A New Domination Ch. 02


A New Domination Ch. 02I sat watching my mother after her cathartic recognition of her submission to me, and I wasn’t surprised to see that she quickly fell asleep. It must have been a very traumatic experience for her. As she slept, her face took on a relaxed appearance with the stress that had marked her for a long time starting to disappear. She settled for the night, and in spite of the temptation to join her, I left for my own bed.Before I fell asleep myself, I recognized immediately that, in making myself her Dom, I had also taken on a huge responsibility. Over the past couple of years, her emotional life had become a grey monotone lacking excitement or fulfillment, and she lived day-to-day in a safe, undemanding but boring existence. By submitting to me she saw an opportunity to experience a kaleidoscope of excitement, a rainbow of sensual colors.All of this meant that I had taken on an awesome responsibility for my mother’s emotional stability; if I fouled up, she wouldn’t be able to return to grey safety. I was going to move heaven and earth to make sure I didn’t foul up, and, in any case, grey safety would have been the last thing on mom’s mind.I was up early next morning and sat in the kitchen reading the paper. I was completely absorbed in this when I suddenly felt two soft warm hands slide over my shoulders and down my chest. I turned to see my mother in a dressing gown, her mobile, expressive face showing uncertainty and apprehension tinged with fear, but, I was intrigued to note, just the slightest hint of desire, even lust.”Master, I …” she started, but I stood and put my finger to her lips.”Let’s have some breakfast, mum, then we can get comfortable in the lounge and we’ll talk; we need to do that.”We sat at right angles on the settee, knees almost touching, and she burst out, “Simon, I’m so scared. I so need to belong to you, to have you take control of my emotional life and tell me what to do. I need you to be in charge and … oh Simon, I love you so much—I long to submit to you. I’ve dreamed about finding the ideal master for so long, and the truth is, you are the only person I can really trust. B…but,” and here she hesitated and tears filled her eyes. “I am so afraid of what will happen if your father finds out.””Okay, mum, I completely understand about dad, and that just means we must be very careful when he’s around. I won’t do anything at all to compromise you in his eyes, even though he’s hardly ever home, and even then, he doesn’t seem to take much notice of you. We need to make a compact about how we will behave while dad’s around, but I give you my word, both as your master and as your son that I won’t cause you any problems regarding dad. In front of dad, and in normal day-to-day situations, I shall continue to call you mum or mother, and you should call me Simon or honey, which I particularly like.”Her smile was enchanting and she moved beside me and kissed me, gently and with a warmth not normally associated with a mother/son kiss.I looked deep into her eyes and could see the blend of unconditional love and need but also her vulnerability reflected in them. “Mum, I know that by submitting to me in this way, you are putting all your trust in me. In that way, I have been given the power over your total pleasure and I recognize that means you trust me enough to use it wisely. I have to tell you that, for me, that is a huge aphrodisiac. It also means that I have a compelling responsibility towards you not to cause you harm but to maximize your pleasure—because I love you so much.”There was a compelling need in her to obey, and she had found someone to whom she could submit, trusting me to provide for this compulsion. I came to realize that she would obey me without question.”Simon, there’s been this gaping hole in my life ever since my grandmother died. Sheldon only partly filled it, and although the experience was highly stimulating, it didn’t go far enough. It was only once a week, and even then, the cult seemed to operate almost automatically, as if they had a sort of ‘play book’,” mother grinned at me, and I knew exactly what she meant.”Can I please explain something to you? It may help you to understand me and it will help me to make clear how I feel.” she continued. “Ever since I can remember, I felt a need to obey someone. First, my parents; they had huge expectations of me, particularly after my brother showed such academic promise, then later, my sister was so beautiful. And the way my parents doted on them led to arrogance where they tried to force me to obey them.””Obedience became ingrained in me, and my grandmother heightened it, seeing the submissive streak in my nature and allowing me to give in to it. She made me obey her, too, but I was so enthralled by her that I willingly gave up my sense of who I was and found bliss in being her plaything. That was wonderful, until her death, when my world fell apart. Your father either couldn’t or wouldn’t give me what I needed, and after my experience with the cult, I could only turn to religion, where obedience to the church’s doctrine was so important.””A friend had introduced me to the cult, but it never really filled my deepest need. I am a submissive who needs to be the property of someone I not only trust but who I also love and respect. I know you are wise enough to use it as both a reward and a punishment, and … oh god, Simon, I need you so much.””Now you have discovered the pictures and stepped in and taken control of me, and I can’t wish for anything better. I need to be controlled. All I want is to forget everything and focus only on pleasing one person. I’ve tried to come to grips with my desires for years but I was never able to really achieve it.”Her voice was husky and strained. “Now I am your sub and that is exactly what I want. I will do anything you tell me and my only concern is what pleases you. I will be your slave if that’s what you need, your sex slave, willingly making my body available for any purpose. You only have to command me and I will do it. For you, Sir, for you alone.”It was at that moment that I realized that this would be her whole life from now on. She was made to serve me, to be mine exclusively. I knew that I could use her in any way I wanted, and I sensed that that excited her greatly; that this gave her life its ultimate meaning, and that she would embrace this new reality with an enthusiasm and commitment unlike anything that she had previously experienced. She was my mother, my lover and my pet. I now knew without a shadow of doubt that this was to be her role, even if nobody else could know that she was my plaything.”You like this idea, don’t you mother? You like having to do what I tell you?”She nodded but remained silent”Take off your gown, come over here and stand in front of me.” She stumbled towards me. “Stop and