A mothers mistake 8


A mothers mistake 8Chapter 8The jangling alarm awoke Chris with a start the following morning. He had fallen asleep right after his mother left. It took him a moment to clear his head. When he did, the events of the previous night rushed back to him. He remembered Melissa’s anger, but far stronger was the memory of what his mother had done. He could still feel her lips on his and her hand on his cock. When he looked down, he could see the sperm that had dried on his penis and pubic hair. His penis twitched and threatened to start to grow. He had to get up for school and dragged himself from the bed to the shower.A few minutes later, feeling refreshed, he went downstairs. He saw his Dad at the breakfast table as usual reading the newspaper. His mother was at the stove fixing pancakes. With great trepidation he entered the kitchen. “Morning Dad… Mom.” His father said good morning without looking over the paper. His mother turned around and looked at him. There was a look of concern on her face. Chris stared at her blankly. He wasn’t sure how she felt about last night… he wasn’t entirely sure how he felt. In spite of being uncomfortable, he found himself thinking about his mother’s kiss and how soft her lips felt. A slight smile crossed his lips. Then he saw his mother smile. They both looked at his father, but he wasn’t paying attention. Allison walked over with a stack of pancakes and sat them on the table. “Are you and Melissa doing anything tonight for Valentine’s Day.”Chris was surprised by the question. He had a reservation for dinner with her, but figured that it wasn’t going to happen. “I’m not sure. After last… uh… I’m not sure she is going to be able to make it now.””That’s too bad. I’m sure you’re Dad didn’t have anything planned for us tonight.” Allison glanced at Bradley and saw his eyes look over the paper at her. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “Do you want to do anything?””No that’s fine,” she said. But it wasn’t fine. However, it was expected. She looked at Chris again. “Well, if Melissa blows you off,” she smiled at her use of words, “I’m available… and I have that pretty new red dress to wear.”Chris though of the dress and remembered how his mother looked in it. “Uh… thanks Mom… I guess I’ll find out today.””Well, give me a call and let me know as early as you can.””Sure,” Chris said as he dug into a stack of pancakes. Suddenly he hoped that Melissa was still mad at him.At school, Chris found Melissa at her locker. “Hey,” he said.She looked at him with a scowl and didn’t respond as she pulled books from her locker. “Listen, I’m sorry about last night… it was an accident.” When she still didn’t respond he said, “Are you going to talk to me anymore?”Melissa sighed and turned to him. “Last night was… was the worst night of my life. I can never even look in your mother’s face again.””She’s cool with it now.””But I’m not. It’s too creepy. I think we need to take a break.””Fine,” Chris said. “If that’s the way you feel.””That’s the way I feel,” Melissa said as she stormed away in a huff.She didn’t see the smile on Chris’s face as he dialed his cell phone.”I’m almost ready,” Allison said when Chris knocked on her bedroom door.”I’ll be downstairs. We have ten minutes to get to the restaurant.” Chris left his mother’s door and went downstairs. He saw his father in the living room.”Thanks for taking your Mom out for me Chris. I guess I screwed up again,” his father said.”No problem Dad. I don’t have a date tonight anyway.””Well, you got me out of a jam and I appreciate it. However, the truth is, she would probably rather go out with you then me. I’m an incredible bore.” He walked over and put a twenty-dollar bill in his hand.”Uh thanks,” he said pocketing the cash.At that point Chris heard something behind him and turned around. His eye opened wide when he saw his mother standing there in her new red dress. Her hair was freshly styled… almost like she had gone to the beauty salon today… and she had a pretty shade of lipstick on that matched her dress. The greenish eye shadow she was wearing emphasized the gray/green tint to her eyes. The dress was even sexier than he remembered. The bodice was cut low, revealing the soft swells of her cleavage. It hugged her hips and came down only to the upper portion of her thighs. She had on either pantyhose or nylons, Chris couldn’t tell which. On her feet were matching shoes and she carried a red purse. “Do you still like it?” Allison said, spinning around and giving him the rear view. Chris’s breath was taken away. It was obvious that she didn’t have anything on underneath… just like at