A Mother and Son’s Love Turns A Corner #3


A Mother and Son’s Love Turns A Corner #3After a little warm up at the kitchen table, my mother and I went to our bedrooms and got dressed and ready to go shopping for her some new clothes, to try and get dad to notice her again like in their younger days.Mom had put on a skirt and white blouse to go shopping in, and the skirt stopped about three inches above her knees and showed off her round butt in the back just right, as well as the real slight flare in her hips, with either panty hose on or nylon stockings on under it, the blouse was not sheer but see through, with a wite bra on under the blouse, and the blouse was snug but not real tight on her, and she left three buttons unbuttoned to show off a good amount of cleavage, that her D size tits do very well.When mom had got behind the steering wheel of the car, her skirt had rode up to where half of her thighs were on display for anyone that happen to look at her legs, which I did every time she had a skirt, dress, or even her short shorts on.The first place we stopped at, I noticed was a mens clothing store, “Aaa, sexy, this is a mens clothing store, so, why are we going in here?””First off, I figured you will need something to wear out Friday night to supper, to celabrate our anniversary, if your dad cops out like he’s done for the last s*******n years, and second, with us telling every one we’ve been married for the last two weeks, we can go in here and tell them we are getting married this evening, and that you need something to wear after the wedding, that looks nice.””Cool, I’ll go for that for sure then, cause I do want to look my best Friday night, for the woman that I love, so very much.””After we go in here, we will go in over there at that store and tell them the same thing as we tell them in here, but it will be for me to get something that looks nice, for our anniversary.””Good deal sexy. Let’s getter done.””That sounds so country ‘getter done’.” with a slight laugh.I got out of the car and walked around and opened the driver’s door for mom to get out of the car, then after she stepped to the side for the door to clear her, I shut the door, then we waked to the curb holding hands with our finger interlaced then side by side with our shoulders touching, all the way to the door of the mens clothing store.After trying on a few suits, we found one that fit great and was in style with the men my age, that looked good as any older guy would or should, for a wedding day or anniversary.After we had the suit paid for, we left the same way we arrived in the store and walked over to the womens clothing store, and after mom tryed on a few dress’, we finally found one that fit her great, that was in style for women my age but yet, looked as good as any older woman would want to look, if she is all ways wanting to look good for her man, when they go out on a date night, for what ever reason.The dress that mom ened up getting, came down to just past half way down her thighs, and fit like her skirt did that she was wearing when we left the house, and the top of the dress showed off her cleavage, like her blouse was doing that she left the house in, and she didn’t even need a bra on under the dress either.After leaving the womens clothing store, we walked out to the car the same way we walked into the two stores, then we headed off to the mall to do the rest of the shopping, we planed to do when we left the house.When I helped mom out of the car in the mall parking lot, we put our arms around each other and I let my hand slide down and placed it on her butt, as we walked to the main entrance of the mall. As soon şırnak rus escort as my hand stopped on mother’s butt, she looked up at me, “Do you think you should have your hand on my ass like that?””Why not? Now that we are here, we are married now, and I should be able to put my hand any where that I want on you, the same as you can put your hand any where you want to, on me.”Mom put her hand down on my butt, that she had around my waist, “You said it, I didn’t.”The first store we went to, once we were in the mall, had a bunch of young women and girls, coming and going, to and from the store, and seeing that it had dress’ and skirts in the store, we went in and started looking around, till I saw what we were looking for.The dress’ we found looked like extra long tank top shirts when they were hanging on the clothes hanger, but they would streach out and the more they streched out the more see through they became, and after mom tryed on a few to get the size I think she should wear in the house to intice dad with, we got three in that size, and in three different colors.With each dress that mother tryed on, she would open the curtain of the dressing room, for me to look at the dress, to see if it was what I had in mind or not, and when she tryed on the first one it didn’t show much, even thou it did form to her body nicely, then the second one did show her panties in the back and her bra strap as well as the bra cups in the front, but really couldn’t see much of her panties in the front, so she tryed on the next one that was a size smaller than the last one, which then showed off every thing she was wearing under the dress, down to the nylon stockings she was wearing.The third dress mother tryed on was a red dress, which is my favorite color, and it stopped one inch below her putt cheeks but, she could pull it down to where it was only covering one quarter of her thighs, which was right about where her stocking tops was on her legs, and then there was a hint of the tops below the hem of the dress.We found two more dress’ the size of the red one, which a blue one was dad’s favorite color, and a black one that mom liked then mom said, “What the heck, I think I’ll get this white one too. Hold these for me please and I’ll go try it on, and I do want your input on it, when you see it on me.”When mom had the dress on and opened the curtain for me to see her in the dress, it seemed to make it easier to see through it, than the colored ones did, “That will work better than the black dress will really.””Good, we will get all four of them then. Do you think I should maybe get some nylons to go with the dress’, or not?””Why not, that way if we decide that you should put one on, then you have them, or you can leave them off, if we so choise to.””Panty hose or stockings?””Both.””Why do you say both?””One to me is more sluty than the other, and if you’re wanting something to look more sluty, then you will have it.””Okay, which one is more sluty to you?””Fish net stockings to me, but then regular nylon stockings can be sluty as well, depending on the dress or skirt, you are wearing. That can go with the fish net panty hose too, and regular panty hose as well.””What colors should I get?””Let’s see what colors they have.””Okay, but let me get changed back into my clothes first.” then mom closed the curtain leaving a crack that I could still see her through, which she had been doing after trying on the red dress.When mom was changed, we went to the hosary section of the store, and got a blue pair of fish net stockings, and three black fish şırnak rus escort bayan net stockings, and three black pantyhose as well as three each of the regular nylon stockings and pantyhose, and