A Nymphomatic’s Romance Ch. 01


Hold me in your arms
help me forget the others
that came before you

I woke up around 5:30am. Too early to be considered normal. Way too early for people who have my job. I woke up with the urge I had every morning. It was primal. It was urgent. It was the need that our primitive ancestors had before credit scores was a thing. It was a need to get fucked. It was the urge to feel alive.

I always woke up with an absolute need to touch myself. My fingers woke up the rest of my body every day. As skilled as they were, my body would crave more. I wanted more. My body yearned for it. My fingers would tire themselves out and then I would surrender. To the hunger and pain. To what was necessary. Fuck anyone who judges. I needed dick.

I tiptoed out of my room and peeked at the door to my roommate’s. His door was slightly open as well. I smiled. It was our call sign. If either of us had someone in there, the door would be closed. I crept up into his room, making sure that I wouldn’t wake him up yet. He was laying peacefully in his bed. No clothes on, his manly chest exposed to anyone fortunate enough to see. I slowly pulled the blanket from his body, revealing what my body was craving.

I loved the idea of morning head. I loved the sounds he would make as his mind slowly realized what was happening to his body was not a dream. I could tell by his breaths the exact moment that he was awake. This particular morning, I heard him moan slightly before he put his hands on the back of my head.

“God, I love waking up like this” he moaned gently. “What time is it?” In my mind, I didn’t care, so I kept sucking. He never asked again. I bobbed down faster and faster while his hands stroked my hair. My need grew, as did he. I peeked my head up and smiled at his sexy face.

“Happy birthday, Caleb” I said with a twinkle in my eye. “Can I be the first girl who fucks you this year?”

“Are you willing to do the work?” He was such a tease. I climbed into his lap resting slowly into his nine-inch cock.

“Just like any other day” I smiled back at him. I rode him slowly and remembered how this all happened.

Six months prior, I was a virgin. I grew up in an insanely repressed household. My parents controlled every part of my life and forbid anything that didn’t fit to their religious standards. While my parents were on a church retreat, my boyfriend of two years finally convinced me to take our relationship to the next level. Right before my nineteenth birthday, I decided I was ready. It blew my mind. There was no pain; only unbelievable pleasure. He fucked me over and over and for the first time, I felt alive. Something took over me. Something I didn’t want to change.

When he fell asleep, my body and mind was still horny. I crept out of his bedroom to find his roommate in the living room. I had a crush on him for years. I knew it was wrong, but I swaggered out to him, naked and wanting. He did not disappoint. He introduced me to anal and we fucked for hours. I started lying to my family about where I would spend the night and spent as much time as I could over there. This became a habit. Me fucking my boyfriend, then sneaking into his friend’s bedroom after he passed out. We kept our dirty little secret for about a month, I think. It wasn’t until my boyfriend walked in on us while my head was pressed hard down on his best friend’s cock that he got a clue. He called me a slut and ordered me out. What a fucking prude!

The asshole took it a step further and wrote a letter to my parents. He told them about the sneaking around and I wasn’t a virgin anymore so they disowned me. I couldn’t stand living with and lying to them anyway. Imagine living in a household that forbade pork and then discovering bacon for the first time. With the part time job I had in a local coffee shop, I was sure it would pay my rent and bills, so I searched for a roommate. I found the best one.

He lived in a multi-story high-rise building. Only adults were allowed. He wasn’t looking for a roommate for the money; he just hated living alone. I was attracted to him immediately. He was tall, around 6’2, with short, course, dark hair and dark dreamy eyes. He had mixed ethnicity; half white and half black. He had full sensual lips and a dazzling smile. He was about in his late thirties with a lucrative and stable job that he usually worked for from home. His body was fit and his deep voice made my panties drip. Within an hour of us meeting, we were fucking like bunnies and I moved in immediately. He was a perfect fit for me as I was for him. He never judged my need for sex and he never turned me down.

I rode him as he slowly woke himself up. He stared lovingly at me and cupped my breasts with care.

“If I keep living with you, I’ll never get a girlfriend.” I smiled and rode his dick harder.

“Why would you need one” I teased. His last girlfriend cheated on him with his roommate. Oh God, I love irony. I was so much better than a girlfriend. I was a girl close by who was always good to go. No strings and no commitments. He agreed.