the bahis siteleri clothing store. That answered another question… nylons, not pantyhose. He felt a tingling between his legs.”That looks very nice sweetheart,” Bradley said. Then he went back to reading the paper.Allison rolled her eyes at Bradley, looked at her son and then shook her head in exasperation. “We’d better get going. Don’t wait up for us Bradley,” she added as she took her son’s arm and they walked out of the room.Bradley’s response was a grunt.Chris couldn’t remember ever being as excited to go on a date in his life. And he did consider it a date. He had the prettiest girl… woman… in the world on his arm. When they entered the restaurant, he noticed the envious stared of the men, and some of the women. He walked his mother proudly to the table and they sat down. Allison ordered a glass of wine for her and a coke for Chris. Then she turned to him. “Chris, I wanted to say how sorry I was about walking in on you and Melissa. It was out of line and I shouldn’t have done it. I hope you can forgive me.”Chris looked at his pretty mother and his heart melted. Her eyes were like pools of water and he found himself drowning in them. “Actually Mom, I would rather be here with you than Melissa.””You don’t have to say that. I know you would rather be with your girlfriend then you old Mom.””First of all mother, you’re far from old. Actually I would say that you are in you’re prime.” He remembered their conversation about when women reach their sexual peak.”Thank you sweetheart, that’s what every woman wants to hear.”Second, Melissa isn’t my girlfriend anymore.””Oh, I’m sorry,” she lied.”It’s for the best. She was just a taker… always wanting me to do things to her, but never reciprocating.”Allison reached over and grabbed her son’s hand. “Some women are like that. They don’t realize what they have until it’s gone.” She stared into his eyes with meaning. “Anyway, I know that she was a… a sexual outlet for you at least.””Mommm”,” Chris complained and his face colored.”Call me Allison tonight… please.””All right Allison.” Chris smiled. “Anyway, she always wanted me to… to… you know, use my mouth on her, but never did it to me.” Chris paused and looked around, lowering his voice. “The truth is, I love to do it. The other night she said she was finally going to do me before yo… well, before she left.””Sorry again,” Allison said and smiled shyly.”Like I said, I’d rather be with you anyway. Did I tell you how good that dress looks on you.””Yes you did. But you can tell me as often as you want. It’s a little tight… and these shoulder straps don’t stay up all the time.”One of the straps had fallen down her arm to her elbow. It allowed the right corner of her bodice to slip lower. “I’m afraid something is going to pop out if I’m not careful.”Chris raised his eyebrows and smiled in answer.As the evening wore on, Allison continued to drink wine until she was feeling lightheaded. She didn’t seem to pay as much attention to the strap of her gown either. However, Chris did. He watched as more and more of her breast was revealed until he could almost see the brown of her nipple. At one point, she laughed and the remaining cover slipped lower, letting the entire nipple pop free. Chris stared and swallowed hard. His mother didn’t seem to notice. But when he saw the waiter coming he whispered, “Mom, you’re… you’re showing.”Allison looked down and giggled, then she casually pulled the strap back up her arm. When the waiter had brought their food and left, there was a pause in the conversation. As Chris ate his steak, he felt his mother’s foot touch his pant leg. He thought it was an accident until in went under the leg to touch his bare leg. It wasn’t an accident and she didn’t have her shoe on. Chris’ penis, which had become hard when he saw his mother’s nipple, pulsed in his pants. They ate their meal in relative silence. When the bill was paid… Allison insisted on paying… Chris took his mother’s arm and led her to the car. When he was in the driver’s seat, he put the key into the ignition and started the car. “Chris,” Allison said leaning toward her son, “I want to tell you what a wonderful Valentine’s Day this has been. I can’t ever remember a better one.” She reached over and placed her hand on her son’s cheek. Then she leaned toward him and brought her lips to his.Chris moaned as their lips mashed together. He felt his mother’s tongue on his lips and opened to let it in. Then he pushed her tongue back into her mouth with his. It was her turn to moan as she sucked on it. His hand touched canlı bahis her shoulder, feeling the errant shoulder strap under his fingers. Deftly he pushed it to the