A Dog is a Young Man’s Best Friend


I was in the ninth grade when my family relocated to small town Kansas from St. Louis. I was pretty upset about it. We had moved from an area with big league sports and all kinds of activity to a rural area where apparently nothing ever happened. But my father had gotten a job with a company there, and it was a good chance to live in “a safe, friendly, small-town community”, so away we went. Naturally, being the new kid in high school when everyone already had well-established friends meant that I was shunned by the other kids. As a result, my parents got me a dog – a Malamute / Australian shepherd mix that somehow ended up with the name Joanne, or Jo for short. Since I felt my parents were just trying to buy me happiness with a dog, I had very little to do with her. Sure, I took care of her, walked her, and occasionally tossed her a ball, but it was always done with very little enthusiasm. I figured life would get better and that I would have friends at some point.

Unfortunately, what I failed to realize was that in a small town, kids had no room in their social circles for an outsider when they had known each other all their lives. This treatment went on for a few more years, and in that time I made only one very casual friend – a boy in my class named Jacob. He lived fairly close to me, but even then we only got together once a month or so. Through all of that isolation, my only real friend was Jo. And I have to admit that I didn’t exactly appreciate her the way I should have. But that would soon change over one amazing weekend.

Because I was a teenage boy, I was naturally really obsessed with girls. They still paid no attention to me, of course, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about them when I was in bed at night. I had really started to fill out, and my increase in height was matched by growth spurts in other areas as well. I was pleased to see that my cock, which I was very familiar with at this point, was almost 7 inches long and nicely thick. And when I was alone in my room, my favorite pastime was to take it out and stroke myself. What had initially just felt good eventually became a full-time obsession, and what had initially been dry spasms as a pre-teen soon became arcs of cum shooting around the room as a teenager. I went from being a kid who never wanted to take out the trash to being a young man who always took out his own trash, mostly to get rid of all the evidence balled up in toilet paper!

Now, I was an all-around good guy and made good grades, so my parents were never strict with me and never bothered me about things like curfews. Plus, they still had an active sex life (or so it seemed when I occasionally listened at their door at night), so they had been going to bed earlier than me for years. It was after they went to bed one night that things really changed for me.

I had been sitting on the floor leaning against the couch and watching a crappy horror movie with really awful special effects when Jo came in and laid down next to me. I began idly scratching and petting her, paying her no real attention. She enjoyed the attention though, and rolled over so I could scratch her belly. I continued to scratch her while zoning out on the movie, and she would occasionally squirm around for me to get a particularly itchy spot. After several minutes of Jo not moving as I scratched, I became aware that I was scratching her in long strokes that started around her lower chest and ended up at her vulva. No wonder she hadn’t moved! I squeaked out an “Ugh!” and pulled my hand away. Jo, however, just looked at me from her upside-down position on her back.

I don’t know why, but I became intrigued by her doggy sex parts. Since she hadn’t moved, I put my hand back on her and scratched down toward her vulva again. When my hand got there, I started running my fingers over the furry entrance to her vagina. Jo didn’t move, so I stuck a finger just inside. Her legs gave a little jerk, and I yanked my hand away. But she stayed where she was, so I started rubbing the area again. I put my Sex hikayeleri finger inside her vagina and felt around. She was hotter in temperature than I expected, and I felt my cock give a twitch. What the hell was going on? I got my finger two knuckles into Jo’s doggy vagina and felt a nodule under the pad of my finger. I flicked it and Jo jumped up. I half expected her to bite me, but instead her hips were doing this humping motion that lasted a couple of seconds. She looked at me and then swung around so her rear end was facing me. I couldn’t believe it! The malamute part of her canine lineage meant that she had a tail that curved upward, and I saw her vulva and butt facing me.

Throwing caution to the wind, I reached out again, buried my finger in her vagina, and started manipulating her doggy clit. (Though I had no idea what that was at the time.) Jo began to hump down on my hand violently, like she was trying to wedge my finger as deeply into herself as she could. I obliged her by getting up on my knees, putting my other hand on her rump, and using the leverage to push my finger in deeper. She humped so violently that she ended up pushing my finger out with her motions. It was then that I realized that my cock was rock hard. In fact, it was painfully hard. I even wondered if it was possible for the skin to tear. I took my shorts off, and perhaps because she only very rarely saw this part of my anatomy, Jo sniffed it and then gave it a lick! The feeling was amazing!