“You’re right” he said between grunts. “Keep Isparta Escort riding my cock.” I bounced up and down, concentrating on how unbelievable he felt inside me. Our morning fucks never lasted long. That was okay. I always came faster as well. Wave after wave of pleasure washed upon me as his cum bathed my walls. I was on the pill, but he was the only man I allowed to cum inside me, unprotected.

I laid my head on his shoulder and we fell back asleep.

When his alarm clock went off, he slid gently away, trying not to wake me. I stretched like a cat in his California king size bed and listened to the sounds of his shower

When he returned he slid behind me, wrapped his arm around me and kissed the back of my neck.

“Sorry, sweetheart” Caleb said in between kisses. “I need to go to the office today. Important staff meeting.”

I whimpered like a spoiled child. “Does that mean you don’t have time to fuck my ass?” Caleb sucked on my neck and squeezed my nipple hard.

“I’ll make time to fuck your ass.”

He reached into his end table and grabbed a bottle of lube. After rubbing it all over his cock, He pressed two lubricated fingers in my tight hole. My breathing became deeper and my ass craved something bigger than his fingers. I nodded my head for him to continue. He lifted up my left leg and he slid in with little resistance, slowly sawing in and out. What a difference a couple of months makes. The first time he fucked my ass, I begged him to stop. His thickness and length was too much for my tight asshole to handle. Over time, my body learned how to accommodate him. I found myself craving him above all others.

I held my leg in place for him and his hand rested on my stomach. His hips guided his cock in me with long, slow strokes and his lips sucked on the back of my neck with loving care. I turned my face towards him and his lips grazed mine gently before our tongues began their dance. He loved to fuck me slowly. He was such a tease and oh so skilled. He would bring me to the edge, forcing me to beg him for release. But this morning, his time was limited. He broke our kiss and ever so lightly, pushed me until I was laying on my stomach. He rolled on top of me, then knelt up and lifted me until I was on my knees with my head in the pillow.

He repositioned himself and pushed himself back inside my eager body. I moaned with delight, this being one of my favorite positions. He grunted his happiness as well and he started pumping himself in with more and more force. I rubbed my clit enthusiastically and braced myself for another earth shattering orgasm. His hips were bucking themselves into me and he was just as ready. It came crashing down for both of us and my body shook and panted. He grunted loudly and shot his hot cum deep in my ass. Once both of our orgasms had run their course, he turned me over and kissed me deep.

That was another thing I only shared with him. Our kisses felt personal. I didn’t want to feel the same way with other guys like I felt with Caleb. He was too gentle not to kiss. We stayed in our embrace for a moment, both enjoying each other’s bodies pressed against us. If it wasn’t for our shared fear of fidelity, we would be a very loving and normal couple.

He got up and dressed himself while I gazed at his perfect body. At 38, he was exactly twice my age but he didn’t look at all like it. He was muscular and toned with a flat stomach and defined arms. He had the sexiest laugh I’ve ever heard and the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It was almost a crime against humanity that he was forced to put clothes on his perfect body. His dark eyes were intense at some times, teasing in others. His fingers were skilled and playful. I felt safe in his arms. He never judged me for my desires or called me a slut for acting on them. I felt accepted by him and I cared more for him in four months than I’ve ever cared about anyone before.

“My meeting should be done around three” he said while he finished the last button on his shirt. “Think you’ll be home?”

“My shift starts at 2:30, but I can try to get out early.” He shook his head.

“You don’t need to. I’m a big boy, so I can entertain myself” he chuckled. “I wish you would just quit that place and let me take care of you” he sighed. With a wicked smile he added “If you’re a good girl, I’ll even give you an allowance.”

I rolled my eyes and he blew a kiss at me and left. My share of the rent was originally supposed to be 700 a month. After we met and fucked, he dropped the rent to 350. To this day, he had not cashed a single check. Last month I wised up and just bought him a present. The look on his face was priceless. I wanted him to feel as okay with our living situation as I was and I didn’t want for him to feel like I was taking advantage.

About an hour after he left, I slipped into my bikini and headed to the rooftop pool. After swimming a few laps, I laid out and undid the straps, sunning myself bare. I had a few hours before I had to go to work and my tan needed work. About 20 minutes later, I heard the door open.

“I was hoping you’d be Isparta Escort Bayan out here.”