side until it slipped down her arm. With that, the right side of her bodice fell, uncovering not only her nipple, but also the entire breast. If Allison knew it, she gave no indication as the kiss went on for a long time. When they parted, Allison smiled at her son. “Thanks,” she said again. Then she sat back in her seat with her breast still uncovered.Chris wasn’t sure if he should tell her or not. Then he decided to just let it alone. He pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road. As he did, he felt his mother’s hand on his thigh. When he looked at her, she was staring forward and there was a contented smile on her face. Then he looked down and saw her exposed breast and excitement rushed through him. For the rest of the trip, Chris could barely keep the car on the road. His eyes were constantly drawn to her mother’s partial nudity. He could plainly see her soft white breast highlighted by the streetlights as they passed. Several times, cars pulled up along side of them and he was tempted to tell her. However, his youthful horniness won out.When they finally pulled into the driveway, Chris got out and opened the door for his mother. “Oops,” Allison said as she got out. “I guess I’m exposing myself,” she said as if she hadn’t realized it.”Don’t pull it up for me,” Chris joked.”All right,” she said and left the breast uncovered as they walked to the house.Chris was beside himself with excitement now. He didn’t know what was going to happen when they got inside, but he was ready to explode. When they reached the door, Allison turned to Chris and pressed her naked breast to him. “Kiss me,” she whispered. He did, long and hard. His hands wrapped around her back and he pulled her to him. As his mother’s tongue entered his mouth, his hands slid down her back until they were on her thinly covered ass cheeks. He paused, waiting for admonishment. What he got was a moan. He squeezed her soft cheeks, confirming that she didn’t have panties on. He almost shot his load as he pressed his hard shaft to his mother’s stomach.”We had better get off the porch before someone sees us,” Allison said with a giggle. As Chris opened the door, Allison tripped and they both stumbled into the house. Allison giggled loudly and leaned against Chris. The she put her finger to her lips and said, “Shhhhh.” She giggled again and reached down to take her high heels off. “There. Now I should be able to walk.”Chris was too excited to even answer.”Come on,” his mother said as she led him into the family room. “Let me check on you’re father. I’ll be right back.”Chris was almost trembling as he watched his mother leave. He sat on the sofa in the dark unable to believe this was happening to him. After about fifteen minutes, he started to wonder if his mother was coming back or not. He started to get up and look for her when he saw her come into the room. His eyes opened wide in shock. She was wearing the white blouse and tiny skirt he had seen on her when he caught her with Jason. The only difference was that her hair was not in braids. He swallowed hard and stared.She walked over and sat next to him. “I’m sorry you didn’t get what you wanted last night from Melissa. Maybe I can help.”There was a ringing in Chris’s ears, making it difficult for him to understand what his mother was saying. It took him a moment to respond when her lips suddenly touched his. He moaned and opened his mouth. A second later, he felt his mother take his hand and bring it to her silk covered breast.”Moooommm,” he moaned into her mouth.She pulled away and said, “Allison.” Then she began to unbutton the blouse. Chris’s penis pulsed with each button. He watched in disbelief as she opened every button and then pulled her blouse apart. “Suck my tit,” she whispered, pulling his head down to her breast.Chris sucked, nearly cumming in his pants. His lips devoured one nipple before moving on to the next. When he was done, both nipples were hard as rocks and dripping with is saliva. He was gasping for breath. Allison smiled at her son and kissed his lips again. Then she whispered, “I’m going to suck your cock.”At first Chris though he had misunderstood her. He looked at her quizzically.”I said that I’m going to suck your cock.”It took a mighty effort for Chris not to climax at her words. Allison pushed her son back and reached for his pants. A moment later she had them and his underwear at his ankles. She pulled on pant leg from his foot, giving her room bahis firmaları to slip between his knees. Then she grasped his throbbing shaft. She looked up at him and said, “Tell me what you want. I like to hear that.”Chris licked his dry