A Night to Remember Pt. 02


What inspired me to write these stories is the fact that they actually happened to me. I am thankful for all of my life experiences, and though I am still relatively young, I am able to look back at my 20s and say that I had quite a bit of fun. I was lucky to have met someone who had such a strong sexual connection with me. I had always been in search of a dominant older top with the kind of size and age that would make me want to cum almost instantly…

Roger smiled and asked me if I was sure about this, and of course I nodded yes. I was excited but super nervous as well. I had done a little research on how anal sex felt for men getting it, and I was both curious but apprehensive.

First, I wanted to be sure with myself that I wanted him in me and that this was not some pre-orgasmic mood. For that reason, I asked him if he could make me cum by going down on me first.

Of course, he obliged. Within moments, my legs were spread open, I was on my back again, looking up at the ceiling, my feet playing with his hairy back, while he munched on me. He disappeared down there for minutes at a time, but would come up every so often to suck on my breasts or push my knees back so he could eat my ass. At some point, he started sucking on the tip of cock quite forcefully and this caused me start squirming and thrashing again. He had my hips in his powerful hands, however, so there was not much room for movement. I finally began arching my back, as the pleasure was too much for me to handle.

If it wasn’t for the music that he had on (Enya) in the background, I was sure his neighbors would have heard my screams and moans. He was making me moan like a whore.

I was a whore, his whore. He was conquering me slowly but surely. His domination of me was methodical and his lust for me was just as insatiable as mine was for him.

Anyway, my back was arched and I kept moaning and screaming “Oh my God, oh fuck, oh daddy!!”

He groaned again while he was down there, and he slid his hands under my ass and pulled me closer to him. I was having trouble opening my legs more for him, so I put my feet on his shoulders. He began fingering me while sucking on me and this was driving me absolutely mad with pleasure.

I continued to squirm and I looked down at him. In the darkness, his head was massive and my thighs looked small. He was huffing and puffing and his grunts were becoming louder.

I was on the verge of a giant orgasm. My knees were trembling, my hands were switching between holding his head and grabbing the bed sheets.

I looked down at him “Roger, oh daddy, oh baby I’m gonna cummmm!” With that, I felt a massive release downward and into his mouth. illegal bahis I lost control of everything and I started screaming his name “Oh Roger, Roger, Roger!!” My right hand found his hand and I wrapped my fingers in with his while my left hand continued to clutch the sheets. My back was arched again and he didn’t move a muscle. His mouth was wrapped around my member and he was sucking every drop of my sweet honey.

My orgasm lasted forever, or so it seemed. Once I finished climaxing, I lay there shuddering. Roger continued to play with me though. He continued to tongue the tip. Interestingly, he never opened his mouth or took his mouth off of me.

I looked down and saw him continuing to suck on me and I smiled at him and then I began massaging his big bald head. I played with his ears and then we held hands.

He finished up and finally stood up. My hips were stiff from spreading my legs for so long. I finally got a break. I lay there for a moment while he got me a warm moist towel to clean me off. He wanted to lie down and cuddle, but I was more interested in sucking his thick cock again.

I asked him if we could go back to the couch. He agreed and he took me by the hand and guided me in the dimly lit apartment back to his couch. He sat down. I slowly straddled him, then I sat facing him with my knees buried into the sofa. I looked at him intently, with a “Come and get me” look and I kissed him.

“So did you swallow?” I asked.

“Yes, I did…I only did it because I like you,” he replied. I felt flattered and even closer to him. Here was a man who was a complete stranger to me not even an hour ago, and yet he had just given me an orgasm that was the strongest that I had ever felt. Not even my girlfriend had come close to this level.

I felt dirty, I felt somewhat ashamed, but for whatever reason, this felt right. Now, there was just one thing left to do…let him put that thick cock inside of me. I wanted so badly to make him cum. I had dreamed of it and now there was a significant possibility of this happening.

We continued to kiss in the dark and his hands began exploring my body once again. He ran his hands down my back and held me around the hips as he started to suck on my breasts. I held his head close to me and watched him swallow each breast. He looked adorable pulling out and then sucking on the nipple, then flicking his tongue. I continued to massage his head and I started looking up at the ceiling. His grip went from my hips to my ass, and he cupped my ass with both hands and squeezed.

I was becoming more aroused and in only a matter of seconds, I was hard again. He noticed this and took his hand off my ass and started illegal bahis siteleri playing with me. After some time, I slid off and got down on my knees.

