a n-ice surprise in the hospital

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a n-ice surprise in the hospitalI had been going to do some shopping in the local shopping center,looking for new shoes for a new years eve party.I couldn’t decide, high heels I had on or to buy some flat shoes.decisions decisions.Wearing my high heels hadn’t been a very good idea in this weather.I had been crossing the road when a hot 30 something year old in a black Hyundai coupe asked me if i had a fur coat and no knickers on.I turned to smile but my heel got caught in something and i felt a shooting pain in my ankle.damn heel broke too.Christian Louboutin my arse. 100 euro fakes online.Even the fur wasn’t real.And the coupe cutie ? Drove off laughing.Bastard.I hobbled over to the hospital which luckily was almost next door to the the shopping center. Only bit of luck i was having.I was hours in the waiting room before I was led into a cubicle.A very handsome doctor with a Yorkshire accent came in and asked me a few details.whats your name,whats your address,do you have knickers on,any history of ….wait a minute…i looked closer at the doc.He had a big grin on his face.A familiar grin.The fucking asshole in the coupe.Still.I have to say he was cute.And Christ he had a body that must take many hours a day,every day,to keep in shape.He apologised for not stopping and explained he had been on an emergency call,very difficult labour. I understood.and brushed by hair back behind my ear,smiling and flirting shamelessly.”lets have a look at that ankle” he said,and grab bed my ankle high in the air ,and slowly,gently removed my shoe.”well,that answers that question” he said.My puzzled expression was the only answer i gave in reply.”You do”, he said.”What…what….what..”, i stammered like a moron.”Knickers” he said.You do have knickers on”.I was mortified. That’s why he had my foot up so high.Pervert….cute pervert though,lol. I was glad i didn’t have my comfy Brigid Jones knickers on.He was still grinning.Very bloody annoying.I quickly changed the subject and asked him his name and where he was from.Alex,he said.From Leeds.He told me to lie face down and he would rub in an anti-inflammatory cream.He rubbed some sort of oil into his hands and started massaging my foot.Slowly,almost sensuously.He had gone quiet,as had I.Now and then a nurse or another doc would stick their head in,but no-one said anything.Alex asked me if that felt better.”Oh yes”, I said quickly,too quickly.In truth,it felt fine, I had no doubt I could have skipped out of the casualty dept.”It hurts a little further up I said in a low voice.There was silence.Had I really said that.Why had I said that.Alex didn’t say a word,but put more cream on his hands.He started rubbing just above my knee.It felt different.Not so much a cream.More like an oil.Like baby oil.It felt electric.I sighed and spread my legs a little as Alex rubbed my thigh.Rubbed my upper thigh.”Does that feel good”, he asked.”Oh yes” I replied in a husky voice.Not trying to be sexy or trying to flirt,but..it felt like the caress of a lover.A handsome,muscular lover.He be could no doubt see my knickers now.My bum,barely covered in a g-string.He could caress see my entire bum.It was such a turn on.I was wet for sure.Horny as fuck too.Then the curtain was suddenly pulled aside .My face immediately turned to the intruder,as did Alexs’.There was another young doctor there.A little older maybe.He looked more startled than us.”Oh.Doctor Byrne,he said and went red,like i did.”You..em..need a hand?”, he asked. “No thanks” said Alex,in a calm voice,his hand,unseen by his colleague,moved under me,moving me,until it was rubbing my crotch.I couldn’t believe it.He rubbed my trimmed gaziantep escort bayan bush.”Everything is in hand”.”O.k” said the other doctor who surely saw nothing unprofessional,” If you need me,holler.”I turned to face Alex.His finger slid into my soaking wet pussy,and before i could utter a word,his mouth covered mine.He kissed me hungrily.I almost came.I pulled his head tight.He pushed my hand down to his trousers.I knew where he wanted me to touch.He was bulging.there was no zip or button fly.I pulled them down and felt his cock spring out.I grabbed him.He was fucking huge.I wanted him.Wanted him now.”Fuck me” I begged.”I cant” he said.”Not here.But I’m off in an hour.Meet me in my hotel,the Plaza”.”Ok”, I said.But I want to kiss you goodbye first”.He pulled my lips to his again,but he had misunderstood me.I pulled back,and bent down to his cock.His uncut cock.I hadn’t seen a circumcised on before.There was pre-cum dripping from it.I licked it.I heard him gasp.I licked around the head of his cock,devouring his sweet pre-cum.It was so sweet.I loved that taste.I cupped his balls with my left hand as I got to my feet.My right hand reached between his legs,to his ass.His tight arse. My mouth went over his cock completely.I took him