A Further Pie At Work


This story is a further exploit that happened to Pete Smith whilst employed as a nighttime security guard in large multi national companies offices. It can be read alone but it would possibly make more sense if you read my previous story entitled ‘A pie at work’ beforehand.

It had been a few weeks since I received the email from Anne Symonds from the companies I.T. department, and our subsequent liaison. I still wanked myself off on the memory of that evening meeting, where for the first time in my life I was forced to eat another mans sperm from a freshly fucked pussy. I will never forget the night when my fantasy of eating a cream pie was actually turned into reality. Since that meeting I had not heard from Ms Symonds and had settled back into the boring routine of my security job. As the weeks progressed and I carried on with the mundane monotony of my job I pushed thoughts of Ms Symonds sperm filled pussy to the back of my mind. I even got to the stage where I thought that I would never set eyes on her creamy pussy again.

Then it happened. As before, I came in to work for my usual night duty shift after a few days off and logged on to my computer. As I checked my emails there it was, another email from Anne Symonds. It read as follows:

Dear Mr. Smith,

It has been some time since our last meeting, which I feel was extremely beneficial to both parties.

I am now in a position to arrange another meeting with you. I have consulted your work rota and once again will schedule the meeting within your duty hours.

As before, I am interviewing another person prior to our meeting so would be grateful if you could wait in the reception area until I am available.

The meeting will be on the 9th February at 11.15 pm in room CP 102.

Yours sincerely.

Ms Anne Symonds. (IT systems).

As I read the email my cock began to stiffen, as unlike the last time I was called to her office to meet her, I now had some idea of what was likely to happen.

On the night of the meeting I made my way up to the reception area outside room CP 102 and sat in the comfortable reception seating to wait until I was called. My cock had been hard for most of the day, as I had been thinking about what was likely to take place during the meeting. At least, unlike the last time, I knew what I was likely to expect and that I was not going to face a disciplinary hearing and lose my job. 11.15 pm came and went and I sat in the reception area and nervously waited. At 11.25 pm Anne’s office door opened and a man came out. I noticed that he was not the same man that came out of her office prior to our last kaçak iddaa meeting. He nodded and smiled at me as he walked past making his way briskly to the lift.

A couple of minutes later I heard Anne’s voice as she called out for me to enter her office.

“Come and sit down Pete.” Anne said as I walked across her huge office towards her desk.

I sat down in the chair opposite her across the large expanse of her desk. Her cheeks appeared a little flushed and her hair was not as immaculate as it could have been. Her face was well made up and she was wearing red lipstick, not a bright vibrant red but a more deep shade of purple. Anne was wearing what appeared to be her usual smart work clothes. She looked very professional in a white fitted blouse and a black dress. I could not see whether she was wearing stockings as her legs were hidden behind the desk. I could smell her perfume, which seemed almost overpowering and was obviously very expensive.

“Thank you for coming,” she said with a wry smile. “I think that you know why I have asked you here tonight.”

I shyly nodded back at her, as after last time I knew exactly why I had been invited back to her office for a meeting.

“I’ve just had a lovely hard fuck doggy fashion over my desk.” Anne bluntly said. “My lover did not wear a condom, so you can imagine what sort of state my pussy is in now.”

My mouth went dry at the thought of her sticky pussy filled up with her lover’s fresh load of sperm. Lost for words and with nervous anticipation I quickly nodded back at her.

“I’ve put my knickers back on and they are now soaking up his load of sperm,” she said. “I would like to watch you taste them as I know how much you like eating sperm.”

With that I watched as Anne moved her hands beneath the desk and obviously rubbed her knickers deep in to her pussy. A small gasp escaped from her lips as she rubbed them deep into her moist crack soaking up the sperm that had recently been deposited there. She then lifted her bottom from the chair and carefully peeled her knickers down. She nonchalantly held them out over the desk in front of me in her fingers. Her knickers were obviously very expensive and the thin silky material glistened shiny with wetness.

“Taste them for me now,” she whispered as she handed them over the desk to me.

I took the knickers from her and held them up to my nose. As I breathed in the aroma was incredible. A mixture of her musky, aromatic love juices and fresh sperm. Feeling the wetness between my fingers I spread her knickers apart to reveal the gusset. In her knicker gusset was a large pool of fresh sticky sperm kaçak bahis straight from her juicy pussy. I tentatively put out my tongue and with just the tip touched the pool of white sticky liquid. My taste buds quickly registered the salty slightly bitter taste. Enjoying the taste I scooped up the pool of sperm up into my mouth with my tongue, feeling it coating my mouth and the back of my throat as I swallowed it down.

