A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 02


(My e-mail exchanges and instant chats with Natalie continued apace. With some editing from me to correct much mis-spelling in the excitement of the moment. I have kept the capitals though – regarded as a raised voice in this context.)


Oh Sarah. That was a fantastic session yesterday – do you know that you took my internet virginity! And it was so marvelous. I never knew sex on the internet could be so real! So different, but so fucking exciting. What an orgasm! I relived it in the ladies room before I had to dash to my meeting. I was late! And it was all your fault. But I forgave you!

Thanks Natalie. You are so kind and forgiving! Your daughters are very lucky to have an understanding mother when it comes to sex. Listening to your daughter masturbating must have been so very erotic for you! What about the other daughters. Do they masturbate for mum? You’d like that, I know! How old are they by the way?

Sarah, I would love to watch all my girls masturbate. The youngest is just turned eighteen. Fresh into college. Millie is twenty-one and has a boy friend. I have been having a fantasy lately that all three of my girls, plus my girlfriend Ann, my sister Dora and I, are all on a giant bed masturbating. We all cum at the same time and we lick the cum off each others fingers. Every time I dream about that I cum so fast!

I asked Ann if she would like to have sex with Dora while I watched. She said she would love it! Dora is divorced as well as me! But no children. And my sister said she would love to have sex with Ann if it would not upset me. This is one fantasy that may come true. Oh my! Can’t wait.

Gosh Natalie, you sound one very sexy family! I’d love to join in with your fantasy group sessions! Do tell me all about your threesome with Ann and your sister when it happens. it seems to me that you don’t need any online sex – you get enough on your bed imagining your daughters masturbating in front of you – and for real with Ann and Dora! I’m also impressed by the various well endowed boobs you have around there – mine are quite small.

Sarah, I haven’t told you this – but I also have three sisters and they are all pretty with similar bodies to me. One is forty-four, very straight laced and a little prudish, one is thirty-eight (she is Dora, the one that I am very close too) and the youngest is thirty-two and pretty wild. So that’s my family.

I said I would tell you about losing my virginity to another woman! When I was 18, to make some extra dollars during the college vacation, I used to babysit for Jane, a neighbor. It was just like out of a movie. Unbelievable! She was a 34 year old friend of my mother. Her husband was always away on business. Jane was very pretty with short brown hair and great boobs. I always figured she was cheating on her husband when she went out, but I am not sure. So, on this occasion, it must have been the fourth or fifth time I had sat for her, I was watching TV and feeling horny, so I reached into my shorts to play with my pussy. I also had my shirt up and I was rubbing my boobs. I love that!

Jane came home early and caught me masturbating. Oh my god!! I wanted the floor to open and swallow me up! But she was so kind – she consoled me – and then she seduced me!

It was about 9pm and I was not expecting her to get home until about midnight. I guess I was so caught up in what I was doing, I didn’t hear her come into the house. So there I was, moaning, fingering my wet pussy and I looked up and saw her standing there. I was horrified! I tried to cover up and started to apologize. ‘I’m so sorry, Jane. I have never done this before in your house.’ Or something like that.

Jane sat beside me, smiling. Whilst I stammered on, shoving my boobs back into the bra, pulling my shirt down to cover them. I could see she was admiring them. I thought I was in big trouble since she was very good friends with my mom. ‘Hey Natalie. Relax! It’s no big deal. It’s okay,’ she assured me.

I was still stuttering apologies as I tried to fasten up my shorts.

‘Stop it Natalie! Don’t keep saying sorry. It’s perfectly natural for a young ladies to masturbate,’ she said. ‘I do it all the time, all women do. Well … most.’

‘Mom’ll kill me if she finds out.’

‘I Şerifali Escort don’t think so,’ she laughed. ‘Anyway, I won’t say anything to her. Do you have a boyfriend?’

‘No, I don’t.’

Then she asked more personal questions about my sexual habits. Was I a virgin? Had I played with men? Did I like other women? As we talked, she started stroking my hair and touching my leg. ‘Have you ever kissed a girl, Natalie?’

I blurted out ‘No …’ then ‘well… yes I have,’ I quietly admitted. I don’t know why but Jane made me feel so comfortable that I told her all about my best friend. She could see I was embarrassed.

I guess she wanted to put me at ease, by saying ‘I have had sex with many women. In fact I enjoy it more than with a man.’

She then leaned over to kiss me, before asking if she could see my boobs. By now, I was completely under her spell and I did anything she asked. I hesitated though, before slowly lifting my top again. I unhooked my bra, allowing my breasts to settle their weight on my chest. The nipples were hard and wrinkled like walnuts.

‘Mm. You have fabulous boobs,’ she said. ‘Let me feel.’

I settled back into the sofa whilst Jane kissed my neck and nipples. Then her hand expertly unzipped my shorts and slipped inside. My pussy was dripping wet already. The wobbling in my belly was so intense. I came straight away. But Jane didn’t stop there!

