A Lesson I Love!!


A Lesson I Love!!My brother called me. He wanted to come east to visit his big s*s. I’m not really big, I’m about five foot four, a hundred twenty five pounds-soaking wet. I have a shapely ass, smallish, perky tits with large sensitive nipples that point upwardly. I have a darkish, olive complexion and dark hair. I’m pretty hot. I used to be quite the conservative bitch. I am recently single, about 3 months ago, my boyfriend and I split. My brother knew I was sad and depressed about all this. This is why he was visiting. What he didn’t know was that my ex had turned me on to d**gs. I loved smoking crack. One of the reasons we split-up. I started to fuck my dealer for crack. Jerome. Jerome loved fucking my wet pussy with his fat, hard cock and I loved smoking his d**gs. Sometimes he would share me with his buds and send me home with bag full of stuff to smoke. He kept me happy and I him. Last weekend was one of those times. He filled a baggie for me with rock. He and 2 of his friends were in town getting rid of shit. He called me to come over, Sunday at noon, “hey Babe I got something for you”, he said. I was excited to hear from him. He gave me the address, a local hotel. I got showered and dressed quickly. I threw on a sun dress, sandals and that was it, no panties no bra. I was excited about the d**gs, yes but also excited about his 9 inch cock sliding into my wet pussy or anywhere else he wanted it to go. I was his cum dumpster, his little crack whore. My pussy got wet thinking about his cock when I drove over there. When I got there, he and 2 of his fat cocked friends ravaged me. And I loved it. I loved every minute of it. I knocked on the door and Jerome answered it. He led me in and said, “Girl you look good!” He kissed me. His friends were seated on the hotel furnisher. There was a couch, a stuffed chair, a dining table with some chairs around it. Jerome introduced me to his 2 friends; I forgot their names now. They looked like they were drooling. Jerome asked, “Hi baby, you want to smoke some shit?” Jerome didn’t smoke nor did either of his friends. They were smoking some weed, the odor permeated the room. I sat at the table barely dressed, my sun skirt riding high on my thighs. My perky, stiff nipples were poking through the thin material. Jerome handed me the pipe and lit the bowl for me.” AUHHHH”, I fell into my own state of being. Eyes closed enjoying the immense feeling, the rush, the warmth throughout my body, the warmth deep in my stomach and groin. Jerome stood up behind me. He placed his hands to my shoulders and asked, “How was that baby.” My head fell back into his lap. Eyes shut; all I could do was say, “aauuuhhhhh.” Jerome’s hands fell down the front of me, to my breasts. The thin straps of my dress fell down off my shoulders. The flimsy material fell. I was sitting there after one hit of my d**g, half naked. Jerome started teasing my hardened nipples, pinching and pulling on them. I let out a soft moan, his 2 friends watched intently. I had slid down the seat of the chair towards the edge; my sundress had ridden up my thighs, my legs slightly spread, my pussy aching to be touched, fucked. I was getting wet at the attention. Jerome asked if I wanted more. My head still in his lap, eyes still shut, I said, “yes, please.” He loaded the pipe once again and held it to my waiting lips, he lit it and I inhaled. I held the smoke , eyes shut, relaxing even more. Jerome slowly moved away and left my head dangling, smoke slowly escaping my mouth,”auhhhh”, the flush of warmth took my body again. I, completely relaxed, body limp, legs fell open in the chair. The 3 black men watched me as I was seduced by the d**g. After a few moments I came too and lifted my head to see the 3 black men watching me, smiling speaking quietly together as they smoked their weed. Jerome asked, “Isn’t she beautiful”, I smiled, my throat was desert dry, I was thirsty and asked for a drink. Jerome got me a beer, he poured it in a glass and I gulped down most of it. Jerome extended his hand and I reached for it. He helped me out of the chair, sundress falling to my feet. I stood there before them completely naked. The 2 men who sat said, “Bring that bitch over here Jerome.” Jerome said, “Not yet”. He asked me if I wanted another hit. I was coming down and I said again “yes please.” Jerome handed me my beer to finish and I did. He also loaded the pipe as I stood naked in front of the men. He teased me with the pipe, held it to my lips and pretended to light it. He flicked the lighter as he brought the pipe lower and lower still