A Husband’s Story of Woe


It all happened gradually, with several different people, my transformation into the man I am today.

It’s hard to talk right now. I don’t know what to say. My wife wants me to tell her story so she can write it down for others to read. She said I would be closer to the truth than she was. She said I will better understand why I am doing the things I’m doing. I don’t know if that’s true, or she wants me to relive all the moments leading up to now for her pleasure or my humiliation.

At first it was a game with one of my early girlfriends.

I was a pretty normal teen. I’d had a few girlfriends and fewer experiences by the time I had dated Debbie. As we dated longer and longer, we found ourselves exploring more and more of our sexuality together.

She was beautiful. I found her dark features alluring. Her young body firm, but soft enough in the right places to drive me wild.

At first it was a lot of kissing. Our hands would explore each other, finding the sweet spots we each were learning we had. Bursting in each other’s hands or mouths. Trying to fulfill a teen lust that could barely be contained.

As we dated longer, we started doing more. She had her first sex with me. I remember looking down at her, her face contorted as I gently pressed into her. It was barely my fifth time. It was quick and passionate, our kisses pressed tightly against each other.

“That was fun,” Debbie smiled when we were lingering in the bed afterwards. “I like it.”

We had sex a few more times, but there was always the fear in the back of our minds that we could be making a lifelong mistake if we weren’t careful. Neither of us were ready for a spouse or kids at eighteen or nineteen.

I don’t remember if it was here idea or not, but we eventually tried anal.

I remember looking down on her, her ass pressed up in the air. She buried her head into a pillow. We really didn’t know what we were doing, but I was slow and her lubricant combined with the condom’s allowed me to penetrate her.

Once inside of her, I got terribly hard. The sight of her pressed into the pillow and having my cock pressed into her ass was magical. I still find myself drifting back to that moment today, getting hard.

I pressed into her, pushing her hips to the bed and burying her head into the pillow even deeper. I could feel my cock twitching uncontrollably. I couldn’t stand the mad desire and she was probably relieved that I could barely contain my excitement. I came quickly and slid off of her.

“That was interesting,” she rolled to me, hugging me. “It hurts a little though.”

She talked about it a lot afterwards. It seemed to open up her mind to other possibilities and she started talking about them.

“What about two men,” she asked me one time. “Would you share your bed with me and another man?”

I was uncomfortable, but said yes, as long as there wasn’t anything involved between me and him. She laughed.

“That’s the point,” she smiled. “If you brought a woman into the bed with me, wouldn’t you expect me to get involved with her?”

I told her that was different. She didn’t agree.

She started getting more aggressive in bed. She would push me down and make me come without notice. Sometimes covering me with a blanket, she’d rub her hands on my shaft until I exploded, her brother or parents in the same room. It was maddening. I was constantly turned on when I was near her because she’d constantly stimulate my desire.

I didn’t know it then, but she was relishing the control she had over me.

By this time she’d never let me make her come. She’d please me, but I could only please her so far. She said she was afraid she’d pee or something. Though I pressed and tried, she would always stop me. Eventually I accepted, my needs constantly being fulfilled.

Then one day she threw me onto her bed and pulled off my pants.

“Roll over,” she smiled, removing her clothes. “Take off your shirt.”

I usually didn’t question her. She was constantly making me excited, and letting her go about her thing was part of it for me. I pulled off my shirt and rolled to my back.

She started rubbing my shoulders the worked her way lower and lower until she reached my bottom. She rubbed it over and over again, stretching it wider and wider with each rub. I’ll admit it was sexy, and I was moaning to encourage her.

Then I felt her finger slip between my cheeks, she was rubbing my anus. Electricity shot through my body. It felt so dirty but so exciting at the same time. She kept pushing her finger against me, her free hand continuously massaging my cheeks.

“I’m going to stick it inside,” she squeezed my cheeks. I didn’t say anything and tried to relax.

Her finger pressed into me and I felt shudders running through my entire body. She pushed it and out and out, spreading me wider and wider. I laid there, my head in the pillow much the same as hers was when the roles were reversed. My body started shivering and shaking, then güvenilir bahis jerked uncontrollably.

