A Day On the Farm


Ok All. I know that I have another thread on here that is in need of chapter 14. This one just happened this weekend though so it only took a couple of hours to knock out. Hope y’all enjoy it. Please if ya get to the end take a couple of extra seconds and hit the yay or nay button. Anyways …

A Day On the Farm

So feeling a little inspired this morning. Here’s a recap of the weekends events. My wife and I went to a bed and breakfast in Kansas this weekend that is also an exotic animal farm. How does one find such a place and in Kansas of all places you may ask? About a year ago there was a petting zoo, the ones that just kind of travel all over and for a few bucks you can thrill yourself or the kids. We thought it was the typical fly by night type deal. This one had a few more exotic animals than just the normal goats and stuff – the zebra stood out and caused us to stop. We paid the couple of bucks to get in and a couple more for a handful of feed and off we went. My wife of course ended up chatting to the young man running the place who in turn told us about the B & B and the farm and everything else about the place. Once he mentioned giraffes – that sold her on it! Just so you know, my wife has a “thing” for giraffes. With all of the d?r changes to the house, there are still giraffe things in every room and not just one either! So for a year now it has been in her head to go to this place. I passed it off as just another whimsy of hers kind of like saving our change and going to Greece or someplace else.

But this weekend we actually did it. We both had Friday off. So I called the place Friday morning as you can’t book a room on the website. When finally speaking with the woman she told me that they had no problem accommodating us for either Friday or Saturday night or both if we wished. I told her Friday was fine after making my wife make a decision for a day she wanted to go on. I finished with the booking details and then we hurriedly rushed to throw a few things together. It was almost 10 AM our time. We were going to lose an hour getting there and it was about a 6 and a half hour drive to get there. The evening tour started at 7 PM and check in was at 5 or later. We both wanted to make it for the evening tour. We threw the top down on the convertible and off we went … to Kansas. I still can’t believe I voluntarily went there!

The drive was uneventful. I have been across that state so many times it isn’t funny. I wasn’t quite familiar with this particular little town but the GPS on the dash seemed to know the way. We didn’t talk a whole lot on the way as with the top down it was difficult – so the occasional shout at each other and a little more talking once we got off the interstate and we were going slower through several small towns. We ended up making good time – I got us there at just after 6:30pm local time. The entire trip there I couldn’t help but to think how I knew this was going to some mom and pop place that I would regret. I have checked into hundreds of hotels and this one just sounded like a place that gets 4 or 5 guests a year!

As you turn down the road to the farm – with a big sign out front letting you know you are at the right spot – you see a pasture filled with animals. Not the typical Kansas cows or goats but a pasture filled with ostriches – that was cool as shit! The short drive to the house and more animals abound; camels, zebras and other various exotic animals were easily visible just from the parking area. We went inside to the office and no one was there except for a sign on the counter telling you to pick up the phone and dial 27 and someone will be down to assist you. We did that and she was down shortly after that. There was a sign on the wall welcoming us and the other three families that were staying there that weekend; I was starting to feel a little more relieved about the accommodations. Sex hikayeleri

A full figured young woman came down the stairs and checked us in and gave a courtesy tour of the main building. With that we went and got our bags and dropped them off in our room – we of course stayed in the giraffe room. As you can imagine it was decorated with giraffe stuff every where – it was like being in our own house! The young woman had pointed out where we could find the giraffes, so after settling in and having some time to kill, I grabbed the camera and off we went to the giraffes.

There were about 8 of the large animals there and even when we called them they didn’t seem to interested in us – so we got a few pics from 20 yards away. We walked around a bit as another of the families showed up and then shortly we started the evening tour which is a much shorter version of the morning one. Of course my wife gleaned as much information as she could from the young lady that we will call Megan. Megan had a good sense of humor and would give anyone a little shit about whatever – kind of like my wife’s fascination for the giraffes and pretty much nothing else. The tour ended and we talked with Megan a little more before going out to get something to eat. We barely made the only restaurant in town as they close at 8 PM and we walked in at 7:45 – which they said was no problem and there were a couple of other people there. So we ate and got back at around 8:30 pm.