in my mouth. He made me get on the floor, on my hands and knees. He then made me turn so my ass was facing the 2 guys sitting. He brought my head completely down on the floor. My head resting on the floor, facing the side, my ass in the air, my bald, wet pussy exposed to the 2 waiting black men. He lit the pipe; again I felt that warmness, the rush. I wanted to lie flat but didn’t, I was like a rag doll, so relaxed in the moment. Jerome waited for a bit, He asked me,” Do you want another hit babe.” “Please Jerome” I begged. “And can I have another drink”. He left me for a moment and poured me another beer. This time he came back with a bowl and put it in front of me, I smiled and played his game as I lapped at the bowl until it was nearly empty. Jerome said, spread your legs baby, show me you want some more crack.” I did as asked, I was wanting another hit. “Spread that pussy for the boys baby, Let them look at your shit.”With that he brought the empty bottle over and placed it under my wet pussy. “How much do you want that”. I spread my fat pussy lips with one hand and slowly worked the bottle into me, bucking my türbanlı sinop escort hips slowly back and forth working the bottle into my wet gash. The 2 guys sitting were laughing and saying “You go Jerome. Look at the fucking cunt, take it bitch”. They were enticing me on and I loved it. I wiggle and worked that bottle, I got up into a kneeling position; my juicy pussy spread wide, the bottle spreading me open, filling my tight fuck hole. Jerome was there and I hung onto his waist as he unzipped his jeans. He fed me his hard cock. My lips parted taking in his fat head. I cupped his balls with my free hand and licked his long, firm shaft. I rode the bottle as sucked Jerome’s hard 9 inch cock. I was accustomed to his size and could deep throat him without too much gagging. My little ass and hips started riding the shit out of that bottle, fucking the shit out of my wet sloppy cunt. Jerome stopped and pulled from my mouth. I stopped, he placed the bowl into my lips, I still had both hands on his stiff cock. I drew in the smoke and slowly went further down on the bottle, taking the girth in my wet pussy; I shook as I accommodated the large sized fuck toy. Jerome stepped away and I fell forward giving full view of the bottles’ penetration. I wiggled a little more into me. “Auhhhh”, I murmured. I was getting ready to cum and started to moan. I could hear the slushing sounds my wet pussy was making, taking that hard bottle. Jerome held my head as I felt his cock grow stretching at my mouth, his cock throbbed, he moaned. He shot his hot load into my throat. I gagged a bit, some leaked from my mouth. My head went back as I slurped down his load. I swallowed all I could. I finished off Jerome. I ground on that bottle and shook myself. The 2 guys got on the floor with me one of them pulled the slimy bottle from my stretched, juiced cunt. One of them fucked the shit out my wet, now sloppy cunt. The other put his cock in my mouth. I took and swallowed more cum. The guy fucking me buried his cock and shot his wad deep in my stretched pussy. Jerome gave me a bag full for the next week or so. I got dressed, my pussy oozing with pain and cum. I went home. Crack whore.My brother knew something was wrong even on the phone.. He just thought it was the relationship and was flying in tomorrow. I was taking the next couple of weeks off from work as he was going to be in town. Me being kind of petite he on the other hand was like our father, a big, handsome lad of 30, strong as an ox. He had huge hands and big muscular arms, large chest, wide shoulders and hadn’t developed the belly yet like Dad. He had short hair and always would wear a cowboy hat. He was about six foot three and 3 inches taller in his boots. He drove trucks, like Dad. This was his business. He also employed 3 or 4 men for his other ventures. He worked for the large ranches out West doing everything pretty much, driving for feed, welding fence, gathering hay. This is where I grew up. A simple farm girl and moved East to work in a small accountant firm. He stayed out West. I hadn’t seen him in 6 years and we were both excited. The next day I was to pick him up at the airport at 3 in the afternoon. The airport is about 2 hours away. I took a toke on my pipe and off I went. I was early, it was a Saturday afternoon and busy, people everywhere travelers as well as security. I was anxious not only to see him but also to hurry home for another blast. Finally his plan arrived and they came through the gate. It was him my brother. I clearly see