A hot wild ride

A hot wild rideLast night my man said to me “I want to please you baby, I’m tired, but I want to eat your pussy” and this was the beginning of what would be one hot night. he took my pants off and dug between my legs and began to lick my pussy reverently, while I pulled on his cock. My man is a great lover and knows just how to lick my pussy the right way rolling his tongue up and down on my clit just right while moaning into my hot pussy sending shivers up and down my whole body grabbing at my ass and breasts. but for some reason last night I just couldn’t reach an orgasm and after 30 mins aydın escort of his efforts I gave up and told him. “Baby, I can’t get there” I figured this would be the end of our sexual encounter but this is when the fun really began… My man surprised me by spreading my legs and slamming his hard cock into my pussy and giving me a good rough ride. As he was ramming his hard cock into my hot pussy. He was pulling my hair and throwing my neck to one side and biting my neck. With the other hand grabbing a hold of my breast. All the while ramming his cock into me in short bursts of rough escort aydın play. He would pull my neck by my hair from one side to another by my hair and go from biting my neck to engulfing my mouth with his. At one point he stopped and I begged him to “Fuck me more and hard” and he took my hands above my head and held me down and rammed his cock into me as hard as he could. then he rose above me and i wrapped my long legs around his neck and he i could feel his cock deeper and deeper inside of me. until i exploded inside and i let my legs fall around his elbows and he then said he aydın escort bayan would allow me a cigarette break.after my break i got on top of him and rode his cock. while he sucked and grabbed my tits. i could feel his cock so deep inside me. it sent me reeling once again. his hands were going back and forth from grabbing my tits to pulling my hips to grind me deeper onto his cock. both of us were moaning and grinding till my man flipped me back over onto my back and thrust-ed into my pussy once again putting my hands above my head holding them there with one hand and had his other hand on my left breast it felt like an eternity but in actuality it was only 2 hours until we were both exasperated and layed next to one another and fell asleep i hope you all enjoy hearing about my hot ride as much as I enjoyed having it

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