“Put them in your mouth now and suck on my panties while I watch you.” Anne said in a husky, deep throaty voice.

I did not need any more encouragement and placed most of the skimpy silky knickers in to my mouth and sucked on them. As my saliva made them wetter the mixture of her love juices and her lovers sperm seeped out in to mouth, and I tasted and swallowed the sexy bitter mixture.

Anne never took her eyes off me whilst I was sucking on her knickers. It was obvious that this was having quite an effect on her and was obviously really turning her on. I could see her nipples sticking out like bullets against the thin material of her blouse and her breathing was becoming deeper and quicker. In a voice that was barely more than a whisper she said “I want you to fuck me now,” as she stood up from her swivel chair behind the desk.

As I watched Anne slowly lay back on her large wide executive desk and pulled her black skirt up around her waist. I noticed she was wearing hold up stockings, which were very sexy. Still wearing her shoes she positioned herself so that she was laying on her back on the edge of her desk with her legs splayed apart. As I stood in front of her I took in the marvelous sight of her pussy. It was completely bald apart from a small trimmed triangular shaped tuft of hair above her slit, and it was wet. Her pussy was very, very wet with a combination of her slippery juices and the remnants of her lover’s sperm that was slowly starting to dribble out from inside her. Her love lips were gaping wide open and her flesh was slightly swollen and red from the fucking she had received not long before.

I stood before her and dropped my trousers finally releasing my hard cock from the confines of my underpants. With my erection swaying proudly before me I approached Anne lying exposed and ready on the desk. I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy coating the head with her juices and then with one easy thrust slipped my hard cock all the way inside her sloppy wet pussy. Her pussy seemed to pull me in and as I pulled out and pushed in again it made a rude slurping sound. As I pushed into her Anne let out a low moan of pleasure. She pushed her own hips back to me, meeting my own illegal bahis thrusts as she ground her pussy back on to my cock. I slipped in and out of her with ease as the sloppy mess already deep inside her seeped out and coated my cock and balls. As I stood and thrust in to her I reached forward and pinched her stiff nipples through the material of her blouse. As I squeezed her tits and massaged her nipples she moaned seductively.

I was so turned on, and as I had been hard with anticipation for most of the day, I knew I would not last long and could already feel the pressure of my orgasm building up in my balls. I slammed my cock into her as she snaked a hand down to excitedly rub her erect little clit. As Anne massaged her clit and I pinched her nipples I felt her pussy rhythmically contract on my cock as she shuddered through an orgasm. As her own orgasm subsided I finally thrust deep in to her and spurted my hot sticky sperm deep in her pussy as I came.

I pulled out from Anne as my erection subsided and she said “you know what to do now don’t you?” I looked at her spent body lying across her desk and watched as my white sperm slowly started to dribble out from the bottom of her used pussy. “Eat me out,” she said, “clean up your cream pie with your mouth and tongue.”

Without hesitation I moved forward between her open thighs and squatted on the floor before her. I pushed her legs even further apart and with a swift movement licked her pussy from her arse to her clit. She moaned as my tongue made contact with her sensitive just fucked flesh. I opened her pussy up wide with my tongue and scooped up the globules of my sperm that were dribbling out from her hole. I swallowed down the sticky mixture savouring the taste as it slipped down my throat. I sucked each of her floppy puffy love lips into my mouth and tasted the juices from them. As I licked and sucked on her pussy Anne seemed to push out the semen from deep within her and mixed with her wet juices I swallowed it all down savouring the metallic taste. As I sucked on her pussy I ate all of the sperm and juices up from deep within her, and when there was finally no more to drink down I circled her clit with my tongue and she shuddered and moaned as yet another orgasm ripped through her body.

I stood back from her used bald pussy and licked the last of her juices that were coating my lips. Anne soon regained her professional composure and seemed to rapidly distance herself from me.

“Thanks,” she said “that will be all, I will email you if I require your services again.”

As I had been obviously dismissed I quickly found my trousers, dressed and left her office and returned back to work. Yet again I had the pleasant burning aftertaste of fresh cream pie in my mouth and throat. I wondered how long it would be before I heard from Ms Anne Symonds again.

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