him even though he was one of the last ones off. Even through the crowd he stood out, tall and handsome. When he saw me he dropped his carry-on and came over and lifted me off the floor to give me a huge hug.”Damn you lost some wait s*s”. He picked me up like I was a doll-with ease. We said our hello’s and vacated the airport. Of course he had to say.”I’m starving.” We stopped at a restaurant it was around 5 and I was a bit hungry myself but still couldn’t wait to get home. The thought that kept coming to me, my night stand. We ate and had a couple of drinks and continued on our way to my house. On the way home we chatted about old times but he could tell I was a little off. I wanted, needed that hit.We finally made it home. He grabbed his bags and I unlocked the door seemingly not fast enough because I had to pee—really bad. I told him I would be right down, the bathroom was upstairs. I ran up the stairs and did go to the bathroom. When I finished I went right to my bedroom which was right there. I yelled to him and said I was changing into my PJ’s., which I had planned. But before that I reached into my night stand and there it was. I have been waiting all afternoon. I broke off a piece and placed it in the glass bowl. I lifted it to my waiting lips when I heard my brother say, “What the fuck is that s*s”. I didn’t get the rush nor the hit. And replied, “You weren’t suppose to see”. My brother I could tell was mad. “I came all the way here to see you and this”. ”Sorry”, I said. “You’re not sorry. You’ve been thinking about this all day long. I thought you were upset because you and the boyfriend broke up but it’s not that at all. You’re a cheap, fucking crack whore. “He was standing just outside my door which I neglected to shut in my hastiness. He came into my room and kind of ducked under the doorway. “Get out”, I said. He was mad and said, “Fuck you, you’re not smoking that shit with me around.” He looked down and saw my drawer and the rest of the stuff. He picked it up and went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush. I started to cry. “Please Mark let me have this, it’s all I have” With türbanlı sinop escort bayan that he reached for me and swung me onto his lap as he sat on the bed. I struggled but couldn’t break lose. He said, “So you want to cry.” And with that brought his hand down on my ass, hard, it hurt. I let out a yell and hoped my neighbors didn’t hear all the commotion. Again he struck my ass. My glass pipe fell and landed on the floor. My pants loosened up because I hadn’t snapped them together in hopes of getting my pajamas on. I struggled, wiggled trying to break free but he was way too strong. The more I struggled the more my pants fell. I could feel the top of my ass crack, not covered and he cracked me again. Tears fell from my eyes from losing all my shit, to the pain and from the frustration of him humiliating me. I was tiring in a matter of that few minutes. My pants fell and were around my knees. My beautiful ass starring my brother. He grabbed my leopard print panties by the waist band and raised my ass in the air. He cracked my smooth, roundish flesh, crack. When he spanked me this time I could feel the hard sting on my bare ass, all I had on was a g-string and felt my pussy tense and wiggle from the blast. My panties rode into my twat and ass crack. The strained material caught my clit, rubbing hard on it. There I was across his lap with just my g-sting on, bra and blouse. My ass cheeks puffed out, burning, turning red, soon they would be the color of crimson. I could feel my brother’s large, powerful hand now gently rubbing, kneading my ass cheeks, his other hand around my panties pulling, again he struck. Pain, arousal, torment, humiliation. My pants now at my ankles. My shirt and bra had risen up in the struggle-I was almost naked. I noticed to every time he struck me I would tighten my pussy up, everything would jiggle, my panties rubbing on my swelling clit, it all was turning me on, my brother. He rubbed and kneaded my ass cheeks. Spreading them open being rough but gentle, caressing me, then slap. : Oahu”, I would yelp. Then he again would rub, slap. Pain, pleasure over and over. My stomach was getting sore leaning on his knees. I needed to move, with one of my feet I took it out of the jeans and spread my legs a bit for balance. My brother replied, “That’s a good little crack whore, spread those legs, s*s why is your panties all wet? You like this? Don’t you?”