A Morning Walk – An Evening Affair.


One of the ways I keep healthy is to walk for a few kilometres each day. I usually vary my route just to give me something different to look at as I walk. Half the time I don’t notice anything as my mind is generally somewhere else, at work or play. My girlfriend, with whom I live, is away working for a month, and I am alone at home. Because of this, I had been walking further, just to kill time. If I had been at home, I would probably masturbate. Boredom does that to me. While Sally has been away, I have been masturbating two or three times a night as there is hardly a day goes by that she and I don’t have a sexual experience together. Two weeks ago, I had followed a different route past some apartment blocks. I don’t know why I went that way; I just turned left at a corner and kept walking. As the route was new to me, I was taking a bit more notice of my surroundings so I didn’t become disoriented or lost. I passed one particular garden and the scent of the flowers was beautiful. I am no gardener or horticulturist, however I had stopped to look at this nice garden as the scent of the flowers was quite strong and the aroma exotic. While I looked, I noticed some movement of curtains in one of the windows. I thought somebody was watching me. Then the curtains moved again, and this time I could see a naked female body as she closed the gap which had appeared. I stood and waited for any further movement, I was curious. Then a light went on in the room. I could see a silhouette of a person who appeared to be dancing or prancing about in an unusual way. It didn’t take me long to realise this woman was engaging in some form of erotic dance or ritual, obviously naked, and probably masturbating. I knew the feeling and I felt the moisture run down and soak my pants. I knew what she was feeling and wished I was enjoying the same pleasure. The performance continued for a few minutes. After I waited for something else to happen, the light went out. It was the end of the performance evidently. I don’t think she had any idea I was watching. Lucky her, I thought. I continued my walk, thinking of what I had seen and my mind was filled with erotic ideas of who she was, and had been doing, and why. I began thinking of what I would do to myself when I got home. The following day I decided to follow my previous route, and once more keep my eye out for any activity in that apartment. I stopped in front trying to make it look like I was looking at the garden. I hoped I would see the curtains move again. I waited for a while and there was not movements or lights, so soon realised I was not going to see anything that day. It wasn’t until the weekend that I went for another walk down that street about mid morning. Once more I stopped to admire the garden. My curiosity had the best of me and I thought I might see something that would identify the woman that I had seen in silhouette. This time a woman appeared who apparently had been working in the garden and was returning to her chores. It was obvious I was looking at the garden and she spoke to me. She asked if I were a gardener. I commented, “No. I had been passing a few days earlier and noticed how lovely the garden looked. I was going by again and just stopped to look and appreciate the scent of the flowers again in a different light.” This woman was very nice and had explained what many of the plants were, and how she looked after them as an interest. I asked, “Do you live here?” “Yes, I live upstairs.” The thought flashed through my head; well it was not her who was dancing. After a few minutes another, younger woman appeared and spoke to the woman. Then she realised the lady had been talking to me and she apologised for interrupting. I told her. “Not to worry; I was just passing and had stopped to admire the flowers.” The younger woman looked Escort bodrum at me as she spoke. “Isn’t the garden lovely, I get a beautiful view of it from my apartment. I live just in there,” She had pointed to the apartment I had witnessed the performance in a few days earlier. Then I became even more interested. “How nice for you.” I said, “I wish my apartment had a garden like this.” Then the younger explained. “Mavis is a god-send to us. She does a lot of work around the place and her husband is a real handyman. We couldn’t do without them.” Mavis smiled and seemed quite pleased to be given the praise. “Thank you Karen. That’s really nice of you to say that.” Mavis had replied. Karen then excused herself as she said she had some shopping to do. “See you later Karen.” Mavis said – and confirmed I had heard her name correctly. I saw an opportunity to establish a conversation with who I now knew was Karen. “Which way are the shops?” I asked, “I have a little shopping to do and I am out of my territory.” “Walk with me.” Karen said, “It isn’t far.” As we walked, I had began a conversation starting with the apartments and the garden. Karen was quite forthcoming and it wasn’t long before I knew she was a flight attendant for an airline. She spent some