A Loving Family Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at erotica and my first story that I have written since I was at school so I would appreciate any feedback, help or advice. All characters are over 18 and this is pure fiction.

Translations: This story is set in the UK so football is soccer, joggers are what we call sweatpants and a vest is a wife beater.

EDITS: After some feedback from readers I have corrected some spelling and plot points that needed tightening. Thank you so much for the comments.

Chapter 1 – A Surprising Offer

‘She’ll be over about 4ish babe, just going to sort out some outfits for their holiday’

‘OK, I’m still working until 5 so don’t get too loud’ I knew how they got when Katrina and her sister Becky are together. Non-stop chat and laughter, its great how close they are but they make a racket.

My name is Tony. I’m an average guy about 5’11, 80 kg (175lbs), with an average job in finance. I have dark curly hair and a short beard, I used to be a pretty boy when I was younger and I’d like to think I’m still decent looking now. This story is about how my average life turned into something that is now, above average to say the least.

My wife of 4 years is something in my life that is definitely not average, Katrina is amazing. We have been together since we were 15, I’m now 30 and Katrina is 29. Our passion for each other is as hot and intense as it was when we first became sexually active. Sex is frequent, spontaneous and natural. We are very open about what we like and want when it comes to sex, we have slow, romantic lovemaking and we have rough, dirty fucking too. She will even try the weird stuff as well, for example, I have always wanted to have my prostate milked and she started to learn the technique for me. Our three-year marriage is happy and fulfilled.

My sister in law Becky was planning a holiday with her husband Kevin and had a load of new outfits she wanted to show Katrina before she packed. My guess was bikinis and eveningwear. They got married a year after us, both are 27, and similar to us have been together since they were 17. I’ve known Becky since she was a scruffy 12-year-old but only properly got to know Kevin about 5 years ago. We hit it off straight away, a genuinely top guy; he really looks after Becky and gets on well with Katrina too. The four of us go for meals, trips and days out all the time.

‘Hi Tony!’ Becky bounced into my office, she always had a ridiculous amount of energy, I turned back from my computer and she hugged me, she smelt good.

‘Hi Bek, you excited about your trip, next week right?’

‘Yeahhhh, cant wait, just need to do a fashion show for your wife’ She lifted two huge bags of clothes

‘OK have fun I’ll be done soon, you staying for dinner? What about Kev?’

‘Yeah I’m staying, Kev is out with his mates tonight’ She danced out the room after hearing Katrina calling her.

‘Have fun!’ I shouted

The cackling was incessant; I could hear cupboards open and close, clothes and insults being thrown around and more giggling. Then it went strangely quiet.

‘You gonna finish working now?’ Katrina yelled

‘Erm…’ I glanced my watch, 4.45, ‘Fuck it, its Friday I’m done’ I logged out and tidied my desk.

With the pandemic, working from home has been something that I really enjoyed. I saved 2 hours a day travelling, loads of money on travel and I was able to exercise more than before which meant I was getting in much better shape. One thing that I made sure I did religiously was to take a 10-minute walk after I finished to ‘leave work’ and then relax.

‘I’ll be back in 10 babe, going for a walk’

‘Ok, see you in a bit’ was Katrina’s delayed response.

As I walked around the block, I thought about the holidays we had been on as a couple, Katrina would tell you otherwise but she looked great in bikinis. She is a size 10 (UK) and about 5’6, 60kg (130 lbs) and has small boobs, B cups, that she hates. I love her little boobs and her big brown nipples; she has a big juicy butt, thick thighs, a small waist and little pouch about her belly. She doesn’t like her pear shape but I obsess over it, coupled with her olive skin and dark hair, she is my goddess.

The best way to describe her naturally curly hair is big, she straightens it a lot but when she has her locks falling down to her shoulders, I love it. Katrina’s face is pretty; she has soft features and kind eyes. She has big juicy lips she got from her mom and a beautiful smile. Her ass is my addiction though, any chance I get I will bury my nose in it, lick any part I can and feast on it. Maybe once Becky leaves we can have an early night I thought.

I got back in and Katrina was in the kitchen getting a drink. ‘Becky upstairs still?’

‘Yeah, listen I need to tell you something’ Katrina lowered her voice and all seemed serious ‘Do you know why they are taking this holiday?’

‘Just a break I thought, being able to travel again after the pandemic?’ Obviously it wasn’t just that Bakırköy Escort and I was worried now. ‘Why, what’s going on?’

