A family Awakening


A family AwakeningGrowing up I always enjoyed visiting my Aunt and uncles place especially during the summer. My Aunt continuously went out of her way to ensure I was happy and had all I needed… if she only knew what I wanted most I could not have. Although they moved to another city and I am now grown up with a family of my own, I still think of those days when she would bend over just right in her loose bikini top offering me more than an eye full of her globes which were not big but shapely and firm with large nipples that seemed to poke holes through the thin fabric.One day at work, a very large customer was agreeing to initiate some new upgrades and implement them as soon as possible. An excited executive tapped me on my back and suggested I get packing as I will be gone for next four to six weeks. As I pulled into the driveway and got into the house, I spoke to my wife Carol about the whole business deal and how I would be in another part of the country for the next few weeks and possibly every quarter for a few days. As I got ready for bed that night I noticed she was taking a little longer than usual. Walking into the bedroom, the lights were dimmed and soft music playing. Knowing this was her signal she wanted to get lucky, I turned the corner into the bedroom and saw my lovely wife starting to apply a little edible massage oil on her hand and seductively start rubbing her glistening pussy lips as she lay back and played with her large breasts telling me to watch for a little bit. Slowly undressing I could not hide my erection for long as I sat on the chair watching her pleasure herself as my hand slowly stroked my cock. Come here and give me your hard cock – it has to last me for a few weeks. Climbing onto her I kissed my way from her thigh to her sweet shaved pussy lips taking each lips into my mouth with a slow slurping sound. As her hands slowly moved up and down and circled her engulfed clit, my finger found her wet hole and easily slid in as I flicked my finger upward towards her pelvic bone finding the ripples of her G-spot as I exited before sliding in again straight and repeating the flicking motion increasing her libidinous desires. One finger became two and then three as I changed from slow insertion to a more aggressive one ever watching her reactions and the way her body contorted with the pleasure being produced. Moving up, my cock head finding her hot hole and easily entering her as she let out a slight moan. Oh, baby that’s it… yes, like that. Make me your play thing tonight or I’ll have to find someone who can! I loved it when she talked dirty and especially when it include adding another person in the mix. Although we had talked about it a lot, she never could get up the nerve to do so… or does she when I am not around – the thought brought my a****listic side out and lost control hammering her little pussy as she cried out in ecstasy for the first time. Withdrawing my hard shaft noticing her pussy lips were swollen and reddened I grabbed her hips and tossed her over as she rolled and got on her knees allowing me access to her hot hole once more. Adding some lube I slid in and started to play with her anus with my thumb as my shaft disappeared once more into her. Building to the point of no return I grabbed her hips and thrust once more exploding into her emptying myself and slowing my assault. Letting my hard shaft slip out a few droplets of cum followed and clung to the sides of her lips before dripping to the awaiting sheets. As she flopped on her back, still in a flurry of a****listic desires I headed to her raw pussy and started to lick them and tongue her clit as she raised her knees and ceased my approach. You’re not kissing me now, she laughed. Exhausted and out of breath we lay facing each other on the bed just grinning at each other for the pleasure we had just shared. The next morning as I poured a cup of coffee, my wife suggested I talk to my Aunt and Uncle who lived in the same city as my new project. Perhaps I could stay there, after all they always say that they miss seeing you. Later that day, I called the number my Aunt had given me a few years back. A simple questioning Hello was all I heard following a number of rings. Unsure exactly what to say I started by saying Hi Aunt Lisa its… Oh for heaven sakes just call me Lisa! Both laughing we talked for a while longer and I told her of the new project in her city and before I could even hint she was adamant I stay with them for next few weeks. Smiling I simply stated I guess that settles that, see you in a couple of weeks.The time seemed to fly by as I received a few emails from them eagerly awaiting to show me their fair city. Plans were in the works and my wife suggested I have fun and enjoy time with my family. Boarding the plan, I received a last minute note. As I opened it, I saw my Aunt Lisa in that very same bikini she wore so many years ago with the caption, I’ll see you when you get in by the pool. She still looked amazing, I couldn’t believe it; her hair was a little lighter, she had put on a few pounds yet she could still turn heads. The flight seemed to take forever even though it was only a few hours as