A Fantasy For Her:…


So far I have restricted myself to writing things that could, in an extremely kind universe, happen for real. But now I think I will go for something that is nearly impossible. It is a fantasy of mine, not so much because it’s public but because it’s the place I first met you.

* * * * *

Here again, just a few weeks after our little ‘understanding’ about how I spend my time at the club. I can buy dances from anyone and I do so, but I try to be… careful. Only doing what my conscience will let me live with. And I can buy a few from you as well, though I usually don’t. It seems kind of futile to me. But today I do want one. It’s just my luck that your set finishes just as I have bought a dance . A two for one. Hmm, what will you do? Ignore me and move along? Get angry? I hope not. But you surprise me, sitting just behind me and to my right. My hands freeze on my chair as she comes forward against me. Is she trying to get me into trouble?

Another surprise. I hear your voice in my ear- “Relax. Just remember that you can’t take her home.” I think she heard that and she laughs as I blush, saying- “She’s right you know. You seem like a nice guy but you’re just not my type.”

“Oh thank God.”

You both laugh and I blush a darker shade of red. Some women are so beautiful that I feel like they would just run me over, like a Mack truck. It’s part of their attitude. A force of personality. Sometimes it bothers me a little.

As the second song ends, she whispers in my ear so even you can’t hear- “But you do have soft hands.” I just give a shy smile.

You quickly take the seat she leaves vacant, sitting in my lap and causing some mild alarm which is reflected in my face. “Ohh, poor baby. Did that girl leave you with a ‘problem’?”

Putting as nice a face as I can on things I give a strained reply-“I don’t consider it a ‘problem’. Do you?”

Your hands give more of an answer than your words, squeezing my crotch before ‘adjusting’ the lump formed there and shifting to a more comfortable position. For me.

“How many would you like?”

“Two please.”

In the space of a few seconds as the song ends I have formed a plan. One that I hope you will like. I move us further into the corner, taking note of where all the customers are. Howard is covering the door and there are very few customers. Time for me to have some fun. With you.

“Actually I’d like four.”

“Alright. Ten dollars a piece, even for you.”

“I know.”

I start as I always do, my hands skim over your skin like warm kisses, your neck and shoulders, down your sides to your firm ass. I rub my palms here and even give you a little smack. My tongue is in your ear, following my breath as I tell you what I want to do to you. My fingers are more daring than usual, pausing at your nipples when they are out of view of anyone else; my fingers circle your plump nipples slowly before I pinch them hard. Do you like that?

You bite my neck in return and I hiss my response. My hands grab your hair, more roughly than I ever have here, exposing your neck to my tongue and lips. You quiet your moan just enough to avoid any undue attention and my lips smile against your throat. My hands roam your back in our embrace as your nails trace delicate lines on mine through my shirt. On my neck they raise a shiver and your response is to kiss me here and blow your breath across it. I growl a warning, spanking your ass again. I love just… playing with you. Playing together like this. It’s just so fun. Sensing you are about to stand up again I grab your hair tightly again and crush our lips together, then calmly slip my tongue out to plead for entrance to your mouth. From a harsh grip to a soft stroke of your cheek, my hands contrast quickly. I don’t want you so far away and you oblige, keeping your hands on my shoulders and swaying your hips to the beat. When you stand up enough I kiss your soft belly with small pecks, my hand at the small of your back.

When you turn around again I place those same kisses on each side of your tight ass. So soft, smooth and warm. You lean back again, showing me my favorite view. Naturally my hand has to follow my eyes down your centerline. Time for some more fun.

“Do you have any idea of what I am going to do to you?” I emphasize with my hands, sending them to your sensitive inner thigh, so very close to the crotch of your satin panties.

“Why don’t you tell me?” You sit again, aware of my now rock-hard cock entrapped in my pants, even brushing you hand over it again. In this state that is enough to give me a flutter, my eyes shut against the sensation.