lock your hands behind your head so I can get the best view of your tits. Now turn round and face the other way.”She slowly turned and faced the opposite way, knowing that I was staring at her naked bottom. “Absolutely lovely mother. You have gorgeous tits and a beautiful bottom, soft and pliant. I am going to love playing with it. Now turn and face me.”I heard a quiet moan as she did so, blushing but otherwise silent.First, though, we need to look at a few ground rules. Now,” I continued, “when we’re in an intimate situation like this, I shall call you slut, bitch, whore or any other name I choose, and you will call me sir for preference or master if you wish. Do you understand the situation you are now in?”She looked at me from under hooded eyelids, her breathing becoming rapid and shallow. Taking a deep breath, she answered with a shaking voice, “Yes Sir.”I hope you know what you are saying, mother, you are giving me carte blanche to treat you however I like, although you must never forget your safe word, ‘wombat’.””Yes, honey, I know, and that’s what I want. Tell me what you are going to do to me, what you are going to do with me,” she replied without any hesitation.”I will spank you until your bottom is crimson and pulsing with heat—punishing you like the bad little girl you are. I will lay you on your bed with your legs in the air, and then eat you until your lose all control in your lust. I will flip you onto your hands and knees and take you hard and fast until you scream for release. You are so sexy, I doubt I will last long before I fill you up with my seed.””Then you will clean me with your mouth before we go to the bathroom and share a long hot shower together. When we do, I will pee over your tits and your pussy. At other times, I may tie you up so that you can’t move, then work over your body until you scream for release. I may—or may not—grant that release when you beg me for it.””I shall want you to dress in sexy clothing—stockings and heels, flimsy little panties and shelf bras. When you do, I will drag you into the bedroom and have you kneel on the edge of the bed. I will lick your pussy as well as your bottom before I stand behind you and take you hard like the horny slut you are while you scream in a mixture of pain and excitement.””Oh god, Simon, I almost reached a climax just hearing you say those things. And I want to suck your cock and have you cum on my face and tits. And please control my orgasms so I don’t climax until you allow me to.”God mother looked, sounded and smelled so delicious—and I could see her starting to shiver with anticipation. This is how she was, needing to obey, needing to submit, and I could control her—through domination, and maybe humiliation. It was her overwhelming need and I could use it for our mutual satisfaction.”Please Sir, please teach me to be a good slut. Show me how you need me to behave so that I can give you everything you need from me. It isn’t only the physical stuff, spanking and whipping, that I so need, delicious though that is. What is so important to me is my total submission to you. I will give you everything you desire, just be firm and demand obedience. It’s all about your power over me and my need to be controlled. You could demand that I not orgasm until you allow me to and then punish me if I don’t obey you. You are my master; you own me in the same way you would own a pet.””Very well. You need to know the basic submissive position that I shall expect you to assume when we are together. Kneel in front of me with your bottom on your calves with your feet just overlapping. Spread your knees wide, back straight, shoulders back and your hands open and resting upwards on the tops of your thighs. Your eyes must be open, but focused completely on my groin. Do you understand, mother?””Oh yes Sir. I need you to humiliate me; I need to be degraded so that I know I have no existence other than through your wishes and your desires.””Excellent, now stand, come here and undress me.”She obeyed, her hands trembling with a lust-borne thrill as she removed my clothes, and I felt a surge of power over this obedient woman, my mother and my pet. I heard her gasp as she lowered my boxers to reveal my manhood standing tall, proud and rigid in front of her. She started to reach towards it and then stopped, knowing that she had not yet been given permission.I sat on a chair and beckoned her towards me. “Now, let us see how well you have learned your first lesson. Assume the position.”In a flash, she was on her knees in exactly the position I had demanded. She looked beautiful—her soft pale skin quivering slightly, her breasts thrust forward and her nipples hard with anticipation. Even though she was now 42, her body showed little of the ravages of time, and she looked to be in her prime, ripe, soft, smooth and so alluring that I almost drooled. She was a wet dream come true; she wanted me and the feeling was entirely mutual.”Kiss my feet in submission, mother, then kiss your way upward along both of my legs.”She did as I demanded, soft moist kisses, using her tongue for extra erotic effect. She soon discovered some erogenous areas, and could obviously tell the effect she was having on me. She giggled when I gasped in reaction, and repeated the dose to my great satisfaction.I stopped her briefly as she reached the top of my legs. “Use your tongue around my balls, Sally, then long slow licks along the length of my shaft and take the head into your mouth.”She moaned with excitement and then obeyed with a skill and enthusiasm that rather surprised me. But the surprise quickly disappeared with the intense pleasure that she was creating. I felt myself climbing towards a highly satisfying climax, ready to shoot a load into her sweetly sucking mouth. I also realized, however, that this first time needed to be about reinforcing my dominance and not just about my pleasure.”Take my cock out of your mouth, slut and finish me by hand. When you do, point me at your face, then at your tits.”She whimpered in frustration as I realized that she had built up an expectation of being able to taste her son, but did as I demanded. She recognized that her c***d was watching her debase herself, and that was enough to send me over the edge. I clenched my body rigid and howled as my orgasm exploded, covering her face and tits with my spend.I gradually came down from my high to see my mother still kneeling in the submissive position with my seed dribbling down her face and hanging in strings from her nipples. “Scoop up my cum and eat every drop,” I ordered.She did so, enthusiastically and with obvious enjoyment.We relaxed for the rest of the day in a wholly domestic scenario, until later that evening, after my mother had readied herself for bed, I asked her, “Mother, although you are my sub, and must do anything I tell you, I’m güvenilir bahis not