my mind raced to that image of her and that quirky little smile. Grabbing my luggage from the carousel and plugging in the coordinates into the rentals GPS system, they were a short way out of town in a quiet area. Pulling into the driveway I couldn’t help but notice how secluded some parts were with the tall mature trees and sloping hill. Seeing my Uncle, I parked and got out mentioning it is hot out today. He grins and said it’s great to see, make yourself at home and enjoy the rest of the day by the pool… Lisa is there; as we hug for a bit. Grabbing one of my bags he shows me into the house and to my room. Mentioning he had to run some errands but would be back later that night after dinner. Smiling I simply nod and start unpacking my bags into the awaiting dresser by the window which overlooked the yard and pool.As I glanced down I could see Lisa sunbathing only she was topless. Her breasts were as I imagined them, perfectly rounded with nice nipples which protruded like pencils, their weight flattening them slightly as they rested under the gazing sun. I couldn’t help by feel my penis twitch and grow as I looked at her through the window. I changed into my swim shorts and made my way downstairs making some noise so she knew I was coming. As I reached the kitchen, she saw me and hastily put her top back on and as she was tying the loop around her back smiled and met me at the door hugging me and giving me a great big kiss asking if I wanted something to drink. Agreeing we chatted over a cold glass of spiked lemon aid and before long we were opening up to each other about family, k**s, love and our spouses; then somehow, I let it slip that I thought she looked awesome. Chocking back her sip, you mean for an old broad? Laughing, I stammered you sure don’t look like one to me. You’re the same as I remember when I was a k**. Well you’ve sure grown up but still as handsome as ever and you certainly filled out too in all the right areas… now it was her turn to blush. Laughing we took a few more sips of the cool drink and continued talking about family, work, k**s and sex which surprised me to see just how open and honest she was about it before long we were exchanging some of our wants and desires that our spouses did not share with us. We were both surprised to hear we both enjoyed sunbathing nude and we shared a willingness to explore and experiment preferably with our spouses. As we stared at each other, I said the first thing that came to mind, It’s getting hot, I could use a swim and cool off right about now. Walking to the pool I could see her ass cheeks flexing beneath the thin material and desperately trying to calm myself down. Did you like the picture of the pool I sent you? Eeeer.. the pool? Yes, the picture your Uncle took of the pool with me beside it. Oh! Yes… thinking to myself, honestly I hadn’t really paid attention to the pool as I sheepishly grinned. I thought you were showing off your new bikini – I replied. Well glad you liked it as she dove into the water. I soon followed and cooled off a little, the water was so refreshing it seemed to invigorate and bring my energies back. As we swam the cool waters surrounding us was heavenly. Lisa came closer and wrapped her arms around my neck as if to hug me one more time. It’s really nice to see you she uttered as our bodies touched and I could feel the sexual tension between us struggling to remain calm and respectful when all I wanted was to taste the forbidden fruit and throw away all taboos. I released her and she swam towards the shallow end her toned butt arched out of the water slightly as her feet kicked.Lisa got out and lay on the lounge as I joined her in the adjacent longer. Sitting down my tension was obvious and Lisa looked into my eyes and asked if I ever got feeling that at times you simply cannot let yourself go? Smirking back at her, yeah a few times and usually because I am afraid of offending someone or don’t know how to tell them what I want or how I feel – usually to my wife. Which does tend to make things unsettling at times – missed opportunities I say. With a surprised look, Lisa simply agreed by adding Well put. Not quite sure how to take her comment I changed the subject about some of the outings they had planned while I was down over the course of the weekend. As dinner rolled around Chuck came in a little late and sat as we continued with small talk unaware of some of the tension between Lisa and I. As I got ready for bed, I could overhear some dialog from the other room and it seemed Chuck did not feel in the mood as Lisa then left the master and walked down the hall to the TV room to relax a little. Bushed from the flight and the day, I laid on the comfortable bed desperately attempting to forget seeing Lisa’s toned body with breasts exposed as I gazed at her earlier that day followed by the image of her rounded ass in the water as she swam away from me. The images were so vivid, I decided to take matters into my own hands and throwing the covers off of me, slowly started to stroke my cock as it took full form. My hand slowly rubbing the length of my shaft and my other running over my chest exciting my nipples şahinbey escort fully