A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 05: Finger Project


I don’t actually like going out. I think you figured when I was that embarrassed at that party. Well. Not that embarrassed. But if there’s a place I really like, it’s the movies. Boy I like the movies. Going out with a girl has always been part of my innocent routine. My dirty routine is, well, you know. The things I do so well. But the innocent routine is for those shy girls I “date”.

I mean, I’m not interested, really. But there isn’t any other way to get in their pants. Painful thoughts, eh? I told you I don’t have any other use for women.

Whatever. Like always, today I chose the back of the room for my date. She sits on my left side, her long hair flowing down her shoulders, perfectly encasing her face. Her pink T-Shirt glows faintly in the dark, as the light of the screen flashes against it. As I reach for the popcorn bag from which she is picking regularly, I cannot take my eyes off her short white skirt, that exposes her pretty legs and knees. As I’m putting a fistful of popcorn in my mouth, I notice that she’s looking at me sideways, a Mona Lisa type of smile on her lips. I devour her with my eyes, then turn my head to look at the screen.

I don’t even remember the name of the movie. It’s something about a romantic comedy where a broken hearted guy starts to sleep around.

Not that I can relate. I sneak a look at her, and she’s still giving me that sideways glance with the smirk on her lips. Time to move.

I never follow any technique from books or whatever. But the arms-stretching act always work. So I yawn lazily, and raise my hands, stretching them wide. I search the darkness quickly with my eyes. There are several empty rows separating us from the nearest guy. It’s a half empty room. Satisfied, I lower my arms, putting one of them around her as I relax in my seat.

Her smirk turns into a grin as she realises what I just did. escort şişli I take another fistful of popcorn, as our eyes lock. I smile slightly, putting the popcorn in my mouth, and munch. She breaks the eye contact, and starts to look again at the screen.

I inch my face closer to hers.

“You look beautiful baby”, I whisper in her ear.

I am well aware of my hot breath blowing in her ear. I can feel her whole body tightening in my grip.

She lets out a little shaky, nervous laugh.

“Thank you”, she whispers.

I take a branch of hair away from her face.

“You know I love you, right?” I say, the lie stinging the tip of my tongue.

She gives me the sideways look.

“What are you doing?” she asks, a funny tone in her voice.

“Just watching a movie with the most beautiful girl in the world.” I say, caressing her jaw.

She restrains herself from smiling.

“That’s weak flattery”, she says, trying to sound casual. “And the screen’s over there, by the way.”

My smile widens.

“Guess I’m not interested in that movie, then.”

She rolls her eyes, and turn her head again.

But this time, I pinch her chin slightly and turn her face back to mine.

Before she can say anything else, I kiss her.

I seal her lips with mine, gently brushing. I suck her upper lip slowly, deliberately wetting it.

She’s surprised at first, but she kisses me back, deeply, passionately. Our lips suck each other as I start to rub her with my arm. She touches my face, caressing it, while she’s still holding the popcorn bag with the other.

I slowly slide my tongue inside her mouth, slightly licking her teeth. She eagerly sucks it. Our tongues dance on each other, as I pull her closer to me. She breaks the kiss, suddenly. I’m a little out of breath, as she puts the popcorn bag on the empty seat escort beşiktaş next to me. I place my hand lightly on her thigh in a suggestive manner, as I keep my other hand on her waist. She lets out that nervous chuckle again, but looks worriedly at the back of the head of the few people ahead of us.

“Don’t worry”, I say. “They won’t see us”.

I take her face with both of my hands and kiss her again. This time it’s deeper, more passionate. I slowly run my left hand on her body, while still holding her face with the other. I slowly grab one of her breasts, gently, but hungrily. My eyes are closed, but I can feel her smile. I run down my hand on her body again, resting it finally on her hip. Little moans are escaping out of her mouth. I take my mouth of hers and gently start kissing her neck. She gasps, when I put my hand between her legs and grab her thigh.

“Oh you wouldn’t even…” she starts to say, in a low, sexy voice. I don’t give her enough time to continue. I start to suck her neck as I grab her pussy. She lets out a little surprised squeal of pleasure as I lick and suck her skin, my tongue lapping her neck as my hand moves up and down her cunt. Our noise is covered by the movie, which is apparently interesting, hence the laughter in the room.

Her pussy feels so hot and wet through her panties that my hand is moist just by touching it. She’s panting as I keep sucking her neck, gently biting her. In one quick motion, I pull her panties aside with my fingers, and run my middle finger on her slit, my trademark move. She moans deeply, and fumbles on my pants, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. She’s already dripping wet when I slowly slide my finger inside her. I take my mouth off her neck and tease her lips, pretending to kiss her, pulling away from her mouth at the last moment. I put my finger in a hook gesture and start to escort bayrampaşa pull in and out, causing her to sigh and hiss. There’s a wet splashing sound coming out of her cunt as her juices start to run on my fingers.

“Ooooooohhhh baby”,she whispers, her voice a low rumble on my mouth.

I flex my finger inside her, and insert another one. She lets out another moan of pleasure as I pick up my pace. I take another quick look at the room. The actor on the screen is apparently getting laid with the nice girl of the movie. Everyone’s watching. I make her flex her lower half a little, as if she was laying down. I put my hand in an upside down rock-and-roll gesture and start to fuck her with my hand, hard.

As I pick up pace, the splashing noise becomes louder and louder and she covers her mouth to stifle down her screams and her heavy breath. I can feel her getting slippery inside and her eyes start to turn white, her legs trembling. Her chest heaving up and down. She’s getting near. I can’t let that happen. Without warning her, I take my fingers out of her cunt and sit normally, looking at her.

Her first reaction is confusion. She looks bewildered, throwing glances at me and her surroundings.

“Wh…how…What…why did you stop?” she asks, her voice shaking.

Then she starts to understand. An angry look flashes on her face.

“Oh you bastard.” She growls as I start laughing. “You bastard.”

She sits up and fix her dress. She stays quiet for a moment. I put the bag of popcorn on my knees. I make sure she’s watching as I slowly, deliberately plunge the hand I just used to fuck her in the bag, and grab some popcorn that i put in my mouth. I slowly lick the tip of my fingers as Our eyes meet. Laughter erupts in the room, but we couldn’t care less. Sex is in the air, vibrating, and the taste of pussy on my tongue is delicious. She frowns slightly.

“When we get out of here”, she says, “I’m gonna fuck you senseless”.

I grin.

“I hope so girl”, I answer. “I certainly hope so”.

She smiles wickedly.

Then we turn our gazes to the screen just as the movie ends.

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