completely insensitive to your needs. So tell me, Sally, what do you most want from me?”She shivered, unsure at first of how far she could go, but then pulled herself together. She looked deep into my eyes, almost as if trying to see if I was only playing with her emotions. “Master, I beg, take me hard, show me no mercy, **** me, make me scream in submission to show you how much of a whore I really am.”I made a rapid decision. “Mother, I have to go out for a short while, but I won’t be long. Maybe you’d better get yourself ready for bed.”With that I went out to my car and drove it onto the road, then crept back into the house and up to my mother’s bedroom. She was humming to herself, always a good sign. Creeping up behind her, I grabbed her round the waist and threw her onto the bed. She screamed, at first mainly because of the surprise, but then because she knew what was about to happen.”You asked for it, bitch, now you’re gonna get it,” and I tore off her gown, revealing all her glorious nakedness.”Oh god, Simon, I …””Shut it, whore, unless you want me to gag you,” and I pinched her engorged nipples and pulled them hard away from her body. She screamed and writhed, but I let go of her nipples and slapped her hard on each breast, which caused her to scream again. I reached down and ran my fingers firmly along her slit, confirming what I’d already suspected; she was wet and getting wetter.”You know you’re going to be ****d, don’t you, you degenerate whore? You know you are totally depraved wanting your son to fuck you like this don’t you? Tell me, slut,” I shouted, “tell me how much you want it.””Let me go, you bastard,” she screamed.”That’s enough, bitch,” I growled, and with that, she tried to lash out at me with closed fists, screaming incoherently. She was no match for my strength, however, and I grabbed her and with a quick heave, turned her onto her face. Her response almost made me believe this was serious, but the safe word remained unsaid. I was able to avoid her kicking legs, pinning her against the bed by pressing on the small of her back. She struggled, thrashing her whole body in a seemingly helpless invitation for me to take full advantage of her.”Alright, you a****l, you can have your way with me. Why don’t you just get it over with and … Aargh, yes, you motherfucker, I want you to do me; I want that big cock jammed hard into my pussy. I want to feel your cum pump into me. I want …”With this, I bent and bit the creamy smooth skin of her bottom. I then reached round and pinched her hard nipples relentlessly and my mother screamed as her passions won the battle over her self-control.”Like that, do you, slut?””Yes.” she answered quickly, biting her own lip. “I love it!” she cried out in both ecstasy and agony.My hand came down hard across her bottom several times, and she screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” repeatedly, desperate for me to pierce her to her soaking writhing core.”Come on, Sally, show me how depraved you are.” I ordered. “Tell me how much of a slut you really are!”She knew what I wanted to hear, and what she wanted to hear herself tell me. She realized that I was coming to revel in the control I had over her, and deep down she knew that the release into submission would send her into orbit as well.”I’m such a slut and I so want to be fucked like a whore.” she panted, “but I’m your whore. I so want you to fuck me and I just can’t stop fantasizing about it.””Yeah, slut, get up on your hands and knees and stay there or you will be punished severely,” I demanded, to give me time to get out of my clothes. I was soon back positioned behind her and I admired the smooth slope of her back.”Beg for it, mother, beg for your son. Plead with me to ram my cock up your needy, drooling pussy.””Aargh, yes, Sir, please, I beg you, please do me hard. I just want you so much …” and she whimpered and moaned as I positioned myself against her sloppy pussy and pushed just the tip into her.”That’s a good little girl. You belong to me and me alone, do you understand? Every part of your body belongs to me, to use in any way I choose.”With that, I grabbed her by her hips and thrust my rigid cock all the way into her. My mother screamed with the speed and intensity of my penetration, but was soon pushing herself back against me.”Please Sir, fuck this slut as hard as you can. Feel how my pussy wants to hold on to your cock; it doesn’t want to let go. Oh fuck, it feels so good.”She was having a highly stimulating effect on me. “Your pussy is so hot; it feels perfect around my cock.” With that, I again spanked her bottom as I fucked her, and her shuddering moans told me how much this turned her on.”That’s right, slut. Push your hot tight cunt back so that I can ride you hard. You love having my fuck meat up your horny pussy, don’t you, bitch?” I growled,”Oh, god, yes, I love your hard cock fucking me, Sir. Please, treat me like the bitch I am and make me cum,” she replied.”Mmmm! Yeah, you’re going to cum for me, whore. You’re my bitch, now, aren’t you? Say it, slut. Tell me what you are.””I’m a dirty cheating whore!” she gasped. “You’re fucking a slut who gets off on cheating on her husband, on your father. I’m a depraved whore who loves fucking her son. I’ll go to hell and I don’t care. I need to be punished; please teach me to be a good girl, Sir.”She thrust back harder onto me and her breathing turned to shallow gasps as she neared her climax. My mother … oh god, my mother, cried out almost incoherently, begging me to fuck her, begging me to use her, begging me to make her my slut. The silky muscles of her cunt gripped me, spasming in their excitement, and I knew she was close to her own explosion in a searing orgasm.At the same time, I could feel myself nearing my peak. This was no ordinary fuck, this was something new and depraved, but supremely erotic, filling me with an ecstasy I’d never experienced before. This was my mother, begging her son to take her, acknowledging his mastery over her—and loving every moment of it.Eventually she reached the point of no return, screaming. “Please, may I cum for you, Sir? Please, let me cum?””Yes, whore! Cum for me! Now! Cum for your master!”My mother’s screams seemed to fill the room as she came on my hard cock, flooding me with her hot juices. Her screams and moans of delight were all I needed to plunge over the edge into my own maelstrom of sexual rapture. With a loud shout, I came harder than I could ever remember having cum before as my cock unloaded deep into her womb.We both gasped for air, breathing hard as the rapture slowly diminished. I rolled off her back and lay on the bed with my mother on her side. I must have started to fall asleep, because the next thing I remembered was one finger slowly moving from my neck to my navel in a sensuous caress. I opened my eyes to see my mother resting on