A Different Type of Dancing


Hi everyone. This is my first story, so any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! All characters are over the age of 18.


I sat by myself on a bench in the large pavilion of the performance venue, waiting for the doors of the theatre to open so that I could find my seat and get comfortable before other attendees filed in. The Performing Arts Center at my university was putting on a performance of a musical that I had heard so much about. I hadn’t listened to the music and only had a general idea of the plot, so I was going in blind not knowing what to expect.

As I sat, I looked around at the people standing in the pavilion, drinking and talking, their voices echoing off the high ceiling above. I was looking at two friends talking animatedly to each other, peering at the bright screen of one of their smartphones, when a tall figure approached my bench and sat down. I usually dislike when strangers come and sit next to me at such close proximity, especially when there are other open seats around. I looked over to the man who had sat down and smiled one of those smiles you smile to be nice before looking back down to fiddle with the ticket in my hand and then unlock my phone.

“What show are you seeing?” he asked me.

Ugh, small talk.

“The musical,” I replied.

“Really? Me, too. I hear it’s supposed to be very good.”

“Yeah. I heard that, too.”

“Are you a student here?” he asked.

“Mmm hmm. I’m a senior.”

“Oh. So you’re almost out. That’s exciting.”

“Yep. It is,” A pause. “So, what do you do? You don’t look like a student,” I asked, reciprocating the niceties.

“I am an artistic director the Capricorn Dinner Theatre in the next county over. I am actually here looking to hire some new talent. Have you seen any of the students who are on the playbill?”

I flipped through the playbill, and noticed that I had seen a few of the students in prior shows.

“These two are really good,” I said, pointing at a girl with dark chocolate skin and curly hair past her shoulders, then a guy with a round face, short hair, and freckles.

“Okay. Thanks,” he smiled. “I’ll be on the lookout.”

There was a short pause before he asked, “Would you like to sit with me? I was supposed to come here with a friend of mine but he bailed at the last second, so there’s an empty seat next to mine.”

I thought about this. The guy seemed nice and nonoffensive. And he was kind of handsome. It would also be nice to have somebody to sit next to and talk to during the intermission.

“Sure,” I replied. “That’d be nice.”

At that moment the ushers opened the doors, and we walked in.


The show was incredible- I don’t even think the hype lived up to it. The scenery was spectacular, intricately made with many moving pieces that seemed random until they came together to produce a new visual. And the music was catchy, with great lyrics to complement it. As we left, we discussed the actors and actresses. It turns out there was another star of the show- a small Asian woman, with light brown skin and dark round eyes, who could sing and dance like you wouldn’t believe. He mentioned he would come back to campus the following Monday and talk to the students he was interested in recruiting.

As we exited the venue, he asked me if I would like to go get something to eat. Initially, I had just planned on going back to my apartment and getting some work done before going to bed, but I was feeling a bit hungry now. I agreed and we went down to Route 17, a street across from my campus that was lined with different shops and eateries. We settled on Nando’s, which never disappoints me, and talked for hours about the show, some of our other favorite performances, and what our lives looked like at the moment.

As the evening went on, I began to notice little things about him. The way he threw his head back when he laughed. How his dark brown irises had little flecks of gold in them. How long his legs were because they kept bumping into mine under the table throughout dinner. I knew he was tall, but only then did I really realize it. I was already 5’11 with no heels, was wearing 3 inch heels that night, and he was still an inch or so taller.

His hands and fingers, slender, but not too skinny, navigated the utensils in front of him in a very deliberate and careful manner. It made me wonder if he treated everything like that. Sometimes I could feel his eyes looking at me while I ate and I wondered what he was thinking.

After finishing our meal, we got up to leave. As we walked outside of the restaurant and down the street, there was a moment when a group of students, obviously a little too drunk, turned the corner up ahead and came down the sidewalk we were walking on. In an effort to avoid them, I scooted a bit closer to my slender-fingered companion. That failed immensely when it was obvious that the group of students took up way too much space. As a result, he ended up grabbing my hand and pulling me in front of him.

In that şişli escort bayan moment when our hands met, my heart started beating faster. In an effort to calm my nerves, I told myself it was only acting like that because I almost collided head on with a group of drunk people.

