A Chapter from Peaches & Cream by Aishling Mor


A Chapter from Peaches & Cream by Aishling MorCatherine pushed open the press house door, stepped within and shut it quickly behind her. Immediately the biter wind that had been blowing across the levels all day was shut out, to be replaced by warm, still air, rich with the smell of apples. The building was a great, high barn, at the centre of which stood a massive stone trough, piled high with apples and straw. These were being crushed by a great round stone supported on a central shaft and drawn slowly around by a donkey whose musky scent mixed with that of the apples. Men were working in the building, a half-dozen of them, all young, including John Dunn, tending the press and the great barrels used for the fermentation and storage. To one side a wooden tub, full to the brim with used apple pulp.“And about time, too” Peter called out.“You should be thankful I`m here at all,” she answered. “Besides, I don`t call this work. Not besides looking after our bees, which is what I’ve been at all morning.”“Certainly it`s hard work,” John answered her. “Hard work.”“lifting a mug to your face? Hard enough for you. I dare say, John Dunn.” She answered him, drawing laughter from the others.He put down the mug he had been drinking and gave the boy next to him a light-hearted punch. This was another Jon, who responded in kind, leading to a brief tussle before they broke apart, laughing.“You need to grow up a little, the lot of you,” she said.”You`re doing men`s work, best to behave like men.”“Oh, we`re grown up enough,” the biggest of them, Sam, answered her. “And, from what I hear, Cousin John`s proved it to you!”There was general laughter as the blood rushed to Catherine`s face. She put down the basket she was carrying and immediately a hand took hold of her bottom, squeezing one plump cheek through her dress. She slapped it away, turning to find John grinning at her, which left her struggling to keep a smile off her face.“Get on with your work, the lot of you,” she chided.“Work goes at Harold`s pace, no more no less,” Sam answered her, jerking his thumb at the donkey.“Haven`t you anything to do besides tend the press? She demanded.“All done,” “ill, the youngest, told her.“Except for the drinking!” John added.“Looks like you`ve done enough of that, ”Catherine retorted. “Anyways, here`s bread and cheese for the lot of you.”Their attention turned to the food, breaking off chunks from the bread and cutting wedges of the hard yellow cheese. Catherine poured herself a mug of cider and sipped from it as she waited for them to finish. They continued to tease her, John especially, showing off and hinting at what he had done with her, she returned comment for comment, but with six of them it was impossible to hold her own and the blood was soon hot in her face. They noticed, and the teasing immediately grew worse.“So what`s she like, Cousin John, for real?” Peter asked as he swallowed the last of his bread and cheese.The question was earnest, breaking the light-hearted air of the teasing. John shrugged in response, his mouth still full of food as he answered.“I`d have thought you`d know,” he said.“Me?” Peter demanded.“You, why not? Not particular is he?”“Why, John Dunn!” Catherine broke in. “What a thing to say!”Her face was now a furious crimson, and it was impossible not to glance at Luke and Sam, both of whom had talked her into taking their cocks in her hand more than once. Luke was looking the other way. Sam returned a dirty grin.“Come on, John, for real?” Peter urged.“Find out for yourself, “John answered coolly. “Ask her nice enough and I dare say she`ll take you in the storeroom and tug you off.”“I`ll do no such thing!” Catherine stormed as a gale of laughter greeted the suggestion.“Why not, wrist to sore from it?” Sam demanded.“No,” John put in, “more like from frigging her own cunt!”“Does that, does she, the dirty baggage?”Peter asked.“Sure she does, most night,” Sam answered. “You must have heard her, for sure.”More laughter followed, and Catherine found herself unable to speak for embarrassment and sheer outrage. More often than not she played with herself when she went down on John`s cock, but she`d never imagined he let anybody else know. She also made a habit of it in bed, and the realisation gaziantep rus escort that the others had heard was, if anything, worse.“How can you say such things?” she demanded, finally gaining her voice. “I ought to tell father, and Uncle Lias, too. I ought to, and have the lot of you thrashed!”“Don`t take it hard Catherine, love,” John answered.“Why, most girls`d be flattered for the notice of six fine young men.”“Call yourselves men?” she snapped. “Why, you`re no more than a lot of dirty little boys!”“There she goes again, “Sam said. “Reckon we`re not men. Well, I say we should take her in the storeroom and proof it to her.”“Fine idea,” John answered, “a tug all round, and she can see who`s man or not. Who`s for it?”“I`ll do not such thing,” Catherine answered, getting to her feet only to find the massive Sam stepping between her and the safety of the door.“Come on Catherine, there`s no hard in it,” John urged. “At least give me a tug. I could use it, after all this talk.”“You`ve no one to blame but yourself for that,” she answered hotly.“No,” he answered. “I have to blame for that, my girl, with your fat tits and the way you wiggle that big arse. It`s more than any man can stand.”“I`m built the way I am, I can`t help that!” she exclaimed.“Hear that boys? She can`t help it.” He laughed“Why, that`s the best yet, the little tease. Come on, Catherine. Here, I`ll give you a start.With two quick motions he freed his cock, which was already half stiff. She took a step backwards, only to bump into Sam.