one elbow with a luminous smile glowing across her face as she trailed a finger over me.”Oh god, Sir, that was everything I imagined and so much more. If this is how being your sub is going to be, I will crawl over broken glass for you, I’ll …”I pulled her across me and stopped her the best way I knew how, with a kiss that started warm and gently but soon grew into a passionate, no holds barred lingual exploration.”Sally, this is beyond beautiful, beyond sexy, beyond a rainbow explosion of sensuality. You are so beautiful and so desirable, I don’t know how I am going to be able to keep my hands off you.””Then don’t try,” she giggled, but then changed the moment with a wide, unstoppable yawn.”Mmm, yes, Mum, we need some sleep—it’s been an eventful day. You have one last sub’s job to do …” but before I could tell her, she shimmied down and ran her warm, soft tongue over my now wholly shrunken cock, cleaning me completely of the mixture of our joint delight.This time we slept together, spooned into each other and she wriggled backwards, seeking the most contact with my body. It was all I could do to resist her before sleep relieved the temptation.The week passed in a blur of sexual excitement. At least once a day, my mother would beg me to discipline her; her favorite was a spanking with me using my bare hand, but she also enjoyed a stiff leather paddle. We had sex in every room of the house, sometimes a long erotic lovemaking with extensive foreplay until we were both almost out of control. Sometimes I would take her by surprise for a fast hard fuck that had her screaming and thrashing in her climax.On the Saturday, my mother had been shopping dressed conservatively; this style was getting me increasingly enthusiastic, knowing that underneath that prim and proper exterior was a sexual volcano. I decided to put her to a humiliating test.”Mother, we shall go to church tomorrow.” I caught her unawares and quite surprised.”Why, sure, honey, but why; don’t forget that your father is due back tomorrow evening.””How could I forget, Sally; we shall have to curtail our excitement. But I think it might be good for you to see your girlfriends again—it’s been a while, hasn’t it?” She nodded her agreement, but I refused to be drawn any further.The following morning, we were up early, with mother dressed in typical church-going clothes. Low heels, pantyhose, a severe dress with a covering jacket, a small black hat with a false veil and the most rudimentary makeup. She paraded herself for my inspection, and I nodded approval.”Excellent, mother—how do you feel?””I feel a complete hypocrite, Simon. I don’t understand why we’re going to church, and you so seldom come.””To answer your question, mother, this is to see just how well you cope with humiliation.” So saying, I produced an egg shaped object and showed it to her.She gasped, holding her hand to her mouth. “That’s … that’s a … that’s a vibrator, isn’t it?””Correct, mother, and you will insert it into your cunt, and it will stay there until we return from church. Now go and get it into you like a good girl.”My mother disappeared briefly, returning with a look blended from concentration and concern on her face. “Okay, I’ve put it inside me, what happens now?”I said nothing, but turned the remote control to a medium setting. She screamed with the sensation, shaking and staring at me with fear in her eyes. “Oh god, Simon, I can’t go to church like this, with you controlling the sensations like you are; I’d completely lose control and make a total laughing stock of myself.””Then it’s up to you to make sure you control yourself, isn’t it, mother? Now finish getting ready, we don’t want to be late.” I could see that she wanted to object, but something held her back, and I was willing to bet that her need to be dominated had overcome her fear of exposure.We arrived at the church and Sally was greeted by some of her older acquaintances who gushed over her and me for coming with my mother. As they were talking, I tweaked the remote very lightly, giving her a light buzz in her pussy. Mum gasped, and her friends were immediately solicitous as she explained that she was having some minor pain. “Women’s troubles,” I commented blandly, and the others nodded in understanding.The congregation was small and we sat in a pew by ourselves. This gave me the opportunity to play with the remote, and during the sermon, I turned it up to medium. My mother writhed in her seat, close to orgasm and had to almost physically restrain herself from making any sound.After the service, we were again joined by mom’s former cronies and they gossiped with genial malice. We were then joined by Denise Carlyle, the deaconess, a striking woman in her late thirties, cool and self-assured, wearing what was obviously Chanel No.5. I noticed my mother twitched her nose at this, and she told me later that she really disliked that perfume.We stood talking for a while, and I manipulated the remote enough to make my mother twitch and squirm, but she concealed this quite well. But not completely, and the consensus of opinion was that I should take mum home and make sure she was okay.”Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets the treatment she needs,” I smiled as we left the church. When we were settled in the car, I turned the vibrator up to the highest setting, and she thrashed and moaned in her seat as two or three orgasms swept over her.When we arrived home, we went into the lounge and I ordered her to strip. “Get yourself out of those ‘old lady’ clothes, and never let me see you wearing pantyhose again. Is that clear?””Yes, Sir” she whispered obediently and was soon naked in front of me.”Do you know what will happen now, mother, after you nearly revealed your climax in the church? Tell me, what do you think you deserve?”She said nothing, but rubbed her legs together, trying to gain stimulation in her weeping pussy.”You have been a bad girl, getting so wet and almost losing control. You could barely contain your excitement, could you mother? You know you should be punished; what punishment do bad little girls get when they get wet?”She whimpered, knowing the answer. “Bad girls deserve to be spanked, sir. Please spank me and prove what a bad girl I’ve been.” Her voice trembled, but she held her position, and her eyes never left mine. “I need to be punished, and I need you to do it, to spank me until I scream, so I know that I belong to you.””Come here, then, and take the position across my lap.”She did so, and the result was truly mouth watering. Her soft pink/white skin flowed across both cheeks and presented a target that no red-blooded male could possibly resist. Instead of immediately spanking her, as she probably expected, I gently stroked my hand over her responsive türkçe bahis skin as it quivered and trembled in anticipation. God help me, it felt wonderful, and