. I could feel his hardness under my flat belly. He was enjoying the show. I wanted him to slap or at least touch my horny pussy. Now his hand moved up my back and swooped my bra and shirt off over my head in one movement. With the exception of my panties I was virtually naked lying across my brother’s lap. He rubbed my ass some more. My pussy lips sticking out from the sides of my panties. I was beginning not to care. I stuck my ass in the air in anticipation of his slap. My clit getting hard and excited, my pussy grew wetter, open, and wanting it. My hips gyrated with his rough hand. My ass, I would stick in the air in anticipation of the slap, horny. The crotch of my g-string was soaking; He reached around the elastic band with two fingers and tore the crotch of my panties from the elastic band. I was completely naked lying across my brother’s lap, feeling his hard cock under me. Wearing nothing except for the elastic band.He said to me, “s*s I really didn’t flush your shit down the toilet, do you want some.” Oh the relief I felt, the love. “Please Mark; I will do anything you want.” I would have at this point anyhow I was so horny. My pussy was definitely dripping with all the rubbing and spanking. With each blow on my ass it sent shock waves to my clit. My brother moved me up on his lap more. When he did this my outside leg went outwards to keep my balance. My legs spread more, my wet, pink cunt wide open. I could feel him looking between my legs at my open, wet, bald pussy. “Please give me a hit, let me cum, I will do anything”. “Not yet s*s you gotta stop smoking that shit, I will teach you”. “Please Mark”. I begged. With that he reached under me and pinched one of my hardened nipples, I moaned a bit. “You like that crack Whore.” :OHHH” is all I could mumble. My pussy reacted, it started to pulsate. He started rubbing my ass again, kneading it, stretching my gash wide open. I started to react to the attention wiggling my ass in the air like the slut he called me, pushing against his wandering hands. He spread me open with one hand the other hand came down on my pussy slapping my tender pink cunt. I liked it. I asked Mark, “Please spank me oh please.”I started humping his knee. He spanked my juicy cunt again.”OHHHH”. He must of looked into my night stand drawer cause next thing I know he had my dildo and some lube. He put the tube of lube into my reddened ass squeezing it deep in my hole. He played with the dildo rubbing it against my tight brown spot. I pushed against the probe, wanting it inside me. He placed the bulberous head against me and started to slowly push. I met his insertion with my ass in the air, pushing back. I gasped and moaned as he slid it in me, burying the eight inches of hard rubber. My ass and thighs began to grow goose bumps. He put more of that fat dildo in my brown hole and more and then turned it on. “OHHHHH” My ass started to move, wiggle, my pussy pulsed opened and began to pulse. I stared to cum. “Oh please Mark, ohhhh.”He turned the switch up and I became all goose bumps. I moaned and spread my legs as wide as I could. I tried to meet his thrust with the fuck toy. I was rubbing my wet cunt on his knee. He fucked my ass deep. Then slap. “OHHHH” I gasped. My pussy was türbanlı escort sinop not only wet it was dripping; I was oozing my pussy juice onto my brother’s pant leg. He hadn’t touched me there yet. Then he buried the vibe and started to slap my pussy. I started to shake and clung to Mark’s leg. My clit was throbbing. My pussy pulsed, opened wide and I let out a load moan and lost my fluids like a faucet. I came hard , my cum puddle to the floor. I was so fucking hot.He pumped it in my ass and hung on to the elastic band. It wasn’t to long before I was getting overly hot. I felt like I was going to cum again, it was building again. I wanted to touch myself, Mark wouldn’t let me, I wanted to fuck my brother. He kept fucking my ass with that dildo, but each time when I came close to cumming he would spank me. Soon I was begging and pleading with him, “please Mark, make me cum, please.” But he ignored me and kept me on edge the whole time. Finally he unzipped his own pants. He told me to suck him off. He told me to save every drop in my mouth when he was fucking my mouth-he instructed me, I listened. He made me kneel in front of him and take his hard cock down my throat. I bobbed on him, he fucked my mouth. I licked and kissed his fat meat; I took his head in my mouth and tongued him. One of my hands fell between my own meat lips. I played with my cunt working fingers into myself. I pressed against the floor taking my vibrator deep into my ass. I worked Mark’s stiff cock. I worked my wet pussy. I worked his shaft