unaware that the door was closed but for a crack and Lisa had come back up the stairs wanting to see if I wanted a tea as she was making one herself. Peering through the door she saw me laying there in all my glory pleasuring myself. Without a sound, she reached down to her aching pussy and began rubbing herself quietly. Leaning against the wall she continued fingering her drenched pussy as she observed me until my tensing and a stream of cum shot up out of my hard cock covering my stomach and chest. Her orgasm must have been roughly at the same time as I thought I heard a small bang through the wall and looked up and around. Peacefully I fell asleep relaxed and somewhat satisfied. The next morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and some toast with jelly, I noticed Lisa quietly looking at me over her coffee cup. What’s wrong Lisa, is my tie not matching my shirt? Laughing off my comment she replied No not at all. Sorry I didn’t mean to stare. No problem, where’s Chuck? He’s still sleeping, probably won’t get up for another half hour or so. Seeing I was low on my coffee Lisa instinctively grabbed the pot and walked over to pour some more in my cup. As she reached over her house coat became loose and I could see her breast and her fully erect nipple. Oh, sorry as she grabbed her housecoat and pulled it closed. Not at all Lisa, to be honest… all I have to say is… spectacular. I’m going to be late, I have to run. Getting up, and leaning in to kiss her on the cheek she could hardly not notice the obvious bulge in my trousers. I’ll see you tonight, and quickly gathered my things and exited the door. The best thing about the West coast is the weather. The day finished early for me and decided to get a jump on the traffic, the sun was out with a nice breeze. Stepping into the house all was quiet and made my way to my room and changed into my swimsuit looking to cool down in the pool. A few laps into it and I notice Lisa looking at me in her workout clothes with a good sweat on. Hi, I didn’t see you there. Are you going to come in and cool off? I usually do yes but didn’t expect you back so early. Early? Oh yes, I finished up early today… I guess I should have called. Don’t be silly, Chuck will be late tonight he has a Lodge meeting to attend so it’s just you and me tonight. Let me go change and I’ll be back. Change? You mean you were going to dive in like that? Laughing, and in a sarcastic voice she stated Well I usually just strip down and jump in nude; but seeing as you are here… Het don’t let me stop you, I prefer swimming in the nude as well. Looking at me with surprise and throwing her arms in the air simply peered at me and said well then you first. Nervous to see if she was serious or not, in one fluid motion took the swimsuit off and had it in my hands above the water – I’m going to throw it to the side now… With that she simply took her running shoes off and then shorts as I could see she actually was taking it all off. Soon enough she joined me in the water and swam around a little bit as we casually talked. As I toweled off and lay on the lounger, Lisa joined me and this time and started off by saying I recall you saying you were a naturist but did not think you would be comfortable; noticing my lack of tan lines. I have been for a number of years now; I guess I could say the same about you alo. Being out here does have its privileges. I’m sorry about my comment this morning – it was uncalled for. Snickering, Lisa turned to me and added don’t worry about it. Last night I couldn’t sleep and as I was going to ask you if you wanted a drink, I could see into your room as you were otherwise busy. Shocked with a sinking feeling I simply looked at her for a minute until she continued; that’s why I was staring this morning. Seeing you and what you were doing drove me crazy and I had to masturbate a number of times and still I am aching. Her words seemed to cut through and awakened my hunger once more as my cock began to spring to life. Trying to relax a little Lisa took one look and stammered it is very impressive, your wife is a lucky woman. Thanks, these days, I take care of myself more and more though. Our drives are no longer the same. I know how you feel in that regard. Apprehensive Lisa blurted out Can I watch you again only this time while you watch me as well. My hand found its way to my growing cock as I stared at her beautiful body. The sun glistening through the water droplets on her skin like a prism, with a few droplets caught on her short neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her fingers easily parting her long full lips and disappearing into her hot hole. My rock hard penis now throbbing for release as I tried to slow my hand motion watching her vigorously playing with her pussy and tweaking her erect nipples sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body. Before long a steady stream erupted from my cock covering my hand and chest as I continued milking my cock getting every last drop out still mesmerized at how hot she looked. OMG! You are so naughty; your wife must love watching you. What other kinky things do you guys do? Falling back to the lounger, all I could say was