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A-list CelebritySitting at .home, bored. I was listening to the radio eating some pizza and laying on the couch. Suddenly, the d.j annouced a concert that was here in town this weekend. I thought “no doubt im there”. I go to the computer to purchase tickets. Next i go to shower and get dressed. I was not prepared for what was going to be the best concert ever. I take a cab to where the show was being held at. I would never have thought that i would be seeing the star of the show. It was Her “rhyanna”. Unbelieveable, i thought to myself. She was just getting out of a limosine with her onetourage. She looked stunning in a all white dress with a heels and long hair. I thought to myself how nice she looked. So she is walking my way. It was as if she was moving in slow motion. As my heart started beating fast and my thoughts started to come around. Something said “ask for a photo”. So i managed to get myself together to ask politely for a picture with her. She agreed hesitantly, but stopped to ablidge. As i looked for my camera phone, i realized i left it in the cab. She laughed and made a esenyurt escort joke to console me. She then proceeded to leave. So i said something that would set in motion something that i would never have thought would happen. A sexual escapade with rhyanna. My words were soft but noticeable for her to give a respond, i hoped. As she started into the building i said “i would love to have your company for dinner”. She turned and looked at me, curiously. Then she responded by saying something i never thought she would say; “YES” I played it down but was going wild in my thoughts from her responds. She said Yes, wow. After which we made plans to meet after the concert for a nice dinner of my choosing. We left the restaurant after a meal that seem to make time stand still.I can barely remember the conversation or the food. But, i can still smell her perfume as if i was being held by a mother’s love. I remember her eye’s looking through me as if she was searching for the lies of my soul. I was hypnotized in her pressence, i did not want the night avrupa yakası escort to end. I had no idea she also felt the same way. When suddenly i was offered to accompany her to her suite where she was stayin. It felt like a fairy tale story. Graciously i agreed, not believing how wonderful the night was going to be for me. You see im not a unattractive man, and i have beautiful friends that iam with all the time. I work-out, and take care of my body, and am financial stable. But, she is something special. A celebrity. I felt like a groupie out with her. I hoped she knew how much spending time with her was more than i had ever exspected. She had nothing to gain from me. I guess that is why . She brings me into her room which was very nice, and kisses me soft on the lips. I smile and return her kiss. She giggles, as if it was her first time. I smile, ours eyes meet and we kiss each other again. This time stronger and longer. I don’t remember breathing. Our bodies clash together like lovers anadolu yakası escort who have been away from each other for years looking for the love they left behind. I was ensconced in her heat. We peeled each others clothes off easily. Our bodies were working in tandem to satify each others lustful pleasures. I layed her down and began to lick the sweat of her body to quench my thirst. She moaned and rithed as if to tell me she approved of my efforts. Unbelievable. She reached out to me to cover her form like the dress she hand worn, so i connected back with her lips and continued to kissing her. Oh how i loved kissing her. As she seached for me i fondled and rubbed her body. So smooth and firm, i could tell she was ready by me touching her. Her hand lead my manhood to where she wanted me most. I paused to savour the moment of no return, then pushed my way through her walls. There were no more barriars to keep me from her now. She held her breathe for a second closed her eyes as if to hide her feelings than pulled me close to her. Than, like a whisper in my ear she exhaled. Soft steady movements were all but the beginning. Her nails scrapped my back like she was strumming me like a guitar. She wrapped her lovely long legs around my waiste to hold me steady. Our eyes said everything but our mouths said nothing. We were One. We made love for what seemed like eternity until our orgasm made us come back to reality and i was out before my head hit the pillow.

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