I turned Jo around again, which she did willingly, and took position behind her. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I was unbelievably horny and needed some release. Instead of reaching under her, this time I reached over her hip and underneath her stomach to reach her vagina. From this angle, I could massage her clit by just curling my finger. The other result of this position was that it put me directly behind her. I pressed my hard cock up against her fur, which felt very nice against the skin of my cock. As Jo started humping down on my finger and moving around, I felt the most incredible sensation I could have imagined. With her tail curled out of the way, the sensitive underside of my cockhead had made contact with the skin of Jo’s butthole. And it was just as warm as her vagina was! As I continued to finger Jo’s vagina, and her hips continued to hump downward, my cock was rubbed by that warm skin around her backdoor. The hot sensation was too much for me to handle, and I came violently. My cum fired out from behind Jo and landed on the carpet. I sat back, dizzy with release, and Jo turned around and sniffed me. To my absolute delight, she licked my cock clean. She then went and licked the carpet where my cum had landed. She ended up getting most of it, and I cleaned up the rest with a towel. I gave her a big hug and praised her, and she seemed to love the attention. I got some doggy treats out and fed them to her one by one as I finished watching the movie.

The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jo and how crazy she had made me. My mind replayed the incident over and over again, and I had a hard-on throughout most of the day. I also started thinking of other scenarios and how to take things farther. I knew I couldn’t repeat the performance in my bedroom, because it was right across the hallway from my parent’s room and they might investigate any noise. At the same time, I realized that I couldn’t use the living room again. I was lucky that my mom or dad hadn’t heard anything and come down to check on me. I realized that the garage was the safest place, because I could go on the other side of our car from the garage door. That would give me some privacy and if someone came down and opened the door, I would at least have a few split seconds to pull my shorts up and pretend I was looking for something.

That decided, I waited for the hours to pass. That was probably the longest day I’ve ever experienced. But in the end, finally, my parents announced they were going to bed. I told them I was going to stay Sikiş hikayeleri up a bit longer, and as usual they thought nothing of it. I had the foresight to wait a half an hour to be sure that they were either asleep or too involved with other activities to bother with me, and then got up off the couch. Jo was right by my side, as she had been all day. And truth be told, she was usually right by my side most days – I had just ignored her previously. I really had been a horrible pet owner up to that point.

Another reason that I had decided to use the garage was because I was going to try something different, something that really excited me. I was going to see if I could get my cock in Jo’s dog pussy. I was afraid that she might bark while I tried it, so the garage would offer some sound protection as well. I walked through the kitchen and grabbed a little bottle of vegetable oil along the way out to the garage. Once I had closed the door behind us, I wasted no time pulling my shorts off. My hard cock slapped into my abdomen as I released it.

Guiding Jo around to the other side of the car, I started things off as I had the night before. I rubbed her vulva with my fingers and began prodding at her opening. Occasionally as I moved around her, Jo would give a quick lick to my cock which kept me hard as a rock. I inserted a finger inside her vagina, and found her clit. I massaged it gently, enjoying the hunching motions that her back hips started to make. I was really enjoying giving my dog pleasure. I hoped she would be okay giving me pleasure too. I kept up the massage of her clit for several minutes. She would hump violently against my finger, then relax for a moment, then begin humping violently again. I pulled my finger out at one point and put it to my nose. It didn’t smell bad at all, in fact, it almost had no smell to it. I put my finger to my tongue and tasted the juices. They had a very earthy taste to them. Jo had been waiting patiently while I was inspecting my finger, but pushed her hips back against me as she grew impatient for more attention.

I inserted my finger again and continued rubbing her. With my other hand, I picked up the open bottle of vegetable oil and drizzled some on to my fingers. I massaged this into my cock and even had to pause because I was really worked up and nearly popped too soon. Once I was slathered with oil, I moved up close to Jo. Then, while still massaging her slit, I positioned my cock right below the finger that was buried in her pussy. I pulled my finger out, spread her vulva open with two fingers, and pushed my cock against her furry opening. Jo just held still as I pushed. I didn’t know if she knew what I was trying to do, but it seemed that my massaging had bought me the benefit of her doubt, and she was patiently letting me have my way with her. I pushed my cock up again in an attempt to get into her but met resistance. I replaced my cock with my finger and pushed it inside her to massage her clit some more. After a moment, I switched my cock for my finger and pushed again. No luck. It appeared that my cock was just a little too big to fit inside her canine pussy.

