A Day at the Beach


A Day at the BeachThe last month at work had been extremely stressful and Dawn was going to enjoy a much needed day off. It was a beautiful sunny day and she planned on taking full advantage of it at the beach working on her tan. She put on her favorite pale blue string bikini, packed a small cooler with some ice water, grabbed her beach towel and sunblock, and headed out the door to her brand new red convertible. The beach was only a couple of miles away but she was looking forward to enjoying the wind in her hair on the way.Dawn had just pulled up to the last stoplight before the beach when she noticed the guy in the next lane staring down at her from his pick-up truck. Holy s*** he was hot! Messy blond hair, tanned face, bright blue eyes and bulging muscles showing through his tight white t-shirt. She watched his eyes as he took in her shoulder length red hair, bright green eyes, soft full lips, perky size C breasts with mini marshmallow sized nipples hardened by the breeze, flat tummy with its pierced belly button visible just above her favorite tight cut off shorts, and long tan legs. He smiled just as the light turned green and she pulled away. Dawn looked in the review mirror and grinned at the look of awe on his face. She was used to guys openly gawking at her, but this one caused a tingle to start deep in her belly and she could feel her pussy juices start to flow. It had been months since she had felt the touch of a man and realized just how horny she actually was. She groaned out loud as she thought about using her favorite vibrator when she got home.Dawn parked her car, grabbed her cooler, towel, and sunblock, and started walking down the beach. She walked about a half a mile before she found her favorite secluded spot. This section of the beach was less crowded and surrounded by grassy covered sand dunes. She picked a spot between two especially tall dunes and spread her extra-large beach towel. From her spot she couldn’t see anyone else on the beach. She walked down toward the water to take a quick dip before coming back to relax in the sun. She laid on her back for about an hour, enjoying the sun kissing her body before rolling onto her belly. The sun warming her back was so relaxing. Dawn had just about drifted off to sleep when she felt a shadow fall on her. Bringing herself up on her elbows she looked up and couldn’t believe her eyes! Standing in front of her was the guy from the stoplight. His shirt was gone revealing his muscular abs, chest, shoulders and arms. His gaze went down to her overflowing bikini top. Dawn was sure in this position up on her elbows that her breasts were probably all but hanging free. She smiled up at him and said hello. He told her he was walking by and noticed she looked like she might be getting a little burnt and was wondering if she would like some help putting some suntan lotion on her back. Dawn wondered if it would be a good idea to let a stranger touch her so intimately, but glancing at his sexy smile and drop dead gorgeous body she figured what the hell, he looked harmless. She accepted his offer and held out her hand, introducing herself. He gently took her hand rubbing his index finger across the inside of her wrist and told her his name was Adam. His touch sent goose bumps up her arm. She knew she was in trouble….Dawn told him the lotion was next to her cooler and proceeded to get comfortable on her stomach, pushing her breasts out to the side trying to get as flat as possible. Dawn smiled to herself, knowing this made her mounds easily visible and accessible from behind her. Adam knelt next to her hip and slowly began applying the lotion to her lower back, just above her bikini bottom. She relaxed immediately, enjoying his firm hands running over her back. Adam slowly worked the lotion higher up her back until he got to the tie of her bikini top. He slowly untied the strings claiming he could spread the lotion better if there was nothing in the way. Dawn moaned her consent getting more aroused as Adam massaged her back. Slowly he worked his way up her back rubbing her neck, untying the top strings behind her neck, and then started on her shoulders. He took first one arm and then the other pulling them out to her sides as he rubbed her arms. Dawn was going insane with his touch! Then he started moving down her sides, saying with a laugh “You can never be too covered with sunblock.” She felt his hands gently caress the sides of her breasts as he worked the lotion in, moaning that it felt really nice to have someone do such a thorough job.She felt his hands leave her and she lifted up her head, wondering why he stopped. She heard him laugh and told her to relax, he was only getting more lotion. She put her head back down wondering where he would put his hands next. She was startled when she felt him start rubbing her ankles, slowly moving up, massaging her calves, the back of her knees, up to the back of her thighs. Due to her lack of sex in the past few months, and this hot stranger’s magic touch, Dawn thought she might explode if he got any closer to her pussy, which was by now soaking wet. His hands were now at the crease of her firm ass cheeks, his thumbs gliding along the inside of her thighs, following the line of her bikini bottoms to her soaking wet love box. Adam pulled one of his thumbs away and brought it to his face, smelling inhaling the scent before licking his thumb clean. She had the sweetest juices he had ever tasted! Dawn found herself wiggling her ass, lifting it, begging him to go further, but he abruptly removed his thumbs türbanlı aydın escort and told her he was finished with her back. She raised her head, her mouth was slightly open and they looked at each other. “Do you need any lotion on your front?” he asked.