she doesn’t. I’ve tried but I am finding my sexual appetite for discovery is far greater than hers.Does your wife ever want to join you in your explorations she asked? Grimacing now, I simply blurted out Hell No! she does not feel comfortable and wishes I wouldn’t like some things either. With that she added, your Uncle is the same. Been trying for years and moving out here I thought we would enjoy this together as things are more liberal here. Now he hardly even touches me anymore. That I cannot believe… Are you k**ding me – hate to say it but your hot! Well… I think the sun is getting to you. Both laughing at our current state and no believing what we just did not only in front of each other yet out in the open as well. I was still aroused and craving more. Lisa just smiled and looking at me and couldn’t help but notice and mention – nice manscapping by the way with a raised eyebrow before she got up in front of me and walked into the house. Grabbing my now dry shorts I walked in behind her to rinse off and get a glass of water. Walking to my room, there she was in the hallway still naked walking towards me as her breasts easily swayed and bounced slightly with every step. As I stood there, I started to say I was going to grab a shower if she didn’t mind. Lisa looked at me and in a sultry voice said… Oh fuck it! And grabbed my growing member bringing me into the bathroom. Not believing what I just heard, I found myself in a steamy shower with this incredibly sexy woman. The shower was all tiled with two shower heads and lots of space. It even had a bench built into it – the whole space could fit four people at least. Lisa looked so inviting and sexy, I leaned down and kissed her gently at first as our lips initially joined and then as if engulfed in fire, the passion erupted within us as we kissed and explored our bodies for a few minutes. Catching my breath, I couldn’t believe what was happening, she was so beautiful and sexually aware and like me deprived and lonely for the touch of another. This shower is huge, you could have a lot of fun in here, I said as the water trickled down on us. I was hoping to yes, but this is the first this shower has seen so much action. My hands lathered up with a luffa I pressed it against her back as she moved forward a little; instinctively I reached around her small frame and grabbed hold of her abdomen just below her breasts feeling her nipples harden against my arm. The contrast was interesting as Lisa is 5’5” and I am 6’2”. Her small frame with a perfectly heart shaped ass just an inch away from my engulfed manhood as I scrubbed her back. I’ve always wanted to do this to you Lisa. I know. Only now we can both get what we want and nobody needs to know I heard her say as she turned to me and looked up. You have no idea how many times I simply watched you as a young man swimming or running around without your shirt, the sweat covering your naked chest; I could only masturbate in silence and imagine how things could be if we were not related by marriage. As I gazed into her eyes all outside distractions went silent and I lowered my head towards her and met her lips in a most sensual of kisses repeating the kiss over and over again as we slowly parted our lips and began exchanging our passion first throughout meeting of tongues and then as our hands found their way to caressing our bodies like two awkward teenagers with purpose. My erection was more than evident now as Lisa got on her knees and began to orally pleasure my hard cock massaging my balls and occasionally licking them as her hand stroked my shaft, the warm water splashing down on us. Getting up, we kissed passionately as I turned the water off and grabbed her in my arms lifting her easily carrying her to the next room. Her legs wrapped around my waist I could feel the heat from her pussy as her lips wrapped around my shaft like a warm blanket and my cock head meeting her clit as we dry humped before easing her down onto the bed. As she lay there exposed to me, the curtain of her pussy lips were full and thick inviting me to nestle my mouth upon it. Hers lips parted with the first flick of my tongue sending shivers up her spine. My mouth suckled and licked and played with her clit teasingly with my teeth before sucking the whole of her pussy into my mouth as she arched back and slapped the comforter with her hands. Releasing her, my mouth still soaked with her own juices, I kiss my way up her torso and find an awaiting nipple that is screaming for attention and suckling. Not able to sustain herself, she grabs my head and kisses me violently licking all of her juices from my face and kissing me passionately, reaching down with one hand guiding me into her awaiting hole. I slowly enter her with ease and the sudden sensation of her tight wet pussy almost sends me over the edge. Our bodies intertwine as I drive my pelvic towards her thrusting into her repeatedly only to have her hips move meeting my every thrust slapping our bodies together. Her gaze changes and her breathing condenses as she reaches her orgasm clamping down on me and convulsing her entire body as a sudden steamy rush is released and my balls are covered in her cum. Soon