A Maid in the Making


Mother had always been a work-a-holic. She traveled a minimum of 3 weeks each month and would often leave for 2 or more weeks straight. The day before I began my freshman year at a local community college, she left to open an office for her company on the opposite side of the planet. It was St. Patrick’s Day before I saw her again. She left again a few weeks later and didn’t return until May.

When she was at home, she wasn’t. She worked a minimum of 12 hours each day. She never took a day off, not a weekend or a holiday. On those rare occasions when she was at home while I was awake, she locked herself into her office and kept on working. I remember listening to her talk on the phone for hours, wishing she would talk to me for a fraction of that time.

Our home was impressive. It was far too big for the two of us. But mother had to keep up appearances with her peers. We lived in an upscale neighborhood where people tended to mind their own business and privacy was of paramount importance. The houses were spaced well apart and no two windows of adjacent homes faced each other. When left alone in the house for any period of time, it became very lonely and made me feel quite isolated.

The savior from my loneliness was our housekeeper, Adella, a full-figured Hispanic woman, who was older than my mother by several years. She stopped by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to tidy up the house. Adella always wore a crisp white apron over a gray or black dress with comfortable white shoes. Her long black hair was usually pulled up into a tight bun.

She was a sturdy, stout woman. Strong enough to move furniture that I couldn’t even budge. But she was kind, affectionate and sympathetic to my loneliness. She spoke to me as if I were her own child. She has always called me Chica. It was years before I learned it translated to little girl. Even now, I don’t find that offensive at all.

Some might say it could have been due to my absent mother, or perhaps my lack of friends, but I wound up anxiously waiting for Adella to arrive. And once there, I would follow her around like a puppy. Eventually, Adella began giving me chores to help with the cleaning. She taught me how to properly and thoroughly clean rooms. It eventually got to the point where I would do the cleaning and Adella would move from room to room with me, making sure I did a good job, correcting me if it was unsatisfactory.

When I finally was able to clean my entire house without making a single mistake, Adella presented me with my very own apron and told me that it was official, I was a housekeeper just like her! Hearing her praise made me so proud of what I’d accomplished. It was an old-fashioned pinafore style with wide ruffled shoulder straps and hem. It was stiffly starched and bright white. The shoulder straps would cross my back holding the upper part of the apron against my chest. The wide strap that would loop around my narrow waist, would be tied in a giant bow at my lower back. The apron and its ruffled edging would extend to mid-thigh.

I was extremely excited and when I went to put it on, Adella stopped me. She said the apron should only be worn over a dress. And since I didn’t have a dress, I would have to wear nothing at all. It only took a little coaxing, by this time Adella and I had become the best of friends. She helped me undress and was the second person to see me completely naked. She adored my fine, light blonde body hair and my ‘pene petite’ which she translated to ‘petite penis’. I stood before her naked and blushing while she fussed with the apron for much longer than necessary. She eventually hung the apron on my body and tied the waist strap in a big bow on my back. Before leaving that afternoon, Adella gently kissed my lips and whispered, something in Spanish. I asked what she said, she kissed my lips again and said that she wished I were her daughter. I blushed deeply, threw my arms up and around her neck and said, “I love you, Adella.”

From then on, I would greet Adella with a kiss wearing only my housekeeping uniform. It was a thrill to open the door for her wearing only my crisp white apron. It never failed to make my petite penis throb with excitement. We would always embrace with our bunny-kiss. And feeling her warm hands on my bare back and bottom added to my sexual tension. I was desperate for her company and at the same time, ached for a moment alone so I could relieve my arousal.

Once our hug and kiss had ended, I got right to work. She followed me from room to room, supervising and inspecting my work. She had a habit of leaning over my shoulder to check on my progress. While doing this, she would always lay her open palm on my bare bottom. She would hold a cheek in her hand while whispering in my ear, giving me hints on how to better clean whatever it was I happened to be cleaning. She never missed an opportunity to brush the back of her hand against bump my stiff penis made either! And at least once a day, she would flip up my apron so she could see my petite penis in all its glory.