lips and swallowed. His voice sound like a squeak at first. “Suc… suck me,” he whispered.Allison smiled and said, “Tell me more. Use nasty words.””Oh God Mom, suck my cock.””Mmmmm,” Allison moaned and scooted forward. She held his penis in her fist and looked at it. “It’s longer than Jason’s,” she whispered to herself. Then she pulled the head down and began to lick it.”Oh God Mom… I can’t hold… oh Jesus,” Chris gasped.Allison grabbed the base of his penis and squeezed hard. She held it tight until the throbbing stopped.Chris sighed and looked at his mother in amazement. He didn’t know that that was possible; she had stopped him from climaxing.After a moment or two, Allison resumed licking her son. Her tongue ran up and down the shaft as her hand held it tight. She was careful not to touch the head yet. Soon Chris was going mad with desire. “Please Mom… uh Allison,” he gasped and grabbed her head.”Tell me what you want.””I want you to suck me,” he said more forcefully than the first time.”I’m not convinced.””Goddamn it suck my cock,” he gasped and pulled his mother’s head toward his throbbing penis.Allison moaned loudly, opened her mouth and paused above his throbbing penis.”Suck my cock bitch,” Chris said, realizing what his mother liked. “You are such a na… nasty cock sucker.” He heard the words come out of his mouth before he could stop them. He froze, wondering how she was going to react. He still remembered the slap.Allison paused and looked up at her son, her eyes filled with lust. Then she moaned and took the swollen head between her lips and sucked.”Oh Jesus,” Chris moaned. His hips humped up as he held his mother’s head. “Suck it, suck it, suck it, you nasty cock sucker.” It was just like in his dream.The words ignited Allison. She moaned deep in her throat and sucked him hard. Then she looked up at him. At the same time she began a downward movement until the head of his penis was at the opening to her throat. With a deep breath, she pushed harder letting the large head slip through her constricted throat canal.Chris watched in amazement as his cock disappeared down his mother’s throat, inch by inch until her lips were in his pubic hair. Her eyes were still on him and he could see them tearing up. It had obviously been a difficult task to get his long penis down her throat. Chris could feel his balls churning and he had to close his eyes or risk cumming. He could feel the tight muscles of his mother’s throat caressing every inch of his shaft. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before.Allison held him in as long as she could before pulling back to breathe. Then she went down again. Over and over she took him into her throat; his long penis touching places that Jason could never reach. It was such a turn-on for her that she had to fight not to climax herself.Chris held her hair, helping her to move up and down. He wanted it to last forever, but he couldn’t take much more. “Mo… Allison, I can’t take much more,” he warned.Allison’s answer was to close her eyes and moan. She took him deep again. Then she felt him tense, she pulled up and held the head in her mouth. Her hand pumped the shaft.”Oh God, oh God, here it comes… ahhhhhhh!!!” His balls felt like they were going to explode. They pumped his juice up the shaft in great quantities. At the end of the line, it blasted from the slit and into his mother’s waiting mouth. Allison held her mouth still, letting it fill with her son’s sweet juice. It finally stopped just as her cheeks had stretched to the maximum. Then she pulled back, closing her mouth quickly.Chris looked down at his mother with lust-fogged eyes. Then he watched as she opened her mouth. It was just like his dream again. It had to be a dream. He could see that her mouth was almost overflowing with his thick white seed. A trickle bubbled over at the corner of her mouth and ran down her chin. Allison closed her mouth quickly and swallowed… once, twice, three times. On the third swallow, she leaned forward and grasped her son’s thighs tightly. Her fingernails dug deeply into him as her body shook. Chris looked on in amazement as his mother climaxed from swallowing his juice alone. She almost fell to the floor as convulsion racked her body. It seemed to go on for a long time… much longer than his climax had.Finally Allison sat up. Then she wiped her mouth with a trembling hand and stood up. She swayed for a moment before she caught her balance. “You have to get to bed. You have school tomorrow.”Chris felt a tremble go through his body as he watched his incredible mother walk out of the room.

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