I looked up and saw the two guys from 34D approaching me. I smiled at them, my pussy already getting wet with anticipation. We had no need for formalities anymore. They both knew I wanted what they wanted. They were both in their early thirties, both had sandy brown hair, blue eyes and trim figures. They were cute, but disrespectful. The only reason I tolerated their comments is because I loved the feeling of two cocks inside me at once and they always seemed to travel in pairs. I was pretty sure they were related but I never asked and they never told. The taller one of the two knelt beside my head and unzipped his shorts, freeing his cock while the other crouched his face down between my legs. With no words spoken, we got into action.

The shorter one, Tony I think, dove down and sucked on my clit hard while the other fucked my throat with everything he had. I was in heaven. My body felt primal and their lust fueled me on. Danny broke his face away from my drenched pussy and I heard him unwrap a condom from his pocket. They flipped me over so I was on all fours and they went back to work.

They spit roasted me for about ten minutes. I felt the cock in my mouth swell and I sucked him greedily wanting every last drop from him. He complied, giving me his hot load while the other started fucking me like a jack hammer. The taller one stood up and dressed himself again.

“Hurry up and finish” he growled.

“This usually doesn’t take this long” Tony grunted. “The slut isn’t as tight as she used to be.”

I winced at his words. I guess I’m a little hypocritical. I know that I act like a slut. I just don’t like being called a slut. He grunted as he came inside the condom in my pussy. I didn’t get close to coming myself, but that didn’t seem to bother them at all. Tony got dressed and they both left without saying a word to me.

Gathering my things, I headed back home. I had work in a few hours and I wanted to look my best. I took a shower, fixed myself up and headed out the door.

The coffee shop was only a few blocks away. I loved not having to drive for work every day. In just under ten minutes, my entire commute was over. I clocked in and embraced my sexy blond girlfriend standing next to me. She was beautiful, and our looks contrasted nicely. She was a year younger than me at 18, short, about 5’2 with curly shoulder length blonde hair, fair skin and light blue doe like eyes. She had a ballerina’s body; petite and firm. I was 5’9 with long dark brown hair that reached down below my 36 DD tits, with cat like green eyes and a tan complexion. I had a narrow waist with full hips and a round ass. She smiled sensually as she turned around to face me. We were like minded on our attitude of sex. After a few months of suggestive flirting, we finally took things to a new level. I never lusted after a woman before her and I didn’t want any other girl then her since. She giggled as I tickled her sides and we kissed playfully in front of the manager’s office. He finally opened the door.

“Come on Becca” he said, trying to look displeased. “Go to your station. Molly will be down there shortly.”

“Please let us go home” I pleaded with lust in my eyes. “It’s dead out there.” I took Molly’s hand and led her in his office. Dan, the manager on duty, has dealt with us before. He was in about his late twenties, with light brown hair and brown eyes. Like every other guy that worked there, we both fucked his brains out on multiple occasions. When we surrounded him, we both fell to our knees, and kissed each other hungrily. He leaned back into his chair, his pants already pitching a noticeable tent. We lifted our shirts off each other, then looked with pleading eyes at him. “Can we try and convince you” I said with a wink as I rubbed his hard dick through his pants. He shook his head, clearly amused and unzipped himself.

“It would be pointless to say no to you now” he said as he released his seven-inch cock from its prison. Molly licked sensually on his shaft and I sucked lightly on his head. He leaned back against his chair and put his hands on our heads. His breathing was heavy. “Convince me the best way you know how.”

We took turns bobbing on his cock and he loved every minute of it. Just like past encounters, it did not take long at all for him to finish. He exploded in Molly’s mouth, but instead of swallowing, she let it linger in her mouth and kissed me sensually, sharing our manager’s cum to his delight. He smiled at us like a kid on Christmas morning. He took his now flaccid cock back inside his pants and stared at us for a minute.

“You’re right, Becca. It is dead out there.”

“Really” I said with smiling eyes. “Both of us?” Our manager laughed and looked us over.

“Originally, I was only going to allow the girl who swallowed my cum, but I guess you both got me on a technicality.” We giggled and dressed ourselves, thanking him again. “Get out of here you two, before I change my mind.”

We walked hand in hand back to my place. Escort Isparta Since it was Caleb’s birthday, I wanted it to make it as memorable as possible. I let Molly in on my plans and she overwhelmingly agreed. She liked Caleb and Caleb certainly liked her. I was hoping that we would beat him home, but his meeting got out early. He was sitting on the couch watching sport center when we arrived.

Just the sight of us gave Caleb a shit eating grin.