The first time bahis şirketleri she sent me out to her car to retrieve a cleaning product, I was as nervous as cat! I ran to her car while trying to keep my bottom hidden, got what she’d sent me for and then raced back inside. After making to trip to her car a dozen or so times and never seeing anyone or even a car drive by, I became much more relaxed about stepping outside in my apron.

For several weeks, we followed this routine. Those three days each week were easily the highlight of my life. I truly loved her company and the way she teased my inexperienced body. It was at this point I realized I was a tease! I found myself bending at the waist with my bottom poked out toward her. I often dried my hands on my apron, always lifting well above my little penis so she would have a clear view of it. Most daringly, I even began to remove my apron immediately after my work was finished. Giving her a goodbye hug and kiss while completely naked was a new thrill for both of us.

It was the third time I stood just inside my front door, naked and in Adella’s arms, giving her a goodbye hug that she changed my life forever. She whispered in my ear that I did a very good job that day. She told me that cleaning my own house was one thing, but cleaning someone else’s house was entirely different. Adella suggested I try cleaning her house, to test my cleaning skills.

Of course, I loved the idea and cherished every moment I spent with her. I eagerly accepted as I squirmed against her soft body while teasingly asking how she planned on paying me for becoming her housekeeper. One of her hands rested on my bottom and I felt a finger snake between my cheeks until the pad of that finger touched my wrinkled hole! I squeaked and jumped, I’d never felt anything so electric before. That erotic surge rushed from my bottom to my brain and right back to my little penis! At that same moment, she’d dropped her free hand until its first finger and thumb had looped around my stiff and leaking penis. She turned me sideways, so my penis wasn’t pointing right at her and began slowly stroking up and down. She licked my ear and whispered that she was sure she could find a way to reward me.

It took far less than a minute for my body to explode in a massive orgasm. My eyes squeezed tightly shut and I felt every single muscle in my body go completely taut! I convulsed hard! My little balls pulled in close and my juices erupted from my penis like a bottle rocket. Spurts of my creamy love shot several feet across the entryway floor. I spasmed violently and nearly fell. Adella kept rubbing and squeezing until the final dollop fell from my penis and landed near my bare feet.

Kissing my cheek while still holding my wilting penis in her hand, she told me she’d be by the next morning at 9:00 am sharp to pick me up. I was to be wearing a clean and freshly pressed apron, nothing else. She kissed my cheek again and told me to clean up the mess I’d made. She then turned, opened the front door to my home and walked to her car, leaving my door wide open.

On rubbery legs, I moved to the doorway and watched her get in her car. I stepped out into the sunshine in my bare skin and waved to her as she followed the driveway and disappeared down the street.

As promised, the next morning, Adella pulled into my driveway at 9:00 am on the dot. I had been up for hours! The previous night I’d put my apron in the wash. That morning I applied a liberal amount of starch while pressing it. I then tidied up my house, I’d become a little OCD about having a clean home lately. After a long bath where I nearly scrubbed myself raw with a loofa, I slipped on my apron and waited at the front door for Adella to arrive.

At a few minutes until nine, I stepped outside and checked to be sure the emergency key was in its hiding place before closing the door. Locked outside, I became nervous rather quickly waiting for Adella to arrive. Mustering all my courage, I moved to stand in the middle of my driveway. Standing there, in only my pristine white apron, I shivered with the idea of how she’d feel seeing me outside like this.

A sense of relief washed over me when I saw her car appear down the street. I was never so excited to see anyone before. And when she pulled up close to where I stood, I smiled and flipped up the front of my apron to flash her my stiff penis! I was tempted to completely remove my apron right there in my driveway. But before I could, Adella wagged her finger at me, indicating that I needed to join her. While I tip-toed across my driveway toward her car, I kept my apron lifted high.

After sliding into the passenger’s seat of her car, Adella leaned over and kissed me. She was wearing a pretty, white peasant dress with intricate embroidery looped around the skirt. The upper part of the dress seemed to emphasize her massive breasts which immediately grabbed my attention. I’d never seen her dressed casually before, and I really, really liked seeing her like that.