three red fish net stockings, and three each regular nude color stockings and pantyhoses.”I guess we should go and get some dinner now.””Sounds good to me. After dinner we can go to the lingerie store to look for some sexy panties and gowns.””You don’t think the pantys I have on are sexy?””They are sexy in their own right, but for what we are shopping for, you need sexier panties than what you have on.””Oh, like a little more sluty looking?””You got it.”After paying for the dress’ and hosery, we left the store arm in arm again, and walked to the food court to eat dinner.While we ate dinner in one of the restaurants, mom and I sat side by side at the table, and when we could, we would put our free hand on the other’s thigh up by the groin, and I even rubbed my fingers along mother’s groin, up from between her legs causing a low moan from her mouth, and then in return, she would rub her hand across my hard cock, that got hard while looking at her in the dress’ she had tryed on, and while she was trying them on, after she started leaving the curtain cracked open for me to watch her, change from one dress to another dress.After paying the bill at the restaurant, we walked to one of the ligerie stores and did some more shopping, and again mom would open the curton to let me see what the peace looked like on her, till we finally found some gowns and night dress’ that would do the trick, we are hoping will work.One dress we picked out to keep was a black fish net sleaveless dress that stopped just below her butt, with a low U neck, to show some cleavage at the top of the dress, and a blue one just like the black one, then she found a fish net shirt that was shaped like a tank top shirt, and we got one in black, red, and blue, and a white one too.Before mom tryed on the dress’ and shirts, we picked out some thong panties to match the colors of the dress’ and shirts, and all the panties were sheer in the front and back, then I saw some sheer string thong panties to match the colors, and some crotchless thong panties as well.When mom went to try on the panties, “Maybe I should wait on trying the panties on, till we get home.””No one can see you from there except for me,..” taking a quick look around. “and if you want to try and intice dad, I need to see if it will work or not, or if we need to find something else that will work.””But then you will see something that you shouldn’t see.” wispering just loud enough for me to hear her.”I’ve seen you in every thing else so why not this? Besides I’ve see other women with nothing on before. So why not you? we are all adults here.”Then mom opened the curtain to let me see her in the fish net dress with the matching sheer thong panties, and her white bra, “Missed one thing, so hold on for a minute, and I’ll go find it and bring it to you.”I went to where the bras were at and found sevral different styles of bras and got the colors to match the dress’, shirts, and panties. I got one of each color that was sheer, and some that has a hole for the nipple to stick through, and even made sure I had the right size to start with.Returning back to the dressing room where mom was, “Now try these on with the dress and panties.”Mom gave me a look like, you are a very bad boy, wanting to see your mom in this state of dress, but she closed the curtain and changed her white bra for the black sheer bra, rus şırnak escort that matched the dress and panties she had on, and then opened the curtain for me to see her in the outfit.”Now you should try on another bra and panties, or just another one of the panties, since there is three pairs of panties that will go with that dress, and just two bras to go with them.”Mom then closed the curtain and a moment later, opened the curtain to show she had just changed the panties this time, to the string thong, and I got her turn around for me, and when she turned back to face me, I gave her a thumbs up, “Very good, that will work too. Now change both bra and panties please.”Again I got that look but not as bad as I did the first time, then when she opened the curtain this time, she had on the bra with the hole for her nipples to stick through and the crotchless panties on, under the black fish net dress, “How about just trying on the black fish net shirt, with those panties and bra on now.””You are such a naughty man handsome.” then closed the curtain leaving it cracked open for the first time this time around.When mom had the dress off and the black fish net shirt on, she opened the curtain and did her spin, like she had done every time she showed me the piece of clothing, she had tryed on today.”Damn sexy, you look so good, I can’t wait to get you home.””Oh? And what are you going to do when you get me home?””I will make you scream with what I have here in my pants.””Oh my, I guess I better hurry and get dressed so that we can leave then.” then she started undressing without even closing the curtain this time.When mom got the black fish net shirt off, and then took the bra off, and then pulled the crotchless panties off, she then picked up her white bra and put it on, then picked up her white cotton panties then started pulling them up, then stopped for a moment at mid thigh, “The thing in your pants, does it fit real good in here?” pointing to her hairy pussy lips, that had a drop of pussy juice about ready to drip off of the lips.”Oh yes it does, for sure.””Mmm, you are a naughty man for sure.” then finished pulling up her cotton panties, then picked up her blouse and put it on, then buttoned it up till the top three buttons were left unbuttoned, then she turned her butt toward me and bent over and picked up her skirt, then bent and stepped into it, then turned back to face me and finished pulling the skirt up and zipped it up on the side, then fastened the tiny hook at the top of the zipper on the waist of the skirt, then before stepping out, she lifted the skirt tail to where I could see her panties again, and pulled the crotch to the side to flash me her hairy pussy lips one last time, then put the crotch back into place and lowered the skirt tail back down, then stepped out of the dressing room, after picking up the selection of clothes that we had picked out, and even the ones she had tryed on, to see if they fit or not and looked like on her.”Oh baby, you talk about me being a naughty man, when you are a very naughty, sexy, hot, woman that I do love, so very much.” then we kissed each other like two lovers would do, then we walked to the counter to pay for the things we had picked out.When we had the things paid for and we walked out of the store, “Damn, I’m so damn horny now, after letting you see me in next to nothing, and in a store, of all places. Your dad never let me even do what you just let me do or even asked me to do, in there, and the first store, where we bought these dress’ at.” then she turned in front of me and pressed her leg right up into me, to pin my cock between us and French kissed me for a short moment, before pulling away for us to walk on.As we started to walk on down the mall, “I’ve decided to give you a treat, for being such a gentleman about everything we’ve done today, as soon as we get to the car, but first, let’s go to the other lingerie store.”

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