In an instant, the moment was over, and I quickly composed myself. He released my hand and we continued walking side by side. Upon reaching the corner, we stopped. There was an awkward pause as we looked at each other, our eyes shifting from the other’s face to the ground to the street on either side of us.

“I’m going that way,” I said, pointing behind me.

“I’m going that way,” he said, pointing further down the street.

“Okay,” I said. “Well, have a good evening.”

“Let me give you my number. I had a good time tonight.”

“Yeah, okay.” I smiled. “Me, too.”

We exchanged numbers, then headed our separate ways.


After that night, we continued talking to each other. We went from texting a few times a week to texting everyday. Before we knew it, we were calling each other almost everyday- him asking me about school, my day, and how my medical school aspirations were going; me asking him about working at Capricorn, his search for new talent, and his improv classes. After several weeks, we started dating more seriously.

He was funny, and it turned out we liked many of the same things. He was also sensitive and thoughtful, his words and conversation matching the movement of his fingers that day at Nando’s. We would end up having some deep conversations, talking about our views on certain issues, life, and everything from our deepest fears to what we want to do most in life. But we would also share the dumbest jokes that made us both laugh until we cried. I had always desired this type of intimate relationship with someone, being able to tell them anything and everything. The emotional intimacy was definitely there, but the physical intimacy was a bit harder to obtain.

When we were able to see each other, which was difficult since he was a 40 minute drive away, we had gotten into hugging hello and goodbye, with some kissing and makeout sessions sprinkled in between. His body was firm against mine, his large hands and long fingers pressing into my back and wrapping around to my sides. He always had a sort of minty fresh smell to him.

We also started holding hands more and when we would sit next to each other, I wouldn’t hesitate to make sure our legs were touching. I loved the way his fingers felt in mine, curving and reaching around to tickle the back of my hand. I couldn’t help but wonder what his hands would feel like on my body, tracing circles up and down my legs and abdomen, running along the curve of my breast, delicately navigating the folds between my legs.

“… so I checked it out the other day and it looks like it would be fun. Hey. Hey. Can you hear me? Hey!” My body briefly jostled around as he shook my shoulder. I had gotten lost looking at our interlocking fingers and thinking more intimate thoughts.

“How do you feel about that?” he asked.

“I’m sorry. About what?” I replied.

“Going dancing,” he said.

“Oh.” I’ve always wanted to go dancing, and that would give another reason for us to be even closer, so I agreed.

We had been dating for several months at this point, and the following week we went out to Fusion Dance Club. The club had 4 levels, each one playing a different type of music- everything from hip hip on the top floor to slow romantic songs on the first floor. We decided to start at the top and make our way down. After we came in and found a place to sit, we went to the bar and got some drinks. We also ordered some appetizers- wings, my favorite, and crab cakes, because do you even live in Maryland if you don’t eat crab cakes?

We had finished our drinks and finished eating when one of my favorite songs came on and I jumped up. I began shaking my shoulders to the rhythm of the music and walking backwards towards the dance floor, making a come hither motion with my right finger, inviting him to join me. He smiled and got up out of his seat to follow.

We danced and sang and jumped and grinded to the music of each floor as we made our way down from hip hip on the top floor to Spanish on the third and Caribbean on the second. Each dance made us looser and we were having more and more fun. With each touch of his hands on my body and each grinding of my ass into his crotch, I was slowly becoming more aroused as I savored the touch or felt the bump of his manhood against me.

Now at the bottom floor, I was feeling a bit exhausted from all of the upbeat music we had been dancing to throughout the night and couldn’t wait to slow things down. We found a table and decided to rest for a few songs. Soon, a popular slow song came on and he courteously asked me if I would like to dance. Such a gentleman, I thought as I took his hand and followed him to the dance floor.

He wrapped his left arm around my waist, and rested his hand on my lower back. I draped fındıkzade eskort my right arm over his left, my fingers just brushing his shoulder. His right hand and my left hand embraced and we slowly pulled each other closer, twirling in a slow lazy circle. My chest pressed against his and I rested my head in the crook of his neck. Tonight he smelled different- more of a musky cologne.