‘You can feel me, Natalie,’ she muttered, taking my hand and putting it up her dress. It was awesome! Wonderful! When I first felt Jane’s pussy, I knew I liked it, but really had nothing to compare it to except touching myself. I remember wondering if they all looked the same or smelled the same. I remember that I had more hair than Jane and my clit was bigger. But I liked the way it seemed to make her feel. She murmured like a kitten. Her orgasms was breathtaking. It fascinated me. I was hooked on women’s vulvas.

She made love to me until it was time for me to go home. It was a wonderful experience. I always wondered if she told my mother about me masturbating. I remember mom asking me the next day if I had a good night babysitting, which she normally didn’t ask. I remember thinking about what she said and wondered if she knew. Ah well! What the hell!

When I first touched the pussy of the older woman, it felt very warm and amp. I was intoxicated by her sweet smell. And when she touched me I just melted! I literally would have done anything she asked me to. Since that first time, every woman has been different. When I touch a new pussy, I am like a kid in a candy store. I love the way we are all shaped a little different, the lips, the clit, the way the hair grows. I like a little hair, not completely shaven but kept neat and trim. And I prefer brunettes to blondes even though my lovely girl friend is blonde.

Ann has been my girlfriend for several months so, yes, we did have sex! The masturbation thing eventually led to more. The first time, we were shopping and masturbated together in a dressing room. I know that we were heard by several other women in the store from the looks we got when we left. That just made me even more horny. Back in Ann’s car, I asked her if I could kiss her. She did not answer but smiled so I leaned over to kiss her. We kissed for a few minutes.

I could tell she was a little nervous. Anyway, we drove back to her house. When we got inside, I kissed her again. This time she seemed more at ease. I started to kiss her neck and fondle her boobs. Eventually we ended up on the sofa. I removed her clothes, starting to kiss her nipples, then down her stomach until I got to her pussy. I licked her clit while fingering her. She came very quickly.

We started to kiss again whilst she felt my boobs. Thinking she might still be feeling shy, I told her that she didn’t have to anything else to me if she wasn’t sure. But she said she wanted to, though wasn’t sure what to do. I told her. ‘Just do to me what you like having done to you.’ So she rubbed my clit and eventually licked my pussy. Mmmm. She was a natural. I had a great orgasm. Well, that was the start of a great sexual relationship. I believe we are truly in love! Ann has opened up sexually so much over the last few months. Şerifali Escort Bayan And she has really learned to like having her ass fucked and licked as much as I do.

I have not had full sex with my sister, Dora, but I have masturbated with her and Ann. With her alone as well. When we did it together, I put my fingers in her mouth after I came and she happily licked my fingers clean. I think it is a matter of time before we actually have sex.

I haven’t masturbated with my daughters. But my eighteen year old has seen me do it once. I was on my bed and no one was home. Lily came home and was going to her room when she saw me as she was walking by my door. Talk a bout feeling awkward!

But the best was just recently. My daughters were all supposed to be out until late that night, so Ann and I were on my bed making love. Ann was eating my pussy and I was getting so close to orgasm. My eyes were closed. I opened my eyes and saw Lily standing in the door way. But there was no way I could have stopped it! I closed my eyes again and came very hard. When I opened them, she was gone. I have a great relationship with all of my daughters. But I would love to masturbate with them and teach them how to get the most pleasure out of touching themselves with fingers and toys. And the joys of anal stimulation.

I went out with girlfriend, Ann and my sister, along with several other girls on Friday night. We had a great time but nothing really happened. My girlfriend went home at the end of the night so Dora stayed overnight with me since she drank a little too much, and didn’t want to drive home (she lives about 30 miles away). I told her to take the guest bedroom but she said no need to mess up the spare bed. She would sleep with me if it was OK. So we slept in my bed.

I really wanted to have sex with her there and then, but she was little out of it from drinking – my daughters were home. So I was a good girl. Saturday morning, though, my daughters were all out somewhere when I woke up. Dora was still asleep. I decided to masturbate in bed next to her. When I started to moan, she woke up, looking a little surprised to see me there. She watched me masturbate, a bit bleary-eyed, and I could see her start to rub her pussy through her panties. After a few minutes she had ripped them off, so we were both masturbating furiously.

I couldn’t resist! I reached down between her legs to finger her pussy while she was rubbing her clit. She then started to finger me. After a few minutes we both came very hard, and noisily. We licked the juices from each others fingers. Just as I was about to go down between her legs, I heard someone come in downstairs.

‘Oh shit!

‘When can we chat again, Sarah? Can’t wait.’

(Well, it was the following Monday morning when I got the message on my screen: ‘Natalie has signed in’.)

‘Are you there Sarah?’

‘I’m here, yes. I was just reading your email again. What a lovely time you had with Dora. Does she know about you and me?’

‘Yes. I told her what a great lover online you are. And how different the orgasms are.’

‘Give me here email address and I’ll invite her to join the group.’

‘Gosh Sarah! I think she’d like that. She’s read some of your stuff. It turns her on!’

‘I loved reading about your experiences with Ann – and the others. Are you home?’

‘No, in my office. But I have a while to spare for you. Lol!’

‘Let’s not waste time then! I shall kiss you on the mouth and neck and ears.’

‘Yes please. You just know I love my neck being kissed.’

