A Mink Blanket Day


Part 1

It was a cold and dreary day in south Texas. Well, ok…not cold. But chilly for south Texas. Mid-50’s and overcast skies made it feel pretty cool, at least when you were just sitting around the house playing on the computer.

Too drizzly to go out and do anything. Jannie shivered again and wished that her husband, Bobby didn’t have to work today. It was Saturday and she was bored.

Jannie had thought about going to see a movie, but just hated to pay the exorbitant prices that the regular theatres charged (and the cost of the popcorn and soda! Horrendous!). The theatre on the military base near their home didn’t have a matinee today, so there wouldn’t be a movie to see there until 7:00 tonight. To keep from being stuck with the prices at an off-base theatre, she would just wait until tonight to see a show. Besides, Bobby could go with her then. She chuckled when she thought about how spoiled she had become to the benefits of being a military wife.

Oh, there were plenty of drawbacks, such as the base theatre only showing movies on the three weekend nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (with the occasional matinee on Saturday and Sunday). But that was minor compared to other *real* drawbacks. The times that Bobby had to go in to work unexpectedly in the middle of the night, the temporary duty assignments out of state and occasionally out of the country. Worry about whether he would be sent overseas to one of the world’s *hotspots*. Never knowing when orders for a new permanent change of station move would come. Well, Bobby had only been at this base for a year, so they were most likely safe for a couple of years before they had to worry about another move. But deployments were another story; they could happen at any time.

Jannie thought about these things as she sat on the comfy sofa in the living room of the house she and Bobby rented from their next door neighbor, Steven. Steven had bought the house next to his as an investment when the previous residents had moved out. They had really let the house get run-down, so Steven was able to buy it for a greatly reduced price. He had fixed it up and gotten it ready to sell, then decided to just keep it and rent it to someone from the base. He figured that if he got a tenant he didn’t particularly like, he wouldn’t be stuck with them as neighbors forever, since they would eventually get orders and move away. Besides, the military people he had known usually were pretty good folks and took good care of their residences, as far as he could tell.

Jannie and Bobby had seen the house advertised in the base newspaper. After visiting with Steven for a bit and seeing the 2-bedroom, 1-bath house (with attached one-car garage), they decided they wanted to rent it. They filled out the paperwork with Steven and the next afternoon he called to say that the house was theirs, if they still wanted it.

They had moved in a few days later and had lived here for almost a year now. Steven was a good neighbor and a good landlord; he had also become a good friend.

Jannie smiled as she thought about Steven. Dear Lord, he was yummy! Standing 5′ 11″ in his stocking feet, with dark brown hair and dreamy *bedroom eyes*, which were hazel. There were times when Jannie wanted to just gobble him up!

Realizing that she had re-read the same page in her romance novel several times and still had no idea what the words on that page said, she put the book down and stood up to stretch. Jannie walked to the open living room door and looked out on the rain-soaked world. Letting out a sigh, she closed the door and walked towards the kitchen for a snack.

Then it hit her…it was a Mink Blanket Day! Smiling broadly, she did a left-face turn and walked to their bedroom. She loved her mink blanket. It was so soft and cuddly.

Of course, it wasn’t really mink. The label said *100% acrylic*. She didn’t know what true mink felt like, but this faux-mink sure did feel nice.

*Mink* blankets were all the rage among military wives and girlfriends. They were popular requests when one’s husband or boyfriend went to South Korea on an assignment. Bobby had gotten their’s when he had gone to South Korea on a TDY last year.

Reaching the spare bedroom, Jannie went to the closet and extracted the bag containing the special blanket. She had packed it away when the weather warmed too much to use the heavy covering.

She went into their bedroom and folded the bedspread that was on the bed. Jannie took the mink blanket out of the bag and rubbed her face into its softness; she loved this blanket. It was her favorite color, blue, with large flowers. She spread the blanket over the sheets then returned to the living room to get her *trashy book*, as Bobby called the romance novels she was addicted to reading.

Jannie crawled under the blanket, lying on the top sheet. She reached over and turned on the bedside lamp, then wrapped the blanket around her, like a cocoon. She lay back, propped up on two pillows, İstanbul Escort Bayan snuggling deeply into her blanket, feeling like the filling in a burrito. Ahh…this was truly wonderful! ‘The perfect way to spend a chilly, drizzly day’, thought Jannie as she opened her book. A mink blanket day!


