A man and his maid : Part 17

Blue Hair

A man and his maid : Part 17Chapter VIA few days later I received a note from Mrs. Blunt saying that Alice was staying with her and she would be delighted if I would dine there with them quite quietly. I naturally accepted the invitation.I was somewhat of a stranger to Mrs. Blunt. I had met her more than once and admired her radiant beauty, but no more. Now that there was more than a possibility that she might have to submit herself to me, I studied her closely.She was more voluptuously made than I had fancied and was a simply glorious specimen of a woman, but she was something of a doll, rather shallow and weak-willed, and I saw with satisfaction that I would not have much trouble in terrorizing her and forcing her to comply with my desires.During the evening Alice brought up the subject of my rooms and their oddity and made Mrs. Blunt so interested that I was able naturally to suggest a visit and a lunch there—which was accepted for the following day, an arrangement that made Alice glance at me with secret exultation and delighted anticipation.In due course my guests arrived, and after a dainty lunch which drew from Mrs. Blunt many compliments, we found ourselves in the Snuggery. The girls at once commenced to examine everything, Alice taking on herself the role of showman while I, in my capacity of host, did the honours. I could see that Fanny was at her post of observation—and now awaited, with some impatience, the critical moment.In due course Mrs. Blunt and Alice finished their tour of inspection and made as if they would rest for a while.”What comfortable chairs you men always manage to get about you,” remarked Mrs. Blunt as she somewhat critically glanced at my furniture.”You bachelors do study your creature comforts—and so remain bachelors!” she added somewhat significantly, as she was among our deluded friends who planned a match between Alice and me.”Quite true!” I replied with a polite smile, “so long as I can by hook or by crook get in these rooms what I want, they will be good enough for me, especially when I am permitted to enjoy the visits of such angels!””That’s a very pretty compliment, isn’t it Alice?” exclaimed Mrs. Blunt as she moved towards the Chair of Treachery which stood invitingly close, then gracefully sank into it.Click! The arms folded on her. “Oh!” she ejaculated as she endeavored to press them back.”What’s the matter, Connie?” asked Alice, quickly hurrying to her friend, but in a flash I was onto her and had tightly gripped her. “Oh!” she screamed in admirably feinted fright, struggling naturally. I picked her up and, carrying her to the pulleys, made them fast to her wrists and fixed her upright with hands drawn well over her head, to Mrs. Blunt’s horror! As I approached her. she shrieked, “Help … help!” pressing desperately against the locked arms and striving to get loose.”It’s no use, Mrs. Blunt!” I said quietly as I commenced to wheel the chair towards the second pair of pulleys. “You’re in my power! You’d better yield quietly!”Seizing her wrists one at a time, I quickly made the ropes fast to them, set the machinery going and, just as she was being lifted off her seat, I released the arms and drew the chair away, forcing her to stand up. In a very few seconds she was drawn up to her full height, facing Alice, both girls panting and gasping after their struggle! “There, ladies,” I exclaimed, as if well pleased with my performance, “now you’ll appreciate the utility of this room!””Oh! Mr. Jack!” cried Mrs. Blunt in evident relief, “how you did frighten me. I was sure that something dreadful was going to happen!” With a poor attempt to be sprightly she continued, “I quite made up my mind that Alice and I were going to be…” she broke off with a silky, self-conscious giggle.”I gladly accept the suggestion you have so kindly made, dear lady,” I said with a smile of gratitude, “and I will do you and Alice presently!” She started, horrified, stared aghast at me as if she could not believe her ears. She seemed to be dumb with shocked surprise, and went deadly pale. I was afraid to glance at Alice lest I should catch her eye and betray her.With an effort, Mrs. Blunt stammered brokenly, “Do you mean to say … that Alice and I … are going to be … to be…” She stopped abruptly, unable to express in words her awful apprehension.”Fucked is the word you want, I think, dear Mrs. Blunt!” I said with a smile.”Yes, dear ladies, as you are so very kind, I shall have much pleasure in fucking you both presently!”She quivered as if she had been struck, then screamed hysterically, “No, no! I-I won’t! Help! Help! … Help!”I turned quietly to Alice (who I could see was keenly enjoying the trap into which Mrs. Blunt had fallen) and said to her, “Are you going to be foolish and resist, Alice?”She paused for a long moment, then said in a voice