in my mouth fully.With my right hand i reached for his arse again.My middle finger looked for his ass.His anus.And found it.I had already wet it.I gently rubbed his anus,probing,pushing,rubbing,pushing harder.It went in.His cock was still in my mouth,my left hand squeezing his balls.”Oh god”,he cried.He didn’t hear the curtain open again.I did.and I saw a nurse standing with her mouth open,a clipbord in her hand.”Fuck me”,cried Alex,”fuck me now”.I stood up.My short skirt covering my modesty.I walked to the curtain,standing right beside the Cath Bates(misery) lookalike.I winked at Alex and said,”see ya in an hour”.I didn’t turn to look at Alex.but wondered if he maintained his erection with his unexpected audience.I walked out smiling.Home? Hotel ? Decisions decisions.No way was I going home dripping wet without having that cock inside me.I walked over to the Plaza Hotel, and into the bar.I sat at the bar and ordered a Captain Morgan and coke.As I sipped it, I checked out the other people.If I got talking to a guy,no harm,a girls got to keep her options open.The bar was almost empty though.Couple of men in their 50’s wolfing down Guinness.No chance.They looked like farmers.And I don’t think they have seen a shower in many a year.A couple a little younger than me both drinking bottles of Heineken.Well dressed,hmmm. No.He was too skinny.I like a man to be a man.This guy probably had more cosmetics than me.bloody metrosexuals. So last year darling.She was hot though. Wouldn’t mind…The door opened,letting a cold breeze in.And there was Alex,looking damn hot in a tight t-shirt under a trendy cardigan,nice blue jeans with a cotton belt,was it cotton ? I don’t know.And well polished leather shoes.And there was his mate,the other doctor who had interrupted us.What the fuck ?.”Hey sexy” said Alex.”Don’t worry.I only brought Raff here in case you weren’t here. Didn’t want to look stupid.Anyway,this is Raffiqs hotel too.We’re here for a month.They are short staffed,and we are with an agency”.I suppose that made sense.His mate was cute enough anyway. Raffiq went to the bar and came back with a refill for me,looked like a double,a beer for Alex,and a glass of orange juice for himself.”Dry-shite”, I teased.But he explained they were both Muslim,but Raffiq was more into it than Alex,who seemed to have plenty of bad habits. Alex and Raffiq took turns getting the drinks in,and I was soon very tipsy.I was convinced every drink was a double,but didn’t care.I wasn’t paying for them.After a while,and after some very flirty comments,I felt I had enough,I stood up,and asked Alex if he wanted to finish what he had started earlier.Too bloody right he did.I staggered over to the stairs,Alex downed his pint in one go.I put one leg on the first stair,deliberately showing off my long legs.”C’mon big boy”, I said,and I knew half the bar heard.Fuck them.Alex came over and we were in his room as fast as we could.Alex pulled me tight and kissed me.On the lips,on the neck,then he fell to his knees in front of me.His hands went up my skirt and squeezed my bum,before pulling down my knickers in one go.He lifted up my skirt and kissed my belly,then my thighs,then my wet pussy.I groaned in ecstasy.We staggered back to the double bed.It was a twin room,one single,one double.He started licking my pussy again.He was like an expert.I knew he must have practiced,and mastered,on many women before me.So.I didn’t care.He kissed me there,and nibbled my pussy lips.It was divine.I had started rubbing my tits.My 36 DD tits.I felt Alex remove his trousers,then his top.He had a great body.He lowered himself down on me.Face to face,and kissed me passionately.His big cock slid into me in one fluid movement.I was very wet,and he knew what he was doing.He pumped me hard,like a piston,for what seemed like a long time. Then he pulled out,and pulled back.”Don’t stop”, I cried.But it was o.k. He grabbed my stomach on one side,and without a word,turned me over.He wanted me doggy-style. Dirty bastard.Good.I loved it from behind.then,a movement caught my eye.Fucking hell.It was Raffiq. Sitting on an armchair.Trousers around his ankles,wanking furiously.Holy mother of god……I was in shock. Raffiq had let himself in while his mate was banging me hard.At least he didn’t try to hide.Alex acted like everything was normal.I had twisted around til I was facing Raffiq. He paused.Then Alex slid his cock into me and started pumping again,hard.I turned my head around,still being fucked.”You share a room?”,I asked.He stopped pumping my pussy and leaned forward,his cock still inside me.He grabbed my right tit in his right hand and whispered in my ear,”we share EVERYTHING”.I knew what he meant.He wanted me to know.He straightened up and started pumping again.I turned around to face Raffiq again.My tits were swaying back and forward. Raffiq was grinning.He stood up,kicked his trousers aside and approached.His cock was