A mothers mistake 16 ( and last)


A mothers mistake 16 ( and last)Chapter 16The next several weeks were filled with study, study and more study for Chris. The only good thing was that his mother resumed coming to his room at night. While she wouldn’t relent and let them have sex; she did masturbate him every couple of nights. She said it wasn’t healthy for a young boy to build up all that sperm.When Chris took his final exam, he aced it. He was obviously very happy and more than ready to resume his sexual activity with his mother. She had promised that he could do anything he wanted, and he knew just what that was.Allison was ecstatic about Chris’s success as well. She hadn’t been sure that denying him sex would work and worried that it would just make things worse. Now, it was obvious that she had been right. She had learned a valuable lesson in the process: sexual denial was a powerful tool to use on a boy. She would file that away for later use.”So, what is it that you want from me?” she asked.”You know that little dress and blouse you wore the night… the night I saw you with Jason… you know, the one you put on for me when we came home after dinner on Valentine’s Day?”Allison smiled. “Yes.” She knew very well what outfit he was talking about.”Well, I want you to wear that for me. I also want you to put your hair in braids, like you did for Jason.””I can do that.””Then I want to take you out to dinner.”Allison showed her shock. “Chris, I can’t go out in that outfit.””You said that you would do whatever I wanted. Besides, I’m not going to make you wear the nylons.””Yes… but…””No buts, you promised.””But we could see people we know.””We’ll go across town… maybe to a Pizza Hut. Nothing fancy.””But I’ll be half naked. The blouse is see through.””I’ll let you put a sweater on or something, but no panties.”Allison sighed and looked at her son. “All right,” she said in resignation, realizing that it was useless to argue. “Listen, why don’t we wait to go out until Sunday evening. Your father has to catch a plane. He is going to San Diego for a couple of days. Then he comes home for a couple of days before starting his weekly trips out of town. He will only be coming home on weekends… for the rest of the summer.”A big smile on appeared on Chris’s. It was perfect. He would have his mother alone for most of the summer. “Great. It’s going to be a wonderful summer.” He kissed his mother and held her tight. “I love you Mom.””I love you Chris.””By the way Mom, have you told Dad about the preg… pregnancy yet?””No, but I will soon.”Allison came down the stairs to find Chris waiting in the foyer. She had on the tiny skirt, white blouse and high heels. Her hair was in two braids with pink ribbons at the end. She didn’t look like she was 16 but she didn’t look 39 either. She had her face made up with bright red lipstick and blue eye shadow. She looked at her son’s excited face and said, “Are you sure about this Chris?””A promise is a promise.” Chris scanned his mother’s body and felt excitement coursing through him. The skirt barely came to the top of her thighs and the blouse did nothing to cover her bare breasts. She was such a sexy woman… she could put every girl at his school to shame. “Let me get a sweater then.” A moment later Allison came back with a sweater that buttoned down the front. “Unbutton the buttons,” Chris said.Allison started to protest, but then sighed and opened the buttons. At least the sweater would cover the view of most of her breasts. However, people probably wouldn’t be looking there. The skirt was so short that it barely covered the cheeks of her ass. The fact that she didn’t have panties on made it even worse. If she merely leaned over, her ass would show.Chris ushered his mother to the car, which was parked inside the garage for a change because he didn’t want the neighbors to see them. As soon as they were in the car, Chris took his mother into his arms and kissed her. He pushed opened the sweater and tweaked a nipple, making it grow and poke through the thin material of the blouse. “We better get out of heer or I’ll fuck you right here.””That would be okay,” Allison said. When they were on the main road, Chris reached over and placed his hand on his mother’s bare thigh. The tiny skirt had shifted up her thighs, almost to her crotch. “I love your legs Mom.” He ran his hand up and down her smooth thigh.”Thanks,” Allison said nervously. She had always been a conservative person and while she and Jason sarıyer