I was frustrated but not too upset. It had been worth a try. And besides, I could rub myself on her hot butthole and get off just fine again. With that thought, I stuck my finger inside Jo’s vagina once more and began rubbing her again. I raised myself from my knees into a squatting position and placed the head of my cock against the warm skin around her butt. I started to rub the underside of my cockhead against her anus, enjoying the feeling that I remembered from the night before. Then for some reason, Jo shifted position and moved forward a little as she did it. I was off balance and shifted forward with her. In one incredible accident, my oily cockhead pushed hard against her butthole and slipped inside with a pop. I gasped at the sensation of intense heat and pulsing pressure against my cock. At that moment I realized something else too – Jo had not made a single sound! Erotik hikaye She was holding completely still now, but not a whimper or growl had passed her lips.

After a moment frozen in time, I remembered where I was and gave her clit a flick with the finger that was still inserted in her vagina. Her hips hunched once more, and the motion forced another inch of my cock inside her. I moaned with sheer ecstasy. Jo still didn’t make a sound. Either my cock in her tight asshole didn’t hurt, or my loving flicks of her clit were giving her so much pleasure that she didn’t even notice. I raised myself up a bit, gave her nodule a couple more flickers, and when she hunched down in doggy delight, I pushed the rest of my cock into her. I now had the entire length of my cock buried in my dog Jo, all the way up to my balls. I pulled out halfway and then began a slow, deliberate fuck of my dog’s ass. I pushed in, felt the skin at the base of my cock squeezed by her anal muscles, and then pulled out until only the head of my cock was inside her. Then I pushed in again. With her tail curled up in the air, I was able to look down and watch my cock sawing in and out of her asshole. There were a couple of light brown streaks on my dick, but I didn’t care one bit. I was in heaven!

I started to pick up the tempo and tried to fuck Jo harder and faster, but I realized that with my finger in her pussy I didn’t have the leverage for it. And I didn’t want to pull my finger out to put both hands on her hips. Instead, I grabbed the base of her tail with my left hand as I continued to frig her with my right hand and finger. With a grip on her tail with one hand and my other arm holding her in place from below as I masturbated her, I was able to get a solid hold on her and really began to fuck her in earnest. My cock punched in and out of her, making the cum in my balls boil and the friction began to really heat up the skin of my cock. Again and again I jabbed into her, and I realized that I was talking to her.

“Oh, Jo!” I hoarsely whispered. “Oh God, Jo! I’m fucking your ass! I’m fucking it so hard! It feels so good!” Soon I was in a fucking frenzy, stabbing my cock into her and pulling it out before slamming it back in after a fraction of a second. And still Jo didn’t make a sound other than some grunting from the impact of my hips against her ass. The thought that my dog was enjoying this as much as I was took me to even greater heights and I felt my balls creeping up toward my body as I dug in and out of her ass. I pounded my cock into her faster than ever, penetrating her as deeply and as hard as I dared. In and out and in and out I pounded her, my butt clenched with the exertion. With one last moan wrenched from my throat, I plunged in so far that some of my my ball sack got sucked in along with my cock into Jo’s ass, and I shot my load deep in her bowels. “Oh shit, yes!” I groaned, stream after stream of cum erupting from me. We were locked together in as tight an embrace as you can have with another living creature, and the pleasure washed over me in waves. I held her there a moment longer, feeling the contractions of her anal passage milking the last drops of cum out of my cock. With no protests from her, I was able to hold her in that position until I was well and truly spent of all my seed.

I slowly came to realize that I was still tightly gripping the base of her tail, and that I was holding her so close I had lifted her hind legs off the ground. As I eased her back to the ground, my deflating but totally satisfied cock slipped out of her ass with a plop. Jo spun around and took a few tentative licks of it before lying down and licking herself. I cleaned myself up with a rag, and called her to me. Jo jumped up and put her paws on my chest. I ruffled the fur around her face and hugged her, telling her I loved her. And I did. She had given everything of herself to me. In that moment, I knew that we would be inseparable from then on. I also knew that I would be repeating our trysts as often as I could. Not only would that lead to many moments of pleasure for the two of us, it ended up being the awakening of an insatiable sexual hunger that would lead me to many other adventures that were just as pleasurable!.

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