‘Its Bek and Kev, as a married couple they’re great, happy, planning a family, they’ve just bought the new house. It’s the sex’.

‘Look, this isn’t my business’ I pleaded.

‘All I’m saying is they are going away to get some spark back, Kev’s sex drive has completely gone and he has a problem with cumming early and they want to try and spice things up by going away, trying new outfits, new location, that kind of thing’

‘OK I get it but I don’t need to know, its their business and then between you two sisters, not mine’ I always had a problem with their over sharing, Kevin did too to be honest. They talk about everything and I had to make a point when we first got married that if Katrina is telling me so much information, what was going the other way?

‘The thing is, she need some help.’ A slight grin appeared on her face, my stomach dropped and I felt a slight twinge in my joggers ‘Can you give a guys point of view on a couple of outfits please?’

Now I am a guy, I see a female and the instinct in me is to look at her as a potential mate, we all do it and if you deny this you are a liar. I have known Becky since she was a kid, seen her as a teenager, a young woman and now a married wife. She is pretty, smart and so caring. I have had thoughts creep into my mind about her before but nothing ‘real’, nothing that I would call a proper fantasy. She’s not really sexy like Katrina, she doesn’t like to dress up often, doesn’t wear anything revealing or even have a sensual or cheeky side. I had never thought of her in this way before.

‘Do I have to do this? It’s a bit weird, I feel bad ogling Kev’s wife, and your sister!’

‘It’s fine, I’m giving you permission, and this is to help them. Bek needs it and just wanted me to ask so it isn’t more awkward for her. And you love lingerie and bikinis, you know you have a thing for them, it will be fun.’ Another twinge.

It made me feel better that Katrina was ok with it. I was helping Becky and Kev, I justified to myself, and I wouldn’t not enjoy it.

‘Fine’ I said. Twinge.

I walked into our bedroom; it was empty and surprisingly tidy. ‘She’s in the other room, she will put the outfits on in there and walk in here to show you’ Becky popped her head around the door.

‘Thanks for doing this Tony, I really appreciate it’ Her tone was serious but her eyes were playful.

I heard her take a deep breath and she walked in. I had seen Becky in bathing suits and dresses before but I had never looked at her in them. Today I was looking and she looked great. If Katrina is pear shaped with a small top and wide hips I would say Becky is sort of the opposite but petite. She is shorter than my wife, about 5’4 and 50kg (110 lbs), her stomach is flatter and she has a smaller ass but it has a nice little curve and is peachy. She doesn’t have the thick thighs or curvy hips of Katrina either. The big difference is her boobs; they are a full C cup and even though she is only a cup bigger than Katrina they looked huge on her small frame.

She’s generally not the physical build of a woman I would go for but she still has beautiful full lips like her mom and dark hair like my wife. Becky has skin a little duskier though and naturally straight hair with a little wave in it, now it was tied up in a messy bun.

She wore a black triangle bikini top and her nipples were just about covered. The panties were low rise and I could just make out the top of her bush, she will probably trim or wax before the holiday I thought. I gawped at her and she didn’t know where to put her hands, she fidgeted with them by her side, she cupped them in front of her and then put them on her hips, she was blushing.

‘Well let him see the back!’ encouraged Katrina.

Becky turned and the back was a small triangle thong at the top of her ass crack. If she could see my eyes now she would really blush. I have a huge kink for underwear. It started when I was a teenager, this is a story in itself, and I still have it bad now. I buy Katrina thongs, strings and sexy sets all the time to the point she had to tell me to stop. I have accidentally seen Becky’s panties ride up if she bent over or if she had tight leggings on. I’ve seen her tiny size 6 (UK) thongs drying on the line and I always get a twinge, I just love sexy women’s lingerie.

This was different however, thongs are sexy but triangle thongs and strings are sluttier. I hadn’t pictured Becky wearing things like this and it made me see her in a new light.

‘What do you think?’ asked Katrina.

‘I love it Bek, I’d never guess you’d wear stuff like this. Honestly, you look so hot.’

She smiled and it relaxed her. She scurried out and into the other room to try on the next outfit. Katrina could tell I was enjoying this and I was excited to see the next one.

She Başakşehir Escort came back in with a bright red one piece, I would call it Baywatch style but with half of the material. Becky was a lot more confident and looked straight at me as she walked in. She turned and looked back at me, the back was a thong, and from the neck down there was a huge gap with some string crisscrossing down to the bottom of the ‘v’. She showed the front and it had a deep neckline that showed her beautiful brown tits pushed together.