escort had done some risky things, somehow this was different. This was her son and people would see them together. She couldn’t hide the fact that she was so much older than he was. Everyone would think she was some whore he had picked up. Suddenly a tremble went though her. Chris saw her shiver and said, “Paybacks are hell.”When they arrived at the Pizza Hut, Chris opened the car door for his mother. When she got out, there was no way to cover her crotch… the skirt was practically up to her waist. Chris smiled at his mother’s embarrassment and led her into the restaurant.”Corner booth please,” Chris said to the young female hostess.The young girl couldn’t hide her surprise as she looked at the young man and then the obviously older woman… dressed like a slut.When they were seated at the booth, Chris turned and kissed his mother. When he pulled away, he said, “Take off the sweater, it’s dark enough in here.””Chris,” Allison protested, but saw no reprieve in his eyes.She slipped the sweater off and laid it on the seat next to them, where she could get to it quickly if necessary. Suddenly she felt very exposed. The tiny skirt was practically up to her waist and she was sure the waitress would be able to see her pussy. The blouse covered nothing, outlining her large breasts and the dark nipples. The only good thing was that they were in a booth and protected on three sides. “Are you cold?” Chris asked.”No, why?””You’re nipples are hard,” Chris said with a laugh.Allison’s eyes narrowed. If this is what he wants, I’ll play the game, she thought. When the waitress came back with their drinks, Allison, instead of slumping forward, leaned back against the seat. That forced her blouse to tighten across her breasts, exposing them in all their glory. She spread her legs slightly, displaying her suddenly wet pussy.Chris looked at his mother with surprise. Then he looked at the waitress and saw that her eyes had grown wide. He found his face coloring slightly. As the waitress took their order, her eyes kept drifting to Allison. She would glance at her breasts and then between her legs. The waitress finished taking their order, having to erase several times, and with one last look between the older woman’s legs, she hurried away.Allison leaned over to her son and whispered, “This is making me excited, feel.” With that she pulled his hand between her thighs.”Mother,” he gasped when he felt her now exposed vagina. Then she reached down to his crotch. “Mmmmm, I can tell it’s exciting you too.” She kissed him, forcing her tongue into his mouth.Chris pushed her away. Suddenly the tables had been turned.Allison smiled… this was going to be fun.For the rest of the evening, and much to Chris’s chagrin, Allison played the slut. She hung on him like a hooker, making sure that the waitress had a good show. Several times, she had her legs spread and her skirt at her waist when the waitress came over. Strangely it seemed that the young girl was giving them extraordinary service and was very attentive. Several times she stopped back to ask if they needed anything. Allison had to smile when she thought she saw lust in the teenager’s eyes. She wondered if she liked girls. When the girl would return to the counter, Allison could see her whispering to her friends and they would look over. All of the guy waiters walked by several times.By the time they had finished their dinner, Chris was more than ready to get his mother out of the restaurant. He had gotten more than he bargained for.”That was fun,” Allison said truthfully as they got into the car. Once she had gotten used to the exposure, she had begun to enjoy the show. Her pussy was very wet. “Now, what are we going to do when we get home?””You’ve been a bad girl tonight mother. I think you might need a spanking.””Oh really,” Allison said in surprise. Her already swollen pussy throbbed.When they were home and safely in the garage, Chris pulled his mother to him and kissed her hard. When he pulled away, he whispered, “You were such a slut tonight mother.””I thought that’s what you wanted?” she said with a smile.”Maybe I did,” Chris responded and reached for her breasts. He kissed her again and began to open her blouse. “Take it off.”Allison took the blouse off, leaving her topless as she sat in the car. Chris bent his head and esenyurt escort sucked one breast and then the other. When he pulled away he had a stern look on his face. “Get into the house young lady.””Okay Daddy,” Allison said in her