dripping with pre-cum.He grabbed my hair with one hand,and my face with the other.He put his cock in my mouth.Oh god yes.yes..yes..yes..I came. Raffiq wasn’t as well endowed as Alex.And his cock tasted different.Alex pulled his cock out suddenly.I would have protested except for 2 reasons.1, my mouth was quite full,and being fucked by Raffiq,and 2, Alex pushed his cock quickly up my ass.No rubbing it on my ass for a while the way I like it.No lube,which to be honest I never need, and certainly no asking could he, which would have been nice.So there I was.The meat in a very nice sandwich.Enjoying being spitroasted. Enjoying being fucked in the ass.Oh god.Oh god yes.My arse tightened on Alexs’ cock as I came again.I think Alex was caught unawares.He shot his load up my ass.He screamed in orgasm.Loudly.Very loudly. Feck him.It was his hotel.He could deal with the funny looks from the staff.Cumming with me.I always loved that.Raffiqs cock slid out of my mouth as I collapsed in a heap.Course my arse was still in the air. Alexs cock,not quite as hard now,still inside me.”Hey,not fair”,complained Raffiq.He lay down on the single bed,which looked as though it wasn’t being used by either doc.”My turn for a b.j. “.I climbed on him.His face between my legs,and got into the 69 position.”Euggh, there’s cum dripping on me”, he complained,but didn’t sound like he minded at all.He certainly shut up when I started sucking him.In this position I was able to deep-throat him,which he obviously loved,judging by the groans of ecstasy he was making.Then he started licking my pussy.My soaking wet pussy,that must have some of Alexs’ taste on it,some of Alexs’ cum on it.He didn’t care,he loved it.He was more gentle than Alex,doing it for my pleasure,as well as his.Could this get any better.I had to ask.Alex had been standing looking at us.His cock in his hand.He came over and stuck his cock in me,inches above his mates tongue.”OH…OH..OH GOD..OH GOD…”I came again.this was just too good.I knew every fuck in the near future would pale in comparison.Unfairly disappointing me.I worked hard on Raffiqs’ cock,trying to make him cum.No joy.Not a lot of noise from him either.Was he going through the motions?.Before I could think anymore of it,never mind say anything,Alex came again.This time in my pussy,which my now was a bit sore,and would be for a day or two.Alex pulled out at last.He collapsed in the armchair that Raff had been in earlier.How much earlier? I had lost track of time.I felt Alex’s cum drip out of me.I waited for Raffiq to complain again.Instead,he licked quicker.And made noises of pleasure he hadn’t made earlier.I felt his cock stiffen in me, and he began thrusting wildly,all the time licking.Licking like it was the most the most delicious thing he had ever tasted,and was tasting for the first time.Or was it the first time?.Who cares.At that stage I was glad when he was finished.I wanted to go home and soak in the bath.Maybe play with myself as I relived my exciting 3some. We all lay there in silence for a few minutes,still naked.The smell of sex very noticeable in the air.Then I got dressed,and headed for the door.The two of them walked over,still naked,and kissed me,and thanked me for a wild time. Raffiq bizzarely acted like a gentleman.Alex grabbed my right tit,again,his other hand grabbed my arse,pulling toward him,rubbing his cock on me.I opened the door quickly,hoping someone would be outside,and would see them naked.There was no-one there.Neither of them batted an eyelid anyway.It was obvious they wouldn’t have cared if anyone had seen them.Damn.”One thing disappointed me ,by the way”,I said.”Not my thing, I hope “,said Alex,with a grin which told me he wouldn’t have cared. Raffiq looked puzzled.”No,no,you were both…more than adequate”,I said,looking down at their cocks.For fucks sake.Alex looked ready to go again.He could shove it up his mates arse,as far as I was concerned.I knew I would never see them again. Didn’t want to.”What I meant was,I would have expected you to be more careful.Use condoms.Being doctors and all”.Raffiq giggled.”Actually we’re nurses,baby”,said Alex.”But we find we have more success with the ladies,when they think we’re doctors.”He laughed,and his minion followed suit.No doubt who the alpha male was.And who the bitch was, I thought and smiled.Alex didn’t like that.He wanted to have the upper hand.”Doctors don’t strap ankles baby,or spend any length of time with minor injuries”,he said.”Oh I know”, I said,”and they don’t deliver babies,difficult or not,in Tallaght. Maybe you were thinking of the Coombe or Holles Street.BABY.Ciao”.And with that,I closed the door.Letting them know,that I knew.Knew all along.But was happy to play their game.On MY terms.I walked away.Smiling.Happy.But fucking sore,lol.THE ENDHope everyone enjoyed this 3some story lol. all comments appreciated.jack.x

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