her groans and whimpers told me that she felt the same way.Then I struck. My hand was cupped at first, making a satisfying noise but not causing much pain. Lulling her into a false sense of security, I opened my hand and spread my fingers and gave her five rapid strikes on each cheek. She squeaked and squealed as her bottom took on first a pink and then a deeper cherry red tinge. Then a further five on each side led to a change in her voice. Her response to the stinging sensation was having a different effect, and she writhed and rolled on my lap, seeming to try to force her mound against my now very interested cock.”I see, slut—you are trying to get off on me; this wasn’t supposed to be about your pleasure but about you being punished. What do you have to say for yourself?” I motioned for her to sit beside me.”I … I … I don’t … I don’t know, Sir. All I know is that your spanking heated my bottom and the heat transferred to my pussy, and it made me feel so hot and so sexy, and I so wanted to come to a climax, especially because you created it.””Hmm. I see, mother. I shall have to give a lot of thought to suitable punishments that won’t lead to you getting aroused. But while I am thinking about that, your response to me playing with your bottom has caused me to get very enthusiastic about the idea of fucking you, and I’m going to take you doggy style.”If her expression could have caused me to orgasm, I would have cum violently and relentlessly there and then. “Please, Sir, please fuck me as hard as you like. Oh god, just the idea is making my pussy drool. Ooh yes, I need you so much and …””Quiet, slut, bedroom now, on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed.”My mother rushed out of the lounge and was quickly in position on her own bed, her body quivering and shaking with excitement while she waited for me. I stripped quickly, then joined her on the bed, giving her a brisk slap across each cheek. “Now, Sally, fold your arms and rest your head on them.” She did so, presenting her luscious bottom to me, her pussy wet and ready.I bent down behind her and ran my tongue along her slit, luxuriating in the sweet juices oozing from her pussy and the intoxicating aroma acting as its own supreme aphrodisiac. She moaned and gasped, with soft whimpers as my tongue worked hard across her clit. Her arousal was growing; mine too, and I wanted us to finish together in a blaze of glory.I moved over her back, and stroked my almost painful cock along her slit, causing her gasps and moans to grow in volume and become ragged and needy. Without any further preliminaries, I plunged my rigid member hard into her hot, wet, clingy sweetness. Her cunt welcomed me like a long lost lover, and she screamed, partly because of the sudden intrusion, but more with delight at being filled to the brim with cock.”Oh god yes, Sir—please fill me full of your beautiful cock—I can’t get enough of it. Oh … oh … oh … oh … please Sir, don’t stop, ride me hard, make me scream, fill me up. This is SO good. Ungh … aargh … I’ve never …”All the while her breathing became faster and more ragged and I could feel her cunt muscles contracting and dragging me deeper into her chamber of delights. Her hands grabbed and twisted the bedclothes and she screamed in a crescendo of lust and need, jerking spasmodically as she neared her climax.I had not been idle during this time, pumping into my mother from behind, my thrusts becoming harder and more frequent as her orgasm grew closer. Then that bliss, almost indistinguishable from pain as my balls insisted that they be emptied into this hot wet receptacle. My cock swelled into its welcoming tunnel and I screamed my delight as I erupted into her. This was enough for my mother, and with an ear splitting scream, she came, bathing my cock in her super heated juices.I fell sideways so as not to crush her, and she turned and looked at me through smoky, half-focused eyes. “Simon, master, there aren’t enough words. You are perfect for me; this means so much to me, and every time we are together, I want you more. But I worry sometimes that I am out of balance and not giving you everything you want and need. Oh Sir, what more can I do to satisfy you?”I returned her gaze, then moved over to kiss her. I held her close to me and we wrapped our bodies around each other. Then a long, slow kiss, our tongues melding together, working against each other with a passion so different from the phenomenal sex that we had both just enjoyed, but with a desire and beauty all its own. “What does that tell you, mother?” I asked, being deliberately ingenuous.”I think it means that you are happy with me, and that I can give you at least some of what you need. This is so beautiful, Sir, I don’t ever want it to stop.”My hands moved down her sleek, smooth back in long, slow strokes and she quivered with the sensations, murmuring her happiness and excitement. We lay that way for a long time, talking, laughing, kissing, touching, both intoxicated with the other. This was my mother, but she met my needs in a way that no other woman could, and I luxuriated in her feel, her sight, her laughter and the taste of her skin.Suddenly, and totally unexpectedly, my mother burst into tears. “Oh god, Sir, I’ve just realized—your father will be home in about three hours, and then all this must stop and I’ll have to go back to my drab existence with him. Now I know what real love and real bliss is, I don’t know how I’ll be able to cope.””Mum, listen to me. I know how much I love and need you, and I think you feel the same. If we just keep that in our minds and seize whatever opportunities there may be in his absence, I think we’ll be able to get through this. Now, kiss me, and make it good.”It was. Her kiss was hot, wet and sweet. She used her mouth and tongue as if they were musical instruments and she was a concert performer, and I replied in kind. I wanted this to go further, and looking directly at her she knew what I wanted, almost without hesitation. Her hands moved to my growing cock as I said, “Blow me, slut,” and she moaned in eager expectation.My mother had developed a ritual for giving me head that I found intensely exciting. She fondled my cock and balls, gently scratching the skin so lightly that I could hardly feel it, but the result was incredible. She kept this up until the first drops of pre-cum appeared, which she licked off with just the tip of her tongue. This was the signal for her to work her tongue along the shaft, rolling it around the head of my rapidly swelling cock.At the same time, she gently juggled and caressed my balls with her soft, warm hand. My breathing grew ragged and I started to gasp in anticipation of a major eruption. This was the signal for her to suck on my drooling cock, and the suction combined with her moans of enjoyment was more than I could control. I felt the electric