Jannie was horny. She had finished reading her book and had become really aroused by the sex action in the story. She had been touching herself through her panties for the last couple of chapters and was very wet.

Feeling frustrated and wishing Bobby was home, Jannie pulled the soft blanket closer around her, holding her right hand, the hand that had been rubbing between her thighs, close to her nose so she could catch whiffs of her scent. She loved her own smell. She often wondered if she was abnormal, liking her own body aroma. Oh, well…it didn’t really matter if she was normal or not. She didn’t care…she just enjoyed what she enjoyed.

She was trying to decide if she was going to masturbate to relieve the tension in her loins or wait until Bobby got home. She glanced at the clock on her night table. Bobby would not be home for another 4 or 5 hours. Too long to stay in this state of sexual arousal without relief.

Jannie decided to take care of herself. She unwrapped herself from the blanket (‘brrr’ she thought as the cool room air hit her warm body) and climbed out of bed, headed for the closet.

She opened the closet and reached in for her *toy*. Jannie smiled as she pulled it out. This was her favorite thing, next to her mink blanket. It was a life-like dildo, which she had asked Bobby to rig for attachment to a board for her. She was rather proud of her idea. The dildo was one of the fancy ones, complete with *scrotum* and a suction-cup base.

Jannie really liked the suction cup feature; with it, she could put it on a dining room chair, and fuck the dildo until she was exhausted and somewhat sated. But it did have a drawback. It was not really all that comfortable, having to hold herself up, squatting over the seat of the chair like that. She tired before she was truly sated, and would have to take the dildo to bed with her, and that just didn’t quite do the job as well as she would have liked.

She thought back to the day that the toy had come to *life*, so to speak…


One day, after a session like that, with the dildo attached to the chair, she had come up with an idea. She explained it to Bobby, and he went shopping. He came home from the hardware store with a board, about 2.5 feet long and about 2 feet wide, some sandpaper, varnish, assorted pieces of hardware and some foam rubber gardening kneepads.

He went out into the garage and when he emerged about 2 hours later, he showed her his handiwork. The board had been sanded smooth, and the square ends of it had been rounded off. He told her that he would varnish it another time, but he wanted her to try it out now, to see how it worked.

She handed him the dildo and he showed her how to attach it to the board. She squealed with delight and took the toy to the bedroom to give it a test-run. Bobby followed her and watched as his wife pulled the covers back and placed her new toy on the bed. The dildo stood proudly erect from its place in the middle of the board, and the kneepads were just in the right place to protect Jannie’s knees and shins from the hardness of the wood.

Bobby got the bottle of lubricant to hand to Jannie, but then realized that she didn’t need any, as she was already sliding her pussy onto the head of the dildo. She had gotten quite wet just at the sight of her *new* toy.


Jannie smiled as she removed her t-shirt and panties, remembering that day. She placed the board on the bed and attached the dildo. She was so aroused thinking about the good time that she was fixing to have. She lay on the bed and used her battery-operated clit vibrator for a few minutes, giving herself time to think about the dildo on the bed beside her. She was so horny she knew that she would probably cum almost as soon as she slid down onto the *cock*.

Not wanting to wait any longer, she turned the vibrator off and moved over to straddle the dildo. She reached back and pulled the mink blanket over her bare back and then leaned forward, over the dildo, holding herself up with her hands on the bed.

Jannie groaned as the head of the fake cock touched her lower lips and pushed into her wet slit. She held still for a few seconds, savoring the sensation and the feelings she knew she was about to experience.

She pushed down onto the dildo, letting it go deeper into her body. ‘Oh, damn…that feels heavenly’, thought Jannie as the toy went deeply into her pussy. She rose up and went back down on the shaft, beginning a rhythm that would soon bring her to a climax.

Jannie moaned loudly as she fucked the dildo, İstanbul Escort just as if it were Bobby lying there underneath her. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back and she sat upright, grabbing her breasts and kneading them, pulling on the nipples. She approached her orgasm and slowed, not ready to cum yet. Wanting to savor the anticipation.

She continued to play with her nipples and to fuck the dildo, more slowly now. So involved with what she was doing, Jannie did not hear when someone entered the house. She was only thinking of the piece of silicon between her thighs and how good it felt to have it deep inside her.


