A God Among Ordinary Men Ch. 02


This is the story of Rhea Antoine, an ordinary woman who encountered a gorgeous Trickster and was never the same afterwards. She’s a factory worker in Oregon. A six-foot-tall, heavyset, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed woman with dark brown skin and short black hair. She’s been at the factory for ages. Life as a factory worker can be quite dreary and boring. She ought to know. She’s been there for a long time. Over a decade, to be exact. Rhea has always been a big woman with quite a lot of strength in her arms. So, she knows how to do heavy duty work. She works alongside the sturdiest men in the factory and nobody ever complains about her performance. And she’s quite happy to get the job done, get paid and go home. At the age of thirty five, she still loves the simple things in life. Going to the movies, traveling when she can and listening to classical music. Everything was alright in her world, until the intruder came and changed everything.

Enters Adam Sly. He’s the son of Jack Sly, the Director of the Athletic Department at Bruno College. The man who turned Bruno College around and turned it into an athletic powerhouse which now rivals the largest universities in America. Under Jack’s administration, the Bruno College Department of Athletics became the envy of the world. Bruno College now offers thirty five varsity sports, twenty for men and twenty for women. His mother is Sylvia Shay, the famous female professional boxer. Sylvia Shay won the world heavyweight boxing championship in the women’s division three times in a row. As for Jack Sly, he’s no slouch either. He’s a running back on the Bruno College Football team. Yeah, he’s a pretty good athlete and a great student. He inherited his father’s good looks, his mother’s passion for extreme sports and the Sly name. Like his father, he’s a charming Trickster. He can change things for better or worse. And do things ordinary men and women can only dream of. And unlike his father, he doesn’t always use his talent for good.

Adam Sly is currently on vacation. And like any good Trickster, he finds people to con, manipulate and trick. He’s tricked a lot of people over the years. Few people can resist this six-foot-three, golden brown-skinned, curly-haired biracial stud of African-American and Irish origin. He’s the first black male valedictorian his public high school had seen in over a century. He’s also the best damn athlete in school history. He went undefeated in his weight class in wrestling all four years. He was also captain of the football team and co-captain of the cross country team. When he came to college, he won himself an academic scholarship. He tried out for the football team, made it, and became somewhat of a local legend. He was the best college football running back in Oregon history. He was only twenty years old and he was already being compared to the great legends of the past. How about that?

Adam Sly has a hobby that few people in the world would even suspect. He needs to get his thrills on a daily basis. That’s why he undertakes all sorts of perilous adventures. He needs to engage in risky behavior on a massive scale. It’s a deep-seated need inside him that can’t be changed. Also, he’s pendik escort got no other means to fulfill his needs. That’s what it means to be a Trickster. His daddy, legendary Athletic Director and Trickster Jack Sly was quite the adventurer in his day. However, one day, he met Sylvia Shay, and found love. Funny thing is, they met while on a cruise. He was a bachelor and she was single. They met and fell in lust, love followed. It wasn’t easy for them. They lived in different sides of the world. At the time, Sylvia was an amateur boxer in New York. Jack Sly was the newly appointed Director of Athletics at Bruno College. They had a wild time on the cruise, but stayed in touch afterwards. They’d meet for casual sex and steamy encounters. Tricksters have a need for thrills. Sexual thrills. Speed thrills. All kinds. Fortunately, Sylvia Shay was a woman who loved living on the edge. Oh, and the fact that she loved sex as much as Jack Sly did probably helped too. Yeah, they eventually got together, and made the wonderful and occasionally terrifying prankster known as Adam Sly. A Trickster’s Trickster and the most infamous prankster in history.

Adam Sly was traveling in Oregon, just hanging out when his car broke down. Actually, it wasn’t his car. He stole the red Hummer from a state trooper whose luscious and eternally wife got screwed royally by him. Yeah, Adam seduced the cop’s wife to get revenge on him. Then, he posted a video of it on the Internet to further humiliated them both. Yeah, and he stole their Hummer too. When he got tired of it, he altered its appearance and traded it in for a Porsche. That Porsche unfortunately broke down near a certain farm, where a certain female factory worker lived. The rest, as they say, is history. Adam Sly stepped out of the car, and went to the farm looking for help.

Rhea was sitting on her front porch, knitting a sweater like a good woman when the tall, handsome, light-skinned black stud walked up to her. He was well-dressed and looked like a movie star. He had a dazzling smile on his handsome face. She looked at him and smiled. He told her his car broke down. Rhea, a lifelong tomboy skilled with all kinds of machines, decided to help him out. She was a kind soul, you see. Yeah, for hours she toiled away on Adam’s car, doing her best to fix it. As for Adam, he played the part of the handsome city slicker who was at odds with the farming country he found himself in. He was in awe of it all, and seemed especially taken with the woman who had come to help him. Like any good Trickster, he turned up the charm. And Rhea, being a simple soul, bought it hook, line and sinker. What can I say? The dude was good! She fixed his car, and flirted with him. We all know where it’s headed. The thing about Tricksters is that they can read people. They can take one drop of temptation or desire and turn it into an ocean. And that’s exactly what Adam did. He could tell that Rhea was attracted to him. He made good use of this. They flirted, and sweet talked. Sweet talking gave way to caressing and fondling. Fondling led to kissing, and before you know it, they were naked.