“Well, your hands already have lotion on them so I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” Dawn reached down, holding her bikini top across her breasts, which was no easy task, as all the strings were untied. The tiny triangles looking like miniature t-pees over her perky nipples. She wiggled her ass until she was comfortable on her back and put her arms down by her sides. Adam reached across her for the lotion, his crotch right above her face. He moaned as Dawn took this opportunity to roll her shoulders and neck, innocently rubbing her nose and lips across the length of his shaft. Dawn couldn’t believe her luck! Not only was this guy hot as hell but he had to have an 8 inch thick cock hiding in his trunks! Adam sat back on his heels rubbing lotion between his hands, his hard on sticking straight out from his swim shorts. He gave Dawn a slight smile and reached forward to rub the lotion on her belly. He circled her pierced belly button, gently rubbing his thumb over the tiny diamond. He moved over and began rubbing her hand and working his way up her arm to her shoulder, then repeated the steps with her other arm. Then he moved to her shoulders, rubbing downward until he reached the top of her barely there triangles covering her large mounds. Then he sat back and asked her if she possibly had an extra bottle of water in her cooler her could have, as his mouth had suddenly become dry. She told him to help himself to whatever he wanted, it was the least she could do. He reached into the cooler pulling out an ice cold bottle of water. She watched him as he unscrewed the cap swallowing the water down hungrily. He pulled the bottle away from his mouth and held it over Dawn. Before she knew what was happening he splashed a little bit of water over each piece of fabric, causing Dawn to gasp and arch her back. The cold water made her breasts and nipples rock hard. “Oh crap! I’m so sorry!” he said. Except he didn’t look sorry, he looked hungry! Dawn looked down at her wet top and back up at Adam. “Well damn! I guess I’ll just have to take it off now, since it’s wet.” He watched her slowly pull the tiny top off, revealing the most magnificent set of tits he had ever seen! And those nipples! They begged to be pinched, pulled and sucked on. He reached across her once more for the lotion, this time squirting it directly onto her large mounds. She gasped and once again arched her back, as the cold liquid shocked her. He reached forward spreading the liquid across her perfect breasts, gently at first, then taking a breast into each hand, kneading and squeezing them making Dawn gasp with pleasure. He then grasped a nipple between each thumb and index finger and pinched, rolling and squeezing her nipples. Dawn didn’t think she could stand the assault on her nipples much longer and could feel her orgasm rising in her belly. She began to moan, arching her back, which encouraged him to continue his rough assault of her nipples. He watched in amazement as she looked at him with her beautiful green eyes and moaned he was going to make her cum! With that her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched, and she let out a loud moan as her orgasm rocked her body. Adam watched her in awe and fascination. He had never seen a woman orgasm from having only her nipples played with. He couldn’t wait to see what happened when he started on her clit! He had fantasized about her since he saw her at the stoplight, but this hot red head was far better than he had even dreamed! She had the kind of body that begged to be fucked over and over, and that pussy! It smelled and tasted so sweet!Dawn was lying back on the blanket, thinking about what had just happened. Adam had just brought her to an amazing orgasm, right here in public. But she didn’t care. She knew it was getting late and there was no one around. Her mind wandered to what other talents he possessed when she felt his fingers at the top of her bikini bottom. She looked down, locking eyes with him as he slowly pulled her bottoms down until they were totally off. Dawn was now completely naked in front of him willing him with her eyes to take her.Adam slowly lowered his face to her hot wet pussy, inhaling her sweet scent. He parted her pink lips with his thumbs, revealing her throbbing clit and wet hole. Inhaling her scent once again he leaned down, running his tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, scooping up as much of her pussy juice as he could. He pulled his head up as Dawn looked down at him. Adam opened his mouth showing her his mouthful of her pussy juice and then swallowed it down, closing his eyes and licking his lips. “Oh baby! You taste so fucking sweet!” Dawn groaned as she watched him enjoy her juices. He lowered his head back down and went to work on her clit, smiling to himself as he heard her gasp. He flicked and sucked driving Dawn insane with need. Never taking his mouth off her clit he slowly inserted one finger and then two inside her wet cunt, searching for her g-spot. Dawn was in heaven! How did he know exactly how to touch her? Everything he did was perfect! He was fucking her pussy hard with two fingers while sucking and flicking her engorged clit. It felt different from any other time she had been fingered, much more intense and powerful. Dawn türbanlı aydın escort bayan knew she was close to coming, she could feel it building, and she knew it was going to be a massive orgasm. “Oh God! I’m going to cum Adam! I’m going to cum all over your face!” And with that Dawn had her very first squirting orgasm, drenching Adams face with her juice. Wave after wave of liquid squirted him and he hungrily swallowed as much as he could. When she had finished and the squirting had stopped Adam had juice dripping off his face. His hair was even wet. He was grinning ear to ear as he moved up and kissed her softly.