after, not able to resist I empty myself into her as she gasps with every eruption produced. Laying there silent our chests heaving with a feeling of euphoria. Does Uncle Chuck know about your wants, I posed? Turning to look at me, Lisa propped her head on my chest and replied we tried inviting another person in a few times and he simply was not into it. Since then, sex has become routine and unimaginative. Her gaze never into my eyes but at my still hard cock. I thought you came as she slapped my stomach. I did, I just don’t come down that fast. With that she turned to meet my eyes and smiled; you mean you could go again? Before I could answer Lisa had straddled me and dropped down engulfing my cock in her slippery pussy as she slowly rode me to her third orgasm of the day, my ever diligent gaze memorized at her beautiful breasts effortlessly giggling with each downward thrust. Exhausted, she rolled off of me and was grinning from ear to ear panting and flush with excitement. I haven’t had that much pleasure in years… Well hopefully we could keep this our little secret for the duration of my stay? I interjected. If you thought this was it… you have another thing coming my dear! Is all she had to say as my smile widened and suggested it was time for yet another shower.Finishing with the showers, again… Lisa was applying a little make up with just her bra on with her panties neatly folded on the counter ready to be put on as a casserole for dinner was cooking in the oven. Toweling off, I couldn’t help myself but look at her ass from all angles and then the silhouette of her pussy lips nicely displayed between her thighs like two little curtains. Instantly aroused, I reached with my hand and played with then a little as Lisa started to warn me not to do that. My fingers were lightly coated with her juices and as I brought them to my mouth to taste, her sweet aroma filled my nostrils and the taste a pungent sweet mixture I could never get enough of. We don’t have time she said as I walked up and bent my knees slightly to bring my cockhead to her waiting lips. This will not take me long at all, after all I never did have a second release. Looking at me in the mirror she smiled and parted her legs just a little more allowing easy access to her. We don’t have much time, and with that my hard shaft was reintroduced into her love oven. Over excitement took over me as within five minutes I was convulsing in her emptying myself like never before. I guess you were ready for this weren’t you? Without whipping my hot cum from her lips, she put on her underwear ensuring to keep the fluids from escaping – I’m keeping this one for a while longer she added as she passed me on her way to her bedroom to finish getting ready. As I got to the kitchen, Lisa was facing the window by the sink wearing an almost see-through sundress that the light caught just right to reveal her splendid figure. After dinner we quietly sat enjoying a cup of tea when Chuck came in and sat at the table sipping on a cold beer he had gotten from the fridge. We started catching up and finally asked me how my day was alone with Lisa… I almost coughed yet cleared my throat and replied it was fine we talked about the family and I took advantage of your pool – it was really nice. With that he arched one of his eyebrows as if to say whatever… before asking if Lisa enjoyed the time as well. As Chuck was in Sales he mentioned he would be travelling for a few days over the next weeks but nothing major and I should feel at home here and to make sure I look after Lisa for him. Smiling I nodded and glanced at Lisa hoping she was also thinking the same thing. With desert finished, I helped to clear the table and started the dishes suggesting the two of them take it easy for a bit and spend a little time together.Grateful, Chuck made his way to living room as Lisa followed and I heard her say why don’t we watch TV in our room tonight and leave him alone. I couldn’t make out his reply, yet he got up and made his way up the stairs. A few minutes later as I was about to finish up and placed the dish towel away, I walked up the stairs and mid-way could make out a steady banging which I could only assume was the noise of the headboard against the wall and just smiled at myself. Then nothing…. Thinking I was discovered I slowly made my way back to the kitchen and waited. A few short minutes later Lisa showed up with a sheepish smile and walked up to me and kissed me. Surprised I looked at her and she said that once in the room and the door closed, she took her panties off and laid on the bed making sure Chuck saw her previously fucked pussy still glistening with a thick mixture. Chuck wasted no time and jumped on her slamming himself into her wet stretched hole and pumped away until he blew his load and slid out before flopping on the bed next to her. A little shocked, I asked if he knew that we…. Eeerrr… Heavens No, he thought I masturbated all day and used a toy to get me nice and wet for him. Sooooo…. How was it? I let out coyly. Lisa slapped my arm and said it’s been the most they have had in a number of months – but not bad, well for him anyway. I am happy I was satisfied earlier. Reaching