Steven was needing to borrow a book of Bobby’s. He had thought about waiting until either Bobby or Jannie was home, but he really wanted to start reading it now, because it was a technical book that Steven needed to study for a test he was taking in a few days. He took a class at the local junior college 2 nights a week.

Using the spare key that he had, he went into the house through the kitchen door. Bobby and Jannie would not mind; they had a key to his house, also. They were good enough friends that they did this kind of thing on occasion. Jannie sometimes would go to Steven’s when he was at work to borrow some sugar or other food item she might be out of and didn’t want to run to the store for right then.

So Steven let himself into the house, thinking that Jannie was gone, not realizing that she had put the car in the garage. He stepped into the kitchen, pocketed his keying, and shut the door behind him. He walked into the den, where he knew that the bookcases were.

He heard something and paused. It sounded like Jannie, and she was crying! At least, it sounded like she was crying. The sound was coming from the bedroom. Standing in the den, Steven wondered what to do. Should he just get the book and leave, or should he check on Jannie? Concern for his friend and tenant won out and he walked down the short hall to the bedroom where Jannie and Bobby slept.

The door was open. Jannie, or someone, was on the bed, under that mink blanket that he knew that Bobby had brought back from South Korea; Steven had one, also, a gift from Bobby for looking out for Jannie while Bobby was away. If Bobby had only known of the thoughts he had about Jannie, Bobby wouldn’t have given him a gift, he’d have given Steven a busted jaw, Steven had thought at the time.

He was about to knock on the doorframe when he noticed that whoever was under the blanket was moving about in a very *interesting* fashion. Steven could not decide what to do. It was apparent to him that Jannie (it had to be her) was not crying under that blanket, at least not tears of sadness. He was still standing there looking at the hump under the blanket that seemed to be doing some humping of its own when suddenly the blanket was tossed back.

Steven started in shock as Jannie (yes, it certainly was her, in all her naked glory! Stephen realized) sat up and moaned loudly. He watched her and realized what was going on. Jannie was kneeling on a board to which it appeared that a dildo had been attached. She was fucking that dildo!

He stood there, transfixed. Oh, dear god he was hard as a rock! Seeing Jannie on her bed, nude, straddling the sex toy that was buried deep in her pussy had given him an instant erection. Damn, but he was hard! He reached down to touch his cock through his pants as he watched Jannie going to town on that dildo.

Steven didn’t know how long he stood there like that, rubbing his cock through the denim of his jeans. He finally unzipped his pants and reached down into his underwear and pulled his cock out. He stood there, stroking his hard member, as he watched Jannie. She was about to cum, he realized. Her moaning had become louder; her thrusts up and down on the dildo had increased in speed. Suddenly she let out a low wail. “Ooohhh…oh god…oh shit!,” he heard her say. “Yeeesss…aahhh….ooohhh….daaammnn I’m cumming…I’m cuuuummmming…aaahhhhh….” And then she was still, bending forward at the waist, head hanging down, breathing hard and fast.

Steven was enthralled with the scene before him. He’d had to stop massaging his cock or he would have cum right along with Jannie, although he was still holding onto it.

Jannie raised up and got off the dildo. Before Steven could retreat down the hall, Jannie turned over and saw him, standing there in her bedroom doorway, with his thick, hard cock in his hand. They both jumped, startled. Steven was terribly embarrassed to have been caught watching her like this, especially with his meat in his hand.

Jannie said, “Steven! You scared the shit out of me! What are you doing here?” she demanded.

Steven stuttered, “I-I-came over to borrow that book of Bobby’s, the one for my class. I- I oh god, Jannie. I’m so sorry.” He had hastily tucked his penis into his pants and zipped them up and was standing there, not knowing Escort İstanbul what to do with his hands. “I didn’t see the car; I thought you were out, and I knew that Bobby had to work today. Oh damn, I’m sorry.”

‘Sorry that I was caught’, he thought. How lucky could he have gotten to have seen Jannie in the nude, and masturbating herself to a fabulous orgasm at that! Damn.if only he had gotten away, undetected. He had enough masturbation fantasy for himself now, enough to last for months!