She pushed her body onto my back. I could feel the bones in her hips pressed tight against my butt cheeks. She pushed my legs apart and I felt the curls of her pubic hair tickling my anus. My cock shot to attention.

Her weight felt so good on my back. I felt her breasts and nipples pressed into me.

She reached her hands around and grabbed my hips. She knew my spots, and she rubbed her fingers along the crease between my hips and my pubic bone.

I couldn’t resist pressing myself up to her, widening my bottom to feel the heat of her against me. Her hands kept massaging my hips, pulling them tight to her. I could feel myself ready to burst, and she could tell.

She started pressing her hips back and forth into me, like she was a man taking me from behind. The constant pressure was unbearable, and I felt my cock stiffen and then spill my seed all over the bed. I jerked and shook until the last of my seed spilled into the sheets, her weight heavy upon me.

“Did you like that?” she asked, though she knew the answer.

She laid there on top of me for a long time that day. I remember the feeling of her weight clearly even now. I felt pinned in, but I also felt as if I had just had the largest sexual release of my life.

Once she knew that power she had to give me that kind of explosive orgasms, she of course gave them to me a lot. Always she would finger me and loosen me up, then mount my back and reach around to make me come. She almost didn’t want to do anything else when we slept together.

She would get behind me and reach her hands through my leg to jack me off while hinting at the other man thing. It would drive me mad, but I almost always came immediately, though I never thought she was serious. I still wonder to this day if she didn’t try to train me to come fast for her.

We separated after trying a long distance relationship in college. I still fondly look back at that time together, wondering what would have happened to us had we stayed closer.

I drifted through girls in my college years. They were mostly much more reserved in bed than Debbie was. As I would play with them I still found myself desiring the constant excitement of my previous partner. I couldn’t find the level of satisfaction I desired.

Then Lisa came along.

Lisa had been dating one of my friends but we hit it off. She exuded sex and it wasn’t long before we were deep into a secret relationship.

Part of the excitement was just that the relationship was secret. We never talked about not telling anyone, but for some reason neither of us did. We would deny it if someone even hinted at it. We never showed any affection in public.

In fact, the relationship was never really talked about at all. It was just something that happened. We’d always be hanging out together, either in a group or just alone. We’d drink a couple of drinks or smoke a little something to get us in the mood to relax and we’d lay and watch television and talk. Sometimes it would be a porn that we would fast forward through the sex scenes to watch the dialogue laughing.

One day I fell asleep, or passed out, on the couch and when I awoke, Lisa had her mouth wrapped around my big toe, her tongue sliding around it over and over again. My cock was hard. I had never felt those sensations before.

She worked her way across both feet with her mouth never saying a word. When she finished she slowly kissed her way to my, by now, incredibly hard cock. She pulled down my shorts and slipped it into her mouth, sucking me. It was insane. I hadn’t been with anyone for a few months and it was evident. I couldn’t resist. I rubbed my hands through her hair and gave her a warning that I was about to come. Her head never moved, she lowered herself over me and I felt myself spilling into her mouth over and over again, moaning.

We laid together for a while then she quietly gathered her stuff and said good bye.

We got together again a couple of days later as we usually did, again just the two of us.

She stood in front of me. She was terribly skinny, and to be honest with you, not a woman that I found physically exciting. She had very small breasts and tiny little nipples, barely any weight on her. However, it wasn’t her body I was thinking about, and my excitement was evident.

She started slowly removing all of her clothes. I remember the look on her face but I still can’t place the emotions that were on it. Was she afraid, excited, cold?

She finished removing her last piece of clothing and sat on the floor at my feet. She looked up at me and without saying anything, pulled my feet to her mouth and started sucking them. I laid my head back, letting her mouth explore me.

After a long session of kissing my feet, she started to remove my clothes and I ended up naked leaning back on the couch. She worked her away across my body, kissing my legs and inner thigh, getting güvenilir bahis siteleri closer and closer to my cock.