tingle of an approaching climax generate in my abdomen and spread rapidly to my balls. The pressure built to that ecstasy almost indistinguishable from pain, and I unleashed my cum directly into my mother’s welcoming mouth.She swallowed hungrily, taking all I had to give, then looking at me with a mischievous grin, licked her lips and murmured, “Oh yes, Sir, that is so delicious. I think I could live on that alone.”I grabbed her and kissed her hard, tasting myself on her lips, a sensation that I found highly erotic, even though it was really depraved. But we were both completely comfortable with what was happening; her devotion to me was matched by my desire for her and my determination to protect her on the one hand and to dominate her on the other. When we had talked about this, I almost had to stop my mother throwing herself at me in a submissive desire to be my lover, my sex slave and my slut.We showered and dressed in an atmosphere compounded of disappointment and almost dread before my father arrived home in the early evening. I was in my room when he arrived, but wandered out and greeted him, but the atmosphere was very tense.”Hi dad, welcome home,” I managed, “what’s up?””Your father has only just got back and rather than spend time with his family, he told me he needs to go to his office. Something about a problem with a big account.” My mother’s voice clearly indicated her displeasure.”Look, Sally—hi Simon, how are you?—I told you, this is important; I could lose a big account unless the problem is fixed right away. I got a message on the plane, and there is no time to lose. I’ll be home later.” So saying, he grabbed his briefcase and headed for the door.My mother looked at me, then threw herself into my arms. “Thank god I’ve got you, Simon, otherwise I don’t know how I’d cope.””Yes, mother, you are completely mine.” I took her by the hand and, sitting in a convenient chair, pulled her, unresisting, across my lap. I flipped up her sensible skirt and proceeded to spank her gorgeous bottom. The response was a little more intense than I’d expected as she squealed and cried, but as I finished, she stood and took my head in her hands, kissing me with great enthusiasm.”Thank you so much, Sir, that is just what I needed to release the stress that he caused. One day, when we’ve got more time, I’ll show you just how grateful I really am,” and she giggled and swayed her hips as she shimmied away.Sally and I managed to get through the next week or two but with great difficulty. We managed some fast, intense encounters, but the knowledge that dad was still around put a dampener on our activities.Then the world changed. One morning, mum called to me in a strained and unhappy voice. “Simon, can you spare me a moment, please, I’d like your opinion.”Mum was in the laundry holding one of dad’s shirts. “Look,” she said, pointing to a faint red/pink stain, “that’s definitely not my shade of lipstick. And smell the shirt—I don’t wear that perfume.”There was no question in my mind; it was Chanel No. 5, which mum didn’t like. But I knew someone who did. “Mum, I know this is way out of left field, but if my memory serves, that’s the shade that Denise Carlyle was wearing that Sunday at church. I remember thinking it did nothing for her; and she wears Chanel No. 5!””Oh my god, Simon, you can’t possibly think that your father is having an affair with the deacon at the church? That’s preposterous.””Dunno, mum, but I know of a way of finding out. Do you remember Ted Bull, a guy who was at uni last year—he called round here a couple of times, and I did him one or two favors. He dropped out to start his own private detective agency. I think I might call in those favors.” My mother looked apprehensive but said nothing.I contacted Ted and he was happy to help. I gave him a photo of my father and as much information about my suspicions as possible, and he promised to get back to me. About ten days later I had a call from Ted and I went to see him.”Better sit down, dude,” his face was sombre. “This isn’t pretty.” He showed me a series of photos unquestionably showing my father in intimate positions with Denise Carlyle. Worse was to come; Ted produced a DVD—the quality was not the best and the sound somewhat muffled, but there could be no doubt about the two players. This showed Ms Carlyle wearing a latex bustier and stockings with one foot on dad’s head, lashing his bare ass with a riding crop. And he was begging mistress for more as she verbally abused him.”Holy shit, Ted, how the hell did you get this?””Modern cameras can work wonders. They weren’t hard to track down and your suspicions were absolutely correct, even if they did go a bit further than a quick cuddle and kiss behind the vestry.””Thanks, Ted,” I said, standing to go. “What do I owe you?””Nothing, dude; I owe you anyway, and this is not the nicest way to repay a debt. So let’s call it quits.”I headed back home quickly. It wasn’t a work day for mum and I found her drinking coffee in a spotless kitchen. I took her in my arms and kissed her hard and passionately, and she returned the kiss, clinging to me with love and devotion.As we broke apart, she smiled and said, “That was really delicious, Sir, but a tiny bit unexpected—is there any special reason for trying to devour me?””Mum, you’d better sit down. This will be a bit shocking,” and so saying I spread out the incriminating photos.Mum gasped when she realized the full implications. “That rotten bastard. I suspected he was up to something, but Denise Carlyle of all people. How on earth did he manage to persuade her to whore for him?””It’s far worse than that, mum,” I said, and turned on the DVD player. To my astonishment, hardly 30 seconds into the scene, mum burst out laughing. This wasn’t hysteria, she seemed genuinely amused.”Oh, I’m sorry, Simon, honey, I know he’s your dad, but this is so ludicrous. In my wildest imagination, I couldn’t think of him in that situation. Oh god, look at him grovelling and whimpering and begging for her to keep lashing him.”At this point, mum changed quite markedly. “Well, he’s made his bed, now he can lie in it. I’m divorcing him and I’ll want at least half of his assets or this whole sordid mess will become public. And I don’t think Denise, or the church for that matter, would be too impressed.””Mum, you do know you’re talking about blackmail, don’t you?””Catchy name for it, honey; more like karma really. And that means we wouldn’t have to worry about him catching us showing how we feel about each other. I know, I know I sound like a hypocrite, but at least we’ve had the commonsense to keep our relationship hidden.”Mum güvenilir bahis siteleri changed again. “Oh Sir, could I beg you to take me to bed and love me. please?”I growled deep in my throat. “Bedroom, slut. I want to see you naked on your bed when I get there, ready to service me