His legs were sprawled open. We were sweaty, him more so than me, but I didn’t care. I liked it dirty and this was going well.

His cock was already hard and he seemed to have an endless supply of pre-cum loaded in there. I started toying with it using my tongue and then I swallowed it whole, deep throating it without using my hands.

He groaned loudly and slid down a little more to let me really suck on it. He took my head and started moving it in and out. I eventually took and break and leaned in to suck his balls.

His balls, as I mentioned previously, were huge and they were hairy. They were moist from the sweat and from his pre-cum, but again, I was oblivious to all of this as I was extremely horny. I held his cock up with my hand as I sucked on his balls and then I would let it smack me in the face on purpose.

This seemed to amuse him. I must have blown him for a few minutes before I became impatient and I pleaded with him eagerly, “Please fuck me!”

He stood up and took me by the hand and led me back to his bed. I lay down and watched him grab a bottle of lube and also a condom.

He got into bed and I opened my legs immediately. Mind you, I had always imagined my first would be missionary, but he had other plans. He threw my leg over and simply slapped my ass and told me to get in the doggy position.

I did as I was told. I felt cold lubricant dripping down my ass and I felt his finger going in and out, effectively lubricating my hole. I heard him fumble with his condom and finally slide it on.

He said “I’ll go slow” and then I felt pressure. Instinctively, I knew to keep my ass in the air, and keep my face in the pillow. I relaxed my hole as much as I could and I felt my hole stretch. Initially, there was pain.

A lot of pain.

I didn’t make much noise though, as I didn’t want him to stop. I kept spreading my knees wider and wider and I was able to feel him continue to stretch my tiny virgin pussy. I could feel his belly resting on top of my ass.

Finally, I felt what I thought were his big balls on my perineum. He eased his grip on my hips and then started pumping slowly after going in and out a couple of strokes.

My body finally was able to relax and was able to accommodate his girth. His balls started slapping me harder and he placed his hands on my hips.

The bed was creaking loudly. He did not have a headboard as I recall, but the bed with right up against a window and our motion was making the window tremor slightly.

I canlı bahis siteleri felt him reach my prostate with his penis and my prostate was being massaged and though I felt like I was going to pee, I eased myself and enjoyed the sensation.

He was grunting and groaning and I was started moaning. I had not realized that I was calling him Daddy and not Roger. This was also a big deal for me as I was never comfortable having sex with men, much less calling someone daddy.

But Roger had conquered my every orifice and he dominated me in a way that no man ever had and I doubted any man could ever achieve what he had done tonight.

He pumped me for a few more strokes, then he grabbed me and held my arms behind my back as he fucked me using upward thrusts. This was a little less effective as his belly was in the way, but he made up for it by playing with my nipples using his free hand.

I moaned uncontrollably, “Oh God, Oh my God, Oh my God…” repeatedly as he pumped me full of his thick cock.

Finally, he pulled out. I heard him say “Oh crap” and I quickly realized that he was about to cum. I grabbed his condom and ripped it off. There wasn’t enough time to get on my knees for the whole “money shot” so I lay on my back, close to his balls and he shot a massive load on my face.

He must have been holding quite a reserve as there was cum all over my upper body.

I lay there for a while, as he went and got another warm wet towel to clean me off.

I worked up the courage to lick my lips, which had been glazed with his cum. I had never tasted cum before, and I must admit, this was an acquired taste. But it was sexual, and I waited for him to come back with the towel so that he could watch me do it. I took the towel from him and put it down.

I kneeled before him and swallowed his dripping, flaccid cock again. I held on to his thick legs while I did it.

Once I finished, I looked up at him and stood up and whispered in his ear so he could hear me, “You like that, baby?”

“Oh yes, you have a hot little ass!” he replied. He bent down and kissed my nipples before leading me to his shower.

I took a nice long shower, dried myself off. I slipped on my shorts and my tank top. He was already dressed and waiting for a goodbye. We kissed and he started fondling me again, but it was getting late. I kissed him one last time and promised that I would see him again.

We were together in some sort of a sex with no strings attached relationship for 4 years. We had sex only once after that, when I rode him to climax. My time with him was special and it was a time of sexual discovery and satisfaction. Sadly, I moved away and we lost touch. It’s truly a matter of luck, finding someone you like and have someone you are able to have sexual chemistry with. The first night I ever spent with him will always linger in my mind. It was as if it just happened yesterday…

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