around her and drawing her near me I could tell she was not wearing anything under that small sundress of hers. Grabbing my hand, she brought it to her wet lips and I could feel a messy mixture as I inserted my finger into her and kiss her sweet lips passionately awakening my now growing member. I feel a little naughty tonight – what do you say? Looking at her and then to the staircase I nodded and said what about Chuck? He is sawing logs, and besides now I don’t care I need something finished.As we walked into my room, Lisa spun around and demanded I strip naked for her which I did so slowly and with purpose. Watching her every movement and then she slid her sundress off revealing herself to me once more. Fully erect and wanting to pounce. She gazed into my eyes and said I need you to be gentle with me, I haven’t done this since before I was married as she spun around and bent over spreading her ass cheeks with both hands showing me her pink button ready for the taking. I’ll need lube for sure as I reached to her pussy lips and opened her a little allowing more fluid to drizzle down onto my hand and played with her asshole a little making her relax more and more as first my finger started to explore and then two slowly stretching her as she relaxed a little more. Meanwhile my throbbing cock needed get lubed up as well and I slowly introduced it into her pussy getting it nice and laborious before lining myself up and slowly pushing my cockhead into her rectum. A small gasp when finally, it passed and then a pause to relax and slowly pull back a little before slowly pushing forward again. Over a few minutes her ass now stretched I was easily sliding in and out of her as she fingered herself and flicked her clit. I took the chance to find her nipples and played with them and tweaked them to an even harder state. Fill my ass, yesssssss… as she shuttered and released another torrent onto the bed cover. A few strokes more and I was ready to cum myself as I told her this she rammed herself backward so I was as deep as I could get and creamed her hole with all I was worth. Exhausted and spent, I eased myself out and stood back seeing my own cum oozing from both her holes wondering how much of my first load was still in her pussy. What have we started Lisa, I mean wow – I could never imagine. Turning her head, she simply smiled and sighed a its about bloody time is all!The next morning Lisa was busy baking and Chuck reading the paper as I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed off to the new office for the day. All the while thinking about my Aunt and how hot she was. As the days passed Lisa was very warm and chatty but nothing inappropriate happened. As the week ended and I was able to sleep in in Saturday, I felt a warm body slid under the sheets next to me. Rolling over to see it was Lisa as she snuggled next to me her warm nude body awakening my senses. She kissed her way down my torso and found my limp cock and before long had it completely in her mouth and slowly giving me the best wakeup call I have ever had. Her soft warm mouth surrounding my hardening member. Before long I shot uncontrollably into her waiting mouth before she came back up to me and kissed me forcing me to share my own semen. At first it was strange and yet became very erotic and fiery. We spent the morning making love and satisfying each other as never before breaking for some food every now and then. Chuck as Lisa put it was golfing with buddies and would not show until dinner. He was also taking a flight on Sunday for the next four nights. Hope you are feeling energetic then, I said. Smiling she dug her nails into my chest and purred as she kissed me tenderly. As I skyped with my wife on the Saturday night, we got caught up on what the k**s were up to and their busy schedule. I might have a surprise for you when you get back she uttered. Intrigued, I asked what was it? Something you have been wanting for a long time but I never wanted to… My mind was racing and I was getting anxious. Can you give me a hint? Grinning she got closer to the camera on her laptop and whispered I met a nice couple who say they would like to meet us both. I like them and she is very hot. Surprised, I was speechless…. Why the sudden change of heart… not that I am complaining. Blushing she reluctantly admitted that over the last few months she has been seeing the woman at the gym and began talking to her more openly and the last time at the gym during the day there were very little people there. We were alone for some time in the sauna and shower room. I enjoyed being played with and all I could think of was doing this with you. I met her husband and he wants to meet you as well. Stunned I could only smile and mention I’d love to meet them. It will be a few more weeks though. Frowning she sighed and simply stated I know. Well, if you want to why not meet them and see how your play time goes – just tell me about it. Don’t want all the details, but the highlights. Like that is fair… What do you want me to have a fling here as well, or simply know that you are being satisfied while I am away? Well if you do meet someone, you tell me and I want to hear how you make