and balls. I deep throated his hard cock. He finally started to pulse; he grabbed my head, held it and shot his massive load into my mouth. I started shaking as I used my fist. I worked in and out of my pussy, I came, I squirted again, my hot fluid spewed all over the floor and I shook in ecstasy. I gagged a little from the mouthful of cum; some ran out the sides of my mouth, a little I swallowed. Most of it I kept it in my mouth, as much as I could. He told me not to swallow it. He reached for a glass on the night stand and let me spit it in the glass. He said, “Save that slut for your breakfast. You’re going home with me”. That night was a long night. I was soaking wet between my legs, exhausted and now wanting to jump in bed and sleep. He had different plans. He tied my hands around the bottom of the bed post and said, “This is where you’re sleeping tonight s*s.” I was too tired to argue. Naked and the dildo still in my ass. I fell asleep on the floor. Before I did doze off I heard him on his cell request 2 plane tickets for the next day.I didn’t sleep very well at all. When I came too he was already up and showered. He was dressing and saw me stir. He asked, “How is my little crack whore this morning”. “Mark please stop.” He reached down and brought his hand up and smacked my ass. ohhhh that hurt. I shut up. I asked if I could take a shower, He said, “no, not yet s*s.” After he made some phone calls and found some kind of bottle and tube. He finally let me up to take a shower. I was sore, stiff and my ass hurt. He untied my hands and brought me into the bathroom. He said,” we would be leaving this morning for home”. I felt a little excited. “Can I pack,” I asked. He replied.” I will give you everything you need and I already picked out your clothes”. I had to pee, bad. Mark watched as I squatted on the toilet. He started running the shower. I asked, “Can’t I do this myself?” Mark swung back his arm and swatted me across my ass again. Tears formed. I did as I said. He told me to shave every hair off my body and I mean every hair s*s. I did as told. He then told me to kneel with my head down and my ass up in the air. “This is position #1 s*s and don’t ever forget it. “Yes Mark.” “For now on you call me sir.” He placed the rubber tube into my rectum. I felt a warm gush of fluid rush into my ass. My stomach started to fill, I started to feel cramps. I moaned. He cleaned my ass out, my insides; it smelled…I was totally humiliated in front of my brother….over and over. If I didn’t comply and I protested he slapped my already sore reddened ass. Three times he repeated this. I cleaned off.On the bed was a one piece jumper. He instructed me. “Now s*s, crack whore, you are to wear these things for the flight, you are to put this anal plug in your ass and not take it out and you are to wear those shoes.” He had picked out a pair of red stiletto, high heel shoes.” I replied, “no”. He slapped my naked ass. I was embarrassed, humiliated, first to be naked in front of my brother, and secondly embarrassed to wear this clothing in public, but I was really too tired to fight with him. I thought of the d**g and asked him. “Mark can I have a hit of my shit. “ he answered without hitting my ass, “s*s you broke the pipe last night when you came all over…remember.” Then he slapped my ass ouhhh,,,”Call me Sir”. He asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee, I said, “I would love one”. “OK “he replied, “you get dressed and I will get your coffee.” He came back as I was pulling on the jumper, a flimsy piece of fabric I wore over my bikini to the beach. It was off white. He brought the semi warm cup of coffee. I took a sip. He asked me, “So how does your brother taste? Drink it all cause this is breakfast and desert all together. ” As I finished dressing, I could feel the dildo buried deep inside me. I stood in my terry cloth skirt which was the shortest skirt I owned. It barely covered my ass cheeks. You could see right through this outfit, nothing left to the imagination. I asked Mark if I could wear something over this and he replied. “No, remember or I will spank that little ass of yours.” He gave me a small tap on my bottom. I put the boots on; wow did I look like a hooker. When I stood up I looked in the mirror, the back of my legs were a little red from last night. The boots came up just over my knee. My skirt, I couldn’t bend over at all, I could barely move. If I did bend over my pussy and dildo buried in me would show. He called a cab. This is all he would let me travel with.

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