with any part of your body I choose.”She giggled and dashed from the room. When I followed a short time later, she was sitting on her bed with her back against the headboard, gently stroking her pussy. She looked at me through smoky, half-closed eyes. “Anything you want, master, anything at all. I’m all yours, now and always. Just tell me what you most desire.””Easy, you hot, horny slut. I want you—just a simple fuck with you on top, riding me to heaven and giving me the chance to torture your gorgeous nipples and make you scream.”She panted in exhilaration and excitement. “Yes, oh god yes; please do me like that Sir, I so want you … and I want you to hurt me like that. It’s so good and turns my cunt into a blazing furnace. But you do run the risk of me melting your cock.”I laughed and stripped in double quick time, jumping on the bed and grabbing her in my arms.She showered little kisses all over my face, mewling gently as she did so. I replied by kissing down her neck behind her ear, then nipping her ear lobe to make her jump and squeal. We were both warming up very nicely when I pinched her nipples hard and was rewarded by a deep scream of mixed pain and pleasure. In response, she took hold of my rapidly growing cock, squeezing and stroking it to its fully operational status.”Now, I want you, Sally, load up and mount me.”It took barely a few seconds before she had one leg across me with her drooling pussy poised above my cock. She lowered herself teasingly slowly onto me, and I could feel the heat of her love tunnel gradually engulf me. I decided it was time to speed up, grabbing her hips and pulling her down as far as she would go.She screamed and whimpered, “Oh god yes … so good, so deep … please, I beg you go deeper … take me hard; no mercy … I’m your slut, your bitch … treat me like the whore I am … fuck me, master, fuck me until I can’t stand any more, then fuck me again … pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease oooh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck ……….”I thrust up into her welcoming channel, her pussy weeping love juice all over my electrified cock. Her cunt muscles gripped and released me, only to grip me again as I shoved hard into her and to release me with great reluctance.I pinched her nipples hard, pulling them out and twisting them, causing my mother’s screams to get louder and more desperate. But I knew that desperation was based on a rapidly approaching climax that threatened to tear her apart. The erotic pressure was building inside her as she writhed and thrashed around my cock, gasping, moaning and seemingly becoming disoriented. Tears started running down her face as she made meaningless sounds of lust and desire.At the same time, all the superb signs of an impending explosion were generating in my lower abdomen, and I let them run free. My mother reached the point of no return, and the velvet vice of her cunt spasmed, gripping me fiercely. That was enough for me, and I came hard and freely, bathing her womb with my spend. My swollen cock and the blast of cum into her were the triggers for a massive orgasm, and my mother screamed at the top of her voice, then went rigid before she collapsed on to of me, sobbing and covering my face with soft, wet kisses.I held her close as her trembling calmed and she looked at me with gratitude and a reverence bordering on hero-worship. “Simon, Sir, this is so wonderful, and I love you so much, and I don’t want you to ever let me go, but …””I know, Sally, we’d better do the sensible thing, and I’ll go to my own room before he gets back. Just remember, I’m only next door; think of me as you go to sleep.””Mmm, yes, master, I shall dream of you and all the wonderful—and naughty—things you do to me.”The next day was a work day for everyone, and we were all out of the house early. I was back by 4.30, with mum home around 5.00. She had an unusually set, hard look on her face as she greeted me with a very “motherly” kiss on the cheek.”Simon, this is the time for me to lay it on the line to your father, and I’m giving him an ultimatum to get out—or else. Please, honey, if you have any hesitations about that, please let me know before he gets home.”I could see how stressed she was, and I took her in my arms and kissed her in a very un-motherly fashion to let her know I was okay with that. I followed it up verbally. “Yes, mum, I’m totally okay with that, and it might help if I was present when you tell him.””Thank you so much, Simon. I must make sure I demonstrate my thanks in a more personal way,” she giggled.My father arrived home around 6.00 and started to busy himself as if to go out again.”George, do you have a minute, please? I need to talk to you.” My mother’s voice was highly controlled, although I thought I could hear a tremor of stress.”Not now, Sally, I have to go out again.””Yes, now, George, unless you want your affair with Denise Carlyle to be broadcast around the town.”This stopped him dead in his tracks, and my father turned slowly to face mum with an expression blended from fear and anger on his face. “What the hell are you talking about? What sort of nonsense is that?”Mum sighed deeply, “George, I’m sick to death of you treating me as if I’m stupid,” and threw one sample photograph in his face. “I want a divorce, George, and I want you out of MY house within 24 hours!””Sally, you must listen—it’s not what you think—that was just an innocent kiss after a long technical session; Simon, please explain to your mother that there’s nothing to worry about here.”Before I could answer, mum was back on the attack. “I see, George; and does that apply to the highly explicit and really quite revealing movie of you and Mistress Denise wearing her best latex outfit, with her foot on your head, lashing your ass and you pleading for more, you worm!”My father turned a ghastly shade of grey, and I thought he was going to vomit there and then.”Listen, George, if you go quietly and pay over to me half of your assets, a sum I estimate at one million dollars, then this matter will remain confidential. Fight me, and all your clients will receive a very interesting full color document detailing all your extra-curricular activities. In addition, I will have a conversation with Ms Carlyle, mentioning the church authorities and …”She got no further. My father looked at us both with desolation written large across his face. “If you’re determined to blackmail me like that, there’s not much I can do.” He clearly recognized the full implications of his choices, and continued, “I’ll be out of here tonight and make the arrangements you’re demanding. God damn you to hell, you spiteful bitch; she’s your problem now, Simon, and good luck to you.” So saying, he slammed out of the room, out of the house and out of our lives.In the event, we learned that my father and Denise Carlyle relocated interstate