A New Life


Hello readers,

My first submission, looking back on my life I have had some experiences, I have always enjoyed sex and in a strange way being widowed liberated me. I’m not sure of my style of writing yet and am not comfortable with speech inserts just yet though I may gain the confidence to do that. Comment as you wish, but try to be helpful not just critical.

Many thanks BlackWidow1930

p.s. The name describes the colour of my hair and my status although the black has been replaced by grey now!


Being widowed at age thirty three and with two young children to bring up was tough but I found the strength to do it, I found full time work and my children, a daughter age thirteen and a son age eleven, learned how to start getting the evening meal ready after school and we managed.

We moved house to a village a few miles away, nearer to my work and the kids schools, it seemed another landmark in making a new life. I became friendly with a neighbour, Joan, her husband worked away from home for long periods and she would call round in the evenings when the kids were in bed and we would chat and indulge ourselves with an occasional sherry or two, in the late sixties wine was not so popular as now!

One evening she asked me if I fancied going to a local pub one evening, I wasn’t sure I should leave the kids alone at night but I told her I would ask them how they felt about it. My daughter was fine with the idea and my dear son actually said it was about time I went out and had some fun so a couple of weeks later me (Betty by the way) and Joan set off to walk the half mile or so the Royal Inn, it was a summers day and warm and light for a few hours yet.

We ordered two halves of mild and found a quiet corner in the large saloon bar, we drank slowly and talked quickly, it seemed so relaxing to be away from home for a while. It became our regular Friday night out and Joan introduced me to some of the locals, mainly men on their own version of a Friday night, pints of beer in hand and lots of raucous laughter with bawdy tales of what their weekend would entail. I noticed a few admiring glances especially when they learned I was a widow, thoughts of relationships of any sort apart from friendship were far from my mind.

A few weeks later Joan told me she could not make it the following week, her husband would be arriving home for a while and she said he would expect her to be home rus escort with him, not unreasonable really. I told her it did not matter and I would also stay at home that week, she insisted I come out telling me I had lots of friends here now and they would look after me.

I mulled it over all the following week eventually plucking up the courage to get ready and go out on my own for the first time. I was wearing a blue floral button up the front dress, very fashionable at the time, it was Autumn now and I put on a light jacket for the walk to the pub thinking it would come in handy for the cooler walk home too.

I sat in our usual corner sipping my half and taking in the conversations from others around me, mainly couples at this early time. After an hour or so some of my new friends came in, a group of four men all in their early twenties by their appearance, they spotted me and waved me over to where they were stood by the bar. They were chucking pints back at a swift rate and insisted on buying me a half everytime they got another round, soon I began to feel a bit tipsy from the effects of the alcohol.

One of them, Howard, kept glancing at my bust, I am a size 36c and the top two buttons on my dress were undone so I was well aware of what he was glancing at and I was quite flattered to be honest. When all the others had gone to the toilet he leaned towards and whispered that he found me very attractive, I think I blushed but managed to smile and thank him for the lovely compliment. Despite the drink he had consumed Howard said he was driving home soon, drink drive laws were pretty much ignored by many in those days, he said he did not like to think of me walking home alone and would take me.

The others were heading back our way and Howard whispered urgently asking me to meet him on the back car park in ten minutes or so. Someone came in the pub and announced it was starting to rain, I told the lads it was time to go then and bade them goodnight and thanked them for their company. I headed for the ladies on the way out and then I walked into the now dark and damp evening air, a couple of minutes later Howard appeared pulling his keys from his jeans pocket as he walked, he smiled when he saw me and motioned to his van. I asked if he was worried about the police stopping him but he said it wasn’t a problem as the local ones knew it went on and were not bothered as long as there istanbul bayan eskort were no accidents.

The van was large with a front bench seat, I knew Howard was a builder and the back was littered with various tools and bags of sand and cement. When I closed the door Howard said he had been aching to kiss me all night and leaned across expectantly, I sort of knew this was going happen and I kissed him lightly and softly, his lips pressed more urgently and passionately and briefly I responded.