“Hmm. Well first I am going to tease you. With my mouth and tongue. My hands. All over your beautiful body. No part of you to be left untouched. Slowly in some places, racing over others pendik escort repeatedly. But leaving your panties in place, my fingers adventuring there unseen. I want you nipples to be tight and hard, standing out proudly from your tits.” I hazard a glance down.

“Like they are now.”

Your eyes are closed, imagining that scene I think. Even that cute, so erotic nibble on your lower lip. “Umhhm.”

“And as I am doing this, all the while busy hands are caressing you, the backs of your knees and thighs, your shapely legs.” You are caught up in it now, only mildly aware that as I say these things, my hands are doing them. Your nails are doing quite a job on my own legs, distracting me a little, so I take them, placing them on the chair arms. Then I take each hand to my mouth and kiss each finger before returning them. You hips are not still either, grinding against the hardness your body is keeping so warm. I decide to try to ignore that for the moment.

A game before I move on to where I want to go. “Kerri.”

“Uhha” I chuckle and slow my hands a bit. “Kerri, I want you to take my hand.” You right hand finds mine and gives it a squeeze.

“Now, I want you to show me where you want me to touch you. Keep you hand on mine and show me.”

I can only hear your smile. “Where I want you hand isn’t legal.”

Are you that far gone already? “Really. Hmm. Well try that some other time then. Ok, well lets move on.”

“To what?”

“To what you want to do to me. If I were doing this to you at your house, what would you do to me?”

Your head snaps around to meet my gaze. You feral smile gives me some idea that maybe this wasn’t the best, oh well. What would you do?

You kiss me again and I follow your lead as your tongue ventures forth for a short visit. “First,” you start as your hands pull my shirt tail out, “I’d take your shirt off.” You thankfully leave it on here. “Then I would kiss your neck, nibble it a little. I know you like that.” I can’t give a verbal answer as your mouth there has rendered me speechless, so I just nod. Then you start whispering. “I would run my nails over your chest, just hard enough to leave a light mark.” You hands under my shirt are robbing me of breath, mirroring your words.

“You love to be touched, so I would touch you all over as well. My soft skin caressing you everywhere. My nipples grazing over yours as I kissed you. Would you like that?”

I nod enthusiastically.

“Slide down your body slowly, delicious friction of smooth skin against you. Down to my knees, resting my cheek on your thigh, my breath just reaching your hard cock through your khakis’. I would blow there hotly as my fingers reach towards your nipples. I know you like them to be played with roughly, but instead I would just lightly flick them, occasionally wetting my fingers in my mouth and then return to my task. I want to see them poke out and say ‘Hi’.” Your hands travel to them- “Just like now.” I can’t help but laugh at this twist.

“As I was doing so I would stare into your eyes so you could see how turned on I was. You would see the fire in my eyes and know.” I can see it now and I gently push your hair back behind your ear, letting nothing obscure this beautiful sight. You surprise me, laying your chin against my tented pants and humming, delicious vibrations making me shudder. Somehow you gracefully return to your feet, again standing before me with your hands on my shoulders. You close your eyes and return to the telling.

“I would undo your belt quickly, my patience running out. Then off with your shoes and socks, leaving you with your pants undone. I would then dance some more, letting you anticipate what you think I will do. But I am sure that we are pretty much on the same page.”

“You are so hot baby.”

“Ohh, I’m not finished yet.”

I wave, urging you to go on. “Then I would sit in your lap, on just one side. my arm around your neck to support myself.” You drape yourself over me like a sheet and my right arm clasps you to me. You left hand strokes my neck in that delightful way you have as you right makes its own journey. I can see your wary eyes searching the room as your hand reached my belt. I hold my breath, anxiously wondering whether you will. Ever so slowly, you do. Unbuckling it to the last notch, leaving room for whatever you have in mind.

You stop to meet my glazed-over eyes. “Then what would happen? Would you whimper if I slipped my hand down your pants to pet your hard cock poking through the front of your boxers? Would you try to take control? Hmm?”

I realize you expect an answer before going on as your fingers worry about my belt and the seam of my pants. “Why don’t you find out?”, I manage to croak out.