“I`ll not do it,” she snapped, “least of all with you lot leering at me.”“In the storeroom then,” he said.”Can`t see why the others shouldn`t watch, though, and join in, too. I don`t care, for sure.“I`ll not!” she answered.“Come on with you,” Sam urged.”There`s no call to act the fine lady, not with us.”“Come on Catherine,” another said. “We don`t want to put in your cunt or nothing, just to do it in your hand.”“I`ll not!” she repeated, folding her arms across her chest.”And, if you don`t let me out this moment, I`ll be telling Father and Uncle Lias both.”“Let her go,” Will said. “She`s not game.”“Oh, but she is,” John answered. “You`ve a lot to learn, young Will. Now there`s a thought, Catherine love. Take Will and I, at the least. He`s not had a girl at all, I don`t think.”“I have that!” Will answered but only drew laughter from the others.“No,” Catherine said firmly.”It`s not decent, it`s not, with all you lot here.”“Now that`s just hard-hearted, Catherine,” Sam said.”Give poor Will his first. It`s no loss to you, after all.”“I`ll not do it,” she said defiantly. “now let me out!”“Fair enough,” Sam said, “but you`re regular cruel, you are.”“Cruel enough to need a lesson,” John said, “so here`s your choice Catherine. Help us with our cocks or it`s in the pressings with you.”As he spoke Catherine jumped to the side, intent on a dash to the door and safety, only for Sam`s huge arms to close around her, trapping her own. She kicked back, but he only laughed and hoisted her clear of the ground.“What`s it to be? John asked. “Our cocks or the spoilage tub? Your choice.”“let me down, you great bully!” she stormed, but for all her efforts she failed to sound really angry, and with that she was lost.“In the tub with her!” Peter called, and the others joined in immediately.“No!” she squealed. “No! I mean it, boys, no! You`ll ruin my dress!”“Fair enough, we wouldn`t want that,” John answered her. “Get it off her, then, boys!”Catherine shrieked as hands grappled for the fastenings of her dress. She fought, but it was useless. There was an hysterical giggle in her voice and her protests only made them laugh. Her dress was quickly pulled up over her head, leaving her blind. Eager hands immediately closed on her bottom and breasts, then the dress was off and she was in two sc****s of cloth, chemise and drawers, along with her knee stockings and shoes. Cries went up to strip her.“No!” she screamed. “That`s not decent! No, not that!”She ended her protest in a shriek as rough hands wrenched open her chemise. Her huge breasts spilled out, and as they came bar she felt a sudden thrill, making her fight more furiously than ever. They held on, and despite her screams and desperate struggles she was dragged to the tub of apple pulp. The level was close to the top, a great mass of crushed skins, pips and pulp, mixed with the straw from the press. She tried to kick, but two of them caught her legs, spreading them wide as she was lifted from the ground. Her drawers fell open, exposing her quim. With knowledge that the furry mound and fleshy pink folds of her sex were on show she redoubled her struggles, kicking and writhing in their grip, but only succeeding in making herself look ridiculous as well as rude. “No, you mustn`t!” she squealed as she was moved over the big tub, still kicking. “that`s for the pigs, that is! It`ll spoil!”“Nonsense, dare say you`ll improve the flavour,” Sam said and the others laughed. “come on, boys, on three! One! Two!….”“Stop!” Catherine screamed. “Stop it! I`ll do it!”It was to late: both of those holding her thrashing legs had let go, and as her full weight came on to Sam he dropped her. She went into the pulp, bum first, screaming in shock and despair as she hit with a splash, to the sound of the raucous laughter.Sitting in the mess, she could only clutch on to the sides of the tub, her face set in disgust as the apple pulp squashed up into the opening of her drawers, over her quim and up between her buttocks. All six men were convulsed with laughter, slapping their thighs or clutching their sides, Peter and John so overcome that they fell to their knees in helpless mirth.Trying desperately to look cross, Catherine began to pull herself out of the mess with a sticky, sucking sound, only for Sam to take her by the shoulders and push her firmly back down. Wet apple pulp squashed into the entrance of her vagina. She opened her mouth in wordless shock, her eyes closing, only to open her mouth abruptly as a hand locked in her hair and something hot and firm was shoved into her mouth.It was John, holding her by the hair as he forced his erect penis into her mouth to the sound of the others` catcalls and claps. She slapped at his thigh, kicking her feet in the muck as she struggled to get off his cock, but only provoked more laughter.