that admirably counterfeited intense emotion, “I feel that resistance will be of no avail, but I’m not going to submit to you tamely. You will have to … force me!””Me also!” cried Mrs. Blunt, hysterically.”As you please!” I said equably. “I’ve long wanted a good opportunity of testing the working of this machinery; I don’t fancy I’ll get a better one than you are now offering me, a nice long afternoon—two lovely rebellious girls! Now, Mrs. Blunt, as you are chaperoning Alice, I am bound to begin with you.” And I commenced to unbutton her blouse.”No, no, Mr. Jack!” she screamed in dismay as she felt my fingers unfastening her upper garments and unhooking her skirt—but I steadily went on with my task of undressing her, and soon had her standing in her stays with bare arms and legs—a lovely tall slender half-undressed figure, her bosom heaving and palpitating, the low-cut bodice allowing the upper half of her breasts to become visible. Her flushed face indicated intense shame at this indecent exposure of herself, and her eyes strained appealing towards Alice as if to assure herself of her sympathy.”Now I will give you a few minutes to collect yourself while I attend to Alice!” I said as I went across to the latter, whose eyes were stealthily devouring Mrs. Blunt’s provoking dishabille. “Now, for you, dear!” I said, as I quickly set to work to undress her.She very wisely was adopting the policy of dogged defiance and maintained a sullen silence as one by one her clothes were taken off her till she also stood bare-armed and bare-legged in her stays. But instead of pausing, I went on, removed her corset, unfastened the shoulder straps of her chemise and vest and pushed them down to her feet, leaving her standing with only her drawers on, a sweet, blushing, dainty, nearly-naked girl on whose shrinking trembling figure Mrs. Blunt’s eyes seemed to be riveted with what certainly looked like involuntary admiration!But I myself was getting excited and inflamed by the sight of so much unclothed and lovely girl-flesh, so eagerly returning to Mrs. Blunt, I set to work to remove the little clothing that was left on her. “No, no, Mr. Jack!” she cried piteously as I took off her stays. “Oh!” she screamed in her distress when she felt her chemise and vest slip down to her feet, exposing her in her drawers only, which solitary garment, she evidently concluded from the sight of Alice, would be left on her. But when, after bahis şirketleri a few admiring glances, I went behind her and began to undo the waist-band and she realized she was to be exposed naked, Mrs. Blunt went into a paroxysm of impassioned cries and pitiful pleadings. In her desperation she threw the whole of her weight on her slender wrists and wildly twisted her legs together in the hope of preventing me from pulling her drawers off. But they only required a few sharp tugs— down to her ankles they came! A bitter cry broke from her, her head with its wealth of now disordered golden hair fell forward on her bosom in her agony of shame. Connie Blunt was stark naked.I stepped back a couple of paces and exultingly gazed on the vision that met my eyes. Close in front of me was revealed the back of Mrs. Blunt’s tall, slender, naked figure, uninterrupted from her heels to her up-drawn hands, her enforced attitude displaying to perfection the voluptuous curves of her hips, her luscious haunches, her gloriously rounded bottom, her shapely legs.Facing her stood Alice, naked save for her drawers, her face suffused with blushes at the sight of Connie’s nakedness, her bosom heaving excitement not unmixed with delight at witnessing the nudity of her friend and trepidation at the approaching similar exposure of herself. I saw from the stealthy gloating glances she shot at Connie that she was longing to have a good look at her but dared not do so, lest her eyes should betray her delight, so I decided to give her the opportunity. I went over to her, slipped behind her, passed my arms around her and drew her against me and, holding her thus in my embrace, I gazed at the marvelous sight Connie Blunt was affording to us as she stood naked!She was simply exquisite! Her pearly dazzling skin, her lovely shape, her delicious little breasts standing saucily out with their coral nipples as they quivered on her heaving bosom, her voluptuous hips and round smooth belly, her pretty legs, her drooping head exhibited her glorious golden hair, while, as if to balance it, a close clustering mass of silky, curly, golden-brown hairs grew thickly over the region of her cunt, hiding it completely from my eager eyes! In silent admiration I gloated over the wonderful sight of Connie Blunt naked—till a movement of Alice recalled me to her interests. She was keeping her face steadily averted from Connie, her eyes on the floor, as if unwilling to distress her friend by looking at her