A Needed Release


My name is Karen and I’m in a slump. My job has been going well. I was promoted just a month ago with a substantial pay raise that finally let my fiancé and I loosen the purse strings a little bit. My fiancé is Dan. When we first met I was nearing the end of Graduate school and he was already working. Our sexual attraction was strong. Every move my body made turned him on and any touch from him would make me squeeze my thighs together.

As time went on though we both became so busy with work and other activities. I feel like we hardly see each other. Don’t get me wrong though. I want him just as much as ever, it’s just that either one of us or both is too tired, we don’t see each other all day, or even worse, Dan has to do some traveling for his job. I haven’t masturbated so much since I was in college. Almost every morning I need to get myself off in the shower. When Dan is away I masturbate before going to bed too. I was so accustomed to getting his cock before bed I just can’t sleep with out. I guess fantasizing about that gorgeous cock is the next best thing.

One night I was too tired to even get out my vibrator. I simply just passed out. I had this dream though that I will never forget. In the dream Dan had taken control of me; dominated me, only giving me pleasure when he wanted to. It culminated into the best sex my mind could have ever put together. When I woke up my pussy was soaked. I came extra hard in the shower that morning.

That dream wouldn’t leave my mind all day. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I decided to call Dan. I had to tell him. The sound of his voice alone began to make me wet. I told him every detail of the dream. I could tell it was making him hot, his breathing had gotten heavier. The funny thing though, was that he really didn’t have much to say about it. Just said it was hot and not much else. He informed me though that He would be returning home tonight, but not until late.

Meanwhile I had hiked up my skirt, exposing the tops of my white stockings. I pushed my panties to the side and slipped my fingers into my pussy as my thumb twirled my clit. I couldn’t help it. That dream was intoxicating. I pulled my travel buddy out of my desk drawer and came right there in my office. I was almost at the end of my rope at this point. I needed Dan more than ever. I needed is cock in my pussy, my ass, my mouth!

Despite my need for Escort Bayan sex I was finally able to get some work done. By the time I got home I was fairly tired. I laid on the couch, drifting off, as the TV flickered in the dark. I didn’t hear the door open as Dan returned home from his trip.

I was awoken by his strong hand covering my mouth so nothing could escape. It scared the shit out of me and made him laugh. When he removed his hand I began to say something but he only looked at me with such ferocity that I silenced immediately. His look made me hot; I began to feel my pussy heat up. This is what I had been waiting for.

He picked me up as if I was pillow, throwing me over his shoulder, having complete control over my body. He tossed me onto our bed and then went rummaging through the closet. Then he said, “Get ready for a wild ride,” and my hand went straight my mound; I was dripping. He pulled ropes out from the closet. Our bed posts are perfect for being tied up; I guess he finally realized it.

He tied me up so I was pulled in all four directions. He then removed my clothes, cutting them, ripping them. He stared at my naked body, ready to devour. He kissed me, driving his tongue into my mouth, but didn’t stay long.

He was at my nipple, sucking, nibbling, just the way I like it. My pussy felt tight and I want his cock in me already. I wanted to come and felt myself getting close. How long would I last? He continued to suck on my tits. He was aggressive with his mouth, covering me with it. He pinched my nipples with his fingers; they were so erect it almost hurt. I came and felt the warm juices hit my thighs. Dan noticed and liked it. I closed me eyes, what could be next?!

He stopped for a moment and looked at my pussy. He knew I wanted it, knew I want that fat hard cock to pound my pussy until I screamed and his cum filled me up. He ran his finger down my slit, my lips were wet and his finger felt painfully orgasmic on my body. He almost slipped his finger inside of me but then stopped. This rebuff from expected pleasure almost knocked the wind out of me and I looked at him wide-eyed, wanting him to touch me before I burst. All he could say though was, “Its my turn now.”