We met Megan when we got out as she was going to go do some nightly bottle feeding of some of the babies there and asked if we wanted to help? Of course we did! This was all kind of under the radar though as this is not the normal and we weren’t to tell anyone – so please keep this to yourselves. We got to feed a couple of baby camels and some kind of miniature deer type thing and a couple of zebras. We finished and talked to Megan a lil more and then she went inside and we headed over to … the giraffes! They were still kind of standing off but the zebras that were there came over. Once we started petting the zebras though, the giraffes thought they may be missing out on something.

The friendliest giraffe there was Hugo. He was also the biggest easily towering over the rest there and topped out at around 19 feet tall. We fed Hugo some grass from the other side of the fence that he couldn’t reach but definitely liked. With this we got some great close up shots of him and got to pet him and get drooled on and everything you come to expect from giraffes. If haven’t ever had the opportunity to do so with these animals – this is typical as their tongues are 18 to 24 inches long – Gene Simmons has nothing on these animals! As we later found out from Megan, once it cools off in the evening Hugo and the others are a lot more friendly and active.

So finishing up around 10PM we went back to our room – satisfied with giraffes for one night, or so I thought. We were both tired from the day’s events and got ready for bed. I wear just my underwear to bed and my wife will wear that with a night shirt of some sort as well typically. This one was kind of a zebra print (I know not giraffe?!) that barely covered her ass. We went to bed and I didn’t expect anything as sex with us is an infrequent thing. I wasn’t disappointed after several attempts to start something and we both went off to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later having to piss. I got up and went to the bathroom and when I got back in bed I noticed my wife wasn’t there. It is a small room so it’s not as though there is some place else for her to be at.

I put on my shorts from the day and went out the door to the hall – our door was open so I knew she must have gone out it. It was quiet, there was a family that checked in after we finished with the giraffes but apparently everyone else was asleep. I checked to see if she was Sikiş hikayeleri in the breakfast room that also had games and stuff to drink – nope not there. I went downstairs to the vending machines and computer area – nope not there. That really only left one place that I thought she could realistically be. I went back up stairs and grabbed the digital camera and headed back down and out the door. I was quiet as there are signs asking you to do so and was even told by Megan that if you are up at night to be quiet not only for the other people but for the animals that sleep at night.

I went around the main building and down the drive to where the giraffes are. There is some lighting that dimly lights the drive areas. As I got closer sure enough there is my wife hanging with the giraffes … and stroking Hugo’s huge cock! I was stuck in my tracks as I watched and couldn’t believe this was going on. There was Hugo up against the fencing. It was large with a foot wide gap between the rails. It was to keep the animals in and obviously there weren’t squeezing out of this. But it was way more room than my wife needed to reach through and jack off this animal. His cock was bigger than a horse’s cock and had about the same shape. It was rock hard so she had been out here for at least a bit getting him to this state. I could see her nipples hard and pressing against the thin material of her night shirt in the cool night air. I turned the camera on and the flash. Then she stuck her head through the railing and licked at the giraffe cock hard in front of her. I couldn’t resist and snapped a shot off. The flash startled them both – her more than Hugo who has obviously had his picture taken a number of times. I walked over to her and she just stood there, red as an apple and completely embarrassed and didn’t have a clue what to say. Hugo stood there as well hoping his hand job wasn’t over. As she tried to put something together to say I stopped her and told her I just wanted to see her finish what she started.

I think she was further shocked but smiled at me and started back at Hugo. She was tentative until I told her to jack him off like she was before the picture. She looked over at me and knew I must have been watching for at least a few minutes. She started in earnest this time though. I snapped a couple more pics and neither one cared this time. I could see the muscles in Hugo’s legs tightening and knew he had to be close. I told my wife to lick it again. She smiled at me and put her head through the railing. As she started to lick Hugo did as I expected and unloaded a tremendous of giraffe cum onto her face and hair and into her mouth. My wife was shocked as the picture went off and she jerked her head back only catching her neck on the railing. She still had hold of Hugo’s cock and when she pulled her head back it pulled his cock towards her. The remainder of Hugo’s cum shot onto her arms and chest – soaking her night shirt. I of course took a couple more shots. When she finally got her head out she was soaked in giraffe semen – it was the hottest thing I had ever seen! Hugo was spent and his cock was shrinking and softening.