in her terrible nudity.”Well, how do you like Connie now?” I asked loud enough for Mrs. Blunt to hear. She shivered; Alice remained silent.”Aren’t you going to look at her?” Alice still remained silent.”Come, Alice, you must have a good look at her. I want to discuss her with you, to have your opinions as a girl on certain points. Come, look!” I gently stroked her naked belly.”Oh! Don’t, Jack!” she cried, affecting a distress she was not feeling. Connie glanced hastily at us to see what I was doing to Alice, and blushed deeply as she noted my wandering hands, which now were creeping up to Alice’s breasts.I seized them and began to squeeze them. “Don’t, Jack!” again she cried.”Then obey me and look at Connie!” I said sternly.Slowly Alice raised her head, as if most reluctantly, and looked at Connie, who colored hotly as her eyes met Alice’s. “Forgive me, darling!” cried Alice tearfully, “I can’t help doing it!” But her throbbing breasts and excitedly agitated bottom told me how the little hypocrite was enjoying the sight of Connie’s nakedness!”Now, no nonsense, Alice!” I said sternly, and I gave her breasts a twist that made her squeal in earnest and immediately rivet her eyes on her friend lest she should get another twist. And so, for a few minutes, we silently contemplated Mrs. Blunt’s shrinking form, our eager eyes greedily devouring the lovely naked charms that she was so unwillingly exhibiting to us! Presently I said to Alice, whose breasts were still captives in my hands, “Now, the plain truth, please—speaking as a girl, what bit of Mrs. Blunt do you consider her finest point?”Alice blushed uncomfortably, pretended to hesitate, then said shamefacedly, “Her … her … private parts!”Connie flushed furiously and pressed her thighs closely together as if to shield her cunt from the eager eyes which she knew were intently looking at it! I laughed amusedly at Alice’s demure phraseology and said, “I think so too! But that’s not what you girls call it when you talk together. Tell me the name you use, your pet name for it!”Alice was silent. I think she was really unwilling to say the word before Mrs.Blunt, but I mischievously proceeded to get it out of her. I gave her tender breasts a squeeze that made her cry, “Oh!” and said, “Come, Alice, out with it!”Still she remained silent. I let go of one of her breasts and began to pinch her fat bottom, making her wriggle and squeal in grim reality, but she would not speak!Seeing that Mrs. Blunt was watching closely, I moved my hand away from Alice’s bottom and made as if I was going to pass it through the slit in her drawers.”Won’t you tell me?” I said, moving my hand ominously.”Cunny!” whispered Mrs. Blunt in hot confusion.”You obstinate little thing!” I said to Alice with a laugh that showed her that I was only playing with her. “Cunny!” I repeated significantly. “Well, Alice, let Mrs. Blunt and I see your cunny!”—and as I spoke, I slipped the knot off her drawers, and down they tumbled to her ankles before she could check them with her knees, exposing by their disappearance the lovely cunt I knew so well and loved so dearly, framed so to speak by her plump rounded thighs and her sweet belly.I sank on my knees by Alice’s side and eagerly and delightedly inspected her delicious cleft, the pouting lips of which, half-hidden in their mossy covering, betrayed her erotic excitement! She endured with simulated confusion and crimson cheeks my close examination of her ‘private parts,’ to use her own demure phrase! At last I exclaimed rapturously, “Oh! Alice, it is sweet!” As if overjoyed, I gripped her by her bottom and thighs and pressing my lips on her cunt, I kissed passionately! “Don’t, Jack!” she cried, her voice half-choked by the lascivious sensations that were thrilling through her.Seeing that Alice was perilously near to spending in her intense erotic excitement, I quitted her and went across to Mrs. Blunt, by whose side I knelt in order to study her cunt.”Oh, Mr. Jack! Don’t look, please don’t look there!” she cried in agony of shame at the idea of her cunt being thus leisurely inspected by male eyes— and she attempted to thwart me by standing on one leg and throwing her other thigh across her groin.”Put that leg down, Connie!” I said sternly.”No, no,” she shrieked, “I won’t let you look at it!””Won’t you?” said I, and drew out from the bases of the pillars between which she was standing two stout straps, which I fastened to her slim ankles in spite of her vigorous kicking. I set the mechanism working. A piercing scream broke from her as she felt her legs being pulled remorselessly apart, and soon, notwithstanding her desperate resistance and frantic struggles, she stood like an inverted Y with her cunt in full view!”Won’t you?” I repeated with a cruelly triumphant bahis firmaları smile as I proceeded to blindfold her, she all the while pitifully