re swollen shut! Hell, according to the report, you knocked out six of his teeth, and broke two of his ribs on his right side, and three on his left. Yeah, he’s even had to get the back of his head stitched up too! And thanks to young Colt here, I hear tell that his nuts are as big as grapefruits, and he’s pissing nothing but blood. Ah hell, I was told that the nurses in the emergency room thought he’d been in one hell of an automobile crash, but when they found out that he got an ass whipping, well um, they knew he deserved it. Shit Mark, that boy is still in the hospital, and probably will be there for at least a week or two.” The other Sheriff walked over and shook Mark’s hand, and then said, “Sir, it’s a damn good honor meeting you! I tell ya what, I sure fire wish I’d had been there to see that sorry sons-a-bitch get an ass whipping like that. Hell, I saved the video of it on youtube!” Mark looked at both of the Sheriffs, and said, “I reckon y’all will be hauling me to jail!” Sheriff Avery jumped in, “Ah hell naw Mark! If I could, I’d give your ass a damn parade and the key to the county! No, you ain’t gonna be going to jail, but we are here to help you get custody of Colt. I’m gonna let the Sheriff tell you the news.” The other Sheriff spoke, “Well, it’s like this, and I really don’t know how to sugar coat it, so I’m just gonna spit it out. When we heard you whipped his sorry ass, we took that opportunity to serve Buster and his wife, the boy’s mom, a search warrant. We knew that they had been selling dope, and we couldn’t get no help from the state, so after we got word that he wouldn’t be in no shape to put up a fight, we not only found drugs, but we also found a stash of child porn. It seems that they had installed hidden cameras in Colt’s bathroom and bedroom, and they had been selling his pictures on the internet. Before you even ask, yes, most of them were of Colt naked. Just so you know, we locked up his mom, and we now have deputies guarding Buster, so once he’s able to get out of the hospital, his sorry ass is going straight to jail. We have them on several felony drug charges, and we’re still stacking felony charges against them for child porn. Mark, this young lady here is Rebecca, and she’s with Child Protective Custody, and that fine dress fellow over there is Judge Dixon. Rebecca’s got to have a word with Colt in private, and then we are gonna expedite putting Colt in your custody!” Rebecca and Colt went into one of the other offices while everyone else stayed in Cheryl’s office. Initially, it was Rebecca asking Colt the standard questions, questions such as state your full name, date of birth, and stuff along those lines. It got a little more serious when Rebecca asked, “Now Colt, please share with me what life was like living with your mom, and your stepdad. Please don’t hold anything back, and if you have been molested or assaulted, I will need to know that as well, and just to remind you, our conversation is being recorded.” Colt didn’t hold anything back, and by the time he was finished, Rebecca was in tears. Buster never sexually molested him, but he made it a point to walk in on him while he was in the bathroom all the time. Oftentimes, Buster would blatantly watch Colt take a shower, but at no time did Colt recall Buster ever doing anything to him in a sexual nature. He did let her know about the many, many beatings he received by both Buster and his mom, and how they would often make him sit on the floor butt ass naked while they watched television as a form of punishment. Although he was honest with her, he intentionally decided not to enlighten her about the details of him and his 16 year old friend having sex. After Rebecca wiped the tears from her eyes, she asked, “Okay Colt, please let me know why we should allow Mark to take custody of you. How has living at Mark’s been? What all do the two of you do there, and please let me know if Mark in any way has tried to seduce you?” Colt cleared his throat, and then spoke, “Well ma’am, I’ve never felt safer than I have living with Mark. I work on his farm with him, and we take care of all of the animals. There’s always plenty of food, and I have my own bed, and my own bathroom. To me, he’s more than just a friend. He’s more like the father I’ve always wished I had. He takes time to explain things to me, and if I have a question, he don’t mind stopping whatever he’s doing to answer it. As far as Mark doing anything to seduce me, well all I can say is absolutely not! He’s bought me clothes, including pajamas, and he don’t pester me when I’m in the bathroom. Like I said, I’ve never felt safer in my life, and unlike what I was used to, Mark ain’t never laid a hand on me. Heck, he ain’t so much as raised his voice at me come to think of it. I can’t tell ya what to do, but if I don’t go back with Mark, well um, I’m gonna let ya know right now that I’ll just run away.” In Cheryl’s office, Judge Dixon was basically doing the same thing with Mark, asking him questions in regards to Colt’s living situation with him. Mark answered each and every question, and made sure the Judge was aware that Colt had his own bedroom, and bathroom. When Colt and Rebecca walked back in, this time Mark and Colt had to leave Cheryl’s office so the group could talk freely without them being there. Mark could see how nervous Colt was, so he said, “Relax, it’s gonna be alright!” Colt, in a whisper, said, “I’ll be glad when they let us know what their decision is.” Twenty-five long agonizing minutes went by before Mark and Colt were called back into Cheryl’s office. Once Mark and Colt were seated, the Judge stood up, cleared his throat, and said, “Due to the seriousness of this sad situation, it is by unanimous decision that Colt’s welfare will be legally declared that Mark be awarded full custody of Colt. Now, it’s gonna take us about a week to get all the paperwork completed, so we’ll give you a call to stop by, and sign them, and then, it will be official. (Looking at Colt) Son, ain’t none of us can go back in time and fix all the wrongs, but from here on out, I’d say you’re gonna have a mighty fine bright future with Mark. Now, if