best little girl voice.Chris followed his mother through the garage door and into the kitchen. He took her arm and walked her over to a chair and sat down. “Over my knee.”Allison sucked in her breath and her heart began to pound as she stood in front of her son. “Hurry up. I’m going to warm your ass up young lady. Then, I’m going to fuck it.””Oh God,” Allison gasped as she slipped face down over his knees.Chris’s hand was shaking as she lifted his mother’s tiny skirt to reveal her soft ass cheeks. He marveled at the unblemished mounds. Each cheek was a smooth alabaster white with the dark groove down the center leading to her treasures. “Now young lady, you are going to pay for your sluttish behavior.” With that Chris raised his hand and brought it down with a loud “smack.””Ouch!” Allison gasped. However, the sting of the blow sent a rush of excitement through her.Chris quickly smacked her again and then again, leaving a red hand print on her white ass cheeks. His penis was already hard and throbbing in his pants. He began to spank her harder.”I’m sorry Daddy,” Allison cried as the blows rained down on her.Chris began to breathe hard as he watched his mother’s ass turn from white to pink, to red. Allison squirmed on his lap in excitement. She never thought having her ass spanked could be so exciting.The movement and moans of his mother on his lap led Chris to smack her for longer than he had intended. He lost count as his hand went up and down rapidly. When his hand was hurting, he stopped, realizing that it must be hurting her too. He didn’t want to really cause his mother pain. Still, she hadn’t protested very strongly.Allison continued to squirm on his lap even after the blows had stopped, as if she wanted more.”That’s all,” he said breathlessly. He rubbed his hand across her red cheeks and felt the heat that he had generated. He slipped his finger between the cheeks and ran them down the grove to her vagina. “My, my,” he said when he felt how wet she was. “My little slut must like to be spanked doesn’t she?””Yesssss!” Allison gasped truthfully.Chris wet his finger inside his mother’s pussy and moved it back until he was touching the tiny rose between her cheeks. “I guess we’ll have to see how she likes a finger and then a dick up her ass then.”Allison gasped at his nasty words. “Ohhhhh!!!” she moaned when she felt his finger touch her rear hole. She felt it begin to push into her. Chris had never had his finger up an ass before. Melissa would never let him do it. He loved the feeling of his mother’s tight hole as it squeezed him. He could feel the warm walls of her rectum trying to push his finger out. Slowly he increased the pressure until it was all the way inside her.”Oh God Chris,” Allison gasped and squirmed on his lap.”Very tight. I guess we’re going to have to stretch this a bit if I’m going to get my big cock inside.” With that Chris added a second finger.”Ahhhhh!!!” “That’s it, open for me,” Chris said excitedly. Both fingers went in to the last knuckles. He pumped his finger in and out until they moved easily. “All right,” he said, pushing his mother from his lap. She stood up in front of him and reached back to rub her still stinging cheeks, moving from one foot to the other. Her breasts bounced up and down sexily. “I’m sorry Daddy,” she said. “I won’t be a slut anymore.””Yeah right. Get on your knees and open my pants,” Chris ordered.”Oh Daddy, are you going to make me suck you.””Yes. You’re going to suck my cock and get it ready for your ass. When it’s good and hard, I’m going to take you upstairs and shove it up that tight ass of yours.””Oh Daddy,” Allison gasped. She quickly went to her knees and opened his pants. His penis was already as hard as it could get.”Be careful. I don’t want to cum in your mouth. I want to save every drop for your sweet asshole.”Allison moaned and began to suck Chris.He slipped lower in the chair with his leg’s spread and watched his sexy mother suck him. Then he reached for her braids and directed her head up and down. When he felt like he couldn’t take anymore, he pulled her mouth away, still holding her braids. He leaned over and kissed her hard. “Now get your ass upstairs.” avrupa yakası escort Chris followed his mother out of the kitchen, watching her sexy sway as she walked in her high heels in front of him. His still exposed penis was bouncing in front of him, dripping juice. As she moved up the stairs, he held back a little until he could see under her short skirt, catching