She reached her hand between my legs and pushed a finger to my ass and I moaned. She as the first person to touch me there since Debbie and my excitement was intense. I saw Lisa smile, sliding her fingers against my ass. My cock twitched uncontrollably.

She stood me up and got on her knees behind me. She pulled apart my bottom. I felt her warm breath against my deep places, her face getting nearer and nearer until her tongue was upon me. I jerked. She pushed herself in hard and harder, her hand reaching around emptying me of my juices until I couldn’t stand.

I collapsed on the couch and again we laid there without talking. Once again, she quietly got her stuff and left.

We had a lot more love making sessions, most of them similar. She would always sit at my feet and start there. I wasn’t aware of it then, but she was obviously submitting to me. We continued on for a couple of years before she moved on, but by this time it was obvious to me, I liked power games.

Part of the reason she moved on was that I met my future wife. She was barely in college when I met her. It took a while for me to realize it but we fell in love.

She had tantalizing long black hair and deep brown eyes. At first we were friends. She tried dating a couple of my friends, but the relationships fizzled. Eventually we found each other.

Like most marriages, we had a period of courting that culminated in a wedding a couple of years later. By all accounts we were pretty normal. At least she was normal.

“What would you want me to do to you most in the whole world?” She said as we both fell onto our honeymoon bed.

I considered it for a while. I knew what it was but would she accept it? I felt humiliated even thinking of asking my bride to consider something so deviant. So odd.

“I would never leave you if you,” I thought about my words carefully. Of course I would never leave her, I couldn’t even imagine it. I thought the words would help soften what I wanted to say next.

“If you, would spread my legs,” I looked down ashamed to finish, “and lick me between my legs, up to my bottom.”

The silence pressed hard against me. We might have both been drunk, but there was some instant sobering going on. I should have thought of another way to let her know. I was devastated that the drink had loosened my lips so much.

“I would never do that,” she answered very quickly and succinctly.

For a while things were indeed normal. We had sex like rabbits. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever we could find a place for one of us to lie down or hold on. We were newlyweds.

Once in a while I’d find myself craving her touch against my ass but I was too shy to say anything. I hoped she’d come to it on her own. On nights where I’d sleep nude, I’d turn my back to her to let her spoon me then press my butt up against her, almost always getting erect. If she noticed, though I don’t think she did, she didn’t let me know.

Once in a while I’d find myself home alone and the desire would over take me. I’d lock our bedroom door and find her vibrator. I’d lay there and gently insert the device, the motion of the motors sending my body towards ecstasy. It would feel like all the tension in my body was released.

When I finally pushed the shaft out I would lay there and relax, sometimes touching myself to come and sometimes not.

It was my secret.

Years went by like this with very little change. I would think about my prior relationships once in a while and they would excite me. I never really acted on it so our sex life, still rather plain, slowed to a reasonable level.

The first time I thought about doing something a little different was after we’d been married several years. I heard about the unfortunate passing of Lisa and thoughts of her were constantly popping into my head. The feelings of her wrapped around my toes and lapping at my ass would drive me mad. I would wonder how I could get my wife to cooperate.

I put a plan into action. I would do to her what Lisa did to me. Then I could hint about my desire for the same. It was a bold move. Like I said our sex life was pretty plain and there was certainly a good chance that my wife would stop me before I even got started.

I waited for the right chance and finally found it one night as she sat in our living room reading a book. I was scared. Silently I walked into the room and stood at her feet. She looked up at me and smiled. I started slowly removing my clothes until the last stitch was removed.

It felt funny standing there completely naked. She just looked at me and smiled. I lowered myself to he floor and hesitantly pulled one of her feet to my lips. I felt my body stir, something was exciting me. I pulled her big toe into my mouth and let my tongue gently explore around it.

I started to lose myself. I let my tongue explore her entire foot. iddaa siteleri I didn’t know if she was reading her book or relaxing, I didn’t bother looking. If I was going to do this, it was going to be just for her. It had to be just for her because I wanted it to be just for me.