He untied my hands exposing my red wrists from fighting against the ropes. He propped me up with a pillow and I knew what was going on. I smiled in Escort anticipation of his cock. I loved to suck it. I loved the way it felt, rock hard against my soft mouth. He guided his cock to my mouth and I was grateful my hands were free so I could stroke his shaft and teasingly suck the head of his cock before swallowing it whole and feeling it hit the back of my mouth. I drew him in and out of my mouth, deep and slow. Spit began to drip down my chin because of my awkward position. I sucked and slurped to try and keep up. I was so horny and lost in his cock, wanting it so bad, that I didn’t notice my hand going right down to my pussy so I could finger fuck myself as I sucked him. Oh! But he wouldn’t let me and took my hand away, “Soon,” he said.

This only made me want to drive him crazy too. I pulled his cock all the way out of my mouth, looked at him, smiled, then buried his cock in my mouth and down my throat. As I felt it slip down I heard him grunt, his thighs tighten. I knew he was about to cum. I pulled him out of my mouth and now he looked at me. My plan worked. “Oh, you think your slick huh, well just wait and see.”

He tied my arms up again and untied my feet this time. Finally! He was going to touch my pussy, finger it, lick, suck, and nible my clit. Just the thought of a touch has never made me go so crazy, my nerves were on end; everything felt exceptionally sensitive.

He ran his finger over my slit again and then slipped his finger into my now drenched pussy. When he began to finger my clit a low moan escaped my mouth as my entire body shivered with pleasure I have never felt before. He continued to finger me, harder then slower and over and over. He then put his face to my pussy and began to eat me, sucking my juices down. I was thinking about fucking him, so desperate for his cock. My hips bucked as I shoved my pussy into his face, covering him with my juices. His cock was still throbbing too; he swung his body around so we could 69. I took him in my mouth as best I could with no hands. I licked and sucked on his cock with a madness I have never felt before. I ran my tounge over his balls and took them in my mouth. His moans were so nice.

He had continued to eat me, slipping his fingers in and out. Almost out of no where I felt a finger slip into my asshole. He ran it in and out. It felt nice, very tight. He nibbled on my clit Bayan Escort as he inserted a second finger into my ass. I was about to go over the edge by now.

Dan must have felt the same because he got right up. He now untied my arms so I was completely free. He was lost in his world of sex, I was no longer is lovely and tender fiancé; I was a pussy for him to fuck, I was his slut. His craze made me go wild, that look in his eyes always made my juices flow, no matter what.

Dan then threw my feet over his shoulders and guided his cock around my pussy, he threw his head back and let out a groan as finally his cock met my pussy. He couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore and he slammed is cock in side of me. His hot cock in my hot pussy; hard meeting wet as he pounded me and I saw stars. He grabbed my ankles; my ass was in the air. I felt like a rag doll as his cocked pulled in and out. I watched his cock as it rammed me, glistening with my juices. Before he came though, he pulled out.

Again, as if I weighed five pounds, he flipped me over on the bed with a roughness that was just about the sexiest and manliest thing I have seen or felt. He pulled my ass into the air. He put his cock into my pussy and fucked my doggy style, but only for a minute. He grabbed the gel from the table and lubed up his cock. I shook my ass in his face, anticipating his entry into my asshole. He slapped my ass, “I want that tight asshole around my cock,” he said. All I could manage to get out in my half delirious state of complete ecstasy was “I want it, I want your cock, fill my ass with your fat cock.” And then he did.

It was tight at first, but then slid in like it was meant to be there. He sawed in and out of my ass. He told me how it felt so tight, so good. He continued to play with my clit as he fucked my ass, his strong hand roughly gripped my hip, and I came with a fierceness that I had never felt before. He wasn’t done yet though. He gave my ass a couple more good pumps and then pulled out.

With a quickness that I have never seen in him he flipped me over again and straddled my chest. His cock was inches from my face as he jerked it like an animal, groaning, ready to come. He came on my face, drenching me with a load like I have never seen. I licked it up the best I could, straight off my face or off my fingers. I wanted every last drop I could get. He was delicious. He looked at me, a little dazed, “You look so beautiful covered in my cum.” I smiled.

Dan and I cleaned up the best we could. I finally was satisfied and felt I could sleep forever. We collapsed on the bed, entwined together, and fell asleep.

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