a night to remember_(6)


It was nearly noon when Nicole woke up from her night of excitement by herself. She woke to find herself with her hand still gently placed in between her legs right in her slit. With the playboy channel still running on the TV from the night before it didn’t take long before Nicole got wet again. As she felt herself warm and wet on her hand she decided to pull out the old vibrator from under the edge of her bed. She took it in her hand turned the dial and gently slid it into her moist pleasure hole. It was only a few minutes before she could even start moaning and the doorbell rang, annoyed by the sound she turned off the vibrator and the TV and told herself later. She walked down the hall and the door bell rang again she yelled, “Ill be there in a minute.” She then quickly threw on her bathrobe and answered the door.
It was her mom on her yearly visit from Florida. How could Nicole have forgotten she had it written everywhere at work, at home on the fridge and even programmed it into her phone? She thought to herself that she must have been too horny last night and forgot she had to pick her mom up from the airport in the morning. Her mom was frustrated that she had to take a cab all the way from Chicago and decided to drop her bags in the spare room and go take a bath after talking to Nicole. Her mom slowly turned on the bath letting the steam fill the bathroom before climbing in to relax.
Nicole went back to her bedroom figuring she had about thirty minutes to herself and decided to finish what she had started early. She turned the TV back on with the volume on mute as she watched one of the playboy bunny’s take a huge cock in their mouth deep throating it all the way and swallowing as much cum as they could. Nicole laid back on her bed enjoying the scene before gently massaging her clit and sticking her fingers as far in her love hole as possible. Suddenly all her muscles tensed together before cumming all over herself. She quickly cleaned up and turned off the TV before going to check on her mom.
Her must have just gotten out of the bath because she was just coming out of the bathroom when Nicole came out of her room. Her mom gave the motherly disapproving look and went back to the spare room to get into some clean clothes. That night they ate dinner and went to bed early. Bored with nothing to do Nicole decided to go to her friend Krystal’s house Sikiş hikayeleri which was always bound to have some sort of fun going on inside. Nicole left a note for her mother in case it was late before she got home and her mom wondered where she was she said she would be at Krystal’s house and left the address. When Nicole got there it was only a few minutes from midnight but all the lights in the house were still turned on. She must have ringed the doorbell six times before Krystal came to the door out of breath in nothing but a towel. She gestured for Nicole to come in before she rang off to the other room. Nicole sat on the couch in the main room waiting for fifteen minutes before getting up and stretching her legs or so she said before peaking around the house to find where Krystal went.
She walked down the long hallway passing the closet, which at the current time was empty. Unlike the last time she went to Krystal’s and there was a couple having a quickie. She can still remember it perfectly in her head. The girl was holding on the edge of the doorway while her boyfriend was behind her pumping it in as fast and hard as he could before he shot his load all up her ass. This was a major turn on for Nicole and at the thought of it she felt her pussy juices starting to run. She figured she should keep her little search going to keep her mind off of her pussy. She went down the hallway and before long she could hear moans coming from a room. The first bedroom she came across was empty but the second was nothing but full. Her friends Ilene and Laurie were in the 69 position eating each other out and telling each other how sweet tasting the other was. It was quite a site for Nicole she had never seen this up close in person and decided to stay and watch a little longer.
Seeing as Ilene and Laurie didn’t notice her Nicole slipped into the room and hid near the door. She watched as they became faster and faster with their tongues. Each going in and out of each other’s pussy licking up the juices the other produced. Nicole couldn’t take it anymore. She made herself known by crouching down and reaching into her shorts and moving her thong to the side to masturbate. She thought she was going to explode. Watching her two best friends get it on with each other she wanted to join but was afraid of ruining their groove. When they saw her in the room Sex hikaye though invited her right in. Nicole was afraid and said, “No I’m fine here watching you two,” they continued before bursting into orgasmic pleasure with each other as Nicole sat in the corner and watched. Ilene got up after kissing Laurie on the neck and telling her thank you for the fun and went over to Nicole kissing her lips. It was Nicole’s first time kissing a girl. She liked it though her nipples got hard as a chill went up her spine. She wanted Ilene then and now she said what the hell and pushed her on the bed. Kissing Ilene all over stopping to suck on her nipples before eating her pussy making her burst in orgasmic pleasure in only minutes. Nicole loved the taste and knew she would have to try this again sometime but right now she wanted to find Krystal.
She left Ilene and Laurie to themselves again and was jealous they had each other but she was glad they let her have some fun too. She kept walking down the hall and in the bathroom she found Krystal in the shower having a cock shoved up her virgin pussy. The guy must have been a full eight inches and four inches thick; Nicole couldn’t even begin to imagine the amount of pleasure Krystal was getting. Nicole forgot and left the bathroom door open letting the cold air get in, shocking Krystal who was just about ready to reach her first orgasm. Nicole quickly closed the door letting Krystal regain her senses as she and her new lover exploded in orgasmic pleasure. She could sense they both came with each other as they both lost their breath and regained it at the same time.
Krystal was happy with what she had done and decided to repay her lover for this by kneeling down and sucking his cock off. It was huge in her mouth but she liked the feel of it. She sucked it like a sucker as his cock got enlarged after their fun growing stronger by the minute. He grabbed her head and decided to take control, fucking her mouth like she didn’t care. Finally he busted his nut in her mouth as she took it all in they stepped out of the shower with Nicole watching who was now extremely horny. Krystal ashamed of what Nicole had just witnessed quickly grabbed a towel. Her mystery lover was now in clear view and she knew right away that it was Jaime. Feeling ashamed of being a peeping Tom, Nicole quickly left the room and was on her way Erotik Hikaye out the door when Laurie called her to the other room.
They said that before she had got there they were planning on having an orgy but now that she is there it will be even more fun. With only one guy to share between the four girls it was going to be an interesting night. Krystal and Jaime then entered the room after getting dried off from their fun in the shower. Nicole stood in the corner as the only one still dressed. She was still shy and didn’t know what to think now all she knew was that she was horny and blood was racing through her body. Jaime then said “ okay no one has to participate if they don’t want to,” as he looked at Nicole, he then stuck his dick right then and there right up Krystal’s ass without warning. A sudden look of pain rushed over Krystal’s face she looked as if she was going to faint. A few minutes later though she got in the motion with Jaime as he pounded her from behind. Laurie then went over to Nicole touching her slowly as Ilene undressed her soon so that everyone was undressed.
With Jaime still doing Krystal she said she wanted to put her tongue in something so Laurie got on the bed spreading her legs wide and placing them on Krystal’s shoulders making her pussy wide open as Krystal began licking up and down her slit. Thrusting her tongue over Laurie’s clit before thrusting her tongue a three inches into her pussy. Nicole joined in the fun as her and Ilene got on the bed and before long Ilene was licking her pussy. Just as Nicole was about to reach an orgasm the doorbell rang. They heard someone come in and figured it must be another one of Krystal’s friends and continued with their orgy before Nicole’s mom entered the room and screamed at the sight. Nicole will never forget this night she thought in her head as she came all over Ilene. Not only would she feel embarrassed in front of her mom for the rest of her life. But this night has been like no other.
Nicole’s mom dragged her home and went to bed and told Nicole she best do the same. Before long Nicole was horny again at the thought of everything that went on that night and took out the old vibrator pleasuring herself for the fourth time that day. As the thoughts rushed through her head she didn’t even need to bother with turning on the TV it was only minutes before she broke into orgasmic pleasure moaning louder then she ever had in her life. It felt great. With her last moan she fell asleep with vibrator in hand.
Her mom now had a new look on her daughter that would never be the same.

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