“Baby, that was amazing! Thank you!” he said when they broke apart. “I think it is you that I should be thanking.” Dawn responded. “I would love to show you a little appreciation for all your hard work, if that’s ok with you?” “As you wish, my beautiful lady” Adam said as he stood up, slowly pulling down his swim trunks, letting his rock hard 8 inch cock spring free from its confinement. Dawn smiled up at him, wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and pulled him closer, until he was standing directly in front of her. She crossed her legs Indian style and looked up at him with her big green eyes. She loved giving head with the guy standing directly in front of her. It gave the best angle and access to the man’s cock and let his balls swing free below so she could give them as much attention as possible. Dawn went to work, eager to return the oral favor. She gently cupped his balls with one hand, loving the weight in her hands, then leaned forward, tracing the underside of his cock and circling his mushroom head with her tongue. Then, taking just the tip of his cock into her mouth she started sucking gently. Adam moan out loud “Oh yeah baby! I knew you would be a good cock sucker! Show me what you’ve got.” With that Dawn shoved his entire 8 inches down her throat in one swift motion. “Holy fuck!” Adam cried out. Dawn loved the surprise and awe men had the first time she deep throated their cock. She had the uncharacteristic ability to open her throat when she wanted to, which came in especially handy when she was giving head or chugging a beer. Adam’s thick cock stretched her abilities, but Dawn was up for the challenge. She moved his cock in and out of her mouth, circling the head with her tongue every time she pulled it out. Faster, then slower, frequently changing up the pace, knowing this would drive him crazy. But Adam had enough of Dawn’s teasing and grabbed the back of her head to hold it still. Adam then began fucking her mouth with his massive cock, harder and harder, enjoying the feeling of his balls slapping her chin. Adam was like a crazed man slamming his cock into her eager mouth. He had never had a woman take his entire cock into her mouth before and feeling his cock sliding down her throat was driving him insane! He looked down at her, her face stuffed full of his cock and noticed she was pinching and pulling on both her nipples. Not only was she deep throating his entire cock but she was loving every second of it! The sight pushed him over the edge and he threw his head back and growled, dumping wave after wave of hot jizz in her mouth. Dawn eagerly let his cum stream down her throat, until he slowed his thrusts. Dawn took over, sucking his cock in and out, milking it for every drop of cum she could get. Dawn continued to suck his semi-soft cock, running her tongue along and around his shaft. It didn’t take long before he was once again rock hard and sliding down her throat. He moaned as she worked her magic on him. He looked down at her beautiful face, once again stuffed full of his engorged cock and said “Pinch your nipples for me Dawn. I love watching you play with yourself.” She happily complied with his request. He watched her suck his cock for a little bit longer before saying “I need to fuck your sweet pussy, baby. I need to watch my cock slide deep inside you.”Dawn slowly pulled his thick shaft out of her mouth with a little pout. Adam instructed her to get on her knees, which made her smile once again. With Dawn positioned in front of him he took a moment to enjoy the beautiful heart shaped ass in front of him. He could see her pink pussy, wet and glistening in the sunlight, begging him to fill it up. Her tight brown anus just above it looked like it was winking at him, beckoning him to pleasure it. Pussy first, he thought to himself, then, if he was lucky, he would pound her ass until she begged him to cum. He took his throbbing cock in his hand and very slowly buried it in her soaking wet hole. Dawn groaned out loud as she felt his thick cock stretch the walls of her pussy to their max as he slowly slid it deeper and deeper until it bottomed out at her cervix. She held still for a moment, getting accustomed to the fullness. Then slowly started moving back and forth on his shaft as she began fucking his cock. He let her move at her pace, knowing it would take a little bit for her tight pussy to stretch to its max around his thick shaft. The sight of her pussy wrapping around his cock and her dark anus looking up at him was too much for him and he grabbed her hips, forcing his cock in harder and deeper. The sight was amazing! He was still sliding his cock in and out her amazing pussy, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her sexy little brown hole. Adam leaned forward, slowly letting a stream of spit land on her tiny asshole. He placed his index finger on the outside, slowly and gently pushing until his türbanlı escort aydın finger was in her ass up to the first knuckle.Dawn felt Adam spit on her tiny anus, desperately hoping it meant he had plans for it. But when she finally felt his finger slowly push its way inside it was beyond her endurance. The thick cock rhythmically stroking and filling