nights away and was reassured that Mavis and her husband were keeping an eye on her apartment. Being on the ground floor, she explained she had been concerned about being broken into seeing she is away as often as she is, and the body corporate didn’t want bars on the windows. “They paid for the glass in the windows to be changed to laminated glass. That is virtually unbreakable and would slow down or stop anybody.” Karen commented. I smiled to myself and thought, but not stop me seeing you dancing in the nude. As we walked and talked we became quite friendly. She had a very nice personality and a good conversation. Probably her occupation helped a lot. As we approached the shopping centre, I saw a coffee shop and asked Karen if she would like a coffee. I wanted to get to know her better as she was quite interesting. She agreed and we sat and talked for an hour about all sorts of things. Neither of us had a man in our life and she was interested when I told her I lived with another woman. “Are you partners?” she asked. “Yes, we are in a way, I hope you don’t mind, but…” I stopped short of exposing my lifestyle any further. She laughed. “No I don’t mind I am that way myself, I have had some experiences with men, particularly the air crew. Some of them believe we are nothing but airborne call girls. They call; you go; you have sex with them. Pilots and First officers get a room on their own. The girls have to share rooms. The worst thing is most of the men are married, many to ex flight attendants. We all know it happens. If you wanted me to categorise myself I would probably say I was bi-sexual. Many of the girls are that way; some have boyfriends and don’t want to be bed bugs for the pilots. The problem is you don’t go up the ladder if you don’t. Amongst the girls there are times a little bit of hanky-panky can occur, if the right girl is sharing a room with you.” “I had often wondered what the situation was with you all. I have seen some funny things when I have been flying. I have often wondered if there was a lesbian aspect to female flight attendants as it appears there is a gay community with the men. . Most of the women I have seen on aircraft have been quite attractive and seem to be able to distance any male approaches quite efficiently and quickly. You must have some good lines you use.” “Yes, many of the guys are gay, but some passengers can be a bit of a problem too. You would be surprised how many married business men will put the word on us to ‘have dinner’ with them, Escort Kuşadası and we all know where they want that to end up; in their bed, and very occasionally the altar.” Karen paused and looked at me and smiled. “That’s not my style, thankfully.” I had explained previously to her I was employed in the hospitality industry. I had told her that we had often had a lot of air crew there overnight in the hotels I had worked in. “We usually have rooms on a floor just for aircrew because of the hours you come and go. We get complaints from other guests if we don’t. You would know that.” “Are we that bad?” asked Karen. “No, it is just the odd hours you come and go that concern other guests. Sometimes a girl can be a bit noisy though; the rooms are not exactly sound proof. The guests often think we allow prostitutes to use the rooms to ply their trade. We know all the prostitutes and warn them off, but we see a lot of better class women as call girls. In fact the Concierge always has a list he can call upon if a guest asks, and many do. You would be surprised how many mature women engage in that work.” I explained. Karen asked. “What are the women like? One day I may be interested.” Ahhh, I thought. She enjoys her sex, obviously. I told her. “Give me a ring if you become interested. I am sure our concierge would welcome you with open arms. Mostly the women are mature. The younger women are sought after, but the older women make better money. I am quite friendly with a few of our regulars, they are really nice women. You would never know what they do for a living. Many of the younger ones are single mothers, and their mother minds the children while she earns a living they tell me. Others are older and have teenage children, but I guess they don’t know how mum earns her living.” I explained. Karen looked interested. “I wonder what their husbands think. I gather many would be divorced.” I explained “We have only had one bad experience that I am aware of. A father had arranged for his teenage son have his first sexual experience with a professional woman. His father arranged with the concierge to engage a woman who he considered suitable. A woman the father had not been with himself. A problem occurred in that the concierge had no idea the woman he called was their wife….and mother. She worked under her maiden name so the connection of the same family name didn’t arise. Obviously there was a scene. That was a very sad experience for us all.” “Obviously nothing happened?” Karen asked. “I would say not. I often wondered what happened to her and her family as we never saw her again.” I commented. After coffee I suggested maybe she would like to share our evening meal together. We were both alone and seem we were getting along fine. Karen hesitated, and then said ‘Why not.” We made arrangements to meet at a little Italian restaurant we both knew nearby. We then went our own way to complete our shopping. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. That evening we met as arranged at the restaurant. A glass or two of Chianti and a meal soon had us laughing and chatting away as if we had been friends for ages. We were both relaxed and finished the bottle of wine. Neither of us was driving and I suggested she come back to my place for a coffee, “They make terrible coffee here.” I said. “You won’t get to sleep for hours after one of them.” Then Karen dropped a bombshell, “Sleep wasn’t on my mind.” she said softly, squeezed my hand, and then smiled and gave me that knowing look. After we left the restaurant and began to walk back to my bodrum escort place which is only a few blocks away, Karen took my hand. My heart rate quickened. I looked at her and our eyes met and we both knew the feeling. We stopped and we kissed, passionately in the middle of the street. This was going to be a very enjoyable evening. We both walked back to my apartment hand in hand and hardly said a word, we kissed twice on the way and each time we both realised this was something special for both of us. We had both been there and done that with other women, so it was not something that was unfamiliar to us. We both knew what we were doing. We were two women who wanted more than just casual company. We both wanted to make love together. There was no rush and we walked back calmly and a little more than casually. When we got to my apartment I used my key to open the door and I rushed in and pulled her to me and we kissed privately, passionately and erotically as I kicked the door shut with my foot.. Breathlessly I uttered, “I think we can wait for the coffee, there are more important things to accomplish for the moment.” “Make love to me…please.“ Karen whispered. I lead her to my bedroom, and we undressed together. It didn’t take us long and we were standing facing each other naked, we didn’t look too hard at each other, we knew what naked women looked like, we were similar in height and build. I lead her to the bathroom and we used the toilet and then showered together. We then dried each other off, taking the opportunity to ensure the erotic bits were well and truly rubbed dry. “I like the way you operate.” Karen said. I turned the bed down and lay down and motioned her to join me. She didn’t hesitate. We kissed again with our arms wrapped around each other pulling ourselves together as tightly as we could. Our entire bodies were pressed together as if we were one. The tender soft flesh of our breasts and loins were pressing together and the passion was well and truly pulsating through my body. Despite the warmth we had generated I felt my nipples harden and become aroused and touchy. It felt beautiful with my nipples pressing against her soft bare skin. The sexual passion was rising higher in me by the second. My tongue was going further and further down her throat as we kissed. I could feel her tongue writhing in my mouth. Our hands were exploring new fields of flesh for both of us. “Make love to me… any way you wish.” Karen said softly. I shivered with anticipation. My hands were rubbing through her hair and holding her face for me to kiss. She had responded in a way that indicated she had certainly been with another woman before. We had really only known each other for a matter of hours but each of us was making love to the other, and satisfying the cravings we both had for sex. Her hand had found its way down and was between our bodies, feeling for my leaking hole of passion. We both had copious amounts of pubic hair and I could feel her fingers finding their way through the hair and toward my vagina. As I concentrated on her mouth and head kissing her ears neck and mouth, she had found the part of me she was seeking. I pulled my body back from hers and felt her finger slip into my chasm of passion. I spread my legs a little. She wriggled and pumped her finger gently in my now wet and aroused vagina. Without any difficulty she found my clitoris and touched it gently. I shook with the sensitive erotic sensation of her finger against it. She recognised the fact she had got me where she wanted me. She then slipped a second finger into me, and then began to rub my labia lips and search my inner self in ways that indicated she knew what she was doing. She gently rubbed my G spot. Within seconds her fingers were pumping into me frantically. I was almost panting with passion now, I rolled onto my back and she knew she had found what I was seeking. She slowly kissed her way down my body, first my ear lobes and neck; she knew where a woman’s erogenous zones were. From there she moved down to my breasts and nipples rubbing each hard nipple between her lips.

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