A Love like No Other Ch. 03


The following story is purely fictional, and bears no connection to any events, real or otherwise. All characters are made up and hold no resemblance to any persons, living or otherwise, and any similarities is purely coincidental. All characters engaging in any sexual scenarios are all 18 or over. Please rate this story and leave any comments afterwards, as they are greatly appreciated.


James Dawson felt a bit nervous as he waited for Harrison Grant to come over to his small studio apartment. James had spent the entire day cleaning, not wanting the place to look like a sad little hole in the wall. He had been to Harrison’s amazing house out in the suburbs a few times, but tonight, Harrison wanted to see James’ apartment, despite constant claims by James that the place wasn’t very impressive. Despite feeling embarrassed about having Harrison over, they had been dating for a couple of weeks now, and James found it very hard to say no.

James had just checked the chicken cooking in the oven when someone knocked on the door. James tried to mask a nervous yelp as he closed the oven and went to answer the door. James felt like a giddy school girl when he saw Harrison at the front door in his wheelchair, which was an electric shade of blue. Harrison’s gold hair was combed to the side, his beard was trimmed handsomely, and his deep green eyes lit up behind his thick black framed glasses.

“They were out of roses.” Harrison said as he held up a 12 pack of James’ favorite beer. “So I got you a dozen beers instead.”

“I know you are making a joke, but this is way better than flowers.” James said as he took the beer and let Harrison in.

James gave Harrison a tour of the apartment, which didn’t take long. The apartment was an open space, so they really didn’t even need to move away from the front door for the tour. James felt a little embarrassed of the place, but Harrison seemed to enjoy the small studio apartment for some odd reason. Either that, or Harrison was an amazing liar and was trying to spare James’ feelings. Either way, James was eager to change the subject.

“What smells so good?” Harrison asked as the two sat at the table.

“Roasted chicken, au gratin potatoes, fresh rolls, and a vegetable medley.”James said as he went to check on the chicken. “Which should be just about ready.”

“You have never looked sexier than you do right now.” Harrison winked as James pulled out the chicken, which nearly made James drop it on the floor.

James had learned to cook after he was kicked out of the house. He found it comforting, almost theraputic actually. James was glad to see how much Harrison appriciated his cooking capabilities, as he genuinely seemed to enjoy the meal. James felt even better when Harrison went back in for seconds.

“That was one of the best chicken dinners I have ever had.” Harrison said after dinner. “Even better than the Colonel himself.”

“Thanks.” James blushed at the attention, and went to change the subject. “So, how was your day?”

Harrison explained his day to James as he helped James pack up the leftover food and clean up. Harrison told James about his annoying coworkers, his Syberian Husky Tyberius’ incident with a poodle at the dog park, and his friend Gordon’s knee injury at work. He also told a story about how he was rolling down the sidewalk, and some guy busy on his cell phone walked into his wheelchair. Harrison seemed a little too prideful about how hard the guy fell on his ass. James rememberer when he walked into the wheelchair himself at the gym, but at least he had just turned a corner and was bindsided, according to Harrison, this guy had been walking in a sort of zig-zag pattern down the block while looking at his phone, and after several attempts to move out of the way, Harrison just get going on his way.

“So, how was your day?” Harrison asked.

“Okay.” James summed up.

“Care to elaborate?” Harrison asked, and gave James a crooked smile.

“Work was decent, nothing really happened.” James said. “Stella got on my nerves a little though.”

“Why?” Harrison asked as he pulled two beers out of the fridge and handed one to James.

“She asked if I would cook Thanskgiving dinner for her and some friends who aren’t going home for the holidays.” James explained. “She called it some dumb name, I don’t exactly remember what it was though.”

“Friendsgiving?” Harrison asked, which rang a bell. “I am doing that this year too.”

James understood why Harrison wasn’t going to visit his family for the holidays. Harrison was sort of in a similar predicament as James was with his own parents. For Harrison though, he was written off dead to his parents at 18, as well as his other family members, even his younger siblings who he practically helped raise. His family was highly religious, his father was a highly regarded member of the church, and had told Harrison how worthless he was when he came out and threw him out of the house. Harrison said as soon as he left, his father ripped up the ramp that lead up to the porch so Harrison could never enter bahis firmaları the house again.

“Oh yeah?” James asked, feeling unsure about what to say, since Harrison really didn’t like talking about his former family.