“What`s the matter? You said you`d do it,” he demanded as he began to feed his cock in and out of her mouth.Catherine wanted to speak, to say that it wasn`t fair, that she`s agreed only if she didn`t go in the pulp, that she`d never said she`d do it in front of the others and, most of all, that she`s never promised to suck cock. All she managed was muffled noises as John fucked her head, easing his erection back and forth between her pursed lips.She was bear nude in front of them, her breasts on show, her quim on show, with her bottom sitting in wet, squishy apple pulp. It was to much, and with a last, angry slap at the surface of the pulp she gave in, started to suck on John, they saw and cheered, hands going to trouser fastenings, first Sam`s then the others, with Willy last as he conquered his shyness. John was grinning in triumph and pleasure as she sucked on his erection. She looked up, still trying to seem cross but failing miserably, not that they seemed to care one way or the other. Her arm was taken and her hand put to Sam`s cock. She began to tug at it and reached for another, taking Willy. His expression as he began to stiffen in her hand was not just of pleasure but of gratitude, making her fell motherly and less unhappy about what she was doing.Without her hands to support her she began to settle into the apple pulp, the cool mush rising slowly over her quim as she tried to keep all three men satisfied. She could feel it in the mouth of her vagina, and between her bottom cheeks, where something hard was tickling her anus. Her shame and chagrin at what had been done to her was fading as her excitement rose, and she found herself wanting to squirm her sex into the pulp, also to spread her thighs. With the last of her modesty she tried to stop herself, only for Willy`s cock to jerk in her hand and hot sperm to splash on out over her breasts. It was too much, and, with three lines of white sperm streaking her breasts and a single thick streamer hanging from one nipple, she opened her legs.Peter`s hand found her quim almost immediately, cupping her sex and slipping two fingers into her hole. A fair bit of apple pulp went up with them, wading into her vagina. John pulled her head back, keeping just the tip of his cock in her mouth despite her efforts to take more in. She looked up, finding him grinning down at her as he began to masturbate into her mouth, giving in to the inevitable, she took hols of his balls, feeling them and still jerking clumsily at Sam`s cock.Luke kneeled down by his brother, taking a handful of pulp and smearing it over Catherine`s breasts, first one, then the other. As her nipples stiffened fully under the pressure of his fingers and the slimy feel of apple pulp and sperm, she began to mouth on the head of John`s cock, suddenly desperate for his sperm despite the taste. He obliged, finishing himself off with a flurry of hard tugs to fill her mouth with hot, salty spunk. It burst from her lips as her pushed his cock down her throat, into which he did his second spurt. She swallowed, sucking hard until he pulled back, to leave her with her mouth full of sperm bubbles and a curtain of it hanging from her chin.The other John was erect, and watching with obvious delight, but hesitant to actually tough. Catherine smiled at him, reaching out to take his cock. For a moment he hung back, until her soft, eager fingers closed on his erection. She began to masturbate him, pulling him close until she could get him into her mouth.She had given in, completely abandoned to the hands on her body, and the eager cocks. It didn`t matter that Peter and Luke were fondling her body, nor that Sam was hard in her hand, even that John`s cock was in her mouth. It was to good to resist, and she was soon pulling the two men in, taking turns with their cocks in her mouth, one at a time, sucking on one jerking at the other. Sam came, all over her hand, then John, full in her face. Luke and Peter immediately took their places, taking the same treatment, hand and mouth, until at last they came, almost together, covering her face, breasts and hands with thick sticky come.Catherine was in heaven, and thinking of nothing but her demands of her body as her slippery hands went to her sex, two sperm-soiled fingers sliding straight into the wet, open hole of her vagina. She was going to masturbate, in front of them all, and she didn`t care. She spread her thighs wide to the room, slapping a handful of pulp on to her quim and mushing it in. More went over her breasts, smeared on to her fat globes and rubbed over her nipples, before her hands went back to her sex, one to spread her lips, one to masturbate with.“The dirty strumpet!” Sam exclaimed.“Six men and she needs to diddle herself!” Luke added.“Let`s give her a seventh!” John put in.She barely heard them, aware of their presence only as an audience to make what she was doing ever ruder.Her eyes were closed, her fingers working on her quim, her head full of the cool, squashy feeling of the pulp in her vagina and over her breasts. When a thick, soft cock was placed in her hands she instinctively began to tug at it, realising it belonged to Harold only when it had stiffened to impossible large proportions. By then she was close to orgasm that she didn`t care, but kept tugging at it, delighted by the sheer maleness of the monstrous thing as it grew in her hands until her fingers could no longer circle it.Her thigh were wide open, her hand slapping on her sex, smacking at her clitoris and catching the little bud over and over with her fingers. The boys had stood back, gaping at her as she started to come. She was groaning, calling out in ecstasy, and at the last moment jerking her head round to stuff the end of Harold`s cock into her open mouth. At that instant it erupted, spraying an enormous quantity of thick white come full in her face. Immediately she was sucking at it, gulping down the sperm, then rubbing the huge leathery head over her face, smearing the mixed come across her features as she snatched frantically at her quim in unbearable ecstasy.When her orgasm finally began to subside it was replaced by a great rush of shame. Harold`s cock was still in her hand, the last of his come dribbling out over her breasts. She dropped it hurriedly, her lower lip starting to shake as her eyes flicked from one amazed face to another. They were all looking at her, gaping, not even John Dunn finding the words for a joke or witty remark.

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