A Nudist Beach Encounter


A Nudist Beach EncounterI visited the beach about thirty kilometres from the nearest country town. I knew it would be quiet when I arrived, with only two cars in the carpark. There were two guys fishing together which accounted for maybe one car. The beach itself was absolutely beautiful, nice sand, sheltering trees right down to the dunes; the beach was probably a couple of kilometres long. It was when I was a few of hundred meters from the carpark a woman walked out from under some trees onto the beach. She was naked, a bit older than me by probably ten years, but in not bad shape, and had a magnificent tan. I bid her g’day and asked her if she was a local. She was, and had been visiting there almost daily for fifteen years. I was dressed, by the bahis siteleri way, in shorts and a T-shirt, with my backpack on. So after a chat I said I’d see her later after I set my camp and soaked up some sun. I found my own good spot under the trees about thirty meters further along. I’d been laying there on my back about twenty minutes when she wandered by for a talk. She said it had been pretty quiet this winter and she really hadn’t had anyone to talk to for a few days. So being the gentleman that I am I rearranged the towel and myself, and there she was sitting lotus position facing me. To cut a long story short I complimented her on her great looking body. There were some nice things about it too. She had fantastic looking long nipples. canlı bahis Her pubic hair was grey blond and sparse, so that her labia were easily visible. Her pose helped too I suppose. Her name, not that it’s important, was Fredrieka; Fred for short. Fred for her part wanted to know a bit about me, including of course why I shaved. It always gets them in guys, doesn’t it? Her story was that she and her husband had retired to Hervey Bay, but he was a semi-invalid and didn’t go to the beach with her. I’ve learnt in the last few years not to be too slow in coming forward. So I suggested to her that it would be nice for both of us if I could taste that great looking pussy of hers. She was not one bit shocked. She simply suggested to me to pack up güvenilir bahis my gear and come back to her camping spot; and off she went. I was there about two minutes later; and there was Fred laying on her back on her own towel, legs apart, waiting.She tasted lovely as I tongued up and down her slit, as usual never knowing whether I should concentrate on sliding my tongue into her cunt – which I enjoyed, or spend all my time on her clit – which she obviously enjoyed. So I did the wise thing; I stayed with her clit until she orgasmed. In the few seconds it took for me to contemplate my next move Fred had us both organised. She simply swapped positions with me and proceeded to give me a very nice head job. She had great touch with her tongue and it didn’t take her long to get me there. All very pleasant though a very brief interlude. Fred didn’t want to have intercourse … because she wanted to be faithful to her husband. I’m pleased I came across her interpretation of sex!!

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