“Oh Becca, you did get out early” Caleb said with a somewhat pleased tone. He was about to stand up to greet us but we planted ourselves on either side of him.

“Happy birthday, Caleb” Molly said and kissed his cheek. “I’ve missed you”

“Well you’re always welcome here” he said while caressing her thigh and reached over to kiss me. “Is she my present?” I slapped his chest, faking outrage.

“We both are, silly!” I kissed him deeply while Molly rubbed against his crotch. He put one hand in the back of my head, pulling me close to him as our tongues twirled with fiery passion. Molly unzipped his pants, got on her knees and went to work. Caleb’s other hand caressed the top of Molly’s head while she bobbed up and down on his huge cock. He was moaning through our deep kisses, clearly enjoying his afternoon activities. Our kiss broke and I lowered to my knees to share in the pleasure they were having.

We licked gingerly up and down the shaft of his thick member and he grunted with approval. Her eyes met with mine and we broke our kisses on him and explored each other’s mouths to Caleb’s delight. We slowly undressed each other while Caleb watched with wonder, slowly stoking his cock at the sight in front of him. I grinned like the devil as I pulled Molly’s work skirt down her slim hips.

“How did I get so lucky” Caleb moaned while his hand moved slowly up and down his cock. We giggled at each other and Molly pulled my skirt down my hips. Both naked, we crawled slowly towards Caleb. Molly got up and slowly straddled Caleb’s lap. He groaned and she squealed while her pussy stretched itself to accommodate his thickness. His hands rested on her hips and he slowly guided her up and down. I straddled him in the back, my tits pressed against him and deeply rubbed his shoulders. He then lifted his head to meet mine and he kissed me passionately.

There is no way he’ll be able to hold out for very much longer, I thought. Molly’s pussy is exceptionally tight and his moans he was making in my mouth told me he was close. Molly was bouncing up and down on him furiously, her face contorted in pleasure. She screamed out in ecstasy, coming all over his hard cock as he shot his load deep within her belly.

We stayed in that position for a moment, both Molly and Caleb trying to catch their breaths. I whispered in Caleb’s ear.

“Enjoy that, birthday boy.” He turned his head to me, giving me a soft kiss on the lips.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world” he whispered back. “You’re so good to me.” Molly climbed off of him and he put his cock back in his shorts, stood up from the couch, heading for his room. He stretched his back and looked over at me with a weird expression on his face. “Promise you won’t hate me” he asked.

“Why would I hate you” I asked back, my eyes, grinning. “I have planned for you, a birthday that you will never forget.” I walked over to him, giving him a tender kiss on his cheek. “I can’t wait for it to be my turn. Go rest up, old man” I teased him. “I want you at full strength.” He looked nervous.

“I am going to take a nap” he said, shifting his eyes. “But when I wake up, I won’t be staying.” After an eternity of silence, he spoke again. “I have a date.”

I tried to keep my best poker face, but I felt like I just got punched in the gut. I walked back over to the couch and tried to look as unaffected as possible, but all I wanted to do was cry.

“That’s fine” I said coldly. “Molly and I can have a lot of fun without you.” Caleb turned into his room and closed his door. I felt like throwing something at him. I was furious. Why would he want me to leave early from work if he was going to ditch me anyway? Right before I was about to knock on his door to ask him that, Molly’s phone rang.

“Hello, Dad” she answered. She looked nervous. Apparently, her dad stopped by the coffee shop and assumed she was playing hooky. After about a minute of pleading, the conversation ended.”Okay” she said in a defeated voice. “I’m coming home right now.”

“My dad came by work” Molly said softly. “When he didn’t see me, he thought I lied about going.” She grabbed her clothes and dressed hurriedly. “I have to go. See you tomorrow.” With that, she left, leaving me in the living room alone.

I walked into my bedroom and cried. I felt stupid and I knew that none of this was Caleb’s fault. I never asked him if he had plans. I just assumed I would have him all to myself. I was honestly not shocked at all when Molly got a call from her dad. Her family is just as strict and repressive as mine was. That’s probably why we turned out the same. I laid in my bed, feeling sorry for myself. I heard Caleb’s door open about an hour later. I didn’t want him to see me looking the way I did. I also didn’t want to see how hot he looked for someone else. After I heard the front door close, I headed for the kitchen in a tank top and sweatpants, grabbed some ice cream and watched old movies.

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