protesting. I noiselessly set Alice loose and signaled to Fanny to join us, which she quickly did, stark naked as directed. The three of us knelt in front of Connie, I between the girls with an arm around each, and with heads close together delightedly examined her private parts, Alice and Fanny’s eyes sparkling with undisguised enjoyment as we noted the delicate and close-fitting, shell-pink lips of her cunt, its luscious fleshiness, and its wonderful covering of brown-gold silky hairs! She quivered in her shame at being thus forced to exhibit the most secret part of herself to my male eyes.I motioned to the girls to remain as they were, detached myself from them, leaned forward and gently deposited a kiss on Connie’s cunt. Taken absolutely by surprise, Mrs. Blunt shrieked: “O-h-h!” and began to wriggle divinely, to the delight of the girls, who motioned to me to kiss Connie’s cunt again, which I gladly did. Again she screamed, squirming deliciously in her fright. I gave her cunt a third kiss, which nearly sent her into convulsions, Alice and Fanny’s eyes now sparkling with lust. Not daring to do it again I rose, slipped behind her noiselessly and took her in my arms, my hands on her belly!”No, no, Mr. Jack!” she cried, struggling fiercely, “don’t touch me! … Oh-h-h!” she screamed as my hands caught hold of her breasts and began to feel them! They were smaller than Alice’s, but firmer, soft, elastic and strangely provoking—most delicious morsels of girl-flesh. I toyed and played with them, squeezing them lasciviously to the huge delight of the girls, till I felt it was time to feel her cunt. Releasing her sweet breasts, I slipped my hands over Mrs. Blunt’s stomach and her cunt.”Oh! My God!” she shrieked, her head tossing wildly in her shame and agony as she felt my fingers wander over her private parts so conveniently arranged for the purpose. Over her shoulder I could see Alice and Fanny’s faces as they watched every movement of my fingers, their eyes humid, their cheeks flushed, their breasts dancing with sexual excitement! From the fingers’ point of view, Alice’s cunt was the more delicious of the two because of its superior plumpness and fleshiness, but there was a certain delicacy about Connie’s cunt that made me revel in the sweet occupation of feeling it.Presently I inserted my forefinger gently between the close-fitting lips. The girls’ eyes glistened with eagerness and they bent forward to see if Fanny’s information was true, and I smiled at the disappointment expressed in their faces when they saw my finger bury itself in Connie’s cunt up to the knuckle! She was not a virgin! But she was terribly tight, much more so than Fanny was when I first felt her, and Mrs. Blunt’s screams and agonized cries clearly indicated that, for want of use, her cunt had regained its virgin tightness.Keeping my fingers inside her, I gently tickled her clitoris in order to test her sexual susceptibility. She gave a fearful shriek accompanied by an indescribable wriggle, then another—then bedewed my hand with her sweet love-juice, her head falling on her bosom as she spent, utterly unable to control herself. I kept my finger inside her till her ecstatic crisis was over and her spasmodic thrills had quieted down—then gently withdrew it as I lovingly kissed the back of her soft neck and left her to herself.As I did so, Alice and Fanny rose, their eyes betraying their intense enjoyment of the scene. With an unmistakable gesture they indicated each other’s cunts, as if seeking mutual relief—but I shook my head, for Alice had now to be tortured. Quickly I fastened her up again while Fanny noiselessly disappeared into my alcove. I removed the bandage from Connie’s eyes. As she wearily raised her head, having scarcely recovered from the v******e of her spending, I clasped her to me and passionately showered kisses on her flushed cheeks and trembling lips. I saw her eyes seek Alice’s as if to learn her thoughts as to what she had witnessed. Both girls blushed vividly as if in symphony. I pushed a padded chair behind Connie, released her legs and lowered her till she could sit down in comfort and left her to recover herself while I went across to Alice, who was now to be the prey of my lustful hands.But I was now in an almost uncontrollable state of lust! My erotic senses had been so irritated and inflamed by the sight of Mrs. Blunt’s delicious person naked, her terrible struggles, her shame and distress during her ordeal, that my lascivious cravings and desires imperiously called for immediate satisfaction. And the circumstances that all this had taken place in the presence of Alice and Fanny, both stark naked, both in a state of intense sexual excitement and unconcealed delight at witnessing the torturing of Mrs. Blunt, only added further fuel to the flame of my lust. But to enjoy either Connie or Alice at