Currently, Rhea is on all fours, her plump body shining in the sunlight, maltepe escort and her plump butt cheeks are spread wide open. They’re going to fuck, right there on the grass in her backyard. Standing behind her is Adam, who is smiling while stroking his twelve-inch long and thick, uncut black super cock. He loves watching her like this. And he can’t wait to stick his cock in her ass. And so, without further ado, he presses his dick against the big woman’s butt hole, and pushes. Rhea gasped as Adam’s cock slid into her asshole. Truth be told, she’d never been fucked in the ass before. However, Adam made it sound like a really good idea. So, now here she is. On all fours, her fat ass cheeks spread wide open, with a younger man’s big cock lodged way up her ass. Oh, well. Trying new things was one of her new year’s resolutions. Adam held her by those wide, plump hips of hers and thrust his cock up her asshole. Man, he was loving it. Adam is a master of the ancient art of anal sex. He’s fucked all kinds of women in the ass. Female bodybuilders. Plump housewives. Slim executives. Wiry college students. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what the woman’s profession is, he bends her over and sticks his cock up her asshole. It’s one of the things he enjoys the most in this life. Recently, this anal adventurer has made a startling discovery. Something he longs to share with the world, if only he could find the proper outlet. It seems that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. Strange but true. Ever since that day, our charming Trickster has been a chubby chaser. And he’s quite happy being one too. Nothing he loves in the world more than sticking his big cock up the butt hole of a hefty gal who gets off on that sort of thing. It’s his favorite thing to do.

Meanwhile, Rhea Antoine is on all fours, panting heavily. Adam is ramming his gigantic cock inside her butt hole. And she is overwhelmed by the sensations. Truth be told, she’s never been fucked in the ass before. Hell, she’s never even contemplated butt fucking. The idea of letting a man stick his cock into her poop chute simply wasn’t in her repertoire or mindset. Until she met Adam. This sexy, gorgeous and super masculine stud who made her want to do things. She wanted to let him do things she’d never let anyone do to her before. For him, she would do anything. For him, she got on her knees and sucked cock. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. He smirked as he rammed his cock down her throat. She almost gagged on it. His dick was massive. She did her best to suck it. When he came, he insisted on shooting his hot manly cum all over her face. And he was laughing the entire time. He got off on it. She licked him clean. In reward, he licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. He made her squirm, and squeal in delight. Until she looked up at him in post-orgasmic gratefulness. He only asked her for one thing. Her ass. And so he took it.

He put her on all fours, spread her plump butt cheeks and shoved his cock up her asshole. And he wasn’t letting his cock in her asshole slowly either. Not inch by inch. Nope. That’s not his style. His style is thrusting deep inside her booty hole and make her scream. So, he grabs her kartal escort by her hair as he rams his cock down her poop chute. Deep down where the sun doesn’t shine. A yelp escapes Rhea’s lips. She never knew a man’s cock could go that deep inside a woman’s asshole. Hell, she thought her ass was too small to accommodate a dick the size of Adam. However, his cock was stretching her asshole nicely. Rhea’s eyes widened almost to the point of popping as Adam slammed his cock impossibly deep inside her asshole. While fucking her, he grabbed both her hands and held them behind her back. With his free hand, he pushed her down. Face down and ass up. That’s how Adam likes his women. So, he gleefully drills his cock into Rhea’s asshole. If there’s anything he loves more than sticking his cock up a big woman’s asshole, it’s sticking his cock up the asshole of a big woman who’s an anal sex virgin. There’s nothing better! And an anal sex virgin is exactly what he found in Rhea. He was loving every minute of it. Having the time of his life. He couldn’t get enough of her warm, tight butt hole which gripped his cock tightly. He loved it so much that he started singing one of his favorite tunes. The theme song of one of his favorite television shows.

While Adam slammed his dick into her asshole, Rhea began to feel a curious sensation. The pain lessened and was replaced by an altogether different feeling. She began to feel good. It actually felt good to have a big cock up her asshole! She fingered her pussy, and was surprised at how wet she was. Damn, she was getting off on it. Yep, she was sweaty as a pig and wet as a puddle. The deliciously hot pain she felt in her asshole every time Adam slammed his cock deeper kept increasing. And she absolutely loved it. She was in love with the big black cock invading her asshole and if loving it was wrong she didn’t want to be right. It got so good that she came, and screamed her pleasure for all the world to hear. At the same time, Adam shouted as he came, sending his hot cum deep inside her asshole. He screamed victoriously and grinned, happy at least. They lay on the soft grass of her backyard, sweaty and spent. His cock was still inside her. And she didn’t want him to leave.

Thus it is that Adam Sly, a Trickster’s son and a Trickster’s Trickster met Rhea Antoine, the woman who became his extremely willing sex slave. They went on to have lots of fun adventures together. They learned a lot from each other too. Rhea Antoine taught Adam Sly, the charming Trickster how to fix cars so he doesn’t depend on the kindness of strangers when stuck. He taught her all the fun things an open-minded big woman can have if she opens up her big derriere for anal exploration. Rhea became a real butt nut. An anal sex addict. As for Adam, he was thrilled with his creation. Things were perfect between them. Mainly because Rhea was a charming woman who always did as she was told. In time, they became a perfect fit in each other’s lives. Hell, their bodies even fit together. Rhea’s asshole became a perfect fit for Adam’s twelve inch cock. Now, she can take all of his gargantuan dick in her backdoor sans lube. How about that? He even introduced her to his parents, Bruno College Director of Athletics Jack Sly and his lovely wife, ex-professional boxer Sylvia Shay. They welcomed Rhea into the family. Adam Sly was happy. And so was Rhea. Thus, she became his mate, and he sired upon her the next generation of Tricksters.

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