Subject: A Good Boy for Mr B – Part 12 This is a continuation of a story started by somebody else. We had lots of hot chats over the real life inspirations behind the story but then the writer’s email address disappeared. I am assuming he doesn’t ever plan to finish the story, so I thought I’d continue it myself. Apologies to him if he was planning to go back there. A Good Boy for Mr B – Part 12 Jake’s Story Woah! This was just amazing. I had no reason not to believe Ryan when he told us our teacher, Mr Baxter, was a pedophile into boys and had been playing with him, but hearing stories and experiencing it were two different things. Mr B and I had just sucked each other off and he had taken his time licking my feet and now we were on our way upstairs in his house, both of us naked, and Ryan was tied up in his clothes in the living room. Mr B opened the door to his bedroom and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, spread out like an X with both arms and legs tied tightly to the bed, was Josh, our hot teen sports coach. His body was covered in a sheen of sweat and he looked amazing. He had tape over his mouth. His six pack turned me on so much and his cock started to chub the minute he saw us both. “Look who I’ve brought to play,” Mr B said to Josh. He moved over to the teen and ripped the tape forcefully from his face. Josh spat out Ryan’s socks – I recognised them as the ones Ryan had worn for a week for Mr B. “Mmmmm fuck, naked Jake!” Josh said. “Can I play with him Mr B?” “Not yet,” Mr B chuckled, “you have been a naughty boy remember? You went too hard on little Ryan and now I’m going to punish you!” “Too hard?” I asked, “what did you do to him?” “He beat his balls with a ruler. Fucked him with no prep. Slapped him!” “Woah,” I said, “that’s sick!” “And now,” Mr B said, grabbing a leather belt from the side, “I’m going to punish him. Why don’t you hop on up and sit on his face so we can’t hear him scream too much?” I giggled. The thought of it made me start to get hard again. Josh was also hard as a rock now. I climbed up onto the bed and did as Mr B instructed – he guided me into position and I could feel Josh’s tongue start to lick my arse. I moaned and went to touch myself. “No,” Mr B said, grabbing my wrist, “if you touch yourself you will be tied up. Leave your cock alone. Enjoy the feeling!” I did as I was told and started to enjoy the feeling of my arse being licked. As Josh licked me, Mr B moved round to his front. He brought the belt down hard across Josh’s chest. He moaned but he kept his etiler escort tongue inside me. Mr B whipped him there four more times, each time causing him to moan and wriggle, but he couldn’t get free. Mr B was hitting him hard because I could see the red marks beginning to form on his skin. Mr B moved a little and aimed the tip of the belt at Josh’s balls. The cracking sound was sickening and this time, his tongue left my ass and he cried out, although it was still muffled by my cheeks. Mr B lifted me off Josh and I sat on the side of the bed as Mr B untied him. Josh sat up and absently started to rub his balls. “There. I think that’s enough punishment for one day,” Mr B said, handing Josh a phone. Josh started to film me straight away. “Oh no,” I said, “I’m not starring in no kiddy porn!” “In ANY kiddy porn,” Mr B corrected, and for a second it was just like being in class and I thought about how odd this was. Then Mr B kicked me hard in the nuts. I yelled out in pain, doubling over on the bed. That’s when Mr B flipped me over and climbed on top of me. I was face down on the bed and I could feel his beefy body above me. I could feel the white heat of his cock close to my hole. “N… nooo…” I begged, but it was too late. Mr B forced his cock into me and Josh was filming it all. He brought the camera right into my face, filming the tears falling from my eyes. “Ow ow ow it hurts please stop Mr B!” Mr B raped me brutally. He thrust in and out, my body limp like a rag doll. I tried to take my mind somewhere else but the pain of him inside me. Josh moved around with the phone, filming me as I screamed and cried and as I eventually went silent. The screams weren’t helping and Mr B continued to piston into me. When he came, he growled, “you are mine Jake. You do whatever the fuck I tell you.” Despite his earlier orgasm after my blowjob, Mr B pumped a sizeable load into me before pulling out. I lay there stunned and then Josh climbed onto me. Mr B had the phone now. “No…” I moaned, “no more. Please!” It on deaf ears. Josh replaced Mr B and I felt him enter me. It stung like crazy but in some ways wasn’t as bad as he was just filling the hole Mr B left behind. Mr B moved in front of me, pointing the camera at my face. I must have looked a mess. Dried tears and snot everywhere. I moaned as I felt Josh press against something. Suddenly I started to feel good. “When men fuck boys,” Mr B explained, “they can do it two ways. The first way I showed you is the etimesgut escort way bad boys get fucked. We can make it hurt and give you no pleasure. Josh is now showing you the good way!” As he said this, Josh’s cock