the moment did not suit my program, and my thoughts flew to Fanny now sitting naked in my alcove and undoubtedly very excited sexually by Mrs. Blunt’s struggles and cries!Slipping behind Alice, I took her in my arms, seized her breasts, and said not unkindly while watching Mrs. Blunt keenly, “Now, Alice, it’s your turn! You’ve seen all that has happened to Mrs. Blunt and how in spite of her desperate resistance she has been forced to do whatever I wanted—even to spend! Now I’m going to undress.” Mrs. Blunt looked up in evident alarm.”While I am away, let me suggest that you consult your chaperone as to whether you had not better yield yourself quietly to me!” I disappeared into my alcove, where Fanny, still naked, received me with conscious expectancy, having heard every word!I tore off my clothing, seized her naked person and whispered excitedly as I pointed to my rampant prick, “Quick, Fanny!” She instantly understood. I threw myself into an easy chair. In a moment she was kneeling between my legs with my prick in her mouth, and she sucked me deliciously till I spent rapturously down her throat! Having thus delightfully relieved my feelings, I drew her onto my knees and whispered as I gratefully kissed her, “Now, dear, I’ll repay you by frigging you, while we listen to what Alice and Connie are saying.” Slipping my hand down to her pouting and still excited cunt, I gently commenced the sweet junction, she clasping silently but passionately as my active finger soothed her excited senses. From our chair we could clearly see Connie and Alice and hear every word they said.Their embarrassed silence had just been broken by Alice, who whispered in admirably simulated distress: “Oh, Connie! What shall I do?”Connie colored painfully. With downcast eyes as if fearing to meet her friend’s agitated glances, she replied in an undertone, “Better yield, dear! Don’t you think so?””Oh! No! I can’t!” cried Alice despairingly, playing her part with a perfection that brought smiles from Fanny and me. With a change of voice she asked timidly, “Was it very dreadful Connie?”Connie covered her face with her hands and replied in broken agitation. “I thought I should have died! The awful feeling of shame! The terrible helplessness! The dreadful kaçak bahis siteleri position into which I was fastened! The agony of having a man’s hand on my … cunny! Oh-h-hh!”Fanny began to wriggle deliciously on my knees as she felt her pleasure approaching. Her eyes closed slowly; she strained me against her breasts.Suddenly she agitated herself rapidly on my finger, plunging wildly with quick strokes of her buttocks. She caught her breath, murmured brokenly, “Oh-h-h!” and inundated my finger as she spent ecstatically! My mouth sought hers as, little by little, I slowed down the play of my finger in her cunt till she came to, deliciously satisfied!”Now I’d better go to them,” I whispered, and after a few more tender kisses I went out. My appearance, naked save for my shoes and socks, caused Mrs. Blunt to hurriedly cover her face with her hands as she hysterically cried, “Oh! … Oh! … Oh!”I ignored her and took Alice into my arms as before and said to her encouragingly, “Well, dear, what is it to be?” whispering inaudibly in her ear, “You’re to be tickled!”Alice stood silent with downcast eyes. In her anxiety to hear Alice’s decision, Mrs. Blunt uncovered her face and looked eagerly at us! At last it came! “No,” spoken so low that we could just hear her.”Oh, Alice! You are a silly girl!” exclaimed Mrs. Blunt, now afraid about herself. Alice cast a reproachful glance at Connie and said, almost in tears, the little humbug, “I can’t! Oh, I can’t!”Without a word I fastened straps to Alice’s pretty ankles and dragged her legs apart till she stood precisely as Mrs. Blunt had done. I carefully blindfolded her and seated myself just below her on the floor within easy reach of her, and began to amuse myself with her defenseless cunt, knowing that Mrs. Blunt could see over my shoulder all that passed.With both hands I felt all of Alice’s private parts, touching, pressing, stroking, parting her lips, even pulling her hairs every now and then, and peering into her interior—an act invariably followed by an ardent kiss as if in apology, she squirming deliciously. She submitted herself to the sweet torture in silence till I pretended to be trying to push my finger into her cunt, when she screamed in horror, “Don’t, Jack, don’t!” as if unable to endure it! “Hurts, does it, Alice!” I said smiling meanly. “Then I won’t do it again! I’ll try something softer than my finger!” After fetching a feather, I resumed my position on the carpet.Alice’s color now went and came and her bosom began to heave uneasily, for she guessed what was now going to be done to her, and although she rather liked having her cunt tickled, the existing conditions were not what