her feel. As I ended my conversation, Lisa entered the room with a shocked expression. She overheard the last part and was both happy and sad. As she explained her joy was of us exploring together and doing something a little crazy at the same time, her sadness was around the thought that was going to move on and never see her again. Placing my hands on either shoulder, I said I could never in a million years not think about being with you. I am sure I will be coming here for work at least once a quarter for a few weeks. And.. I could always give you a heads up so we both know what Chucks schedule is like. Her tear filled eyes turned bright and she kissed me before saying supper will be ready soon. Oh and do you mind driving Chuck to the airport tomorrow? Not at all, I’ll be down shortly. As Chuck took his luggage out of the trunk, he held out his hand and as I shook it told me he has noticed that Lisa is happier since I got to the house. Perhaps you should visit more or we could all go on vacation sometime. I would like that very much. Closing the trunk, I waived as he entered the terminal. As I got in the car, I was thinking to myself that I would be sharing the same bed with Lisa tonight and not have to move or wake her at all. Pulling into the driveway and puling the car into the garage I could see Lisa was on the phone. Walking into the house, Lisa called me over and said it was my wife on the phone. As it was hot, I took my t-shirt off and took the phone from her as she said in a louder than usual voice so she was heard, OK I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone now. Is she gone? The voice on the other end asked. Although Lisa was standing in front of me, I said yes she went out to the pool. Well… I have something to tell you. The k**s were watched by my Mom last night Carol continued, and I went for dinner to Brent and Mary’s house. Oh yeah I said with a smile. Dinner was very nice and then they suggested we go in the hot tub. Did you bring your suite? That’s what I told them and before I knew it Mary was buck naked and Brent well on his way – I guess they never wear anything in the hot tub. And… well I took my clothes off slowly and tried to get in without them seeing too much. The water was nice and warm and we had some wine in there too. Oh boy – how did you feel after that? Laughing she said I was feeling good. I don’t know who started but my pussy was being played with and before I knew it I was making out with both of them. As our conversation went on Lisa could tell I was getting aroused and pushed me to the counter to lean on as she undid my shorts exposing my hardening shaft. As Lisa’s mouth bathed my cock and her small hands cupped my balls, I listened to the story on the other end of the phone. I could picture my wife kissing and fondling Mary’s breast as Brent slid his cock into her wet pussy. The thought was almost too much to take. She concluded by saying I definitely want to see them again and Mary agreed to meet you and me first alone also – kind of a thank you for being so wonderful. With that I shot my load deep into Lisa’s mouth as she tried to take all of it. Are you going to see them again before I get back? I would like to yes. I was hoping either this Friday or Saturday coming. I’ll let you know. Oh baby that sounds great – I am happy you feel good about this. And perhaps you will have a story for me by then? I’m not planning anything but we shall see. I am not saying no. Have a good night baby – love you. A simply Love you too is what I heard before the line was cut. As Lisa stood, I could see some of my cum was still on her chin – you are naughty. She giggled and took my hand leading me to the living room turning only to say you don’t know how naughty. Once in the living room, I saw she had her computer hooked into the television and was chatting with another couple from Spain. They were both naked and playing with each other as she introduced me as her friend. They both waived and she slipped her skirt off and pulled her tight t-shirt over her head. As she crawled on the couch the light from the window made the traces of her pussy juice that had been dripping down her leg shine. My cock still hard I followed her and made on purpose to get very close and slip my head between her puffy lips as she gasped and turned to look at me as I grabbed onto her hips and slowly eased myself into her once more. The couple obviously enjoying the view also go into the mood and began fucking each other feverishly. The afternoon slipped past us and before long dusk was upon us. I could definitely go for a nap Lisa added giggling. I need to rinse off real quick, and with that we both plunged into the salt water pool before bed. As we got ready for bed, it felt strange to be in the master with the king bed. The nice cool sheets were a welcome treat as I snuggled Lisa and rifted off to sleep. I woke up much early that morning with Lisa still in my arms, her shapely ass nestled next to my cock. The thought of her laying with me this way engorged my shaft as I felt it swell and grow in length. Trying not to wake her, I tried to lay there still yet every little move made my balls ache even more. My