continued to brush against something inside me, sending the most powerful tingles all through my body. I moaned. “You like the good way, don’t you Jake?” Mr B asked. I nodded. “No,” he said, “say it. Tell me what you like.” “I like being fucked the good way,” I said, my body wriggling and my hard cock rubbing against the bedclothes beneath me. “Good,” said Mr B, “because whatever ideas you may have had about being the boss end here. I am the boss. I’m the teacher. Ryan is mine. You are mine. You play together only with my permission. You will be a good boy, Jake, and you will tell nobody about this, or I will show that video of you begging me to stop to all your friends. You think they’ll respect you then? When they realise how easy you were to rape?” I nodded my understanding. Josh kept up his fucking and I realised that I did love this feeling. Every part of me was tingling and, as Josh moaned and fired his teen spunk into me, I could feel my own spunk shooting from my cock. Josh pulled out of me and I sat up, dazed. “Good boy, Jake,” Mr B said, ruffling my hair, “I’m glad we understand each other. Get up.!” I stood up. Mr B took my hand and led me to his bathroom. He motioned to the bathtub. “Get in!” I climbed in as Josh appeared in the doorway, still filming. Mr B stood over me as I lay in the tub and he started to piss. He aimed at my face and some of it splashed into my mouth. I coughed and spat it out ad he started to piss all over my chest and tummy and finally on my cock. “We will work on drinking later,” he laughed. “Now. Time we got back to Ryan!” He helped me out of the bath and, his piss still drying on me, led me downstairs. Ryan was where we had left him. “Are you ok Jake?” He asked, his face full of worry. SLAP! Mr B hit him so hard he lost his Babanco and fell onto his side. He started to cry and my heart leapt. “You fucking bastard!” I screamed. “Now now,” Mr B admonished, “less of that, unless you want your videos sharing with your friends. Ryan shouldn’t have spoken to you without permission. Should you, Ryan?” “No Mr B,” Ryan sniffed between tears, “sorry Mr B!” “Good boy!” Mr B beamed, picking Ryan up again and placing him on his knees, “Now we are going to see what Jake is made of as a Dom, to see if he is worthy of using you etlik escort Ryan!” Ryan looked down at the floor. He was totally submissive. And I could see that his cock was rock hard in his shorts. Even though I’d already cum twice today, I could feel myself getting hard again, looking at my mate still in his clothes, all tied up ready to serve me. “Ok,” I said, “I’ll dominate him. But not here. I want him tied to the bed.” “As you wish,” said Mr B, untying Ryan, who rubbed his wrists and ankles gratefully. “Get upstairs, Ryan,” I ordered, “and get on the bed. Leave your clothes on for now.” Ryan rushed upstairs and I followed, with Mr B and Josh close behind. Ryan lay on the bed and Mr B secured him in the same X shape Josh had been in earlier. I moved to the end of the bed and knelt down by Ryan’s left foot. It was covered in a white sports sock which looked a little damp and sweaty – I guess the effort of being tied while I was being fucked had got to him. I sniffed it. Ever since Ryan had asked about my socks and I’d begun to suspect what he was into, I had been curious about feet. The chance to taste or smell Ryan’s hadn’t really come up, but I had wanked a few times about that day before PE when his socks and feet had been so sweaty. We had been barefoot for PE that day, and I had snuck a few looks at Ryan’s feet even then. I guess Josh had been looking at them too! And now, here I was sniffing his sock. And it smelt good. It was sexy. I knew I was supposed to be dominating him, but I also knew Mr B had done exactly this with Ryan’s feet and with mine. I slowly pulled the sock off, enjoying seeing his bare foot revealed slowly. He wiggled his toes at me. Cheeky fucker! He knew! I absolutely devoured his foot, licking it and sucking the toes, loving the taste and the smell. Beside me, Mr B had taken the other foot and was doing the same, while Josh filmed the whole thing from across the room. This was wild. Me, an 11 year old boy, with his 10 year old mate, having full on sex with a 17 year old athlete and a 30 something teacher. I was wanking myself slowly with my other hand, gradually getting back to full hardness again as I savoured my best mate’s beautiful bare foot. Mr B plopped his other foot from his mouth. “Ok, Jake,” he said, “it’s time. I want you to fuck him. And then I want you to torture him!” He untied Ryan’s legs and pulled his shorts and boxers down and off, leaving him naked from the waist down, his red t shirt still covering his chest and tummy. Mr B then grabbed both his legs and bent him upwards and over so he was bent almost double. He tied his legs to the headboard and stood back to admire his handiwork. Ryan’s hole was right there. And his cock was clearly hard. I knew he wanted this. Knew he needed it. And I was ready… To be continued. As ever, readers, feel free to contact me ail

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