I could feel his even breathing as his chest rose and fell. I felt his breath tickling my neck with each exhale. Every now and then I could feel a little bulge bump against me near my belly button.

I could feel the warmth growing between my legs with every bump. I loved the feel of his body on mine and my mind kept wandering back to my thoughts from last week, wondering how his hands would feel on my body, his fingers invoking different sensations up and down my skin. Initially, I was just going to go back to my apartment since I had an exam the following week and really needed to relax and study. But, now that I think about it, I was already doing well in the class, so maybe I would reconsider. And anyway, there are plenty of different ways a person can relax.

I felt his head shift and his lips brushed my ear. A shiver went down my spine as he kissed right above my ear and discreetly ran the tip of his tongue over the ridge of my ear then flicked my earlobe.

“I really like the way your body feels on mine,” he whispered.

“I like it, too,” I responded softly.

“Um, how would you feel about going back to my place after this?” he asked.

I though for a second. I was thrilled yet slightly nervous at the thought of having much more privacy to ourselves. But I knew what I wanted.

“I’d like that,” I replied, smiling. Now the warmth was spreading more, accompanied by a gentle tingling feeling. I was definitely excited.

Only a few hours ago was I looking forward to coming to this dance club. Now I couldn’t wait to leave. We’d been here for over two hours and I was getting a bit antsy and was ready to leave. Once a few more songs had gone by, we looked at each other and smiled. Time to go.

We paid our bill, grabbed our jackets from our table, and headed out. The air was warm with a cool breeze. It had rained earlier today, so it the air also had a sort of cool, humid, misty feeling. We took the metro back to the station where he had parked his car, then drove the 20 minutes or so back to his apartment.

The elevator was broken, so we had to climb up 7 flights of stairs to his apartment. We stopped in front of Apartment 481 and he unlocked the front door and ushered me in. I turned on the lights and looked around. The room had a modern rustic feel to it and was well furnished. It smelled like citrus and was larger than I expected- the living room was fairly spacious with a, rug, table, some paintings on the wall, a large burgundy couch and a mirror facing the room in the far left corner. The kitchen was a bit small with smooth granite countertops, and there was a door, slightly ajar, towards the back, leading to his bedroom.

I was still admiring the room, when I felt a tug on my dress. I turned to face him and he pulled me in close, smiling. We kissed. Softly at first but then much harder. His lips were full and soft and his tongue was rough and wet against mine. Our tongues swirled around each other, dancing between our mouths, running over teeth and lips. He ran ran his hands down my waist, over my hips and moved them behind to squeeze my butt. He then scooped his arms under me to pick me up. That was a surprise- I haven’t been picked up in a long time and it was a peculiar sensation. He sat me on the kitchen counter and we continued to make out.

My fingers found the top button of his shirt and started undoing each button one by one. He ran his hands up and down my thigh, slowly pushing the hem of my dress up higher and higher with each stroke. Once my dress was all the way up, he gently pulled the stockings I was wearing down my legs revealing my purple cheeky underwear. Once my stockings were completely off, he ran his fingers along the hem of my panties, then down the damp slit that had formed between my legs. I shuddered. A moan escaped my lips and my nipples hardened with his touch.

I indicated that he should take off his shirt, which I had completely unbuttoned, and he did. I then slipped his undershirt up over his head. My eyes made their way down his body. His arms were slightly muscular, I imagine from the occasional heavy lifting he had to do at the theatre. His skin was smooth to the touch as I ran my fingers up his arms, over his shoulders, and down his chest which was populated with dark curly hair. I could feel the muscles in his abdomen as I continued my journey down. When I reached the hem on his pants, I looked down to see his member struggling under the fabric of his pants. I let my fingers move down some more to rub and caress his hard dick. His eyes closed and he let out a little growl, moving closer to me.

He placed his hands on my waist and slid them up to cup my breasts. I felt his thumbs circling besiktas escort and gently pinching my nipple. Every pinch sent an jolt through my body and the dampness in my underwear grew.