arm lay across her and my hand cupped her breast and as I gave it a slight squeeze her nipple began to harden under my pressure. She moved just enough in her sleep for my cock to slip past her anus and now my cock was pressing against her pussy lips. Without any motion almost as if breaking free, my cockhead disappeared into her wet pussy. The warmth was overwhelming as was the amount of juices that seemed to surround my shaft slowly easing its way into her as we spooned. My hips began to rock as hers matched my every movement as Lisa began to groan and with a small stretch inhaled deeply as she turned her head towards me and lovingly kissed me before exhaling You’re so bad – I love it… oooarrr. We slowly continued as I needed her breasts and her hand found its way to her clit rubbing it as our mounting pleasure erupted in the early morning glow. We had many more episodes during the week until Chuck got back into town and I moved back into the spare room for the next few nights before my flight home. Lisa tried to visit me when she could and on my last night slid into bed with me for a quickie knowing she and Chuck had just made love as I sank myself balls deep into her cum soaked pussy and added to the mess in no time. As I got my bags ready and placed into my rental, Chuck was a little disappointed I was not able to stay longer. Perhaps next time, I said. Hugging Lisa, I whispered in her ear how she was probably the best lover I have ever had and long to see her again. Kissing me, she smiled and said I’m sure we will be seeing each other more now. On the flight, I tried to relax and rest some before seeing my wife once more after those two long weeks. Finally, home, I enter to a quiet house with a note – I am upstairs, k**s at my Mother’s. I race up the stairs and find my sexy wife in bed with Mary looking at some pictures on the laptop. Eager to see her I go to her and lean over to kiss her as I am undressing. As I walk around the bed, wanting to introduce myself to Mary; she rolls out of bed leaving the covers fall from her spectacular body and kisses me also. Looking at her toned tanned body, I know now why my wife was attracted to her. Joining the two ladies in the bed, I start looking at these pictures they were viewing. They are of the three of them in different poses during play. I could hardly believe my eyes seeing my wife being so care free and obviously in the midst of a few orgasms in some of these. Before long my hard on was beyond any I had had in quite some time. Both women were taking turns in kissing and sucking me. As Carol passionately kissed me and my hands were rubbing her firm breasts, Mary sank onto me with a slap of our skin as my cock filled her very wet pussy and made a few gushing sounds. Looking down, Carol said I think Mary like your cock. As much as you like her husbands? I questioned… She gave me a coy look and said, well it is new to me you know and I just trying to make up for lost time – as you will be doing over the next few days. The next morning Mary came into the room bringing me a cup of coffee. As I woke, I smiled at her and expressed how I thought last night was just a dream. She smiled taking her robe off and slipping into bed with me taking no time to find my growing member. Where is Carol I asked? She is talking to Brent in the kitchen, I am sure they will be up in a minute or two. Oh, well in that case… Brent and Carol walked in and watched as Mary enjoyed my hard cock as she lay on her back and legs up on my shoulders. Carol, took her bathrobe off and was helping Brent get undressed. We took turns with each other’s wives and at one point all four of us were licking and sucking whatever came our way. Brent and I licked and sucked each other while Carol and Mary did the same before finding a wet pussy to explore once more. Over the next few months Lisa and I have been exchanging a few emails and naughty pics with the promise of a reunion in the next little while. One day Lisa called my cell and mentioned she had met another gentleman who was like her in the sense of the wanting and needing the touch and intimacy. I was very happy for her and said so which only made her happier knowing that. She mentioned that this new guy knew about me and that he was ok with us seeing each other while I was in town. I joked and said well why don’t we three get together. After an awkward pause on the phone, Lisa mentioned that he was bi so that would not be such a good idea… Clearing my throat I asked her… and the problem with that is? Delighted, I could tell she was getting very horny and if I kept it up would need to satisfy herself quickly. We hung up after telling her I had put in a requisition for flights to go her way for two weeks from now. Unfortunately, Chuck was also scheduled for a large trade show on the East Coast that same week. I guess I will have to take care of Lisa with the help of her new friend. Later that night as we enjoyed the hot tub with Brent and Mary, I mentioned Carol would be alone for a while due to a business trip I was taking. Brent and Mary took Carols hand and both said, We’ll take care of her, don’t you worry.

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