Getting over her shock, Jannie smiled at him. “Well, Steven, what did you think? I assume that you’ve been standing there for a while, since you had your cock in your hands when I saw you.” She had some wicked thoughts, she realized.

Steven stammered again. “R-really, Jannie…I didn’t, um, see much. I had come in through the kitchen and thought I heard you in here crying so I came to check on you. Then I, uh, well, that is, I…”

Jannie cut him off, saying, “You walked in and saw me fucking my toy.” She smiled a crafty smile at Steven. “Do you like my toy? I told Bobby what I wanted and he made it for me. Pretty nifty, wouldn’t you say?”

“Uh, yeah..nifty. Well, look. I’ll just get that book and go now. S-sorry to have, um, disturbed you,” Steven said as he turned to go.

“Steven, just a minute, please.” Jannie cooed as she motioned him over to the bed. She knew that Steven was attracted to her. She was not model-thin, but was curvy. She did not possess a large bosom, although she knew that it was nice…a good handful, Bobby always said. She knew that Steven preferred blondes, and she had blonde hair. She was shorter than the girls Steven usually dated, being just 5′ 4″ tall. But that he was attracted to her, of that she was sure. She could see it in his eyes every time she saw him.

“Jannie, I really need to go. Uh, this just isn’t right, me being here with you like this. Look…please don’t say anything about this to Bobby, all right? I won’t, either.”

“Oh, Steven. Silly man. I certainly won’t tell Bobby anything. And I know you won’t, either. Come, sit on the bed,” she said as she patted the edge of the bed. “But you know, I just might decide that Bobby needs to know that you came into the house and watched me masturbate. What do you think he might think about that, hmm?”

“Damn, Jannie…why would you tell him that? You want to get us both in trouble with Bobby?”

“Well, Bobby need never know…if you help me out, Steven,” Jannie said in a coy voice. She had had an idea and hoped Steven would go along with it. She had gotten a glimpse of his cock before he zipped it back up, and she wanted it! She loved Bobby, and their sex life was good, but damn! Steven’s cock was the thickest she had ever seen!

Steven looked at Jannie with his head cocked to the side. “Help you? What could I do to help you? And what do you mean by “Bobby need never know?” Are you…blackmailing me or something?”

Jannie chuckled and said, “blackmail is such an ugly word, Steven. But you see, I saw your cock before you put it back and lord is it a beauty! Now, I’ve never cheated on Bobby, but I’m so terribly horny today, and your cock is so thick! I’ve never had one like it before, and I’m dying to know what it would feel like in my cunt! Besides, my pussy needs to be licked. I’m *really* horny, Steven,” she purred.

Steven was taken aback. “You want me to go to bed with you?” His cock was getting harder by the minute, as Steven thought about burying said cock deep into Jannie’s hot, wet depths. But he had to pretend to be affronted. It wouldn’t do for her to know how anxious he was to take her up on her offer.

“Yes, Steve, I do. I really need you right now. And if you will help me out here, I won’t tell Bobby about your being here today. If you don’t do as I ask, I’ll tell Bobby you came in and took advantage of me. So…what’s it to be?” She looked at him, smiling that sly smile of hers.

“Damn, woman. I never knew what a bitch you were. Or what a slut.”

“Well, bitch or slut…call me what you wish. Just get those clothes off and get in this bed…now!,” Jannie ordered. “You know how jealous Bobby is; you really wouldn’t want me to tell him, would you?”

“Shit. Jannie, I’ll get in your bed, and I’ll fuck your brains out. You may think that you’ve got something over me, but you don’t realize what I’m getting out of this bargain! I get to fuck my best friend’s wife! And you know you can’t tell him about it. Ha! This is great!”

Jannie looked at Steven, smugly. “Um hmm. Yeah, you do have a good part in this bargain. But not as good as I do. See, you will have to do whatever I say, because if you don’t, Bobby might find out about today.”

Steven considered Jannie for a moment, then began to remove his clothes. “Well, I don’t care who gets the better part of the deal.” He crawled into the bed and took hold of the board to remove it. Jannie put her hand on the board to stop him.

“No, we need that. I want you to suck on the cock, Steven. Taste *me* on it.”

Steven looked at Jannie, incredulous. “You want me to suck on that dildo? You’re crazy, woman. No friggin’ way!”

“OK, then I’ll just have a talk with Bobby…” Jannie threatened.

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