Taking a last look around and seeing-

Uhho- that girl escort pendik again, eating lunch and trying very hard not to look like she is watching. I think the fun is over. But she has other ideas, giving you a wink. Daring you. “Kerri you don’t- you aren’t-“

Evidently you are. Boldly staring right at her your fingers unzip me slowly, leaving only my boxers to hide my cock from sight. Though the table does that for most of the room. She must have looked for just the right spot. But right now I don’t care, all I care about is your hand taking liberties they never have before in this place. And choking my cries back down my throat. My right hand is gripping the chair arm tightly enough to leave it white and my left seeks yours at my neck. I kiss your fingers as the others play down below. Abandoning the over the top approach, you cleverly slip through the hole at the front of my cotton boxers, allowing you to grasp me firmly. My sharp gasp is too much for me to hold in and both you and she are amused. Oh, you are so going to be paid back.

You can’t do a whole lot in this position, but what you can do is more than enough to make me dangerously aroused. I want to take you right now and I wouldn’t really care who was watching. What’s stopping me? A couple of thin pieces of cloth? Ha! But some very small bit of reason remains and instead I settle for kissing you until you are gasping for breath. I hope that the tight press of my lips and my grasping needy hands all over can tell you just what you do to me. Damn, I want you so bad. Slam jam, against the wall, hard and fast. Teeth and sweat, nails and hot, wet sighs. Running over your curves like an all-American muscle car. Press and pull, no thought. Just GO.

“Wow,” is all I can manage at the moment as the second song ends.

Your fingers press to your lips as if amazed that they can feel so much.

“Yeah, wow.”

“Maybe we should take a break.”

You just nod and pull your dress back on, careful to steady yourself with a hand on a chair. Just before you sit I press a twenty into your hand. You absently fold it up and put it in your handbag, taking out your cigarettes.

“I need a cigarette.”

“I think, if I smoked, I would to. You are so going to be paid back.”

You just nod as your slowly exhale. “I hope so.”

I don’t think you know just how soon I will be paying you back. Paid in full and a measure more.

Allowing ourselves to calm down for a few minutes, just enough to take the edge off but leave the underlying arousal. The girl is gone, evidently thinking that the show is over.

The next song starts and I realize that it is a long one. Good. I help you take off the dress, always willing to undress you. Especially since it means another chance to touch your warm skin. I am thinking ahead, as far as I dare. Every touch, every glance and breath, all in concert to turn you on. I just touch for a few moments, with you in front of me. My fingers skirt about the hem of your panties but never any further. Then, when you sit down, it’s on.

It might be my imagination, but I feel like I can put more into a touch, if I think about it. And so I do, dragging my fingers slowly up a meandering river I have imagined, running from your ankle to your bellybutton. With an interesting current on your inner thighs, flitting them there several times. The other is busy about your neck, flitting here and there as my lips brush your collarbone and hair. I can feel your pulse as my lips brush that point. My fingers close on your left nipple, obscured by your hair from view as I whisper to you-

“I am going to make you cum right here, right now.” And I pinch.

I sense your breath halting in your chest as you realize what I said. I still my fingers, giving you a small chance to say no. But you take it as I thought you would, looking around the room, seeing no immediate danger. you give the slightest nod. My GOD you are sexy!

You turn around to face me, flush with excitement, your eyes burn with passion. Then you sit again, trembling with excitement. As am I. And with some fear as well. I mean, I said that I would, but can I? In this place? Enough of that. I said I would, so I will.

My hand goes to your throat first, a tight grasp here. I am just guessing, but I think that you like that. And the other takes a journey with many stops- each of your lovely nipples to be pinched, each of your proud tits to be caressed, your belly button, and most especially the tight skin just above your panties. Then just a teasing brush over your mound and down to your inner thigh. your growl brings me short here, you are impatient and I know that I have a tendency to tease too much. And ever so slowly I stop teasing.