‘Mmm. You smell divine Natalie. I love that scent behind your ears. And the softness of your hair. Mmm, I’m nuzzling your neck and kissing. Your head thrown back.’

‘Oh my god. Yes, yes. That’s good.’

‘Lips gently chewing your lower lip. Pulling it.’

‘Yes, oh yes.’

‘Then kissing your ears and eyelids.’


‘Making love to your face.’

‘My neck, Sarah, please – my neck – kiss my neck and I’m yours.’

‘Tongue trailing down your neck. Slip my hand down your blouse, sneak into your bra. Fondle those gorgeous soft boobs. My, the nipples are hard,’

‘Mmmmmm. I’m fluttering all over.’

‘Licking Escort Şerifali your neck.’

‘Oh my.’

‘And murmuring into your ears. Blowing softly.’

‘Love that so much.’

‘Back to your mouth. Then down the neck again to seek the hard swollen nipple.’


‘Suckling and biting with my lips.’

‘Feels so good. Suck my nipples please. Oo yes. Yes!’

‘Back to your neck again.’


‘Kissing and licking it all over.’

‘Oh my god. I feel so weak.’

‘I’m now going to kneel between you legs, and slide my head between your thighs. I shall inhale the musky odor of your secret scent.’

‘Mmmmm. Yes please.’

‘And run my nose against the fabric of your knickers?’

‘Mmmmm. Ooooh yes. Great.’

‘Easing fingers inside the leg of your knickers. Feeling the warmth. Oh yes! That lovely cluster of wet flesh.’

‘Take them off Sarah. Take them off.’

‘Yes – there we are. Now I can get the whole of your delicious vulva in my palm.’

‘Ooo. Mmmmm. Fingers.’

‘Tongue first.’

‘Yes yes. Do it to me. Ple-ease.’

‘Your thighs are trembling. Belly lurching.’

‘I know. Oh my god Sarah. The things you’re doing to me …. Driving me insane with desire.’

‘Lust. Sheer exciting lust. Fingers stroking your inner thighs. Lovely and soft.’

‘Ooo! I want to feel your pussy Sarah.’

‘Go on then. I’m not wearing any knickers.’

‘Such a beautiful pussy. I adore it …. I want to kiss it. Lick it.’

‘It’s all yours Natalie. Wide open for you to examine and explore. My finger has found your rosebud. Toying with it.’

‘Oh god. Mmm! How did you know ….?’

‘Warm and damp. Finger now past your bum and exploring the soft flesh of your pussy.’

‘Oh god.’

‘Mmmmm – those warm chewy labia.’

‘Oh my. Feels like heaven. Oh yes.’

‘Sucking your breasts again.’

‘Lick me please.’

‘Tongue trailing over your belly. Down to your groin licking your mound.’

‘Getting so wet.’

‘Then into your inner thighs.’


‘Kissing and licking the soft skin either side of your pussy.’

‘Oh fuck.’

‘Fingers parting the labia so that I can study your vagina. Mmm it’s so beautiful.’

‘I can feel your hot breath on it.’

‘I ADORE pussy – and yours is a perfect specimen!!’

‘Please lick me, please.’

‘Lips pulling at the labia.’

‘Don’t tease me. Fuck me. Please!’

‘Fingers testing the opening.’

‘Ple-ase. I need you.’

‘Opening my mouth and sucking in the WHOLE of you vulva ….. Chewing and sucking.’


‘Tongue rubbing your clit. Fingers penetrating your bum.’

‘Your warm lips on my pussy and clit. Go on then – do it.’

‘I’m shaking myself Natalie. Thighs rippling …. I can feel your tongue deep inside my vagina. You’re killing me!!’

‘My tongue licking all around your pussy. Legs wide apart high in the air.’

‘Open for you. Yes come and take me, Natalie.’

‘Coming – coming – ooooooooo.’

‘Yes yes yes. Me as well. Ahhh… Glorious feeling.’

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt.’

‘Up and down the length of your pussy.’


‘Tongue inside you, Natalie. Lurch and tense.’

‘Oh yes yes.’

‘Finger… deep… in… bum.’

‘Don’t stop – don’t stop. I’m so close. Ohhhh….’

‘Up. Down. Both holes.’

‘I’m cumming. Cumming …… CUMMING.’

‘Two fingers in bum.’


‘Licking clit while pushing two fingers in pussy as well.’


‘In and out. Both passages. Faster.’


‘So am I! Ahhhh…. Harder and deeper. Nice and sloppy – yum!


‘Fingering deep in your arse. OH MY GOD NATALIE – I’M THERE!!!’



(There was a few seconds silence.)

‘I’m panting. Getting breath back. Oh baby.’

‘Phew! Thank you Natalie. Me too. Wow!’

‘Your wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.’

‘Who needs anyone else when I have you, Natalie. That was great.’

‘Thank you. You are so wonderful. Made me cum so hard.’

‘I’m so very pleased. So did I!’

‘God – quick, I must go change – I’m soaking! – later Sarah. Byee.’

‘I hope no-one heard you!! Lol. Til next time!’

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