‘She bought this in a smaller size so her boobs push out more’ Katrina explained.

Becky strutted out the door and I gave Katrina a thumbs up before she strode back in, this time she had on a pair of high wedge heels. Becky normally hates wearing heels, she always prefers to wear small ones and gets an earful from Kevin because he has a thing for heels. He always comments on how good Katrina looks when she wears them, and she does. Becky on the other hand would wear flats all the time if she could.

It wasn’t the heels that were the best part of the outfit however, Becky had on a slingshot bikini. The strings came over her shoulders and barely widened at the nipple, you could easily see her dark areolas either side of the electric blue fabric. I noted her nipples looked darker and smaller than Katrina’s, like two Hershey’s kisses. The two strings met at her groin and again, barely widened enough to cover her mound; I could clearly see her bush now. She turned and the back was just a single string that went between her peachy cheeks, split half way up her back and then went over her shoulders to the front.

I was speechless. My wife loves wearing sexy underwear, for herself as much as me, but she always says she would never wear the slingshot. I think its because she’s conscious of her small boobs. Becky’s looked unreal, the bright blue against her brown skin, the bit of hair I saw on her crotch and she had now untied her hair so her wavy locks fell either side of her face. I started to grow in my joggers.

I suddenly remembered that my wife was there and looked across at her, she was smiling and didn’t seem bothered. Becky gave a final twirl, said thank you and gave me a little peck on the cheek. She left the room to get changed.

‘Wow’ I puffed out my cheeks, I looked over at Katrina, I didn’t have much else to add.

‘Enjoy that did you?’ she teased.

‘Yeah, did not expect it and well…’ I looked at my crotch ‘sorry I can’t help it’.

‘Oh its ok’ she stalked over to me and grabbed my erection ‘ I wanna play with it, it was so sexy watching you get hard over her’.

I was taken aback. My wife, who is not a prude but hates any notion of me even thinking about another woman, is turned on by the fact that I just watched her sister put on half a strip tease for me.

‘I need it, c’mon just a bit, it will take her ages to tidy all of her clothes’ she pulled down my joggers and pulled out my throbbing 6′ cock, like I said I am an average guy. I was ready and standing to attention. Katrina licked the shaft, spat on the tip and put her whole mouth around my cock. She bobbed her head and worked my balls. I was in heaven.

I had flashes of Becky in my mind as my wife’s beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. I leaned back on my arms and breathed, I glanced at where the door to make sure the coast was clear and I saw an eye look at me, Becky. What would Katrina think about this, she doesn’t really like me being naked around my mates let alone her sister? I pretended I didn’t see and held Katrina’s hair up. I thought why not try and put on a show. I flexed my body, its nothing special but I tried to look sexy, I was breathing heavier and talking more ‘yeah baby, suck it….uh I love it you’re so bad. Fuck, your lips…spit on me’ She pulled me out her mouth and used her hands and made eye contact with me.

‘Is she there?’ Katrina grinned. I did not expect that. ‘Come in Bek!’ She called, and she never broke eye contact with me. The door opened and Becky entered, naked, the only thing she had on was a devilish grin.

‘I couldn’t help watching, you two are so hot together’ she perched on the other side of the bed and lifted her legs; she stroked herself while Katrina carried on sucking me. I half turned and she smiled while she rubbed her clit, occasionally watching her sister devour my cock. Becky started to lie across the bed and brought her face close to my shoulder, she looked at my cock hungrily.

Katrina stood up and lifted her vest over her head her little boobs. She wriggled out of her joggers and had on a tiny orange G-string, ripped it off, grabbed my wet cock and slid it right into her pussy. All three of us gasped. What was happening, we were fucking right in front of Becky. Katrina rode me slowly grinding into my crotch, she ran her fingers through her hair and scratched my chest, she was really enjoying this. All the while Becky Bebek Escort rubbed and fingered herself gently.

‘Sit up’ Katrina commanded. She grabbed my hands and put them to her perky breasts, I rubbed spit on her big chocolate nipples ‘please, I’m gonna cum’. Katrina loves it when I sit up and she grinds into me, she cums hard like that. I sat with my back to the foot of the bed with Katrina straddling me on her knees; I could see Becky over her shoulder lying on the pillows strumming herself. Katrina rode me, she was leaking all over me I could hear it. Her body slapped against mine with a rhythmic wet squelch. Within a few minutes she came hard and was panting heavily.