I shifted to her other foot. I could hear her getting excited, her body responding to me. It was exciting me. I pulled the toes through my mouth, running my tongue between each one. Working across her feet with my wet kisses.

I didn’t have a foot fetish, but there was something that was sexy about being like that. Sitting on the floor nude at my wife’s feet sucking her toes. A feeling that I can only explain as submitting came over me. I started to think about only her pleasure, though I was certainly very excited.

I looked past my wife’s book and up into her eyes. I could tell by the way her body was shifting that she was interested, but she looked like she was reading her book. My cock shuddered. The thought of me there at her feet nude pleasing her while she read her book was actually exciting me.

I pressed my hands to her hips and worked her pants and panties off. I bent down to kiss her ankles and felt a rush of cool air through my slightly spread bottom.

If I had ever seen my wife with her pants completely off and her top still on I couldn’t remember when. There was something about that look, especially the white work blouse, that really worked for me. I shifted between her legs and slowly kissed the insides of her thighs, working from her knees to her full black bush.

I loved eating her, though she never really seemed to get completely off on it. She would always tell me that me being inside of her and the closeness of sex was what she really enjoyed. In a way I knew that going down on her was as much for me as her.

I took in her odor, my tongue lapping against her thighs and outer lips, her wiry hair rubbing through my teeth and nose. I worked my tongue between her lips and felt her shudder. She was soaked and my tongue easily slid around her, finding her sweetness exhilarating.

I pushed her thighs wider and wider working my tongue all around. I could feel my own excitement surging to my hips, my cock swollen hard. Eating her like this was driving me mad. I reached my hands up to touch her breasts, but her arms were in my way. She was still reading her book.

Slowly my hands went back to her hips and I wondered was she really reading? I shifted my hands under her thighs and spread her openings wide for easier access, my tongue burrowed into her hole, she shook.

I worked my tongue around and around inside of her before slowly pulling it out. I really didn’t want to do what I did next, but I so wanted it done to me that I lifted her ass up a little and let my tongue drift against her anus.

My stomach twitch and fluttered as I felt her first clench her entire body then instantly relax, her opening widening. She was so wet my tongue slipped inside. I had done it. I gulped. I explored her for what felt like minutes, my tongue entering and exiting her, sliding up and down the tight crevice.

She was moaning and panting, but the book never left her hands. I kept exploring finally pulling up and finding her clit, I licked it. Her response was immediate. I felt the familiar change of her juices as she sprayed them upon my face.

She was coming. Her thighs twitched and jerked, her hips pressing against my face. I pulled her in and out of my mouth, then pressed my tongue flat against her. Finally I felt the touch of her hand in my hair, pulling me tight to her body.

She held me there for a while, while her body finished its joy. I could smell her all over my face and taste her deep in my throat and my own excitement was refusing to abate, shifting uncontrollably between my legs.

“Shouldn’t you put my pants back on?” she looked down at my and smiled. I grabbed her pants and sat on the floor by her feet while she read the book wondering what she was going to do with me.

She didn’t do anything, just let me sit there. Occasionally she rubbed my head and said that I had made her feel good.

“What did you think?” I asked her the next day. She hadn’t said anything about the night before. I had stayed with her like that for over an hour, nude at her feet. I touched her feet and rubbed her thighs before finally quietly gathering my things and going to the bedroom.

She came in later and lay behind me. I was still naked and as I would usually do, I pressed into her spoon. My cock shuddered as she wrapped her arm around my chest and pulled me tight. We fell asleep like that.

“It was nice,” she smiled, “I liked it a lot. Why did you do it?”

I gave her a sham answer about how I wanted to please her, to spice up our sex life a little.

“It seemed to please you,” she looked at me, “last night you woke me up when you were humping the mattress and pressing your butt against my hips.”

A wave of shame crossed my face as the disjointed memory flooded back into my mind. I couldn’t remember the dream only the cold wet sensations of the come flooding out of me, my wife’s warm body pressed to my ass. I hadn’t come at night like that since I could remember.

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