She gently patted my very excited bahis firmaları penis over my apron with her open palm. I bit my lip and squirmed as I recalled the manner in which she’d touched me the previous day. She told me I needed to calm down. There was work to do and I wouldn’t be getting ‘paid’ until her house was spotless. I whimpered softly as she pulled away from my home.

Looking down at myself, I knew anyone passing would see a somewhat feminine looking boy wearing an extremely feminine apron. Thankfully even trucks passing wouldn’t see more than my bare knees. My apron kept most of my body hidden from view. But as I rode with Adella across town I quickly became concerned. She was taking me to a part of town my mother had told me never to venture into. My mother said it was dangerous. I mentioned this to Adella and she only smiled and told me she wouldn’t let any harm come to me. That calmed me down somewhat, but I still had a knot in my stomach.

Adella eventually drove into a neighborhood that looked a little better than the areas we’d just passed through. We didn’t speak until we’d pulled in front of her home. It was a single-story, rectangular home. It was set just a short distance off the street and had a well-kept lawn that appeared freshly mown. Her house appeared to be in reasonably good shape when compared to a few of her neighbors.

I sat in her car in my perfect, little, white apron and had never felt so out of place before. There were a few men and women in their yards and on the street, some of whom I was sure would see me when I made the dash to Adella’s front door. Of these people, I was by far the palest and most petite. The knot in my stomach had grown much worse.

I was just about to ask Adella to please take me home when she opened her door and walked around the car. Luckily, she’d parked with the passenger’s side of the car closest to her house. When she opened my door for me, I quickly looked up and down the street. Seeing those same people in plain view of the car and Adella’s home, I was panicking and my body quickly became covered with a thin layer of perspiration. Biting my lip, I took her hand when she offered it to me.

Stepping out of her car and onto the sidewalk was an indescribable experience. I stood there in the mid-morning sunlight with my entire backside bare to the world! I’d exposed myself to Adella on numerous occasions. But standing in front of her house with all those people around made me feel completely bare. Still grasping onto her hand, she led me to her front door. I stood on the front step trying to hide my bare bottom while she took her time unlocking the door. I was too afraid to look around and see if anyone was staring. But I know we had an audience for that short period of time.

It wasn’t until we’d stepped in her home and the door was closed that I realized how much my penis had enjoyed those few moments. It was completely rigid and leaking its excitement! I squirmed where I stood, which made the delicate head of my penis drag against the starched material of my apron. This wasn’t a new feeling, I’d often experienced this while cleaning with Adella. And that dangerously erotic feeling always made my toes curl.

Adella released my hand, crossed the living room and sat down on a comfortable looking chair. She pointed to an unknown area of her home and told me the cleaning supplies were in the laundry room down the hall. After she’d reclined back in her chair, I bit my lower lip, lowered my chin and made my way to the pantry.

The laundry-room was easy to find. But it wasn’t much of a room. Two doors opened to expose the washer and dryer that consumed all but a little of the available space. There were shelves above the appliances where she kept her cleaning supplies. The vacuum, broom, dustpan, mop, and bucket stood in the back corner. I quickly became acquainted with what she had available and went right to work.

Her house was a very small two-bedroom home. Both bedrooms were equipped with beds, but one seemed to be a guest room. I began with the guest room, I stripped the bed and put the bedcoverings in the washer. I thoroughly dusted all surfaces and polished all of the wood. I then vacuumed the room the best I could without moving the bed. The last thing I did was further organize the closet. There were a few things that seemed out of place. As I finished, I heard the washing machine chime and shifted the bedcoverings to the dryer.

From there I moved to Adella’s bedroom. I repeated the same process I’d performed in the guest room. Although I paused when I found Adella’s nightgown folded neatly under her pillow. Holding such a personal item in my hands was incredibly arousing. I couldn’t stop myself from lifting the delicate gown to my nose and smelling her lovely scent. Before I got too carried away, I placed the nightgown in her clothes basket I found in her closet. After stripping her bed, I sorted out the dirty clothes from the basket. I had three piles, in addition to the sheets, one of which were her delicates that needed kaçak bahis siteleri hand washing.