the lower globes of her ass in his sight. Her ass cheeks were still red and he wondered for a moment if he had gone too far. However, his mother hadn’t complained.When they reached his mother’s bedroom, Chris pushed his mother inside. The bed was already turned down with fresh pink silk sheets. “Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.”Allison reached down to take her heels off.”Leave them on.”Allison crawled onto the bed and got onto her hands and knees. Chris stripped his clothes quickly and crawled onto the bed behind her. He flipped her skirt up, revealing her ass. With trembling hands he reached for her cheeks. The soft skin felt how in his hands. Slowly he opening her cheeks to expose the tiny star. Then he bent his head and kissed it gently at first. He could feel the little hole pulsing as his tongue put pressure on the opening. “Ohhhhhhh Chris,” Allison gasped as his tongue slipped inside. Her hips began to sway. When Chris felt the little hole relax, he pulled back. He took his penis into his hand and touched the head to the opening. “Are you ready slut? Are you ready for my big cock?””Yes, yes, fuck me. Put it in. Fuck my ass Daddy.” “Open your ass cheeks for me,” Chris gasped, reaching for his mother’s hands and placing them on her cheeks.She moaned and pulled her cheeks wide apart.Chris pressed the fat head against the star and pushed forward.”Ahhhhheeeeee!!! Allison screamed as her son’s large cock penetrated her sphincter.When the head was inside Chris paused. He took deep breaths, staving off the feeling that he was going to climax. He counted to twenty, holding the head just inside her hole. Then he slowly began to move deeper. He could feel her the tight walls of her rectum rippling around his shaft.”Yes… yes… yes,” Allison moaned and spread her knees wider, dropping her chest to the bed and burying her face in the pillow as she still held her cheeks wide for him.Chris followed her, pressing deeper still. He watched as the last inch of his long penis slipped into his mother’s ass. The slick walls caressed him like a velvet vise, encasing him in warmth. It felt incredible and was almost more than he could stand. He paused when his balls reached her vagina. He counted to ten this time, thought about baseball, football, anything to stop his climax.Allison was moaning incoherently now, wanting him to move. Her hips were moving up and down, trying to get him even deeper. She gasped for breath.Slowly Chris pulled out until only the head was inside her. He paused, torturing himself as well as her. Then he pushed down hard, forcing his penis all the way to the bottom in one move.”Ahhhhh!!!” they both screamed.Chris pulled back out again and then pushed back in. In and out he went until he had established a rhythm. He pushed down and his mother would push back, taking him all the way into her ass to his balls.Allison reached between her legs and found her clit. “Oh Goddddddd!!! she gasped as fireworks went off in her head. Her body began to shake as a strong climax ripped through her.Chris felt it inside her ass. The contractions were so strong that he couldn’t hold back his own climax. “Oh God Mom, I’m cummmmmiiiiiiinnnnngggg!!!””Yessssssss!!!” Allison screamed.Chris felt his juice rocketing up his shaft and spewing deep into his mother’s bowels. Each throb of his penis head was met by a contraction inside his mother’s ass. He was being milked… milked like a vacuum hose, until everything he had in his balls was deposited deep inside her. Allison collapsed onto her stomach with Chris following her down. He lay on top of her gasping for breath until his penis began to shrink and was forced out of her the again tight hole. He rolled over and took his mother into his arms.”That was incredible Mom. I didn’t smack you too hard did I?””Noooo, I loved it sweetheart. It hurt at first, but then it sent shock waves though my pussy.” Allison snuggled into her son’s arm and smiled. “You can smack my ass anytime you want. I love you sweetheart.””I love you too Mom. And, you know what?” He didn’t let her answer before he said, “I’m not sad that you’re pregnant.”Allison smiled again and said, “I have to admit that while I was upset at first and would not have chosen to become pregnant, I’m not upset anymore. It makes me excited knowing that it might belong to you.””Me too. It’s going to be a wonderful summer.”They fell asleep in each other’s arms.The End.

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