I pulled away and reminded him we were on a pub car park and dark though it was anyone could walk past and see us and I did not want my kids hearing of their Mum behaving like that. He started the engine and started up the hill that led to my house, the kiss had awaked a dormant passion in me, it had been so long since I had felt wanted.

He turned onto a side road that led to a row of cottages near the moor saying no-one would see us on here, I sat in silence unsure of what to say. He stopped the van by a gate into the fields, a single street lamp provided feeble light as he turned the engine off. His hand reached out to my cheek and he stroked my skin gently and leaned across me, this time the kiss was urgent and joint, tongues seeking each other and teasing. His left arm went behind my shoulders turning me so that we faced each other from the waist upwards, the kisses continued and then I felt his right hand sliding up to my breast, he felt the shape of my left breast through my jacket before swiftly pulling the zipper right down so that my dress was revealed. I watched in silence as his nimble fingers worked on the buttons, one…two…three… and then he was pulling the loosened left half of the top of the dress away, my breath was ragged as his thumb rasped over the tip of my sensitive nipple which was clearly visible as it protruded through the fabric of my bra, he said I was gorgeous and then his fingers slid into my bra, he cupped my bare breast teasing and pulling on my large nipple between his fingers.

We kissed over and over before his head descended to my chest, my bra strap was eased down my arm and the cup pulled down, the darkness of my engorged nipple disappeared as he sucked greedily pushing my desire and hunger even higher, his fingers kneaded the soft flesh of my breast. He manouvered us so we became laid on the bench seat, my bra was unclipped and pushed up and over my ukraynalı escort breasts, he alternated between left and right, hand one mouth on the other. I could feel the rigidness inside his jeans as our groins pushed at one another, his hand fell to my knee and the hem of my dress, I made no move to stop him instead I let my legs fall apart.

I wasn’t wearing tights or stockings and his fingers felt as hot as fire on my bare skin, he sucked hard on a turgid nipple as he moved his hand to the dress buttons again, four…five…six…moving the sides apart and my panties on view, pubic hair thick and dark visible through the thin fabric. Fingers sliding under elastic and down through the silky hair he found the slick wetness of my arousal, I asked if he had a condom, he said no because it wasn’t planned and he swore. His finger plunged deep inside my soaking hole soon joined by another, then teasing over the engorged bud of my clitoris sending jolts of pleasure right through me. He slid the tip of his finger in joyous circles around and around my clitoris until I could not hold back, I let out gasp after gasp as a huge orgasm washed over me, and still he continued to suckle my breasts and make slow intrusions into my now pouting nether lips.

His hands moved to the top of his jeans, top undone and zipper pulled down he pushed them and his underpants down over his backside, his cock erect and standing proud, only the second I had seen and about the same size as the first. He pleaded to be allowed to fuck me but I dare not risk that unprotected, he promised not to come in me, but I still dare not risk it, I placated him by saying there would be next time.

I reached down and touched the soft skin encasing the rock hardness of his shaft, sliding the skin up and then down, cupping his heavy balls with my other hand. His hands were on my breasts pulling and stretching the nipples, one hand slid downwards again seeking my responding slit, my clitoris was flicked this time and fingers delved deep inside my velvet cunt, he kissed me hard and asked if I would suck him.

I had heard of this but never done it, such was my arousal I immediately dipped my head instinctively taking the head of his cock between my lips and moving them up and down, the taste was earthy but OK. He groaned and bucked his hips forcing more of his shaft into my mouth, his fingers gripped my large tit, he groaned again and a splash of spunk hit my throat, it tasted fine and I swallowed as jet after jet of thick salty semen erupted from his balls. I sucked him even as his cock softened, I let it fall gently from my mouth and moved back up to him. He whispered that I was going to get the fucking of my life next time, I did too!

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