He reached back to unhook the back of my dress and pulled it up over my head, revealing a bra that matched the color of my panties. He leaned over to kiss me. First on my lips, then my cheek. He trailed kisses down my neck and onto my chest, eventually reaching the valley between my breasts. I could feel the warmth of his breath as I leaned my head back, eyes closed, revelling in the feeling of his warm kisses on my skin.

I leaned over to kiss the top of his head, then lifted his head up to kiss him. I trailed my own kisses along his jawline and down his neck, letting my tongue flick out and explore the shallow ridges. I gently pushed him back and hopped off the counter.

“Let’s take this off,” I said as I unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor. He slipped his shoes off and removed the pants. I then eased his boxers down and let them fall at his ankles. His penis stuck out parallel to the floor. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked it as I kissed him, feeling the ridges of the veins protruding out and pumping blood down the entire length. I moved closer and let the tip stroke the moist fabric of my underwear, sending shivers up and down my body.

He hooked his fingers on the waistband of my underwear and slipped it off. I could smell the scent of my sex wafting up as he ran his fingers over my mons pubis and stopped right over the folds of my vagina. His fingers slipped through the moist folds and found my clitoris, circling it before slipping his finger into the warm inner folds of my vagina. I gasped and bit my lower lip at the feeling. His finger was drenched in the slick wetness as he brought it back up and placed it in my mouth. I licked the salty lubrication off his fingers, running my tongue over them, and sucked on them while looking directly into his dark brown eyes.

He pulled his fingers out of my mouth, turned me around so my back was facing him, and unhooked my bra. I let it slide off and tossed it to the side. He cupped my breasts with both hands and as I arched my back in pleasure. I could feel his erection pressing into my ass. His lips found my neck and lay kisses up and down the exposed skin. His fingers toyed with my nipples and sent waves of pleasure through me. He then slid his hand down my body and slipped a finger inside me once again.

I moaned in pleasure as he added a second finger and slide them in and out, pausing occasionally to play with my clit. I pulled his hand out lifting it so that the two of us could lick my juices off his fingers. I then turned around, grabbed both of his hands, and stood on my tiptoes to give him a peck on his nose.

I pulled him over to the couch and lay on my back, lifting my legs, beckoning him. He took one leg and kissed each toe, then made his way down my calf to my inner thigh. A soft Mmmmm left my lips.

He positioned himself between my legs and looked up at me. I smiled back as he began to lick the wet swollen folds, his tongue moving along the space between my inner and outer labia, swirling and flicking the red bulb of my clitrois, and pressing into the opening of my vagina. His fingers navigated my hole, finding my G-spot and making me moan with pleasure. As he did so, I played with my breasts, squeezing them, licking them, and pinching my nipple between two fingers, gently twisting them.

I could feel myself approaching an orgasm with each lick and suck. I commanded him to go faster as my breathing becoming shallower as the feeling intensified.

He obliged.

The faster he went, the harder I played, until my body tensed and I jerked forward. An “Oh!” escaped my lips and my breathing intensified as the sensation spread throughout my body to every extremity.

I was still a bit shaky from the aftershocks as I relaxed. He carefully licked off the rest of my juices from between my legs, kissed my inner thighs, then kissed his way up my body, sucking on each of my nipples before pressing his lips to mine.

We kissed for some time as he circled my nipples and areolas with his fingers until we flipped ourselves over and he was under me. I lifted myself up and scooted down, trailing my fingers down the skin of his chest and abdomen. His penis was still nice and hard, the veins still visible, and the swollen tip just a little bit purple.

I ran my fingers up and down his thighs and chest, until I found his testicles and fondled them. I wrapped my hand around his shaft. There was sufficent amount of pre-cum dripping down, which made the task easier as I slowly pumped up and down.

I looked up to see him with his eyes closed and a silly smile on his face as his hand ran up and down his chest and abdomen. I leaned over and let my tongue run up from the base of his shaft to tip, gently swirling it over the head of his penis, teasing him. He exhaled deeply and let out a soft Mmmmm as I did. I kissed up and down his member, letting my tongue explore the veiny ridges, and running my teeth along the length of the shaft. After some more fondling and licking I positioned my face over the tip of his penis and took everything I could into my mouth. He let out a shaky Ahhhh as he arched his back.

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