her pussy and the finger inside her ass pushed her over the edge and she came on his cock, calling out to him to fuck her harder. Adam pushed his cock deep into her pussy and held on while her already tight cunt squeezed him mercilessly. It was all he could do to not cum with her, but he wasn’t finished just yet. Adam continued to slide his cock in her dripping hole and was now fucking her ass just as hard with his finger. Then he slipped a second finger in with the first, stretching her tight hole even more. He watched in fascination as her pussy swallowed his thick cock and her ass swallowed his fingers. Dawn was moaning and moving back to meet every thrust, thoroughly enjoying her ass and pussy being fucked. Adam then inserted a third finger in her ass, slowly at first, until he was fucking her ass hard with all three fingers matching every thrust with his cock. Her tiny brown hole was stretching out nicely and he couldn’t wait to see his cock buried balls deep in her ass. “Dawn, baby, are you ready for my thick cock in your ass?” Dawn quickly responded, telling him yes, she couldn’t wait to feel his big cock filling up her ass.Adam slowly pulled out of her pussy and then took three fingers and slid them into the now empty hole, pulling out a good amount of her cum and pussy juices. Then he spread the juices around her brown hole, working the juices inside and out, making her groan. He placed his cock at the entrance but before he could move Dawn pushed back hard and fast, taking in his entire cock into her ass, just like she had taken his cock down her throat earlier. They both groaned out loud and sat there, not moving, getting used to the feeling of his cock filling up her hole. Adam moved first, grabbing her hips and moving her back and forth on his rock hard cock. He loved watching her ass wrapped around his cock, pulling on it like it never wanted to let go. Adam started fucking her harder and faster until he was pounding her ass like a jack hammer. He could feel his orgasm building, but before it got any further Dawn moved forward, pulling his cock out of her ass. She looked back at Adam, who had an almost pained expression on his face, and smiled at him. “I want to sit on your big cock baby.” He immediately brightened, thinking of sliding his cock back into her pussy and watching her ride him. He moved back and laid down on the beach towel. Dawn moved until she was squatting over him. Adam reached down and guided his cock to her pussy, gently trying to push it inside her. “No baby, not in my pussy, I want that big cock back in my ass!” Adam had never fucked a woman in her ass with her on top before but was excited by the idea. He gave Dawn a huge smile and watched as she sat on his cock, forcing it deep into her ass. Dawn sat there a second and her face brightened. “Do you mind if I try something?” she asked. He readily agreed, willing to do anything this sexy goddess wanted to try.Dawn reached forward, making sure not to let his cock slide out of her ass, and grabbed the bottle of lotion. “I don’t think we need any more lube, sweetheart, all your cum and pussy juices are drenching the both of us.” She smiled wickedly and leaned back, impaling his cock even deeper in her ass. She took the bottle and while Adam watched in fascination, slowly pushed it into her pussy. Holy shit! It was better than she ever imagined. She had never felt so full! She now had the double penetration she had dreamed of and masturbated to for the past year. She had never felt comfortable enough with any other man to suggest it, but with this stranger, she knew it was the perfect opportunity.Adam couldn’t believe his eyes! This girl was amazing! Where had she been all his life? His cock was impaled in her ass and her pussy was filled with the bottle of lotion. And those tits! He reached forward, filling his hands with her beautiful mounds, massaging and squeezing until he couldn’t stand it and started pinching her nipples. This was all Dawn needed to start bouncing up and down on his cock, working the bottle in and out of her pussy, harder and faster. She was like an a****l! Adam couldn’t take it anymore. The tightness of her ass pulling and squeezing his cock, the visual of her fucking herself with the lotion bottle, and her big hard nipples pinched between his fingers had him shooting a monster load deep into her ass. Adam could feel Dawn’s muscles inside her tighten at the same time. She was screaming out his name with her head thrown back when he saw and felt her squirting orgasm. Wave after wave shot out of her pussy, hitting him in the face, chest and belly. Dawn slowly came down from her massive orgasm and pulled Adam’s now limp cock out of her ass. She rolled over onto her side with her ass facing Adam. He looked over at her and could see her ass and pussy gaping wide with cum and pussy juice running out and down her ass cheek. It was a beautiful sight and Adam was wishing he had a camera. He had successfully stretched all her holes and she had willingly and eagerly let him. Dawn rolled over and sat up. She asked him if he wanted to take a dip in the water to wash up. Adam stood up and looked around, not seeing anyone. “It’s a little late to be worried if anyone is close by, don’t you think?” she said. Adam laughed, amazed the thought of others close by had never entered his mind before now. “Let’s go.” Adam grabbed her hand and they walked naked together to the water. “Any chance you want to come back to my place when we are finished swimming?” she asked. “I was hoping you would ask.” He answered.

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