she was accustomed to. She awaited her ordeal with a good deal of trepidation.Quietly I applied the tip of the feather to her cunt’s now slightly pouting lips with a delicate yet subtle touch. “O-h-h!” she ejaculated, quivering painfully. I gave her three or four more similar touches, after which she began to wriggle vigorously, crying: “Oh! … Oh! … Don’t, Jack!” I was just beginning to tickle her cunt in real earnest when Connie, horrified at the sight, shrieked: “Stop! … stop! … oh, you awful brute! … you coward! … to torture a girl in that way! … oh! my God!” she moaned, quite overcome at the sight of Alice being tortured!How thankful I was that I had blindfolded Alice! I am sure that she otherwise would have given the game away—she must have laughed! In fact, some of her convulsions were undoubtedly caused by suppressed laughter and not by her torture!”There’s no better way of curing a girl of obstinacy than by tickling her cunt, Connie,” I said unconcernedly, and I again commenced to tickle Alice.”No, no, stop!” Connie shrieked frantically. “Oh! You cruel brute! … you’ll kill her!”I laughed. “Oh, no, Connie, she’s all right—only a little erotic excitement!” I explained equably as I resumed the tickling, this time making Alice wriggle and scream in real earnest. She had not been allowed to satisfy her lustful cravings, induced by the sight of Connie’s agonies, and by now she was in a terrible condition of fierce concupiscence and unsatisfied desires, dying to spend, but so far unable to do so for want of the spark necessary to provoke the discharge! More and more hysterical became Connie’s prayers and pleadings, shriller her cries of genuine horror at the sight of Alice’s cunt being so cruelly tickled—wilder and wilder became Alice’s struggles and screams, till suddenly she shrieked, “For God’s sake, make me spend!” Immediately I thrust the feather well up her cunt and rapidly twiddled it, then tickled her clitoris! A tremendous spasm shook Alice, her head fell back, then dropped on her bosom as she ejaculated: “A-h-h … ah-h-h!” in a tone of blessed relief, quivering deliciously as the rapturous spasm of the ecstasy thrilled through as she spent madly!As soon as she came to herself again, I said to her, “Well, will you now yield yourself to me, or do you want some more?””Oh, no! No!—my God, no!” she cried, feigning to be completely subdued.”You’ll then be a good girl?””Yes!” she gasped.”You’ll do whatever I tell you to do?””Yes! Yes!” she cried.”You’ll let me … fuck you?””Oh, my God!…” she moaned, remaining silent. I touched her cunt with the feather. “Yes! Yes!” she screamed. “Yes!””That’s right, dear!” I said encouragingly. Quickly I released her and put her into a large and comfortable easy chair in which she promptly coiled herself up, as if utterly exhausted and ashamed of her absolute surrender, but really to escape the sympathetic and pitying glances from Connie. It was as clever a piece of acting as I had ever seen!I went across to Mrs. Blunt and without a word, I touched the springs and set the machinery at work. “Oh! Oh!” she cried as she felt herself drawn up again and her legs being remorselessly dragged asunder till she had resumed her late position. When I had her properly fixed, I said to her, “Now, Connie, I am going to punish you for abusing me. You’ll have something to scream about!” I applied the feather to her lovely, but defenseless, cunt!”Don’t, don’t! … Oh, my God!” she screamed. I saw we were about to have a glorious spectacle, so I stopped, blindfolded her, and beckoned to Fanny, who promptly came up, Alice also. Handing a feather to each, I pointed to Connie’s quivering cunt.Delightedly both girls applied their feathers to Connie’s tender slit, Alice directing hers against Connie’s clitoris, while Fanny ran hers all along the lips and as far inside as she could, their eyes sparkling with cruel glee as they watched Connie wriggle and listened to her terrible shrieks and hysterical ejaculations. It was a truly voluptuous sight! Connie naked, struggling frantically, while Alice and Fanny, also naked, were goading her into hysterics with their feathers! But soon I had to intervene. Connie by now was exhausted; she couldn’t stand any more. Reluctantly, I stopped the girls, signaled to Fanny to disappear and Alice to return to her chair while I released Connie’s bandage.She looked at me seemingly, half-dazed, panting and gasping after her exertions.”Now will you submit yourself to me, Connie?” I asked.”Yes! Yes!” she gasped.”Fucking and all!””Oh, my God! … Yes!”I set her free. As she sank into her chair, Alice rushed to her as if impelled by irresistible sympathy. The two girls fell into each other’s arms, kissing each other passionately, murmuring: “Oh, Connie!…””Oh, Alice!” The first part of the play was over!

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