“Yeah, althought it is more like Friendgiving.” Harrison joked. “It is just going to be me and Gordon.”

“You guys are going to have dinner alone?” James teased. “Should I be jealous?”

“No.” Harrison laughed. “We’re probably just going to have hot animal sex all night anyways.”

James playfully squeezed Harrison, and tickled at his sides until Harrison tapped out. James kissed Harrison on the cheek a few times, then moved to his neck. He slowly bit down on the tender flesh, which made Harrison moan slightly. James’ hand ran down Harrison’s body, and settled at the bulge in his pants.

“Wait.” Harrison pulled James off. “I don’t want to do this in my chair.”

James understood and backed off, he plopped on the couch to talk more with Harrison. Harrison however rolled backwards across the small apartment until he was parked alongside James’ bed. He wiggled his eyebrows a couple times before James took the hint. Harrison had transfered into the bed, and James jumped in next to him, which made Harrison laugh.

“You are such a dork.” Harrison teased before they started kissing again.

Harrison’s lips felt soft as the two made out in James’ bed. James layed next to Harrison, wrapping himself around Harrison as they kissed. James noticed that lying down, he was only an inch or so taller than Harrison. James slowly kissed his way down to Harrison’s neck, and bit that same tender spot that made Harrison moan. Harrison seemed to enjoy it as he made cooing sounds while James sucked on his neck. James ran his hand down Harrison’s body, teasing the bulge in his pants before sliding underneath his shirt, and back up to his nipples.

“Um, James?” Harrison said in a slightly panted voice. “Remember how we decided to take things slow?”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” James blushed as he pulled himself off of Harrison.

“No, I didn’t mean stop.” Harrison said in a lustful voice as he took off his glasses. “I think we’re ready, I mean if you do too.”

James answered by sliding Harrison down the bed, climbing on top of him, and straddling his legs on either side of Harrison. He bent down and kissed Harrison before pulling the shirt he had on over his head, revealing his exposed torso. James bent down and started teasing his nipples as he unbuckled his pants. James pulled off his own shirt before he slid down Harrison’s jeans, and tossed them onto the floor, leaving him in his sexy black briefs.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” James asked.

James and Harrison had talked about sex when they decided to wait a few weeks before jumping into the sack. James was unsure what Harrison was able to do in bed at first, but Harrison had explained it to James. Harrison’s injury made his legs not work, but his “equipment” still worked, and while he couldn’t feel from below his waist, he still had some sensations in his ass. He also assured James that he was able to use the restroom on his own, which had nothing to do with sex, but Harrison felt the need to mention it, which actually relieved James.

“Yes I am ready.” Harrison gave James that amazing shy smile that James thought was very cute.

James slid off his own jeans, and took a deep breath before sliding off his gray boxer briefs, showing every inch of him to Harrison. James had seen Harrison naked at the gym that one time, and he got a sense of how vulnerable Harrison must have felt. Harrison now was staring at James, but in a good way, like he saw James the same way that James saw Harrison.

James climbed into bed and slid off Harrison’s briefs, and grabbing his partial erection in his hand, which made Harrison moan. James actually felt nervous, like it was his first time all over again, as he knelt down and took Harrison’s cock in his mouth. James continued to suck Harrison as his cock grew fully hard. James pulled off and stroked it’s full 6 1/2 inches before taking it all in again.

“James, I’m close.” Harrison panted after a few more minutes.

James felt his own cock leak precum onto the bed as he sucked Harrison. James continued to tease the shaft of the cock with his tongue as he felt Harrison’s cock twitch. James felt Harrison shoot two huge loads before James pulled off. James felt nervous about the next part, but Harrison assured him it would be fine. He positioned himself between Harrison’s legs, and began lubing up his smooth hole.

Are you sure you’re ready?” James asked one more time.

“You aren’t going to break me James.” Harrison teased, then realized how nervous James was. “James, trust me, okay? If something doesn’t feel right, I promise to tell you, okay?”

“Okay.” James said, feeling a little more comfortable.

James bent down and softly kissed Harrison before he started. James grabbed his 7 inches cock, and teased Harrison’s hole before he began to slide it in. Harrison made a noise when the head went in, kaçak iddaa but he assured James is was a good noise. James continued to slide in, until he was all the way in. He slowly began to slide out, then in then out, repeating the motion, while picking up speed with each thrust. James began to pump even harder, and felt even more comfortable as he leaned down between Harrison’s legs, and kissed Harrison while he continued. After awhile, James realized he was close to cumming.

