A dogging adventure

A dogging adventureThe ad was very short notice as it gave details of a pre-arranged meet at a national trust car-park in Bedfordshire. The couple made it clear that it was their first time and that there would be no participation-just watching-but when B said that G may be giving her a good spanking at some stage depending how she behaved-well I just had to be there. (I got into erotic spanking with an old girlfriend who was sooo turned on when I used to put her over my knee that her pussy would literally flood almost instantly my hand hit her backside but I guess that’s another story) The ad said 10pm and I turned up about 3 minutes late and spotted a couple in an estate car in the corner of the car park. There were also about 4 or 5 other cars parked up-2 of which were obviously completely oblivious to what was about to happen which for me increased the excitement. One guy was returning from walking his dog and the other had a young couple who had just been on a walk and were preparing to leave. I remember thinking ‘you guys don’t know what your missing’ Of course my eyes were drawn to the estate car on the right as I caught sight of a rather shapely stocking clad leg placed up on the dashboard. Adjusting my seat I could then make out the Guy in the driving seat leaning towards the passenger seat and moving his hands in a rythmical motion tantalisingly just below my line of site and when I actually heard the beginning of moans of pleasure issuing out of the passenger side window I knew it was showtime. It was starting to get a bit darker now and as the 2 cars drove off the moans started to get a little louder. I was still kind of rooted to the spot in my car seat-I knew the couple were aware of my edirne escort presence but I didn’t want to spook them-after all this was their first time!. B and G were embracing now and kissing passionately and then I heard G utter the words spoken in a commanding voice ‘turn around and give him a good look at your lovely big tits’ whereupon and B turned around slowly in her seat, leaned back on G and slowly raised her black jumper to reveal a magnificent pair of full breasts. Although I’m not an expert I made an approximate mental calculation which came out at a 42F. They looked fantastic. B was obviously fingering herself and beginning to really get off when the next instruction was delivered, which I didn’t quite catch but kind of got the gist of when B turned around again, raised a rather ample behind up to my line of site and lowered her skirt to reveal her bare arse cheeks to me and started moving her head slowly up and down in the general direction of the gear lever. I got the distinct feeling though that it was G’s dick that was in her mouth by the look on his face.By now there were 3 guys who had got out of their cars in the car park so I took my cue and decided to brave the light rain which had started falling and took up my position at the rear window of the estate which gave me a clear view of B’s pussy framed by her black stockings and suspenders and G’s three fingers which had just begun rhythmically fucking her. I said something like ‘what a gorgeous pair of tits-what a fantastic pussy’ and B’s hips jerked up and she started grinding against G’s now 4 fingers and came with a load climax.There were now 4 of us guys around the car-the rain started falling harder and one guy went escort edirne off to fetch an umbrella-isn’t it nice when people come prepared? I remembered the ‘no participation’ in the original ad but this didn’t seem to apply anymore as I saw the guy with the brolly hand it back behind him and reach in through the open car window and began stroking B’s thighs which she was obviously beginning to enjoy. Fingers travelled up slowly and were soon fucking B to her second orgasm. There was then a bit of a break in proceedings-some chatting and small talk. I lit a cigarette and we nervously watched a few cars drive by in what was now the half darkness of an early summer evening. We were talking about our various dogging experiences-the occasional plonkers we’d encountered-the guy with the umbrella who had driven up from Ascot was obviously fairly experienced and was talking about parties which he threw at his place for various friends into the swinging scene. It became clear that B&G were having an affair and not actually a couple-now that is naughty!B had recovered her breath back and just as I thought that this was dogging as good as it got she reached into the glove compartment and started running her fingers up and down a 7″ long thick pink vibrator. G began talking to her in quite a gruff voice-basically saying that she was a fucking horny bitch who didn’t seem to know when to stop. This was to no avail though as the vibrator started to slowly circle around the top of her milky thighs and gradually enter her dripping pussy. My god she was insatiable and with one glance and a tilt of her head she made it clear that it was now down to one of the 4 of us to provide that extra thrill of feeling edirne escort bayan something long and hard moving inside her-but ever so slightly out of her control. I hesitated slightly-once again the umbrella was passed backwards and its owner started to oblige B with an expertly delivered fucking with the pink dildo. Another shuddering orgasm-another lull-more chat-I remember thinking if this is a no participion evening I quite like to be around when B was really up for some fun! She still hadn’t finished. She still had not had enough. I saw my chance-she was rubbing her clit with the dildo and I just took it off her and started fucking her slowly with it at first. G was quite vociferous by now-he was calling her names-you fucking dirty bitch-you said there would be no touching and now look at you-I was now fucking this gorgeous busty blonde piece of heaven-certainly as far as she was concerned. I started calling her names as well-you fucking filthy slut-your fucking shameless-you just don’t care do you. She screamed out in another massive orgasm, pushing her hips hard into the big fat dick which was fucking her. Another pause-I sensed G was nnot happy-she had gone a little too far-enjoyed herself that little bit too much. He said the words ‘bend over’. My god he was actually going to spank her there and then in the car in front of all of us. This was so horny. He was calling her every name under the sun while his hand landed on her buttocks which began to glow a soft pink and gradually a deep red. She was getting off on it though-her fingers buried deep inside her pussy-furiously frigging herself off as G was spanking her bare ass and we were saying-look she’s enjoying it-she’s got her fingers in her pussy again. One more massive climax-and the show was over-but wow what a show. A few pleasantries were exchanged-yes we must do this again. I’ll email you…etc…the rain had stopped…engines were started and we drove off into the night.

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