We went back to the room quietly. My wife said she was going to take a shower – and not in cum this time. I had other ideas. My cock was as hard as Hugo’s although not quite as long. I stood behind my wife and told her I would help. I grabbed the edge of her shirt and lifted it up over her head, smearing the giraffe cum on it over her face. I tossed it to the floor and pulled her against me. She could feel me against her panty covered ass and I could feel her tits and stomach still wet from Hugo. I pushed her wet panties down and watched as she stepped out of them. I quickly removed my shorts and underwear and stood behind her with my cock pressed into her ass. I pinched her hard nipples and could smell the giraffe Erotik hikaye spunk in her hair. I pushed her to her hands and knees and knelt behind her.

“This is what you wanted wasn’t it?!” “You wanted to be mounted and fucked like an animal didn’t you?!” My voice was harsh as I was excited just thinking about what I had saw. My wife stayed on her hands and knees and all I heard from her was “YES!” It made no difference at that point. She could have said no or that the pope was going to be here in 2 minutes but I knew she was going to get fucked. I pressed my cock against her tight ass and pushed it just inside. I heard her say “ouch” quietly – which has always meant to fuck her ass a lil harder. I did! I pushed my cock farther into her ass. I reached down and grabbed her arms, pulling them from under her and knocking her face to the floor. As she did I fell over her and my cock was buried completely into her ass. I heard her groan loudly as I sank into her.

She stayed in that position, pulling her hands up and holding onto the edge of the rug we were on. She spread her legs a lil wider for me as I started fucking her ass. Pounding my cock in and out of her, “You wish Hugo was fucking you like this don’t you?!” I saw her nod her head as she tightened her grip on the rug. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto me harder with each thrust. Then I heard her, in a low tone at first but then increasingly louder with each thrust into her ass, “Fuck me Hugo! Fuck my ass!” She kept repeating the phrase and I did just that. As she came with my cock deep in her ass she screamed for Hugo to fuck her. I only hope the family with three boys wasn’t in the room next to us – not that I cared at that point but I did think about it later.

Feeling her orgasm ripping through her; seeing her practically tear the rug in half, I couldn’t wait any more. I pulled my cock from her tight ass and quickly knocked her over onto her back on the floor. If Hugo could cum on my wife then I should be able to as well! I knelt over her and let loose of my cock. I immediately shot a massive amount of cum (well by human standards that is) onto her face. The remaining loads of cum I shot and dribbled onto her tits. As she sat up and my cum started to run down her face I wiped it with my cock and watched as she opened her mouth. I wasted no time and slid my cock into her mouth as she sucked it clean and whatever was left inside it. After that was all done she then did take a shower. When we made it back into the bed it was just short of 2 AM.

We woke the next morning with the alarm and got up and dressed. The smell of giraffe cum was still obvious in the room from her night shirt. We went out to eat breakfast and got a couple of stares from the other families and we just figured they had heard us in the night. After we got our food though Megan came over and sat down with us, she asked if we were ready to visit the giraffes again. We both looked at her as she smiled at us broadly. She then said that her room is the one next to us on the corner and that also the other window she has faces out to the drive that leads down towards the giraffes and zebras. My wife instantly started to blush and I just sat there waiting to see what Megan would say. “I can’t see everything down that road from my room – just enough to know that someone was out there.” She smiled at us saying that she figured it was us. My wife was instantly relieved thinking that she hadn’t been able to see what happened. As Megan got up she leaned over and quietly said that the kitchen the window however looks right out to where Hugo and the others are!

She winked at us as she stood up and announced to the families there that we had an hour before the morning tour started. My wife had pretty much stopped eating by now as she was all red again and we watched as Megan bobbed out of the room. Definitely think we will have to make a return trip to the B& B.

So there y’all go. Hope ya enjoyed it. Comments and ratings appreciated. Will have to see about chapter 14 now for the other one! (shameless plug)

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