and that subsequently, the divorce went through without a hitch.Oddly enough, for the first few days after my father’s departure, mum and I slept apart and other than some warm, tender kisses, did not take our relationship any further.This changed when my mother came to me looking apprehensive and rather tense, saying, “Master, I need you to punish me. I need to cauterize the joyless relationship with your father out of my soul. Please, master, I beg you, punish me and let me get rid of this demon that is haunting me.” So saying, she dropped to her knees and kissed my feet, then assumed the submissive posture I had taught her.I thought about this briefly and came up with a plan, although it involved going further with discipline than we had ever been before. Still, I thought it might have the desired effect.”First, Sally, I want you to tell me your safe word, and I want you to promise that you will use it if the punishment becomes too much for you to take.””Oh master, the word is ‘wombat’ but I shall not use it. I trust you completely; I beg you, please punish me,” she finished with a gasp. I left the room briefly, and returned with a large box that contained various pieces of essential equipment.”Very well, slut. I am going to shackle your wrists and ankles.” I produced a pair of cuffs which I fastened to her ankles, then to the chair legs.For her wrists, I used a lightweight spreader bar with attached cuffs. This sat behind her neck and I locked her wrists to it, which pushed her chest forward and highlighted her delicious breasts. While this was happening, my mother gasped and whimpered in anticipation, partly from excitement, partly from apprehension.”Now, slut, you are locked into position and cannot move from the chair.””No, master, but what will you do with me?””Well slut, next I intend to bind your tits to engorge them and make them much more sensitive.”Sally gasped and moaned, “Oh god, master, I’ve never … oh god.”I took a long piece of soft cotton rope and looped an end around her chest and tied it off at the back. Then I passed the rope around her body again and twice around her right breast. The rope was looped around her shoulders under the spreader bar and twice around her left breast, finishing with two passes around the whole of her breast, again looping up around her shoulders. I was very careful that the rope was tight enough to increase the sensitivity of her nipples, but not so tight that it would cut off circulation.My mother was gasping, whimpering and jerking against her bonds. When I was finished, I bit gently into her swollen nipples and she squealed, “Oh my god, what are you doing to me, I never realized … oh master … please …”I moved away from Sally briefly, then returned with a wicked smile on my face. “Well, well, slut, look what I’ve found.”Oh god, oh god, oh god—it’s … it’s a flogger,” Sally’s voice cracked as she croaked out her fears.”That’s right, slut, now, beg me to flog your super-sensitive tits.””Oh master, I don’t know, I’m not sure I can take this, oh master, what shall I do?””I’ve already told you slut, now BEG ME for your punishment,” I shouted at her.Sally needed this punishment to rid herself of George’s influence. She seemed to realize this, and looked at me with total trust in her soft brown eyes.”Please master, I beg you, please use the flogger on my breasts. Please hurt me and purify my soul. Please!”I first drew the tails of the flogger slowly and lightly across her tits, making her gasp at the unexpected sensation, then with a flick of my wrist, struck her puffy nipples. The effect was dramatic and immediate. Sally screamed and twitched as the soft suede strips struck her breasts. She writhed against the restraints and her head shook making her hair fly in all directions. Her screams were punctuated by loud, deep moans as the flogging continued.I could soon see that something interesting was happening, and I stopped the flogging briefly and wiped my finger across her pussy. It was soaking wet and flowing with her juices; this treatment was creating a rising climax for Sally, and I put my finger into her mouth. She licked and sucked it voraciously.”So, the naughty little slut is getting off on her punishment, is she?” I asked.”Oh Sir, I am so sorry but I can’t control myself. I’m so surprised, but this is getting me worked up and the glorious hot sensation in my tits is transmitting itself straight to my cunt. Oh please don’t stop, give me more, master.”Little rolling orgasms clearly showed through her moans and gasps and they needed to be transmuted into one huge climax.Sally moaned her disappointment when I stopped the flogging, but then screamed at the top of her voice when I introduced a vibrator/clit stimulator into her pussy. She jumped and bucked her butt into the air in an effort to maximize the pleasure, which was steadily building. Then for the coup de grace, I removed the vibrator, causing another moan of disappointment, but the scream returned when I got down on my knees and licked along her perineum from her puckered asshole to her throbbing clit.I inserted first one, then two fingers into her sopping cunt while I rolled her clit with my lips, then bit gently into it. I knew then that the end was not far off. Sally’s screams turned into an almost continuous ululation, punctuated by a torrent of meaningless words until she shouted as loudly as she could, “I’m cumming, oh my god, I’m cumming.” Her scream was so loud, it hurt my ears, then she shook violently and went completely rigid as the orgasm thundered through her whole body, radiating from her cunt in a fierce flame of release.As her scream quieted, my mother slumped forward, u*********s. I quickly released the shackles and cut away the rope with blunt ended scissors. I picked up her limp body and placed it on the bed, then massaged her breasts, using a soothing lotion to help restore circulation.She recovered and looked up at me with tears of gratitude in her eyes. “Thank you, master,” she whispered.It was late by now, and I recognized the signs of her slipping into sleep. I knew that my mother was mine completely, body and soul. Nothing was forbidden and she would be available to me in any way at any time. What I hadn’t reckoned with was that slowly but surely, I was becoming hers. Her warmth, generosity, willingness and sensitivity to my needs were taking me under her spell. Not that I objected in the slightest, although I knew without doubt that the fundamental Dom/sub relationship would remain firmly in place. My mother had not wavered from her need to submit to me, and the latest developments had even seemed to increase and strengthen that need.I gently caressed her arm as it lay outside the covering sheet and she half opened her eyes, smiling with absolute happiness before she fell asleep.

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