In your ear, my lightest whisper, a touch above a breath, my words mirror pendik escort bayan my actions- “You are such a sexy woman. I want to feel you on my fingers, drag your wetness over your body to leave a trail for me to find later. I want to feel your pretty pussy clench around me as if to capture me and never let me go, your clit slowly harden as I touch you in the most intimate places. Peeking out to be massaged and petted. To seek that most mysterious of spots just inside you rising out to be found by inquisitive digits. Is it my imagination or can I smell your arousal? So soft and sweet, tangy like a raindrop.”

I turn to look at you. Your eyes are closed, your lips parted as the soft gasps of your warm breath rush by. I can just barely see the flush rising on your neck, just darkening your freckles. Your hands rove with little strength, alternately grasping my pant legs or wrapping themselves around my neck. Wordless, silent cries spur me on, to turn my attention to pleasuring you. You look incredible.

Finding inspiration again I speak- “When you come, how will I silence your cries? I want them to be a part of me, will I kiss you, leaving you gasping for breath when you come down? Or will you keep enough presence of mind to stop yourself from screaming? Close your beautiful lips around my fingers, maybe even biting them in the midst of your crisis? A risk I am willing to take. Will someone notice?”

I know that you are close. Your body screams it with every thrust against my entrapped fingers, your nails now leaving marks you are sure to notice later in my other arm. I can feel your wetness growing, soaking into my fingers and your panties. You’ll have to change before going back on stage. My cock is saying increasingly urgent things as well, but I ignore that .

You are so close and I want to make it special. Somehow I manage to turn you facing me just enough to see your face. Guessing, attempting to recall anything to help me, just roll the dice and take my chances. Here goes-

“I think the girl watching is going to come with you.”

Your eyes fly open with a flash, your nails biting enough that I know that it will leave a mark, and I know that I have succeeded. My lips rush to yours, closing over to seal your cries between us as I yank your hair to bring you close. I can feel you explode, your silken walls contracting around my fingers, your cum slickening them as I push harder, trying to prolong this as long as possible. The hard rod inside my boxers shudders in sympathy, almost leaving me with an embarrassing situation to explain. I am not normally so affected, but here, this way. I have never been so aroused in my life, with my clothes still on.

Your heaving breasts have a slight sheen of sweat on them, appealing to my tongue. I oblige, tasting the salty goodness there. I now understand the appeal of tequila bodyshots. The same dampness sticks your hair to your neck and I can’t help but think that, even if you wouldn’t get it, you are as sexy as ever like that. My fingers, still inside you, now protest loudly at the unusual angle they were forced to work in. As they slide from you a last shudder passes over you and I grin. Your eyes open and you return it, then shake your head.

“I can’t believe you. You actually- Is she really looking?” Your face blanks suddenly at the thought.

“No, I just guessed that that might push a button or two in your head. Surprisingly, no one really noticed. I think. But I was watching you. Still,” I grant as I look slowly about the club, “no one is giving us any funny looks.”

You never notice my fingers slowly tracing a promised path from your sex, up your centerline, between your breasts, until they reach my mouth. Then you just stare incredulously as I put them to my lips, my tongue venturing out to savor the taste of you. Not one to waste such bounty I suck each one into my mouth slowly. You taste so good. I won’t compare you to wine, or brandy, or some other nasty alcohol. Not even some fruit as some poets do. Let it suffice to say that you taste like you. Unique. Whenever I think of you I taste your sweet musk on my tongue and smile.

Your lips surprise me as they meet mine. I know you can taste yourself on my lips, so why- oh who cares. I like kissing you. As you stand I steady you by your hips, your panties at eye level. Your scent soaks them.

“Ohh. I’ll have to change.” I agree as I give you the money I owe you. You haltingly put the dress back on and just as your turn to leave I grab your hand and pull you close. “Kerri, mmm, will you-“


“Can I have them.”

Your jaw drops for just a second, but you recover quickly. “You know you are going to die when we get home. I am going to- fuck your brains out. And I’ll bring them out to you. Sex maniac.”

I only grin and shrug at the compliment.

As you walk away I catch a smiling face just around a far-off corner. Is that her? Did she see? An enigmatic grin on her face gives no clue. I just shake my head. No way.

No way.

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