I began rotating the laundry through the washer and dryer as each load finished. While it did its work, I got back to my job. Her bedroom took longer than the guest room, due to her room being used on a daily basis. But it was soon finished and I eagerly undertook the task of handwashing her intimates. I filled the bathroom sink with warm water, added two capfuls of the Woolite I’d found with the other detergents, and lovingly washed her immense panties, sturdy bras with cups big enough to contain cantaloupes, well-worn stockings, and nightgown. Just holding those items was enough to my petite penis throb and ache for attention.

I rinsed each piece of clothing thoroughly before wringing them out and placing them in a spare basket. I tiptoed into the living room to find Adella with a cup of coffee, watching a Spanish program on TV. She didn’t notice me enter the room, so I crossed the room and plopped down across her lap. Giggling, with my arms around her neck, I asked where she hung her clothes to dry. She kissed my cheek and told me there was a clothesline in the backyard. Hopping back up off her lap, I paused to ask if she needed a refill of coffee. She had a strange look about her after I’d asked that question. I was worried I’d offended her.

She stood up and took me in her arms. She hugged me against her big, soft body and told me I was a very special Chica. She had never had anyone clean her home before and never dreamed I would treat her so kindly. I snuggled into her embrace and told her she was very special too and that I was lucky to know her. I thought she was crying for a moment, but she promised she wasn’t. The next thing I knew, she’d taken hold of my apron straps and was slowly untying it. I giggled and tried to pull away from her. I told her I still had work to do. She told me the cleaning could wait and at that moment, she wanted to make me feel like a princesa.

She made quick work of my apron and it was soon neatly resting over the back of her chair. She laid her hands on my naked hips and guided me down the hall toward her bedroom. I tried to tell her again I wasn’t finished cleaning, but she would have none of it. When we entered her room and found her bed stripped to the mattress, she leaned in close, kissed my neck and told me I really was a thorough housekeeper. She said we’d have to find somewhere else to play.

She left me to open her top dresser drawer. She pulled out a bright-white, high-rise panty with massive bands of lace around the openings. Taking my hand once again, she led me back to the living room. After clearing the few things off of her coffee table, she asked me to lay down on it. I did exactly as I was told. She sat on the couch beside the table. Taking the smooth, nylon panties in her hand, she wrapped them around my rigid penis.

She held my throbbing penis firmly. She didn’t stroke or rub me. She simply held me in her panties. In a soft whisper, she said she’d been fantasizing about taking me to have my hair and make-up done in her niece’s salon. She imagined me dressed in the sexiest of lingerie and wearing an elegant, quinceanera gown. She began slowly stroking up and down while continuing with her fantasy. She imagined me walking into a hall filled with everyone from her neighborhood. No one would speak a word of English, which would mean I’d have no clue what anyone was saying. For my special waltz, I would dance alone in the spotlight, in front of everyone. While I danced, I would slowly remove my gown until I danced in only my little panties and heels. Hundreds of people would watch me dance and they would all be filled with lust. Everyone would long to have me for their own. But that night, the night of my very special quinceanera, Adella and I would make love and fall sleep in each other’s arms.

I laid on that table, unable to breathe, unable to move. My whole body was tense and I was on the verge of squirting into Adella’s panties. She leaned down close and kissed my lips. She asked, “So Chica, would you like to have your very own sissy quinceanera?”

My back arched deeply and I squealed in an unusually high pitch. My little penis throbbed once, twice and then spurted out a big glob of my pearly white cream. She squeezed me tightly in her panties and pulled up and down while kissing my eyelids. My hips bucked up off the table when my penis spurted again. She whispered sweet things to me while kissing my lips, nose, and cheeks.

Adella soon sat up and used her panties to mop up of the pools of my pearly white cum that had seeped through that delicate garment. She helped me onto my feet, handed me the cummy panties and sent me off to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I got right back to work.

The first thing I did was handwash the panties I’d just used. Adding them to the pile, I picked up the basket and made my way to the living room. When I arrived, I saw Adella sitting in her chair and my apron had disappeared! I asked her about it and she told me she preferred me running around her home naked! I giggled and squirmed and explained I needed to hang up the wash. That I had to go outside. She looked me right in the eye and said she wasn’t stopping me, just go and do it.

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