Subject: A Father’s Goal 7 A FATHER’S GOAL-7 Written by Eugene Marvin �aka- [email protected] I’d spoken to a neighbor a couple of weeks ago about stealing cable [I wasn’t about to create any extra BILLS for myself]! I told him if he KNEW anybody that I could slide a few bucks to for a hookup, to send him MY way! He said he did, but I’d all but forgotten about the conversation…when there was a sudden unexpected KNOCK at my door! “Yes…?” I asked, when I found a cable-man [in complete uniform] standing on my doorstep! “Oh shit! Did MIKE send you from down the street…?” I asked [suddenly recalling the conversation]! “Come in!” I offered, closing the door behind him as I showed him into the living room! “I just moved back HOME a couple of months ago…” I explained, “…and I’ve been kinda goin’ stir-crazy in here without any cable! But I’m kinda on a `fixed’ income at the moment, working at Walmart…! Is there any way I can get cable on the CHEAP…? And by `cheap’ I mean can I slip YOU a couple of dollars for some FREE shit…?” I joked, seriously! “Mike was tellin’ me about a hookup HE had with you…!” The cable guy looked around the house…[as if trying to figure out where best to run the cable lines]…, then back at me, curiously! “So…you want some FREE cable…?” he asked [I knew he was bargaining for something MORE]! “Yeah man…” I said, letting my eyes fall down to his crotch! “…anything you could DO for me would be appreciated! But I don’t have a lot of money…” I added, lettin’ him know he wasn’t gettin’ a lot! “…but I just got outta prison…, WE have ways of payin’ for shit that might interest you, maybe…?” I suggested, licking my lips before looking back up at him! I knew he GOT my message when I noticed his hand suddenly drop down into his crotch! “Oh yeah…?” he questioned [looking interested]! “What sort of payment…?” he asked curiously! “Whatever you want…” I suggested, “…Head…Ass…depends on how much cable yur offerin’…?” “Let’s start off with BASIC!” he teased, as I motioned him over to the sofa where I quickly took a seat and awaited him to walk over! He seemed to hesitate, as if he wasn’t sure he wanted to DO it or not! But I just kept my eyes focused on his crotch and licking my lips like a video vixen…enticing him over! Eventually he stood in front of me, as I reached up and started rubbing his crotch bulge, watching it thicken! He didn’t resist when I started undoing his pants! I unbuckled his belt, then pulled down his zipper and freed his fatten prick [which spilled out of the opening]! “NICE one!” I complimented, before lifting it and gaziantep escort taking it in my mouth to suck! The guy said nothing as I took his pud in to the root, then suckled the fat soft shaft until it started to harden in my mouth! I could feel it growing longer and harder as it started pushing its way into the back of my mouth and throat! I kept my face planted in his groin as his dick hardened quickly, the head penetrating my throat ring before lengthening down into the curve of my neck! I continued to HOLD him there for a full minute or more [nursing on him]…until I started to slowly pull back and retreat…sliding back up the shaft towards the head (which I sucked and suckled feverishly) before going back down! I wanted to give this cable-guy a GOOD blowjob so he’d give me the best Basic on the market! I wasn’t trying to have a monthly bill! Paying $100 or more for reruns of `Love Boat’ and `Fantasy Island’ wasn’t anything I wanted to waste my hard earned money on! But FREE cable I could get behind! I started bobbing my head back and forth on his dick…, twisting and turning my head, corkscrewing my way along the shaft, making it nice and wet so my lips could slide back and forth quickly and smoothly! The cable-guy stared down at me the whole time, watching his dick disappear in and out of my sucking face as I took him to the root and back a few dozen times [getting him good and hard] before pulling off…! “You like…?” I asked, looking up at him! “Is it good enough for Basic…?” He didn’t say anything! But his dick was still fully hard, sticking me straight in the face, all shiny wet with my spit! I couldn’t resist taking it back in and sucking harder, suddenly wondering what his cum would taste like…? After another 4 or 5 minutes of intense sucking, I pulled off and slid down towards his balls…taking THEM in my mouth and lavishing them with my wet warm tongue! He still said nothing as I bathed them both, suckling them together, washing them thoroughly before letting them slip from my lips to slide back up his throbbing shaft and resume sucking! His dick was so HARD now, that I knew it wouldn’t be long before he busted! “You wanna try for the Premium stations now…?” I asked, glancing up at him [as I licked along the underbelly], offering him some ass! When he hesitated his answer (again), I thought it best if he just SAW what he’d be getting and make his decision from there! I stood up and turned my back to him…then hooked my thumbs into the waist of my sweatpants and slowly lowered them down off my hips [exposing my ass]! Then I climbed up onto the sofa and pushed suriyeli escort my ass BACK at him, spreading the cheeks naturally! I looked back over my