“I’m close Harrison.” James panted several times before he shot several loads into Harrison.

James colapsed next to Harrison, and held Harrison in his arms. James tenderly kissed Harrison as they layed together in his bed, and fit together like two puzzle pieces. James knew it was corny, but he felt like he hadn’t just had sex with Harrison, but made love with Harrison. He looked at his handsome man, who looked just as happy as James felt.

“Hey Harrison.” James started. “Why don’t you and Gordon come to whatever-giving at my sister’s house?”

“Friendsgiving.” Harrison laughed, then gave James a sincere look. “That sounds great, what time should we arrive?”

Two days later was Thanksgiving, and James was at Stella’s house helping her get ready. Stella was so happy when James agreed to help that it made all of the cooking worth it. Stella seemed happy that James was bringing Harrison, and James was happy about it too. He hadn’t cared about someone as much as he cared about Harrison, which was a little scary, but in a good way.

James said hi to Stella’s friends, two of which tried to hit on him until he had to tell them he was gay and seeing someone. Soon they all migrated into the livingroom, leaving James alone in the kitchen fixing dinner. Awhile later, James was excited to see Harrison show up, along with a guy who James assumed to be Gordon.

Gordon was tall and lanky, and stood roughly at 6’4, but it was hard to tell exactly how tall due to his crutches. He wore a knee brace, and James remembered how Harrison mentioned Gordon had hurt his knee the other night. He had dark curly brown hair, brown eyes, and scruff around his jawline. He was a handsome guy, which made James a little uncomfortable, since Gordon was probably around Harrison a lot. James wasn’t normally a jealous person, but he cared a lot about Harrison, and didn’t want things to be a repeat of his last relationship.

“Thank you for having us over Dr. Dawson.” Harrison told Stella as he handed her a bottle of wine. “This is my friend Gordon by the way.”

“Of course, and please, call me Stella.” Stella said, then turned to Gordon. “And it is nice to meet you Gordon.”

“You too.” Stella said, and James swore he saw her blush. “Please come sit down, get off that knee.”

James returned to the kitchen to finish working on the dinner. He could hear everyone laughing and talking in the livingroom, which actually sounded nice compared to his quiet studio apartment. He had been so focused on cooking and the sound of everyone having fun, that he didn’t hear Harrison roll into the kitchen.

“Hey handsome.” Harrison said as he stroked James’ back. “Looking mighty fine in that apron.”

“Thanks.” James said, then gave Harrison a quick kiss. “Why aren’t you out there with everyone else?”

“I thought you might be lonely in here all by yourself.” Harrison said, then started peeling the potatoes that James was getting ready to make. “Besides, I imagine this is a lot to do alone.”

“Thanks.” James smiled. “So what is the deal with Gordon?”

“Oh, his knee?” Harrison asked. “He took a header down the stairs at work.”

“Ouch.” James sympathized. “No, I meant, is he single?”

“Why, are you looking to upgrade?” Harrison teased. “He is straight and single, why?”

“Well, my sister is straight and single too.” James hinted.

“I already thought of that, and trust me, I guarantee that they will be a serious couple by Christmas.” Harrison joked.

“You think it will be that easy, huh?” James mocked. “I will have you know that Stella is one hard nut to crack.”

“Well, I guess when I do get those two together, you will just be even more impressed then.” Harrison winked before getting back to cooking.

James had Harrison tell everyone when the food was ready, and could see him talking to Gordon. He wondered if it was about Stella, until they got quiet as she walked by. James smiled, wondering if those two would be around next Thanksgiving. James really hoped they were.

Everyone pigged out during the dinner once it was ready, which made him happy. He could really see himself cooking for people every day if it made them so happy. After dinner, the desserts came out that Stella bought from an upscale bakery. James saw Harrison talking to Stella throughout dessert, but couldn’t quite make out what they were discussing. When everyone good and full, everyone slowly made their way to the door.

“Hey, I have to drive Gordon home, but I can meet you back at your place if you want.” Harrison offered as he was getting ready to go. Stella was talking kaçak bahis to Gordon out on the porch, which made James smile.

