A CUCK’s wife tells all


A CUCK’s wife tells allI stood in the bathroom admiring my figure, my nudity and curves, my fertile imagination building and my sexual desires awakening, I was in the arousal state, no clothes to shield my naked flesh, now firm and taught, my curves dipping between my legs, my swelling clitoris now peeking between the twin folds of flesh that served as my vaginal lips, heavily moistened by the secretions flowing from within, sex was on my mind, and as I turned side on to the full length mirror, I probed between my buttocks and felt my finger ease inside my firm but open vagina, I craved as I looked, a heavy mist overcoming my eyes, I wanted to fuck and I wanted the men on the other side of the door, so I moved freely around sarıyer escort the room, it was just to open the door and let them in, open my legs and let them in, yes I was going to let them in.Mind made up, I ridiculed my husband inside my head, he was a CUCK and would stand aside as these men gratified themselves in my holes, Oh God I craved them as my hand rested on the handle and turned it a little, quietly and stealthily, feeling it come to a halt and the door give way a little, only stopping as it hit my toe, the crack was visible, it was open and my heart pounded, as the waft of cooler air came through and the men were now within range.I slowly let the handle return to its normal position esenyurt escort and let go, I looked down at my feet, taking in my complete nudity noting my nipples were sticking out and rigid, deep red in color, engorged with hot blood now coursing through my body, my clothes discarded on the bathroom floor, topped with my lacy brassiere and thongish panties, soaked with my perspirations build during the table conversations, the three men egged by my drunk husband, sizing me up as he spoke disparagingly of me and my sexual needs, they all knew and I guessed they wondered if I was coming back to join them, but if they knew my husband was right, and I was capable, then they must know I was avrupa yakası escort behind this door, now open, naked and ready, willing them through, so I removed my foot and pulled it open and stepped into the room in full view.The sudden silence as palatable, as I watched all four men look me up and down, cleanly shaved their eyes bore into that region of instant pleasure, so I opened my legs, ‘That better gents’, I spoke, surprised how remarkably calm I felt, my long fingers exploring unashamedly as I drew them between my lips and the light reflecting from my inner thighs where I was wet, a sheen that caused them to lick their lips, and when I turned to let them look at my bum, I looked back across my shoulder, ‘This gents’, I said patting my taught cheeks, ‘Will provide another sort of pleasure, ‘If you like that sort of thing’, and I smiled as I walked back into the room, hearing chairs moving as they pushed clear of the table and I knelt on all fours on the edge of the mattress. Do you want to hear what happened?

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