either of you ain’t got no questions, y’all can go celebrate now!” Mark and Colt thanked everyone, and were then on their way, headed home. Colt couldn’t stop smiling, and while looking at Mark, teasingly asked, “I reckon I got to call you daddy now, huh?” Mark grinned, glanced over at Colt, and then said, “Only when I’m packing that sweet little ass of yours!” Colt looked around to see if there was any traffic on the road, and when he figured the coast was clear, he scooted over closer to Mark, and started unbuckling Mark’s belt, and then eased the zipper all the way down. Reaching into the fly, Colt fished Mark’s flaccid cock out, and went to town working on the soft beast until it was rock solid hard. Colt wasn’t happy until he managed to pull out Mark’s bull sized balls and while his mouth and tongue performed their magic, his little fingers toyed with Mark’s nuggets. Mark had his left hand on the steering wheel while his right hand was massaging Colt’s head. Colt’s lips and tongue swirled all over Mark’s mammoth cockhead while Colt’s left hand stroked the thick shaft as the fingers of his right hand toyed with Mark’s hefty balls. Trying to drive, and stay in his lane, was something that was giving Mark a fit. Mark had just pulled onto his long driveway when his cock erupted, spewing thick globs of cum straight into Colt’s whimpering mouth. While Mark’s cock was shooting globs upon globs of thick gooey man cream down Colt’s throat, he was all over his dirt driveway, oftentimes, running off onto the side while steadily tapping the brake with his shaking right foot. He finally came to a complete stop while Colt was busy vacuuming out the last drops of man spunk. Colt swallowed all of Mark’s cum, and then placed a tender loving kiss directly on Mark’s piss lips before backing away while saying, “Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm goooooooooooddddddddd!” Even though it was cold outside, Colt had already stripped buck ass naked as Mark opened the door. Mark wasn’t even aware that Colt had stripped naked, and as soon as they were inside, Colt stepped in front of Mark, unbuckled Mark’s belt, and then snatched Mark’s pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles. They were already in front of the sofa, so when Colt gently shoved Mark backwards, Mark fell onto the sofa. Colt went back to work making oral love to Mark’s semi flaccid cock, and kept it up until Mark’s cock was rock hard and slick with Colt’s saliva. Colt quickly straddled Mark’s legs, and now their faces were facing one another as Colt guided Mark’s cock up to his asshole, and impaled himself on it. Colt hissed and whimpered as he sank his ass all the way down on Mark’s thick pole, and as soon as he bottomed out, Colt wildly began hopping up and down while sinking his lips onto Mark’s, and their tongues went wild with heartfelt passion. Two and a half minutes later, Colt yanked his mouth away from Mark’s, slung his head backwards, and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk, I’m, I’m, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk, cuuuuuuuMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGG!” Colt’s hands were locked onto Mark’s neck while both of Mark’s hands were firmly attached to both of Colt’s silky smooth butt cheeks. Without any assistance from any hands, Colt’s cock began shooting long ropey strands of boy goo in between their bodies. Colt was going totally ballistic, bouncing up and down, and grinding his cock hungry ass with each and every downward thrust. In the midst of his mind altering orgasm, Colt looked passionately into Mark’s eyes, and angelically whispered, “God, I love you soooooooooooooo much!” Mark was panting as he replied, “And I love you more than life itself!” Their lips met once more, and their tongues frolicked wildly inside the other’s mouth. While they embarked on a loving tongue sucking journey, Colt was still bouncing wildly up and down on Mark’s thick boner. Mark was even aiding as he timed Colt’s frantic thrusting motions. When Colt slammed his ass down, Mark jammed his meat upwards, and all Colt could feel was the blissful pleasures flowing throughout his entire body. They stayed like that for a good twenty or so minutes, and that’s when Mark’s cock surrendered, and fed the boy’s cum thirsty ass wads upon wads of cum. While Mark’s cock was erupting man spunk, Colt’s flaccid cock started streaming a steady flow of rather warm liquid. Mark could feel the watery substance between their bodies, but he didn’t care not one single bit. In less than a week, it was now official, Mark was awarded full custody of Colt. There wasn’t a day gone by that they didn’t partake in some form of sexual activity with one another. Four months later, Sheriff Avery had to retire, and without even running, the county voted Mark to be the new Sheriff. Mark accepted the position, and a year after that, with the farm becoming just too much to take care of, Mark sold his land, and he and Colt purchased a home close to his office. Even as the Sheriff, Mark and Colt never missed a day where they did not show their love for one another, and in fact, their love for one another seemingly grew. It was on a warm summer afternoon, and they were sitting on their porch overlooking the lake when Colt raised up his glass, smiled, and said, “Here’s to a bright future!” The End! Fantasy aol

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Kız arkadaşımın hediyesiydi Doğum günümdü ve kız arkadaşlarımdan biri aradı bi süprizi olduğunu evde buluşmamızı ve hiç bi yere söz…

Ergenlik Maceraları..

Ergenlik Maceraları.. Şahinle çocuklutan beri iyi anlaşır birlikte zaman geçirirdik. ergenlik çağımızdada herşeyi birlikte keşfetmiştik ailesi gündüzleri işte olduğu için…

Swingers ve Cuckold için ilk tecrübe karıma masör

Swingers ve Cuckold için ilk tecrübe karıma masör Evleneli iki yıl olmuştu çocukta olunca karım iyice ev hanımı ve anne…

Annemin Mesleğini Seçtim escort Oldum – 2

Annemin Mesleğini Seçtim escort Oldum - 2 Bir Cuma günü idi, (iş) telefonum çaldı, cevap verdim. Arayan hatırlı bir müşterimdi,…

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