“No, I’m okay, I’m beat and bloated.” James said. “I’m probably going to crash here tonight, but I will call you tomorrow.”

“Sounds great, the calling part, not the bloated part.” Harrison agreed. “Hurry up and get her number so we can go Gordon!”

“Give me a minute!” Gordon shouted back, and turned back to Stella.

“Thanks for inviting us.” Harrison said as James walked him to the van. “I really had fun.”

“I had a good time too.” James said, and gave him a kiss.

“James?” Harrison started.

“Yeah?” James asked.

“Um, I know we have only been going out a couple weeks, and only a crazy person would mention it so soon, but-“

James could see where Harrison was going with that statement, and had a split second to decide if he felt the same way. He really liked Harrison, a lot actually. More than he thought he would like anyone. Still, James flashed back to his past relationship with Walden, where he had been cheated on and didn’t even know it until afterwards; he had rushed his feelings that time as well. Still, this time felt different to James.

“I love you too.” James interrupted.

Harrison gave James a confused look. James panicked. Had he read the situation wrong?

“I was just going to ask if you could house sit and watch Tyberius for me while I am out of town.” Harrison muttered. “I know it is a lot to ask, given we have only been going out for a few weeks.”

“Uh, sure.” James awkwardly agreed.

James stood their feeling awkward about what he said, until Harrison started laughing.

“I am sorry James, I was just messing with you.” Harrison laughed. “I love you.”

“Oh, you’re funny, aren’t you?” James said sarcastically as he started attacking Harrison with a barrage of kisses.

“Sorry to break this up, but I got what I wanted.” Gordon teased as he got into the van.

“So, you got her number?” Harrison asked as he rolled up into the van.

“Yeah, unlike you, I remembered to get it.” Gordon teased back.

“Cheap shot dude.” Harrison said replied, then turned to James. “Love you.”

“Love you too, and I’ll call you tomorrow.” James reminded Harrison before he drove off, then walked into the kitchen with Stella. “So, someone looks happier.”

“Shut up.” Stella joked, then explained her short conversation with Gordon.

“So a date on Saturday?” James commented. “I thought you were waiting until after the holidays.”

“Well, sometimes these things find you.” Stella wisely said, before digging in on leftovers.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” James said, noticed how much Stella liked the food, and remembered how everyone at dinner liked his food. “Remember how you offered to help me with schooling or training?”

“Yeah, why?” Stella asked with a mouthful of food.

“I think I know what I want to do.” James told her, which made them both smile.

They talked the rest of the night about anything and everything. They talked about James’ plans, Stella’s work, Harrison and Gordon. It was the first Thanksgiving James had enjoyed in such a long time. It actually made him kind of excited to see what Christmas had in store.


James Dawson felt nervous as his twin sister Stella took him down to apply for culinary school that began after the holidays. He was grateful when she offered to pay the tuition, as well as her offer to help by tasting his homework. James felt so nervous about starting up in January, but it was a good nervous, the same nervous he felt when his boyfriend Harrison Grant had asked him out, or when James worked up the courage to tell Harrison that he loved him. Now, he and Harrison had been together for almost two months and were still going strong. James hoped he had the same luck with school as he did with Harrison.

“Thank you for doing this Stella.” James thanked her again after getting James enrolled. “I really appriciate it.”

“Yes, I know.” Stella groaned, then gave James a smile. “You’ve told me a thousand times just walking back to the car.”

“And I will pay you back.” James continued, not paying his sister’s comment any attention.

“Well of course you will.” Stella agreed. “With free meals at the big fancy restaurant you are going to open when you become the best chef in the state.”

James appreciated his sister’s vote of confidence, even if her vision was a little grandiose. James knew he probably wasn’t going to open up some 5-star restaurant, but that was okay to him. He would be happy working in some local restaurant as long as his customers always enjoyed their meals. He was just excited to see what sort of possibilities awaited him in his future.

After signing him up for school next month, Stella and James drove back to his apartment. The town was bustling with shoppers getting ready for Christmas, which was two days away. James was looking forward to it, since he had made holiday plans with Harrison, who had nowhere to go either. Both of their families has pretty much written them off after coming out, but unlike James’ amazing sister Stella, none of Harrison’s siblings had stuck by his side, even though Harrison had played a big hand in raising them.

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