shoulder and found him staring down at my asshole! “So…you really DO get fucked too…?” he asked, reaching out to caress my butt cheeks! “oh yeah…” I moaned, looking back at him! “…I’ve been fucked in prison so often, that some of the guys started nick-naming me `Octopussi’!” I laughed! I then spit onto my fingers then reached back and smeared them all over my asshole…before darting my 2 middle-fingers straight in, stretching the hole for him! “What some…?” I asked, pushing the digits in and out for his amusement! He never answered…but stepped up closer behind me and grabbed my wrist to remove my fingers before placing his dickhead up to my hole to push in! I could feel his dickhead pressing into my slick warm spot, as I relaxed my anal muscles and allowed him entry! The head penetrated me, causing a slight PAIN to shoot through my anus before sliding into me! With ONE stroke he was balls-deep inside me! I felt his hands grip onto my waist as he ground [hard] into me, churning his dick around in my socket! I felt completely stuffed when he started to pull in and out of me [fucking me]! I held onto the back of the sofa [resting against it] while he fucked through me! At first he started off slow (tentatively), unsure [as if he’d never fucked an ass before]…but then his strokes started getting harder, rougher, deeper…!…soon he was slamming his body into mine, ramming his big dick up my ass, making it HURT! I was used to guys fucking me wildly in prison, having something to prove, telling me I was less of a man for being put in `bitch’ status! Little did they know I LIKED it! I liked having them pound me hard, ramming their big fat tree-trucks dick through my tiny asshole until he bred me deeply with the seed their wives and girlfriends wouldn’t be getting for years to come! The cable-guy was ramming me hard from behind, burying his dick again and again, widening my asshole with every new plunge! I couldn’t help grabbing my own dick and jacking myself off! I flexed my hole around his plunging prod, trying to draw the nut out of him sooner than later! I felt his fingers digging into my waist as he got closer to losing his load! He fucked me even harder, banging me rougher! I started shooting my own load all over the sofa cushions! My asshole spasm wildly around him, triggering HIS orgasm as he suddenly speared me balls-deep and unloaded inside him…! “ARRHHHHHHHHHHGG…!!!” he screamed, coming rus escort HARD as his hot sperm gushed into me like a tsunami! I could feel his big dick jerking inside me as it spat 9 or 10 ropes of cum into me, saturating my innards! We both came down off our highs slowly…, as he pulled out of me and staggered backwards before pulling up his pants! I turned around, pulling my pants up as well [feeling thoroughly fucked]…! “So…” I said, curiously! “…when can I expect my cable to be on…?” “I can’t give you free cable…!” he said [while buckling his pants]! “Mike didn’t send me! I don’t know nothing about his `hookup’…!” My mouth dropped! “Then WHAT were you doing here…?” I asked [if he wasn’t here to give me a few hookup]! “I’d HEARD you’d gotten out!” he said, staring me straight in the eye! “I used to live here…” he added, “…with my MOM…!” My eyes widened as he started to look vaguely familiar…! THEN I noticed his nametag: Lemar! “ohmygod…” I said to myself, as he suddenly looked totally familiar to me! “…son…?” I asked, as he stared back at me (indifferent)! “Sup, dad…?” he said [confirming my suspicions]! “Guess it was inevitable you’d get `turned out’ in prison, eh…? Julian TOLD me he saw you a few times on the street…” he added, as I stood there in shock! “…said he sold you some drugs too! I see some things never change!” “I only DO weed now, son!” I defended [feeling like a failure all over again]! “I’m NOT your son…” he said [shooting me through the heart]! “…I was raised by another man! One who DIDN’T go to prison and forget about us!” “I didn’t `forget’ about you, Lemar…” I defended [following him as he headed towards the door]! “…I was in prison…! It wasn’t like I could come visit you whenever I wanted! But I thought about you all the time!” “When…?” he asked, reaching for the doorknob! “When you were sucking DICK or getting fucked…?” “Well…if you KNEW you weren’t my hookup…why’d you do what we did…?” I asked curiously [wondering what he didn’t tell me who he was from the start]…? “Cuz I wanted to see what type of MAN you were now that you’re out…” he said, twisting the doorknob! “…and now I know!” he added, opening the door, just as another cable guy was about to knock! “uh, hi…” he said awkwardly, noting Lemar’s uniform! “…um, MIKE sent me…!” “Your `hookup’s’ here!” said Lemar, starting down the front steps! “Oh…” he added, turning towards the new cable guy! “…if he ask for free cable…make sure you work a deal for Premium…, the plugs already open and ready to go!” he joked, before heading to his truck! Written aol Join me on Facebook for quick updates on what stories I may be working on next. Or hit me up email for comments and suggestions. ___________________________ Please DONATE to Nifty if you enjoy reading erotic stories like these for free online!

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