Katrina lay on her back and looked at her sister. Becky lifted her eyebrows and Katrina nodded. Becky came to the middle of the bed and bent over in front of me, now I lifted my eyebrows and looked at Katrina, she nodded again. Was this a test? I grabbed my cock, lifted it towards Becky’s pussy, I stopped, looked at Katrina and she smiled, I rubbed it on Becky’s lips and slid the tip in, Katrina was still smiling as I inserted my full length and Becky gasped. She was soaking. Her pussy felt good, different to my wife’s but nice and snug. I began pumping her, gently to start off as I didn’t know what she liked, steadily I got faster and harder. She loved it, her head was down and her hand was furiously rubbing her clit, god Becky was a slut!

I start to grab and slap her perky little ass, I spat on my thumb and rimmed her asshole, ran my hands up her back and lightly scratched down, I reached over and played with her heavy tits. Then she came hard on me, ‘Fuck Tony yes! Yes give it to me! She clawed at the bed sheets and bit the covers, she left spit all over them, her voice is higher than Katrina’s and her orgasm scream was shriller too. She settled down and panting, I was still pumping slowly and could feel my orgasm, ‘I’m going to cum soon’.

‘Not in me’ she said breathlessly as she looked back through her sweat-covered hair.

‘Its not going back in me either hun’ said Katrina.

‘Asses?’ I said clumsily, the words tumbled out of my mouth, they both nodded. My wife and her sister lay on my bed, four glorious cheeks beamed at me covered in sweat and love juices, I stood on Katrina’s side of the bed and rubbed, a few strokes in and I was ready.

‘Here it comes’ I pointed my head down. My first shot on Katrina’s cheeks and the splash went on Becky. My second aimed for Becky and soaked both her cheeks; my third was weaker and went on both sisters, as I stroked more they got weaker with my last two squirts I dribbled over my wife. Becky stared at my cum hungrily, I looked at these two beauties as I caught my breath.

* * *

‘What have we done?’ I was lying there looking at the ceiling, this was unreal. ‘What have we done?’ I repeated.

‘We have some explaining to do’ Katrina sat up, Becky followed.

‘While you were working, Becky filled me on the situation with her and Kev and we talked about our sex life for comparison’ I hate it when she over shares with her sister. Katrina saw the look on my face and quickly added ‘I only told her about how long you last, how we don’t have marathon sex like we used to but we have a good length, I don’t get sore any more and you don’t tire yourself out.’

OK that wasn’t too bad, it fitted the situation and made me look decent in bed. That was my worry, Katrina sharing things that embarrass me.

‘I told her that we try so many different things, have sex ad different times of the day in different places and how much we communicate when it comes to sex. I suggested if she watched us have sex she can take a few tips for her and Kev.’

‘I needed some real passion’ Becky added, ‘when we do have sex it’s over so quickly and I’m sick of masturbating to porn. Kat said that you don’t really mind trying new things like putting on a show, and which guy doesn’t want a threesome?!’

‘Me joining in was not going to happen for sure, Kat said to see how it goes and if I want to then I could’ I could tell Becky felt bad about how I was feeling. ‘Honestly Tony, it wasn’t, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve not had an orgasm from sex in ages and Kev has given me the go ahead to try new things to spice up sex.’

‘So he suggested you come and fuck me?’ Somehow I couldn’t believe he would OK that.

‘Not exactly’ Becky shifted uncomfortably. ‘He said I can try new things to try and reach orgasm but he didn’t specify what I couldn’t try.’

I couldn’t believe this. ‘So you fucked me on a technicality because he didn’t say you couldn’t?’ Becky nodded and looked away ashamed, Kat put her hand on her leg.

Now I felt bad, I could see in her eyes that she was being genuine and I can’t imagine what it is like to have a partner who doesn’t want to be intimate with you and then when he does it isn’t pleasurable. I saw her as Katrina’s little sister again, not the horny sex animal I ravaged 10 minutes ago.

‘Have you tried things with Kev already? If you don’t mind me asking?’

She looked back at me and nodded ‘yeah so this holiday and the outfits are to spark his libido again, I have tried to go for round two after he cums but he cant get hard again. I edge him with my hands and mouth but as soon as I start to fuck him he cums within a few strokes.’

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