A Night in with You


I’m a short 21 year old asian, under 5′ and 90 lb soaking wet. My horizontal dimensions are 36-28-36 with a 32D cup. He’s a 40 something white male with blonde hair, grey blue eyes and a nine inch, a little thicker than average, member. Not sure about his exact height, 5’11”.


We are watching television on the couch with me curled up against your side. I’m so sleepy and every time I yawn you can’t help but smile and kiss me on the top of my head. It feels so good to just be near you, and hear your heart beating, that I can’t help but fall asleep before the program ends.

You try to get up but I’m so fast asleep that my head, once supported by you, ends up on the couch. You might consider getting me a blanket and leaving me there, but I look so nice lying there, defenselessly, that you can’t quite help yourself. Gently, you move my hair so my neck is free, and you start kissing and nibbling, up my neck, to my ear where you bite a little harder. I stir just a little and you whisper, “I think it’s time you got into the bed now, sweetheart.”

Grumpy from being awoken, I just shuffle my body around until my head is nuzzled into the corner of the couch, mumbling something, incoherent with sleep.

Well you tried the nice way. You asked politely. It could have been sweet eskort bursa and gentle. But if I’m not going to listen then I don’t deserve that.

You grab me by the back of my hair and forcefully turn my head around until your lips find mine with bruising kisses. I can’t help but start a little from surprise and you take the chance to capture the inside of my mouth and then drag my lower lip away with your teeth. Not enough to break skin, but enough that I know I should have listened to you the first time you asked. I whimper just a little, looking pleadingly up at you, an unspoken apology in my eyes. But it’s too little too late.

Still gripping the back of my head you order, “Get in the bedroom now.”

“Yes sir,” I say, as I stumble to my feet.

“You had better be naked by the time I get in there,” you call after me, enjoying my disheveled appearance from just a kiss.

You take your time, turning off the lights in the living room and getting a cup of water. Almost hoping that I’ll fall asleep again so you can wake me up.

You enter the bedroom and you can’t help but chuckle at the position I’m in. Not wanting to get into any more trouble, I am naked, and clearly I started sitting with my legs crossed together at the end of the bed, waiting for you. But now I’ve bursa yabancı escort got my head cradled in my hands with my elbows on the bed in front of me, eyes closed.

Hearing your chuckle, I jolt awake and immediately try to get to my feet, too dizzy, too quickly, and I lose my balance and end up knocking into you. I just turn it into a hug, trying to ameliorate whatever I did earlier and I smile up at you, biting my lip, hopeful that everything is forgiven. But the chuckle that had moments earlier graced your lips has vanished and you gaze in stern amusement down at me. Abashedly, I step back and lower my gaze, realizing that I am completely naked and you remain fully dressed.

You step forward and cradle my head in your hands, bringing your lips to mine in a caress and I lean into it eagerly, hoping to please. I wrap one hand around your waist and another goes to gently tug at the hair on the nape of your neck, wanting to prove how much I want you. Then before I know it, I’m over your lap with your hand on my ass. I can’t help but try to squirm into a less vulnerable position, but you hold me in place easily. I can just imagine as my ass gets more and more pink and I have to grab onto your ankle with one hand while biting my other fist to bursa merkez escort try to stop whimpering. Before I know it, it’s over and I’m dripping wet. Your hand strokes my still tender butt and I try to get up now, but you’re not quite done yet.

“Are you wet for me, little girl?”

“No sir,” I lie, desperately ashamed.

“You had better not be lying to me,” you say in a more threatening tone, as your hand creeps lower.

“I’m not! I promise,” is what I try to say, but halfway through I’m cut off with a gasp, as you jam two fingers into me.

Now it’s all I can do to try not to squirm under your ministrations. Eventually, almost breathlessly all I say is, “Please.”

“Please what?” You smile sadistically, knowing that you have me cornered.

“Please fuck me,” I whisper, eyes closed, even though you can’t even see my face.

“I’m not sure I heard that, little girl,” you say as you slowly withdraw your fingers.

“Please fuck me, please,” I give up trying to hold still and start squirming, hoping to at least entice your fingers back.

“I think I’m wearing too many clothes to do that,” you say tipping me off your lap and onto the floor, where I land on my hands and shaking knees.

Without another word I get to my feet and immediate start unbuttoning your shirt with shaking fingers. When I get to your belt, you start to idly play with my nipples, as if they were just something that had caught your attention in passing. I get your pants down and you steady yourself by holding my shoulder as I help you step out of your pants.

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