A Chance Encounter

A Chance EncounterI wear panties. I love the feel as they encase my dick. The silk or lace fabric against my crotch is electrifying. When I wear panties I can’t keep my hands off my cock. It makes me more horny than almost anything else. So when I wear panties I also wear my overalls so I can have easy access to my crotch without anyone really knowing what I’m doing.So one day I put on some nice thong panties. I could feel my cock tingle as I arranged my balls and cock in the smooth fabric. Then I put on my regular shirt and overalls and went to the mall to look around. Of course I couldn’t go to the mall without gümüşhane escort bayan looking at the lingerie shop. As I was looking in the window, trying to not be obvious a woman came up to me and said “ I know what you are wearing. Go to the theater and sit in the back corner of the movie I’ll instruct you after that.”My cock stiffened just from those few words. There was no way I wouldn’t go to the theater. I sat by myself in the back corner. She was not there at all. I was starting to figure that she was outside laughing at what she had made me do. I felt foolish, but her words so excited me that escort gümüşhane I couldn’t help but wonder at the possibilities. Would that I would be controlled by a woman that wanted me to wear panties and maybe service her. I would be in heaven. The thing was I had no idea what she even looked like. This woman had come up behind me and told be to walk away without looking back so I really didn’t know anything about her. How stupid could I be? All of this went through my mind as I sat in the dark corner of the theater looking at any woman that walked in hoping she would be the one. Finally a woman gümüşhane escort bayan walked up the stairs and saw me. She sat down beside me and said “ I want your hand on my thigh now”I moved my hand over to her stocking clad thigh. The feel of the stocking sent shivers all the way to my panty encased cock. She took my wrist and slid my hand up her thigh to her crotch. I could feel her pussy start to moisten as I slid my fingers around her lips. She slid down and a bit and then slid her hand in the side of my overalls and down to my panties. “Nice” she cooed in my ear. We massaged each other for awhile until I managed to get her to climax. She took my hand and put it up to my face and rubbed her juices on my goatee. Then she said “I will be in touch my little panty boy.” With that she stood up pulled her panties off and stuffed them in my mouth straightened her skirt and walked off.

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